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    Mot passed,insured and taxed(albeit exempt) and on the road after 6 years rebuild from the ground up[emoji41] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    I love it when the girls go out for the day...
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    Cheers mate, yer had a bloody heart attack, now gotta stay in and be transferd to another hospital where i gotta have a tripple bypass, didnt expect this at my age, take note lads......get off the fags and easy on the burgers!!!, will keep all posted xx
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    I wish to report an account hacking, Ray can't have said he likes something that is not as it came from the factory!....lol
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    Hi guys , it`s time for some pic`s from the Escort mk1V6. I have build this car 25 years ago , and in those years a have made same changes. And in those times there was no interweb , so it was harder to find out what work best and also to buy parts , so things are more easy now. And there was a APK/MOT change that did say that the amount of cylinders must stands on the registration , but that didn`t match so i went to the RDW a state institution for road vehicles to made that change , but to made this happen they charge 2000 gulden/900 euro becourse they want to do a complete test brakes , sound test and more , so i did think no way i don`t want to pay so much money and when the escort would fail during a test than you must change it and do that test again and pay again , But now it comes the importend thing there is a rule if the car is before 1-10-73 you don`t need a car type approval/road legal registration [ it must be save ] but that it , but they didn`t know/tell me this , so the car was standing still for 5 years until a met a guy that told me this , i think that it was JP so i did made a fhone call with the RDW and send them mine papers and wright them what the engine change was from a 4 cylinder to a 6 cylinder /weight and that i don`t need a complete test becourse the escort is before 1-10-73 , so i did get the registration papers back in 3 weeks with the change of cylinders but they didn`t change the weight so i did pay for a lighter car , now it total free becourse it`s a oldtimer/classic car. Now i have made same changes with the brakes and the K-jectronic came out and the EFI goes in , engine mounts , crossmember [need also bit of changes] , fat alloy radiator , pedalbox [self made] witch i did made a little bit shorter to get enough space for the brake cylinder at the ingition lock/steering , and much more.[waiting on a vacuumpump/switch] The engine must go about 10/15mm to the front to make space for the long EFI ignition house , so the fat 24V oilpan must come out and in goes the granada mk2 oilpan that needs little changes. And after this is done we go to work on the EFI system and try to start it. Maybe i wil put more power in this engine , but i have also a 4,0 OHV engine witch will fit if a can keep the inlet manifold low , becourse i don`t want to change the bonnet. And put on some old pic how it started.
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    I can now call myself a proper member of the OSF club! I have only gone and bought myself a mk2 RS2000. I don't pick it up until next week though, but only a few more days to go. It's got a 5 speed box and uprated suspension, but otherwise it's totally original. There are a few minor imperfections that I would like to address but importantly no rust. It was for sale locally to me and I thought I would go and have a look just to see it. When I saw it I couldn't stop smiling at how it looked and made me feel. I went out for a drive and that was it, I had to have it! I am looking forward to taking it to a few shows this summer and having a tinker, so hopefully I will get to meet some of you guys. I took a quick photo before I left.
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    All moted just got a duff fuel pump relay
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    Managed to get a fair bit done the last couple of weeks.. starting to take shape Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    headlining done today, its not an off the shelf one, it was made by the trimmer and another shot of the roof from the front I pick the car (shell) up tomorrow morning
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    Got some of my shiney parts out their boxes, first started with ring gaps, could job I checked them as they were all to small according to piston specs. Had to get my calc out to find the correct ring gap as they give a measurement multiplied by bore size. They only ones within tolerance were the oil rings. Got the pissys fitted to the rods with the aid of boiling water and the wife's best Pyrex dish ! Thought I'd better get it done while she's out to save a bollocking!! Waiting for some engine assembly grease to arrive before I start building. Next job inlet manifold on and open the ports up. When I come to fit the Pistons, don't think much to the quality of wossener gugeon pins a bit flimsy for my liking as shown in last pic....lol
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    Got a call from the engineers today, my engines ready for collection. Like chrissy all over again! block bored, crank ground,head faced,block decked all lightened and balanced. Had new guides fitted in the head along with 3 angle seats also got them to open up the seats a bit to allow for a bit of porting. Ended up putting full set of valves in so in for a penny in for a pound went sodium filled. He supplied me with wossener pissys as he could get them for £50 cheaper each than Mahle ones and said these would be more than good enough for what I need. So it's now on with the surgical gloves full wash down, start checking some ring gaps and clearences. Considering these cossy engines are supposed to be reasonably well balanced, a fair bit came off two rods and on a couple of crank webs. The billet steel flywheel came out OK for balance but the clutch needed a good look at ! heres a few pics of what I got, don't know about the engine been lightened my pocket certainly was!
