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  2. Hello

    Welcome Ian I’m guessing your looking for a Mk2 project then
  3. Hello

    Welcome to the site Ian.
  4. Midlands to wales

    It was mentioned that Rob was sorting english end, no idea of his surname or if hes on here? Might be a bit cheeky but what about messaging ross to see if it ever went any further than just an offer of taking over? At the end bit when they announced stepping back there wasnt any takers for the welsh end. I dont know if aled is on here, think he is, no idea of his name though? , message him too? If he isnt i think hes part of the north wales classic ford snowdonia tour? Failing that too, would imagine ross would have a way of contacting him?
  5. Hello

    Welcome to the forum.
  6. Midlands to wales

    I think keep hold of them for now as not 100% sure what's happening if folks want me to try and organize or if a few of us organize or if someone else wants to do it just testing the waters really as to what's happening
  7. Hello

    Hello all, Ian here. I have been browsing your site for some time now, in fact since I saw a car sticker whilst watching wheeler dealers, and thought it's about time I joined. It's a fantastic site with a great bunch of members who all seem to know everything there is to know about OSF's. My first car was bought for me by my Dad who didn't want me to ride the motorbike I had, it was a 'bogey' green mk2 escort 1.1 popular plus. It lasted 7 days before I wrote it and a lada off! What was quite amusing, only looking back not at the time, was I didn't know who's car it was as it was parked up. I went to the police station to report it later that day and had to wait behind a couple reporting an accident. I was rather embarrassed to listen to them describing my accident! I had to interrupt to tell them it was me!! Anyway, that then led to another 3 mk2's. My last one ended up with a 1660 xflow engine which I took to santa pod recording a 1/4 mile time of 16.555. I still have the slip at home and the engine but no mk2. I passed my driving test in 93 at 18 so mk1 and 2's where easy and cheap to come by, if i only knew then. . . . Hitting the nostalgia route I am actively looking for a resto project at the moment so I will keep you posted when I find one. I will also find a picture of my mk2 on the strip at santa pod racing my friend in an Opel Manta, who I beat. Thanks for reading, if you got through it all!
  8. Today
  9. Car needs a birth certificate

    Scott (Vista ) might be able to advise on that one.
  10. Morning all. Trying to register my Imported car. Sent off the paperwork to the DVLA to get a V5 and plates and they refused saying they want proof of vehicle age. Anybody know who to use for this please? Last hurdle. Rich
  11. Orange Is The New Black

    Take note of the number plate. It really is Art. Not far to your new home now my beauty, I'll leave the lights on! I go weak at the knees for an Orange Mk3. Knowing one is so close I can only dream.
  12. Orange Is The New Black

    I realised that almost the same moment you did! LOL
  13. Orange Is The New Black

    Maybe a Mk1 Van instead? If only he didn't use the frightful Australian RS/Rally Pack alloys.
  14. Orange Is The New Black

    That looks nice ! Even though it's a long roof
  15. Orange Is The New Black

    For Van Lovers. Although I think it is more of an Estate with the windows filled in?
  16. Hiya mate call it a £5 posted

  17. Midlands to wales

    Ive still got the routes we used last year, i can forward them to you?
  18. Mk 1 project

    Impressive build. keep up the great work
  19. Yesterday
  20. V5 and VIN SALES

    yes a 1300 x/flow car but physically a mexico in all other respects
  21. Midlands to wales

    Yeah defo coming to totm but Midlands to wales is normally mid May next year would be great to organize a euro trip a mate has a place in Hungary he said we can use but this year I'm getting married in September and it's my 40th bday in June plus doing stuff on my motorcycle too and totm so I am crazy busy but m2w is a great meet so would be willing to put some effort in to keep it goin 😎
  22. V5 and VIN SALES

    ex police panda car LOL ??
  23. V5 and VIN SALES

    There is a fraud squad at the dvla, but no info on how to contact. with not having a reg shown though it's not as you can ring the dvla a say this +++++++ documents are for sale, also not having the sellers or purchasers info might prove tricky. Could always steer them in the direction of these adverts.
  24. V5 and VIN SALES

    In Australia we have similar issues with vehicle identity problems. Appears the Australian Federal Court simply defends the seller and says "buyer beware", and indirectly says it is all too hard. So now precedence has been set for all future court cases. Article below is copied and pasted from webpage: Ford Falcon GTHO turns out to be a fake The sale of a classic car which turned out to be a fake has left a man $110,000 out of pocket and facing legal bills for failed court appeals. Caveat emptor - buyer beware - should be the first principle of anyone buying a second hand car. But a classic car mix up in regional Victoria that's left a man $110,000 out of pocket and facing legal bills for failed court appeals seems to have shot that timeless warning full of holes. Glen Sell from Wodonga in regional Victoria had no reason to doubt the vehicle he had owned for 30 years was an original Ford 1970 XW GTHO Falcon - one of the rarest and most valuable vintage Fords on the market. The car had a letter from Ford confirming its identity, which had been based on its Vehicle Identification Number. An inspection by a Melbourne-based car expert as part of Mr Sell's divorce proceedings found the car to be genuine and he listed the vehicle for sale on Gumtree in August of 2013. And when Lyle Walker travelled to Wodonga to inspect the vehicle later that month, it was in such good nick that he looked it over for about 30 minutes before agreeing to buy the car for $135,000. This is where the story gets tricky... While Mr Walker had checked over the documents from Ford and examined the Vehicle Identification Number plates, he did not ask to see a report from the car expert who found it to be a genuine GTHO. Instead, he planned to get a friend to come down to Wodonga to view it, but never did, and when he finally took possession of the vehicle after making payments for 12 months, he got an inspection with plans to restore it. The person who conducted the inspection on the vehicle immediately found about 20 things that were not right with the car. The 'Ford 1970 XW GTHO Falcon' was found to instead be a Ford Falcon model worth only $25,000, and Mr Walker immediately sought a refund, which the seller declined. He took legal action a bid to recoup his losses, but Federal Court judge Robert Brom last week dismissed Mr Walker's second bid to recover the $110,000 lost in the deal. "It apparently was not in doubt that both parties were innocent victims of a fraud perpetrated by someone on Mr Sell when he bought the car some 30 years ago from a Mr Paul Ward," he said. "It is not possible to say who was responsible for that fraud." A key question in the hearings was whether the car was sold based on the description or by Mr Walker's inspection of the car. The court heard the seller had only given his belief the car was genuine, but had based that on the expertise of others. A judge had earlier found Mr Walker had also relied on his own inspection of the car before deciding to purchase it and hadn't relied on anything said or written by Mr Sell. Mr Walker has also been left with a bill of $14,162 for Mr Sell's legal costs.
  25. V5 and VIN SALES

    No car just a bit of paper lol
  26. V5 and VIN SALES

    Expensive Mexico if there's nowt left of it !! .......all your buying is panel gaps...lol
  27. V5 and VIN SALES

    There’s currently a Mexico logbook on the bay for £10,000 , expensive memorabilia umm
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