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    A befor and after of 8x4 sheet of tin lol It’s been a kuh fuffle trying to get the door gap so I just built it up with weld and shaped but wing is well on it’s way!!
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    As requested a couple of pic's , and thanks for the welcomes
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    Was thinking of buying JBW wheels for a change over wheel for the Escort , but heard these can crack and fade easy, So opted for getting my old laser alloys done . Got them colour coded and diamond cut, happy with the results, Should look nice on the Ghia ..
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    Gave the boot spoiler a dust over
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    Hi All, We are now in our 5th year running, and back again for another show our 2nd year running at The Pegasus Country Club, Last year saw a total of 160 cars on show and hoping for more this year,, plus lots of other attactions for the ladies and children, so a real Family Event, plus a full program of entertainment throughout the day, see our website all proceedes are going to The Macmillan Charity again, after we raised £1055 last year which paid for 39 hours of nursing care, so hoping to do better this year, please see attachment for Flyer and Registration Form and Links to our Website, where all other info can be found not only on this years event but from previous shows we have held, so come on and register and support us on the day thanks. https://www.corringham-classic-car-show.com/ Pegasus Car-Show-Flyer-Application (3).pdf
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    The information WAS in the pack, hence my apology!
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    Hi one and all. I don,t have a Ford vehicle, but have a Ford engined(2.0 pinto) kitcar. Found your site of interest 👍. Trev
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    I now have the last NOS panels that I needed so I can now get the shell blasted
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    I had kids in the bedroom singing happy birthday at some ungodly hour this morning! Dinner out tonight. She's buying so ilI am starving myself today 😎
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    I’ve decided what wheels are going on red ruin as the car is now called by my mates LMAO
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    Still some burnt foam bits in the carb again. Another clean out of the carb and jets and much better now. Gonna rip it a new arse tomorrow.
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    And some people say its impossible to get a decent sized tyre under standard guards.
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    Certainly worth the effort, as I said looks stunning👍
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    Hi just joined the group . im from Edinburgh Scotland , And own A 1990 Sapphire Cosworth 4x4 and a 1980 Mk2 1300ghia .Ive attached a couple pics of ghia and my sapph
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    Welcome very nice cars ,the escort looks lovely
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    You need to place a warning with that link. Goodness that should be pictured in the ugly Ford thread.
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    Guessing that's because it's all being posted on Facebook completely independent of OSF, ergo most of the drag racers don't bother to come on here anymore. Be assured I read it on here and don't go onto the OSFDC FB page.
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    the mind boggles as to where you keep this mechanic Nick but you let the mickey mouse mechanics drive your car though OBD on your car stands for "OH BOB DUNNIT"
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    Ive just had a guy bring a 1.3 Capri to me fitted with one of those asking to remove it as that's all that was left causing his problem. The story goes he's inherited this car from his father and for the past two years it's suffered with a misfire/ flat spot. The leads/cap/ rotor/ pugs have Been changed on 3 occasions, two weber carbs( conversion kits) taking that it's been into garages for this work and not one has spotted that it was running on a ballast system! One garage even replaced the coil with a 12v item! The motto is with the garages of today if it ain't got a 16 pin plug to plug the computer in to tell them what's wrong they ain't got a clue! Ran 12v feed to the coil which also fed the unit.....mis Fire/ flat spot gone reset the carb and timing ran like a good un
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    It's cheaper, like the rest of the car....lol
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    I've got one of the originals, used it on escorts first time round. Ya know before you was chasing rot on them!!!
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    Made a start on ns wing repairs
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    Try Speedy Cables in South Wales for a repair. Ring them rather than relying on email though.
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    Yes mate the pedal box needs something to work on I think these will do