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    Had a day in the garage yesterday and finally dropped the lump back in. Gearbox will be finished by Friday and hopefully fit that then. However, my Betty had booked us a break in Stratford Upon Avon for the weekend, so will probably throw a spanner into my plans. Also managed to get the Lambda Boss cut and fitted to the exhaust. Just need to get it welded tomorrow, so that it's tighter than Lycra to a Camel Toe.
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    Think those figures maybe slightly misleading, I've heard that engine run and TBH didn't sound to bad, certainly pulled ok on the road abeit from the passenger seat. Although Ian is experiencing poor starting when cold but that's it. A little more investigation into it by another party could prove fruitful and less expensive. On those sort of supposed leakages say down the bores it should be pushing fumes out the rocker cover like a chuffer train ! On the inlet side it would suffer with stand off to the extreme it would soak the filters.
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    Scott was looking into a smaller camping field at the river dart for us. I belive the tour itself will take place
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    Hi Fozzy. Did a compression test on my pinto last year. It has only done 1200 miles since a fully rebuild with new pistons etc etc, actually I think it needs more miles to be fully broken in, and the compression might raise a bit. Engine warmed, throttle open, readings were 180 psi on all cylinders. Camshaft is a Kent Cam GTS1 294 deg duration. When I build the engine I was aiming for 10.5 : 1 mk2dk
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    So I’ve been door repairing this week.. has taken a while but they are both done now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You don’t need to strip the engine just yet, suggest you warm it up then compression check each cylinder with the throttles open. the most important thing is consistency over all 4 even if low then a spoon of oil down 1 bore and see if the reading goes up, if so do the same on the others. if not swing the cam timing a few degrees (not many) see what the readings are IMHO if readings are consistent and the car runs ok, try another rolling road and stay with the car
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    6J Weller Lotus copies and dog dish hub caps for me.
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    Mex steels on mine. Shotblasted and powdercoated by local shop....£40 each... couldn't decide about black inserts so just stuck them on. Love the look[emoji41] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Just refurbed a set for mine Can probably see i messed up one of the black inserts lol. Its fixed now and hoping to fit them in a week or so.
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    Hi Jimmiduke Hope this helps. mk2dk
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    is Upon us again guys.............but I am just not feeling the love
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    Thanks guys , no Ben i am first thinking on a fastroad camshaft kit and inlet/exhaust flowing , chiping , pistons/pushrods/crankshaft balancing. But this set-up is alot better than it was before , more space so it`s gonna be better to control the temperature. And yes i want more power than this in the future , a 4.0 ohv with twin turbo , i have already a 4,0 ohv and in the standard trim it got more torc than the 2.9/24V cos only less HP becourse these engine`s are squeezed , but these are higher than the 2,8 so i must make or remake the inlet manifold , the oilpan was already done and i have already have work done for the left engine mounting with a little bit of luck i only have to drill one or two hole in the new engine bracket that have just made for this crossmember , also the altenator sits on the same place as the smaller V6 only furher to the front.
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    picked the shell up today, the man in the photos is the talented Jay who sprayed the car
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    Doors to sort and a few other bits then it’s time to get the painter over for a Quote [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Booked mine in this morning! Nice and easy can’t wait for the best show off the year and on the the best stand off course !!
