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    I managed to ream the hinge holes out to next imperial size up using 90 degree angled chuck in my battery drill and some of the holes by hand that the drill wouldn't go into , and then turned up my pins from 10.9 tensile cap heads to suit this size . Including a groove and grease nipple to lubricate the hinges to prevent wear in the future . So far works really well . See photos .
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    New to the forum here is my mk1 with a Harris 2.1 Pinto
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    Don't be he'll bent on getting a 205 block for what you need. I'm currently rebuilding a 202 block as a spare engine and these are actually newer than the 205 version. As for the compression question, this can be addressed with new pistons, if needed. I've just gone for a set of Hepolites to take it out to 2.1. They were £180 with rings fitted. Block is currently being machined to take these. Soon as it's bored out, I'll dummy build it to be measured to have the block decked to match the top of the pistons. Was initially going to go for +0.25mm protrusion, but after taking advice here, now going flush for more reliability.
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    Are you sure it's not French for Barryboy?
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    Liking the look of the new site Scott. Glad to see the site is in good hands and your looking after it still
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    So it was an alteration to the header !!! I've just spent half an hour cleaning my glasses !
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    Bit more detail. After buying 2 (2 Piece) Rs propshafts and then a made up (Sierra front & escort rear )propshaftall of which failed I bought one off GRP4 Fabrications and its been faultless. Then seeing as the car was idle I decided to replace the gearbox. The one I'd fitted was borrowed. So I started searching online until I found a V6 2.8i type for sale. Of course it turned out to be a diesel one LOL But I eventually got one. Then I swapped a bunch of Mk2 escort bits for an alloy RS bellhousing, clutch fork and bearing. The engine is now just repainted as it has only 3k since a full rebuild. The twin 40's were WAY too thirsty so I've replaced them with a 32/34 Weber. God it was good to get the driveline back in (note for yanks..a drive line starts at the engine and finishes at the driven wheel. What you call a driveline is a propshaft) DSC_0093 by quickrack, on Flickr DSC_0018 by quickrack, on Flickr Making a clutch bracket IMAG1712 by quickrack, on Flickr IMAG1711 by quickrack, on Flickr Till next time...
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    I've been using high tensile bolts in the race car for years. admittedly the doors have spent more time sitting on blocks than on the hinges. only problem is if the door mounts holes have ovaled or opened up. hard to find a right angle drill to open them up. JP
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    Thanks [emoji1303]I had some hardened bolts that had been kicking around the workshop for years and they are a nice tight fit.. I may change back to pins if I have any problems with them when on the road. But for now they will do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Darn I was hoping you could tell me how you did it!
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    Guys for 65 thousand quid you can have my complete one! It even has Lotus engine under the bonnet and not to sound too superior, an actual bonnet! My favourite part of that screen shot is that ad for the Karcher Window Vac. I think their marketing department needs to do a better job at their target audience. Thats alot of technology for one little quarter window! Actually the biggest surprise is Col claiming a low tech troglodyte lifestyle yet can manage a screen snap and re-post! How on earth did you achieve that? I have been trying work that out for years!
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    You would have to take them to court yourself, eBay won't do anything. Can you see eBay backing you up on a claim? No doubt there will be some small print somewhere in the whys and wherefors in the eBay selling contracts that they won't.
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    Thanks mate just what I'm after but the wife's car has just bloody broke 🙈 If you still have them next month I'll have them off you
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    I guess you'd have had to be blind, deaf and dumb not to have picked this up on the news somewhere yesterday but wow! Huge! Oh and to all the naysayers who keep spouting about there being no jets on her, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why that is the case at this stage, so personally I prefer just to say A few of my favourites of the images i have seen thus far, they certainly bring her size into perspective
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    Second photo The RHIB provided by BAE systems was used as one of the official Naval photographers platforms which I blagged my way onto. Left the hotel at 03:00 and went out to Nab point and circled the carrier a few times before tracking it from the front all the way in. sometimes the job is good to me thats me in the black hat
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    cant afford one of them just bought this!!!!!!!!
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    A few more to peruse...
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    I reckon nothing before, or after, in this thread will beat this monster!
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    Would you be willing to swap,,,I would offer a pair of reading glasses for the lot, then you could read the very first post on the FOR SALE SECTION NOT OFFERS SECTION
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    the Veyrong, very very wrong
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    There's already enough rat rod nonsense in this world without doing this.
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    I think £200 is taking the piss, considering how scabby they are. To be frank, as I see it you've basically joined this forum with the sole intention of making money out of its members. I've had members on here sell me parts at very reasonable prices, some even only asking for postage. One particular member goes above and beyond by sending stuff free from Australia. Had members pick parts up for me from others and helping relay them over to eventually get to me. Additionally, another member has given me a dead engine cluttering his garage, which now allows me the luxury of rebuilding this unit at a budget, plus learning how to build this engine without making any mistakes on my own. Myself, I've given time to others with a little bit of help by turning a spanner. Just saying...
