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    These pictures show Bill's unique solution to the problem...
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    Hi, new to the forum. I have always liked the old Fords and in years gone by have had a couple of MK3 Cortina 2000e and a 3 litre Granada Ghia, my goodness I wish I still had that one, then had a 2.8 Ghia after that one. Not driving a Ford at the moment but who knows what the future may hold. Looking forward to reading through the forum a lot and seeing what everyone else has. Just found it today !
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    So i have got finally the rear discs brakes working , they did locking up after a 100 meters , becourse the brake pedal was pushed in. But before this i have put in a spring in the master cilinder between the front and rear piston , becourse normal the springs from the brake shoes pusches the brake fluid back , and the piston from the front brakes has standard a spring , so now has the rear piston also a spring. And the rear calipers was to close to the disc`s , so that same adtension , and seems to work now i did same driving/brake and they became hot and didn`t lock up after this , so now i must check out if the rear doesn`t brake to hard , i have already got brake pressure in it , so we will see. And have put in other axle`s in from a mk1 big cologne diff , and i have also got rid off the old copper brake fluid line , it looks much better like this. And i drive today and it brakes to hard at the rear , but the brakes difference left and right was good at the front it was 1% and later 0% at the it was 2%. So i am after a brake presure valve , and i just bought the last one on ebay.uk
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    I’ve had that and the vent holes to small and alignment issues
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    What shows are you all going to this month? We are going to: Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Show on Sunday 12/08 Chapel Classic Car & Bike Show on Saturday 18/08 and we are concidering going to the London Cartel International Auto Show on Sunday 19/08... We have not applied tho... yet... lol We also hope to make it to the Classic Vehicle Meet and Family Fun Day at Queens Head, Barns Green on Saturday 25/08 and to the now re-arranged SADCASE Show on Monday 27/08
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    Straight swap no problems. Engine fits to gearbox no problem.
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    Std RS system goes from right to left anyway, so shouldn't pose any problems. Difference between LHD and rhd will be the front pipe to get around the column nothing else. The RS rear silencer is quite a large one so may have an interference problem on your under floor tanks on the Aussie ones but apart from that can't see any other fitment issues.
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    I sent him a copy for you and erased your contact information as it was a bit unsafe on a public forum. Contact Visa if you have continued problems sending messages but it could just be issues with Tapatalk. Try on a regular computer and see how you go. RP2000
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    Might be an idea to delete your details, buddy. I know of a Nigerian Prince who's looking for an old Ford and he'll just...
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    No where near mate. Send me your address and will send it.neil
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    Just had my drawings back for a new home for the car. Was actually bigger than expected, but very pleased with what the guy has done for me. My garage on the house is a decent size, but it just keeps ending up full of all the other shit we have, so am now submitting these to the local authority this week.
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    Can I live up top? Its better than my house and Im used to having Escort parts under the bed.
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    Sweet, I would love a proper space like that for my motors. One day when I have sold up and buy somewhere else cheaper with more grounds...
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    Exactly-and a flocked dash is better than none in my case-nothing wrong with one my money is better spent elsewhere...cars for driving at the end of the day.
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    Beggars cant be choosers. Ive put about 4k into my car in the last year and this winter its being converted to rhd. There isnt time between now and then to pull a thousand pound rabbit out of a hat for a NOS dash top. So a fibreglass jobbie will have to do. If a minter turns up in the future, money permitting I'll grab it with both hands. Rich
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    I had a fibre glass one and it looked ok but was a very poor fit. It vibrated terribly too ended wedge bits of cardboard under it. The vents didn’t line up either...... The one I have fitted has some small splits around the dash and usually cover then up with a display at car shows.
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    tbh Chris, i have not found anyone who can do it properly, and that's why they are hard to get if its bothering you that much, then look at the fibreglass ones as an interim, as your not going to find a good one quick we will just make a big sign up, saying, look at this split dash lol, or look at this repro dash lol tbh, out of hundreds of thousands of visitors, less than 50 will probably look at the inside of your car and if you do a Kellye and lock it up and go home then no one will see it lol
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    But when a picture of such a photogenic MP is taken, it really needs to be shared. 😁
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    For the big arch fans Is that one of those BDA replica cam covers for Zetecs under the bonnet?
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    pedal box now done
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    first bit of colour starting to go on [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well its phases isn't it. Remember the 70's of customised cars? the jack up kits furry interiors etc bloody hideous if you ask me, but that was the rage. 80's was the era of fitting bodykits and wide wheels. 90's was hit by the recession so I don't recall a big scene as much of anything then as I do the previous periods. 2000 onwards has seen the era of 60's retro modifieds, zetecs pintos Vauxhalls red tops finding there way into everything. More recently has seen the transformation into putting huge modern wheels on old 60's cars which personally I think look gash, but its each to their own. Increasingly I'm now seeing high power Jap engines some with turbo's finding there way into 80/90's cars. I blame the Fast and Furious films for all that.
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    Showing my age on them! I used to do side valves never mind all this ohc business.....lol
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    Fab work all done and everything assembled, time to get it out and have some fun.