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    Still having fun... Still working through a few gremlins but on the whole, she's everything i expected and more
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    More stupid?.....
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    Sorted the fuel system out. Ended up using a swirl pot after trying to just use the injection pump just being gravity fed. Tank looks better for a coat of satin black. Also got all the injection wiring tucked away in the engine bay.
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    Hey everyone. We just bought a 1985 Capri and thought we would join here. Can't wait to go to meets, shows ect. Hope to see lots of you out there.
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    It's an urn for the ashes after you set fire to it after you've found out how much the garage are going to charge to get it on the road!.....lol
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    We gave it a little clean and polish today Can't wait to go to meets ect. Think we will be at the Bordehill later this month.
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    Welcome to the site 👍
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    Hi, I am going to both Hertfordshire and Cornwall in the next 3 weeks, if "OLDWHEELS" wants to sort out with "MATT 74" I can collect and pay for the gearbox and "OLDWHEELS" can pay me and everyone is happy, not 100% sure on the dates, but I am collecting an engine from Hertfordshire and will be dropping off some parts I have sold to a guy who runs a body shop in Cornwall. So I could pick up a gearbox and drop it off, call it a pint and I am happy. Let me know what you want to do. Cheers Al.
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    p.s. Here's a pic of the car and the original pre-xflow engine that's currently in it.
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    Hi guys , I own a 1981 ford Taunus ( MK 5 cortina ) 2 door ...
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    So after sorting Top Banana out we did the tour today. Also I had to pick in the route arrows.
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    Went the modified car show at Malton today, only to get there and see the cars coming in........chav chav chav.....focus fiesta focus fiesta focus fiesta PUNTO scooby.scooby scooby ...get my drift.....gets to the end of the day, a guy approaches me and say I'd go to the main stand if I was you mate....my missis and I trot off to the chav stand listening to the commentator.......best under bonnet, grey mk1 cortina,......best Ford.....grey mk1 cortina. Two trophies and didn't even know🤘🤘 Just goes to prove in amongst all the chavs and new plastic steel OSF still RULES
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    It’s either a 957cc or 1100cc engine. It’s not xflow but a Valencia. 957 can be either a low compression or high compression.
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    According to eeb 43 they run on steam, so no need for erectricary............lol
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    You could always do this to the crossmember if it will gain the extra clearence you need, save chopping the tunnel.
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    You could always come and give me help in the garage, that'll keep you warm. You've got the choice of rubbing the Anglebox down, re- shelling a scooter or get an RS turbo breathing again!
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    Just the estate owners then???
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    Is that how you do it, I have been trying to roll the material off without success! If you slice the underside how do you reseal it? One last thing, what the he'll is a daffyd vest? Is that from Gavin & Stacey? Great help, thanks dt36
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    has to be women that were looking at it, men wouldn't get gooey over a panda, theyd shoot it
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    Well it’s begun. Save the date 21-23 June 2019. Same venue Riverdart Country Park. Spread the word. YKT
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    novel trick, have you a video you can post Colin, so we can see that
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    And again something done , on the tunnel this time , the clutch lever didn`t have enough clearance it did almost the tunnel. So i did remove the ugly piece of metal what did weld in years and year ago that was also a modivication at that time. And now it looks much better and also the rubber cover was to tide so did grind it a bit on the in-side and out-side , so there is just enough clearance. And flywheel wasn`t straight anymore , so of to the machineshop , and a new clutch goes in.