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    Right on Ray........so we'll see you there this year? On this subject, I've been getting a bit of stick on my phone, through my FB profile and also through the OSF FB page. Bring it on I say. I don't need anyone's permission to run an internal event aimed solely at members of this club.
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    Still not finished lol [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took it for a little winter blast around the lanes of Derbyshire today. No salt on the roads, just a little bit greasy Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I'm in again and got me ticket.
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    Oh joy with my puter skills ill end up with a beanie!
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    TBH you don't have to justify yourself or OSF to anyone, you took polite cautionary steps before booking the event. If they didn't think it justified a response then it's tuff shit if it's on the same weekend. THEiR LOSS I would say.
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    Did you manage to get all your furniture in or was it a "tight fit".................I'll get me coat!
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    Got the details through for the old ford show at Gaydon. Attended this show last time exellent show and your entry get you round the museums which are very good. Camping is available, the showers are imaculate and second to none. Would be a worthwhile show to attend. 15th July at the British Motor museum. Gaydon. CV35 OBJ
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    first time ive heard you swear Sean lol
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    look at the f***ing size of that fuel tank !
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    After a few years away from Cortina MK2s I have ended up with two of them both 1600Es the Saluki Bronze car is now back on the road after 26 years with a lot of help from my body shop mate who did the metal work in his garage we kept the dented wing as it was the original . The second Blue car was a unfinished project and needed much more work but is there now all but for a re paint and the engine needs putting back together has a fast road cam stage two head light weight flywheel for a Lotus 1650cc
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    Zetec's are Zetec's - Duratec's aren't! Zetec E's were at least used in Escorts abit mk4's LOL! Zetec SE's don't count as developed by Yamaha and Duratec's are the Mazda design. ST170's are true Zetec's. Pinto's may have been fitted by Ford but only to a tiny proportion of the total Escort production. Why this Pinto / Zetec argument persists amazes me, there's few enough of our cars left to worry about what bloody engine it tools around with!
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    Merry Christmas fellow CF owners hope everyone has a blast hope to see some faces at events next year
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    My old Capri White Heat I paid £500 for it in bits and still in that Mauve color I had it painted White again, sold it on in the mid 80s by then it had become as fashionable as a pair of flared trousers. If I had it now I would put it back to standard as it was a 3000 GT XLR not many of them made and the Dealer at Luton had modified it slightly Lumo cars fetch good money now like the Broadspeed of their day
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    Merry Christmas everyone. My missus has baught me a set of tyres for the Mexico steelies im buying. Happy days lol
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    Would love to be there again, I might even make the Tour this time.... Camp site is great. I may leave much earlier next time though, the 8/9 hour trip down killed it a little bit.
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    all new brake lines run, fitted a Sierra servo/master cylinder to upgrade to dual circuit brakes.
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    Same here, anytime. That's what forums are for helping each other.
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    I will be there, barring flood, famine, and plagues of locusts!
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    First bit of press for 2018’s Tour.
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    Defo would like to do this ,tour only though as it’s just 3miles from me
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    On tour in Scotland this week, it got worse (much worse) 20 minutes after I stopped for these pics.
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    Thanks for the offer dale.off to Chicago for 5 days so if it's in the same condition I might have a look next week if that's ok. Mine is sorn at the moment and doing all those small jobs one of which is fitting a supercharger. Do you need a lift with your engine. It would be a bit lighter now given how much metal you have taken off lol
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    Afternoon all, I’ve been a member for a while but never really used the site. Let me introduce myself. My names Ben (Bennit_95) owner of the a 66 Mk1 cortina GT. She’s a dear old girl who will hopefully(work allows) get the use she deserves this year. Hope all have had good festive period/holidays season. regards bennit_95
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    May be a nice bit of tail but can't drive fer sh1t - wonder what her coffee making skills are like? LOL!
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    Well mines black Scotty
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    Driving with a half full petroltank , thats only bad for the balance.
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    Not fully lifted off my chest yet, but as long as the heater is on, I'm OK. Yes, it's coming on slowly, but there's no major rush. Gearbox will also come out with my old block and that's going to need a bit of TLC too. Will probably go for a taller 1st gear on that and an uprated bearing instead of the needle rollers. I should post it to Col
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    Hı all I am new to the forum ,and hopefully this topic is on the right section. .. I own a 1975 ford granada with the 2.0 v6 cologne manual 4 speed ,I am starting to get the granada restored, and also need to go ahead and do something with the engine this is the reason for this topic ,I want to know what I can do to get some more power out of the 2.0 v6 cologne engine I am open to any ideas like turbo or carbs or anything that you guys have experienced with ,a lot of your are going to say no need for all just get a bigger engine , well I thought about this has lots of ideas like 2.9 cosworth or a zetec but for now I want to know what I can to with this engine I have and keep matching number ...so if any one out there knows about these engines please give us some help the engine I have is standard but I think will need rebuilding anyway ... thankyou all
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    I would imagine they are probably like the leaf springs on my Mk1 escort when i got it .......”sagging “!!!! nevermind “ fantasy island “ !!!!
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    First I had vehicle history envy and now i've got talent envy!! Nice vid, fantastic job and a stunning RS.
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    Love this project, mega amount of work, fair play to ya bud, please keep the pics coming!!
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    I did have the same trouble with 13x9 wheels with 235/50/13 tyres , at did touch the inner/arch so did hammer it but that was not enough and that did look not nice , so i took the grinder and i did make a cut in in to get rid off the extra material and weld it. But also the tyre`s did rub against the outer wings at the front , so i did fix that with a hammer/tool. There a anti-roll bars for sale but these are thin for mine taste so i did make one mine self with loose parts form rally design race siërra parts.
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    Started this morning on the inside, 99% cosmetic, just a quick wire brush up then paint, try to ad some more pics later, cheets guys
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    He gets £50 for every IVA sent their way 😜
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    "Real men choose elite Escorts" - I read that on a toilet wall once and there was no mention of Anglias Cortinas or Capris. Heaps of other wisdom written there too.
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    Ah, I am feeling the oldskool love gentlemen. I thought forums were for drama...
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    To me this is the only engine I've ever wanted