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    Wiring now complete brakes bled it’s had it’s first drive up and down the yard. Just a few more things to finish off. SGS vehicle inspection is next Tuesday so fingers crossed!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    well she came out for the first time since being done tonight, I drove it up and down the estate a couple of times, and Colin the gearbox and rack are spot on, absolutely fantastic, many thanks going for MOT first thing tomorrow
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    been busy had go right through wireing loom,got everything working again.renewed all earths one screws hold down consul was going through loom lol,gave it good clean,was going hoover it out.but mrs hoover pact up.i know it doesent need mot but going mot it next week,snapped bloody d/s door mirrior ordered new one.fingers crossed moted another 12 months off cruiseing wont be staying in garage be using her,
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    Just got lots of welds to grind off
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    Congratulations Ray , all the trials and tribulations along the way you have had this is an absolute credit to you . You have produced probably the best Mk1 Escort of any model i have ever seen . Your attention to detail and knowledge of these models is second to none , you have certainly set the bench mark for a lot of people to follow and try to achieve in their restorations . I look forward to seeing it at the NEC next month on the club stand . Well done mate !!!! 👍👍
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    So been pratting about with vinyl an I'm pleased so far!
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    exactly what i have done 👌
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    done joined the elite club
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    Suspension,antiroll bar on and it's back on 4 wheels first time in 2 years.
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    Fitted the engine by raising the cars front as per pictures.
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    When the engine came out it looked in a sorry state. Closer inspection and a seized piston revealed total rebuild was needed. The corrotion around the piston bores would suggest a certain overheating problem if left. The rocker cover is temporary and is replaced when complete.
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    I got the car back home next. All the ‘heavy’ work was done so having it back at home means I can just plod through the rebuild at my leisure! first jobs are to start plumbing in the brake lines, reinstall the servo and master cylinder. Then the wiring loom needs sorting and re-taping and installing. And the lovely task of pumping the car fat with cavity wax.
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    Next update is more mechanical... while the shell was in storage I’d made a start on the engine. This was utterly filthy and looked awful but it’s a good engine. Compression etc was all checked and was spot on. When the car was in use this engine was actually the strongest aspect of the car, it drove brilliantly, never ever let me down in many years I’d had the car and for a little 1.6 it actually pulls pretty well! now, I want to stick to standard as much as I can on this car but the thought of dropping in a 2.0 instead did cross my mind. It’s advantages are obvious and at this stage would have been the best time to do it. however after degreasing and cleaning the 1.6 I uncovered the engine number beneath all the filth and it’s unbelievably this cars original engine! All the engine numbers etc match. This is a nice little detail I think. I’m also into American cars and matching numbers is a big thing there so I decided based on this fact and that the 1.6 was still good to stick with it. I’ve also stuck with the 4 speed box which was also like new inside. after cleaning the engine, the valve stem seals were replaced (it used to puff a bit of blue smoke at times before), new crank seals etc. Sump removed and cleaned out and I checked what it looked like up underneath the crank at the same time - spotless! Oil pump was ok etc etc. I think this engines been cared for most of its life, despite appearances! ive stuck a new clutch kit on, new alternator, water pump, cam belt and tensioner, thermostat and housing, plus most of the gaskets etc etc then finally gave the engine a coat of paint. Proper (expensive!) engine enamel, black and Ford blue. ive stuck with the Weber single barrel carb this cars had for years, just cleaned it all up with the manifold. The prop shaft has also been stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with a new centre bearing and rubber doughnut. Then painted with the same enamel paints.
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    First time fitting a headlining half a day later and it went in pretty good.
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    It’s already at a workshop lol just waiting for parts and he has other cars on the go as well, just would like it done for my old mans birthday as it used to be his so would be nice surprise for him after 20 years Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    About the impending time change this weekend. 😁
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    got my window sticker, 3 polo shirts from last year, 3 new ones for the NEC this year, and my osf key ring and don't forget , you can join the cult of old skool ford in the shop as well, as Jo says, helps the up keep of this forum, so DONT DELAY, JOIN TODAY
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    Paintwork next. Miami blue was my final choice here, although I did seriously consider Purple Velvet! Nice, but Miami was the colour for me. heres the car now in paint and with most of its running gear reattached. All of this had been rebuilt and painted while the shell was being finished so was literally sitting on the shelf in my garage ready to go as soon as it was needed.
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    Myself and munch had the pleasure of a unit tour on Wednesday evening, and the car is a stunner. Was very cool to see both bluey and the purple princess together. Quite strange actually to see two such old cars as like brand new and sat next to each other, both 45 plus years old, cars you just do not see anymore - very cool indeed. And yes, attention to detail...... You really must get that OCD sorted out Ray....
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    passed the MOT this morning, no advisories,
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    [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk