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  1. Yesterday
  2. Ignition live mk2 escort

    Looking for a live ignition feed for an electric fuel pump. Any idea what colour cable I should tap into _ with in line fuse_ on the ignition. Switch or fuse box.
  3. Engine block number i/d ?

    1600 xflow rear bowl sump

    Now we start sorting the niggles out, first one problem selecting 4th when cold and not perfect when hot. So box is coming out. Been looking round the net for an overhaul kit for the T5. Some are just a basic kit ( bearings and seals) I want a full kit bearings /seals/ shims / baulk rings and poss 4th gear synchro hub. There is a supplier in the U S one in the uk ( gearbox man ) but he's got nothing in stock. So 1) has anybody bought from the US or 2) does anybody know any supplier in the UK. Cheers Col.
  5. Just plain wrong!

    Can somebody close this topic , i don`t know if i should cry or laugh , mine eyes are hurting.
  6. Just plain wrong!

  7. Just plain wrong!

    That could be my new user name, HellfireMatt has quite the ring to it, don't you think? [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  8. Just plain wrong!

    Last two then you lot can rest/bleach your eyes.
  9. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    saab aero 2 engine is all alloy
  10. Just plain wrong!

    cant afford one of them just bought this!!!!!!!!
  11. Just plain wrong!

    Seen one in a shop widow down town. Don't why people go on about the colours of there cars cos on the telly there either dark or light ! The only good thing is the black and white minstrel show on a Sunday.
  12. Just plain wrong!

    whats a telly?
  13. Remote servo mk2 rs

    Thanks bud. Fozzy
  14. Remote servo mk2 rs

    You can buy brand new generic remote servo kits on ebay for a wide range of older cars, you just need to know if your pipes are metric or imperial. They are priced from about £90 upwards. I intend to fit one on my mk2 Tina when I get to putting it all back together.
  15. Just plain wrong!

    I was thinking the same, it takes allsorts I suppose. Didn't want to mention it as been before the threshold time like on the telly.
  16. Just plain wrong!

    He has a strange perversion, peeking at stuff like that! Should be ashamed of himself.
  17. Just plain wrong!

    Think Matts whole intention is to cause distress and heartache to other forum users but on the other hand some are quite amusing !
  18. Remote servo mk2 rs

    Depends on what system your running, dual circuit or single ? Bias pedal box ? On what you can use as a remote also reflects heavily In the price difference.
  19. Just plain wrong!

    Hellfire Matt, can't you start searching sites that are less obscene, those are an affront to public decency. I'll have to view this site on an incognito window if this carries on.
  20. pedal box

    does any one know if tina mk4 or 5 pedal box bolts into mk2 granny please
  21. has above
  22. Remote servo mk2 rs

    So it seems my servo might be knackered. I am now going to be looking at fitting a remote servo unit. Have any if you guys fitted one of these systems to a mk2 escort and if so, which unit did you buy and where from. Also, how difficult was it to fit and how effective is it. Cheers. Fozzy
  23. Retro rides

    As soon as i pressed send i knew there would be coments from you!!!
  24. Twin 45's and alloy sump

    38 choke size
  25. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    Good choice !!
  26. Retro rides

    Where are you kidnapping them from???
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