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    you're only troubled by the paint?....
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    If your burning rings and pistons,which maybe caused by detonation,too much ignition or not enough full,you don't mention what Ecuador your running but I have a feeling this maybe your problem,also your hitting a brick wall sounds like either boost cut or fuel cut,just a suggestion
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    ideally yes you need an alloy rs2000 sump and pick up pipe. but the standard sump can be cut and modified to suit but the welding needs to be A1 or it will leak like an old vauxhall!
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    Many thanks Simon, i should have 12 months of CF with no worries
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    Premier motorsport on eBay does these. I bought a big wing rear bowl. Came with new pick up pipe and strainer. Good value at £145 and got 30 quid back on old sump.
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    Hello, Those are not my wheels, they are my friendly next door neighbour "Youth" Frank, who kindly lent them me while I have a good go at cleaning up the original wheels, in hind sight, I should have had something done with the wheels while the tyres where replaced, but I never thought until it was too late. The original wheels do have the chrome trim rings, the rings are in very good order, but there is surface corrosion where the old balance weights have sat, and the black Pizza pie slice shaped bits are so thin, you can see through the black, so I am going the whole hog, and try re-painting them and have bought some vinyl sticker type black bits for the highlights, if I make a mess of them, there is a local powder coating firm, that will put them right (approx. £50.00 per wheel !!??).. Next thing is to have a look under the tank for this pipe to drain the fuel out, would be nice for it to run smooth instead of stalling straight away. Ted.
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    Get well soon good to see you back at it.
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    Sorry to hear about your crash and injury mate were you in the Escort when it happened ?
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    Taptalk must be selective omissions, cos I've just got all the middle section....oooooooooowwwwwwww. That's not very nice thing to say.
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    You know that Hotrodmatt guy? Hes such an absolute .... -------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- but apart from that hes not a bad guy. Lucky he cant read this on tapatalk!
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    That's not very good !! ....just think of all the good things you could be missing out on through not been able to see it all ! be like having a pic of Dolly Parton up to the waist ....lol
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    Don't oil um. Just use a little grease. Or washing up liquid Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    When I've bought Superflex bushes they've come with a little sachet of what looks like silicone grease.
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    I have that car now! Please PM me
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    For me it depends on what the upgrades are. In a Mk3/4/5 Cortina if someone else has already done a nice job fitting a 5-speed gearbox, vented front discs, tubular manifold, etc. then that's work I don't have to do - so certainly wouldn't devalue the car.
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    Speak of the devil. They suddenly went active minutes after my post. God must be listening. With it came a misty top header with cars for the site. It looks more they have gone to classic car heaven though if im honest, or the rings have gone on one of them! (You know which car it was of course)
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    I think naming the car Oscar should devalue it! That said I have been known to call my cars by certain names when Im working on them but Im certain a future buyer wouldn't find it endearing to see that printed in any ad.
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    Since I posted this I stripped the car. Then I had a bad crash where I was severly hurt. Much better now but restricted in what I can do. I just plod away though and things are finally happening. I now have rebuilt my axle. Its narrowed, with new brakes, 3.77 gears and a quaife ATB differential. IMAG1659 by quickrack, on Flickr
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    hi, I don't want to make any problems, but I have to say, Anglia 105 wheels will only fit on small disc brakes, If you got escort mk2 or capri legs they will hit the brake caliper, you can hit the inside with a big hammer or grind a bit away, if you want to band these, some of them have got rivets in the rim, when you weld beside them they can start to leak. the best wheels to band are capri mk1, Cortina mk2, or Cortina mk1, with small air gaps, there are Cortina mk1 rims with rivets and big air holes, they are the same as Anglia rims, and have the same problems. cheers marcel
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    Thanks for the welcome, used to have a twin cam engine but sadly it got stolen along with a load of tools some years back. Have wanted an RS1600 since before I could drive one but they always seemed to be just beyond reach. Paid a decent chunk for the one I just got but it still seemed a reasonable deal. A lot of the bodywork has already been done - but done some 15 to 20 years ago and then stored. As a result some of it will probably need re-doing, just because the value of the cars back then did not justify doing it to the standard that now makes sense. Will add the cars to the garage section when I get a chance so that I can keep them up to date with pictures as things happen.
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    i had one of those swiches in my old mk2. i was following a mate in a consul classic (slightly un-road legal ) on a back road when a copper caught up, i flicked the switch and the car stopped in the road blocking it. nice police man, helped me try to start it and even gave me a push about 100m to the farm my mate had stashed the classic! cheers