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    You could always screw one to the wall and use it for keeping your hose pipe tidy.....lol
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    All booked on for the camping shenanigins
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    Quick update front wings cut off sills removed strengthening bars put in place getting there slowly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi all bit more done cheers
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    LOL I had to re-read this post as it I read it that they will build it for you if you send them your house as their costs were reasonable! I thought how it is reasonable if you have to hand over the deed to your house to afford it LOL Then I re-read and you said housING. It made much better sense. (Note to self dont skim read)
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    Was going to fit discs on my english axle but after talking to Andy from Arrow,who took a few measurements and trial fitted my preferred wheel,reaconed they wouldn't fit in the wheel. He said well looked after 9' drums would be fine. Sourced all new parts and no problems so far.....covered about 150 miles. Cracking build mate[emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    have just changed the front bumper, as the one on there was a junky repro one, the ford one, yet again fits so much better
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    So did reshape the left innerwing to make some space for the airflowmeters and it looks the same as the right side were normal the battery tray sits
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    Just a few up dates trying the wheels for size , wiring mostly done ,new tank in and waiting for two fittings to get fuel to the engine and the its key turn time , we have turned it over and got oil pressure
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    yep my sill painting got out of hand and they joined up at the top. like combing over your pubic hair to cover a bald spot on your upper head. Oh hang on mine has no rust left!
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    That's an entire black car then....lol
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    I can remember the week they were being launched. Was travelling up the M4 going back to camp early on a morning in the days before speed cameras. OK, so I was about 19 years old in a 3.0s Capri doing about 115mph. Remember I was young and petrol was really cheap, as we had loads of 1 tonne V8 Landrovers in camp, ahem. Anyway, this car pulls up behind me, flashed his lights and then pulled beside me. "Ooh, that must be one of those new Sierra thingys". He gave me a thumb and a smile, so being the cheeky little tyke I was, I hit the loud pedal. Being the even cheekier tyke he was, he beeped his horn and grinned at me as he showed me a brief glimpse of the badge on his boot. "Ooh, that must be one of those new Cosworth thingys then".
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    Got let out on my own again today on my day off Plan was to buy oil and filter for my daily and pick up Conrods and bearings from Machine Shop after having them balanced end over end. Everything almost went to plan until I came away with another set of 1600 diesel rods, again. Maybe she won't notice...
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    If yours are just old scrappers then that would make mine just a pair of rusty cargo containers. Mind you, all I use the Twincam for is to store crap in these days so its not too far from the truth.
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    Was thinking of a trip down to the garden centre on the weekend. They also have a big aquatic section there. Problem is I'll probably come home with a fish tank ?
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    We did tour-only last year but felt we missed out a bit, so camping for us this year!
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    Thanks mate De ja vu lol
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    Welcome my protect thread will try to keep this up dated as much as possible. Start with a bit of history. My dad bought the car in 1982 after his beloved mk1 got written off, a oldish lady decided to pull out of a junction in front of him hitting the front passenger side causing the engine to shift into the passenger foot well and flipping the car 3-4 times, luck has it he survived otherwise I would be here [emoji23] He decided he want slightly more comfort so bought the mk2 for £1200 from the original owner. In 1992 he had the sill welded up along with in inner front wings (not very well might I add) and had the engine rebuilt with brand new Webber twin choke carb and bored out (apparently to about a 1.7). Unfortunately and the end of 1997 start of 1998 it need more work the rear arches started to get eaten by the dreaded rust ford used to supply free of charge, and as he was not working and at university doing his PhD he could not afford to get the work done so he parked it up in his garage for 15 years. It then got moved to a family members farm into a barn. In October after years of begging he reluctantly handed me the keys and said it’s your do what u will. ( was this or to be scraped as family member wanted it gone to make room for new tractor) so with a mate we dragged it to mine. My first task was to see if the engine was ok. Luck would have it because it got rebuilt few years before being parked up the motor wasn’t seized. So I changed the sparks,ht leads, points and condenser and hooked up a make shif fuel tank out of a lawnmower and with a bit of help with carb cleaner and easy start she fired into life for first time in 20 years. Carb needs adjusting a bit but she lives on. Over Christmas nothing got done then my second child was born in January so the last two weeks I have started to strip her ready for it to be welding. I am hoping also to find an original grill. In had the chrome edged on with the letter FORD instead of the badge to match the boot. The original broke in 1990 and dad could source the original and I’m failing to as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Perhaps they would weld a new nappy in!
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    Have you allready bought a new welding wire ?