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    Col asked me to look into a local Australian supplier of replacement circuit boards for the Mk2 RS instrument cluster. The boards on them can be very fragile particularly at the plug in points which can render the instruments useless. People over time also try to solder repair the boards which usually ends in its destruction. So it was interesting to hear about someone having a batch manufactured as replacements for the original. One of many production runs born out of frustration by someone having regular issues with an original worn part and in this case the seller is an auto electrician that has a large Escort customer base. So after Col queried me about the seller I phoned him up and spoke to him and ordered a couple just to check that everything was as described. It was odd to find someone in Australia doing this rather than the UK but it was mentioned that many have been purchased by enthusiasts in the UK and Holland. I placed an order through Paypal two. They arrived several days later all safe and well. Looking to be of good quality. A couple of things of note is that the main RS Circuit board is unique to the RS binnacle, so unfortunately it wont fit a Sport/Ghia dash. It does however include both the main board and the tachometer board as well you simply cut them apart. So while you may not be able to fix your Sport/Ghia instruments you can at least fix your Tacho if its the one that has frayed which it often does. Price is in Australian Dollars of course so its $60 including postage if you live locally and $70 if you live international including postage. Not a bad price as I have a locally seller here selling an original Ford one for $225 without the Tacho board. I cant give information about fit and operation yet as my original one is still in working order so it seems a waste to swap it over right now. So I will let someone else take over on that side of things if theirs is in need of replacement. Hope this information is helpful.
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    need a bit of room for a few days, so for the first time in ages, she stands on her own 4 wheels so I can put her in the corner
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    more of Colin's most excellent handy work, yes we know there's only 1 per car lol
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    Already in mate [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bit more done and found that light at the end of the tunnel has gone out I think haha
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    Just a few pics to show that she is used as intended. The paint on the rear tail gate is spotless, so attaching the bike rack and then the bikes took fooking ages making sure everything was completely safe and secure. Anyway, turned a few heads whilst driving through the Southwold village where we stayed and that is the main reason I drive her - I like to see the turning heads, points and smiles. Gorgeous place, if you get the weather which we managed to do. Since home from the 140 mile round trip, she has not started..... And a lame bike trick by me and the daughter, the last two pics, same spot one in 85 and one in 18, gotta be done - but no way I was sitting on the handle bars this time around.....
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    Glad to see this ain't gone off topic......................... just like everytime! LOL!
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    not 1 made by vauxhall though!
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    Well gents I’ve finally got back in to a proper old skool ford after selling my 100e 4 years ago, well this was bought of Retards Club and dragged out of the owners field it will need some extensive love, new quarters wings bulkhead repairs sills floor normal still undercided on what power plant, it will be going ever blue or grey same as my pop, just get ready for stupid questions lol
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    After reading all the replies on here it hardly seems worth doing just to tidy up the bay-which you'll probably end up messing up again with servos and piping etc. Have a good think if you really need a bias box-they are a pain in the ass-take a lot of setting up and can cost quite a bit-plus heard stories of cheap aftermarket ones flexing under heavy braking-which is what you end up doing as they feel horrible under foot. Taking out a perfectly good servo assisted setup just to put in a not as good servo assisted setup? Just my 2 penneth been there done that-wanted all the goodies but just not worth the money or grief at the end of the day.
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    Understated grey is by far the best all day long I’m not biased [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Obviously white is the fastest colour, but a red arched mk2, is pretty quick too!
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    That car is perfect in white. If you paint it Castrol colours, you'll lose about 12bhp.
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    Tramp bars / poly bushes and good shockers are more than adequate for road use and occasional track use.
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    Ok. Anti roll bar removed and tramp bars fitted. They were put on a few weeks back. They were supplied with yellow bushes witch arnt my cuppa tea really but used them anyway. Ive replaced all bushes and rubbers on the rear axle with the Black series. Done less than 20 miles in the car and the bush on the axle n/s has started falling apart! The o/s bush has splits in it! What a load of crap! I removed the holding bolts and lifted the arms away from the axle. They lifted out and dropped back in perfectly so sure the brackets have been fitted correctly and causing no undue stress on the bushes. Going to order some new ones next week. Friday eve i started looking into fitting the panhard rod. Removed the rear silencer and set to work cleaning the old underseal from the chassis and floor. Used a tank cutter to make the hole for the verticle tube to go through. Spot on with an almost interference fit. Had to do a bit of trimming of the rod mount to get a decent face to face surface for the welding. Col, i now see what you mean about the bracket needing extending on the axle to clear the handbrake bar. So will be getting a new one fabbed up in the next week or so. I assume these kits are made for modded cars with discs n cables rather than drums n bars. New shocks fitted. So get new bushes for the tramp bars and the panhard rod welded on and hopefully then im done with the rear end 👍 Cheers Rich
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    I agree with dt on this one, but like he said its YOUR car so whatever pleases you. I do tend to find the cars with livery on to tend to be a bit tacky, sorry. An arched car done in the yellow with a good paint job would look stunning. A well prepped rally themed car does get a lot of attention from others.
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    I did search for the Moderator Veto Button but couldn't find one, sorry guys. I think only Vista has that one and he is far away on holidays so he squeezed in under the radar this time. Jokes aside Col is one of the most valuable members of the forum and lucky to have him and all the help he gives to other members. PS - Becoming a Purple Member helps support the site so please contribute if you are able.
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    hi, internal nothing is interchangeable, the halfshafts are thinner, and have 67mm bearings, you can fit the 62mm bearings of an englisch axle, then they will go in to an englisch axle, they have no slipper diff for this axle, cheers marcel
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    0.022" and 0.024" (inlet / exhaust) COLD
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    NOS wheel trims and centre caps ready to fit to the wheels, see the ford oval in the inside of the centre caps
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    The mk2s had servo on the tower, but when you have to remove to fit alternative engines they get in the way. Going biased pedal box is not what it's all cracked up to be with the extra pedal pressure required. So finding means of servo is the exercise. The Lockheed style have proved to be no good. Going twin style servos is to expensive. Girling ones seem to be the way to go but again unless you can get a good s/ hand one your into getting it rebuilt if poss. Also with turbo engine the other factor is boost pressure, yes a one way valve could be fitted, but if that fails or let's by your in trouble. This is possibly the reason for the electric cossy option. As for making the brakes better then yes it will, if you can't apply the pressure required by manpower then indirectly the servo does improve them by been able to apply the needed pressure. So you could say the calcs are wrong on master cylinder size and pedal ratio but what it boils down to is I ain't got the power in my legs what I used to have and TBH it bothers me having to press so hard to get a good response from the brakes. At least we are getting some responses and the whys and wherefors on the subject 👍
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    Seems that way. Theres a very slight ticking noise that i need to look into that comes and goes. Got it in my mind that it maybe a snapped ring. But itll be comming off the road soon for a loong winter of work. So ill investigate more then.
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    didn't say I wasn't going into another workshop RP
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    By coincidence I have bought myself an inside cover just this week from a company called Cars Covers. They specialise in covers, so you find your car in the list and order from there. My cover only turned up on Wednesday and as my car isn't at my house I didn't try it until Thursday. First impressions were good as it was soft and also came with straps to secure the cover under your car, but . . . . . .it didn't fit properly!! The front is perfect with fitting round the nose cone and the mirror pockets are in the correct place, but it's not long enough. I emailed them on Friday but haven't had a response yet. I will keep you updated.
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    calipers, pipes and pads all fitted, note the NOS genuine ford pads and tab washers