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  1. Yesterday
  2. Production modifications

    now theres a new conumdrum for you, as uk model specs an modifications can often be quite different on oversea market models ie; mk1 gt cortina did not have shiny body mouldings side / trims that the Super model had, but in europe the gt had the body mouldings / side trims, plus once svo came about people could order all kinds of unusual spec, so it could still be difficult to spot a Wrongun?
  3. Orange Is The New Black

    darrens car is the bollox! nuff said!
  4. Tour of the Moor 2018

    A longer run would get our vote. Railway could be good. Last year the BSC guys did a run out to the Forest of Dean railway over a car show weekend, and that seemed very popular.
  5. Looking for front and back over riders for escort mk2 smooth type later spec
  6. MK1 Fiesta Zetec conversion

    hi just started my MK1 Fiesta Zetec conversion and have a series 3 blacktop from the a 2.0 mondeo and then got a 1.8 zetec from a MK5 escort which i understood has all the right bits i needed for the conversion like sump , flywheel eater pump etc. But this is the water pump on the mondeo and the other pic is of the water pump that was on the escort zetec, They are completely different can anyone point me in the right direction to make sure i get the right pump. Also can anyone identify this alternator bracket i was told it was the correct one but i cannot get it all lined up and also there is nowhere to attached the tension bar for the alternator Hope that all makes sense. Seeing as this is my first FWD project i will probably be asking a lot more questions. Thanks
  7. Let's have a full size '80s Hot Wheels Capri added to the thread!
  8. FORD FIESTA MK1 1.1 1979 new price

    New Price £1,750
  9. that looks good Colin loving the paint colour as well think I will try a few options
  10. Mine is WHITE... With BLACK on top , but placed over to one side... looks good. well to me anyway Have what ever colour you what m8
  11. Ray, I just got the web address on mine in silver, can't put a sunblock on mine otherwise I can't see out the screen !
  12. I'll bring the post's with me .. I have to trailer the car anyway
  13. Orange Is The New Black

    Think it was mk2 Mike who did a seriously ORANGE escort on here but can't find it to put a pic up. But be warned you will need dark specs !!
  14. Hi Gary, just for clarification, what is the colour of the actual sunstrip behind and do you want us to all sport the same colour
  15. Comments anyone?

    or for the saarfies, a toby jug!
  16. Comments anyone?

    Think he qualifies as "terminally stupid" with knobs on!
  17. Comments anyone?

    haha or 15k in full! the mk1 mex is back on at 8k!
  18. Comments anyone?

    They must do or people wouldn't fall for it. The sale price isn't the aim as only the terminally stupid would send that amount of money, the aim is getting the buyer to send a deposit via a money transfer system. Say £500 - £1000
  19. Comments anyone?

    yes they do! a bloke near me saw a harley on ebay only a couple of month ago, a deal was done over the phone for 15k, transferd money over and arranged to collect the weekend after when the money cleared. suprise suprise, phone was no longer in use and the bank cant trace where the money was sent! funny how they can trace where your money go's when the tax man wants to know!
  20. Orange Is The New Black

    Chassis Stands I would imagine - common on race cars - stable with all wheels up and good underside access.
  21. NEC Tickets have been posted off today.. Recorded Delivery.. Please let me know when they arrive chaps... Ok... It needs a clean I have Black over White...
  22. Hi Gary, do you want me to pick up the posts to take there if so, can you message me with collection address and a best time pls
  23. Gary, can you re-post the pic of your car showing your sun strip pls
  24. So I'm looking at this, thought it was in keeping with the 70s what do you think
  25. I feel it would be good to all of us to display Our club banner Have 3 post for you chaps if you wish to show some history of your build... print your poster in the Portrait Style. HAPPY DAYS
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