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    they all do it, you don't need to take the carb top off to see, the carb has a what I would term as a hoofing great hole in the top, which vents into the air filter chamber, so big you can see if there's fuel in the float bowl when you remove the air filter cover, and petrol don't take long to evaporate, the fuel pump is low pressure and only works when engine is turning, so it takes a little turning to fill the float bowl, old pumps also suffer with run back to tank. so much so, I bought but havnt fitted yet a non return valve to put inline, as ive bought a new genuine AC pump, alternatively you could always fit an electric pump, I would have thought an old mini one would do the job
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    If you get caught ringing you could end up sharing a cell with someone jumping through your hoop.......
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    Made a bit of use of the snow(time off) lol got the engine wired up and this eve mocked up a exhaust out of 2.5 stainless just need to make a mount for the bottom of the mani now..
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    I had these done for my Tina, seats from a proton gt.
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    If this is a Mea Culpa thread for daft things you buy as you get older, I've just bought this:
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    these were taken a week ago last Friday, ive only just got these, there was supposed to be more photos, but grateful for small mercies
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    If it was me, i'd put the pump below the tank and outside the boot for a couple of reasons - a). pumps like to push fuel although they can lift if height of lift is small and b). tank exit is outside and pipe run to engine bay is outside, so why bring it inside and then back outside and c). any potential fuel leaks ( gravity / under pressure) are best outside rather than inside IMO!
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    Yes, I think with the 200 block aside, everyone says that the 205 block is the must have. Definitely plenty of meat on the 202 and I think I read that the journals are thicker. Also bores seem to have no issues going out to 93mm. On an aside, I was Sat at my desk in work yesterday on Burtons Web page and put a 94mm tall aluminium 200 block in my basket. Then I started going on a dream build by adding all the parts. By the time I filled my basket with all the bits, my checkout was sitting around £16,000
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    Thanks for all the replies, think i might have found a pair. One piece floor wasn,t that bad, just ratchet strapped it up to make it fit through the front windscreen aperture and it pretty much fell in! Plan is to use it for Historic Road Rally Clubmans Championship to try to keep the costs down. Was going to post some pics on the Restoration project page but the quality of the projects on there is pretty impressive.
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    With cylinder 2 & 3 being so low and at the same readings, it could indicate a head gasket leak across the bores. However, I'd then expect to hear air coming from the adjoining cylinder. As the guy hasn't given you any indication of where the air was leaking too, I'd be looking to do the tests myself after having checked the valves, as suggested by Col. Leak off test usually indicates the following: Air at inlet side / carbs = inlet valve Air at exhaust side = exhaust valve Air at radiator = head gasket or cracked bore or head. Air in adjacent cylinder = head gasket. Air at dipstick = piston rings/worn bores or hole in piston.
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    75/90 semi in all mine inc straight cuts. You've only t o look at Vauxhall/Renault / Nissan all coming off ATF in their boxes due to premature bearing failure. They only use ATF in the Ford T5 box due to the design of the sychro rings having material similar to auto box friction material and needs the thinner oil to get in them.
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    Na never really looked at the pic just that it was a coach, I see now i’ve looked LMAO now you know my mates call me razor
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    really sorry matey, forgot all about this till i just saw it come back up!
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    It's a fantastic colour to show off a good finish, look even more stunning with all the trims on to highlight it ! Don't scratch it Ray
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    Looks like a great day, if i am free i might pencil this one in. I'm on a mission to do as many different shows this year, and never done this one.
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    It's ok mate i'm just being stupid i have just gone back through my order and i added one on without realising. All good!!! looking forward to it thanks for the swift response.
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    Possibly but.... Getting caught, id lose eveything ive worked for since leaving school 28 years ago. Id rather loose a few grand to be honest. Anyway, jumping through hoops keeps me fit Although i wont lie, i did consider it.
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    obviously if your 2.0s worn then a freshen up with a rebore is the thing to do. pintos are great for torque but even more so with the 2.1. my old 2.1 went like stink with just a rebore, full janspeed and a little headwork. sideways in 3rd in the dry!
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    A bit more. Repaired rear inner tubs and had a line up of top of sill which we made cheers Mr Wayne wpe it fits. Will grind back later and have a go at making wheel well repair section.