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Welcome to Old Skool Ford

Old Skool Ford, what is it, who are we and what are we about?

Old Skool Ford began as an idea in mid 2004. The site was created to provide a forum dedicated only to the older Fords that predated the era of front wheel drive and plastic bumper adorned cars that Ford began to produce in the early 80's. On July 27th 2004, and with just 8 members (most of whom are still with us today) Old Skool Ford was born.

The site, then as now, was set up to cater for car models that were in UK production prior to 1980 (though we do also like to see similarly aged US, Australian and European Fords). This encompassed up to and including Mk2 Escorts, Mk3 Capris, Mk1 Fiestas, Mk2 Granadas and Mk5 Cortinas, plus any earlier models. The purpose was to offer a unique forum that caters solely for these cars and we acknowledge that this isn’t to everyone’s liking, but point out that there are many great forums out there that cater either for the whole marque, or for model specific tastes. But none that cater for a whole era. Old Skool Ford was, and remains, unique in that respect. Over subsequent years there has been much debate on whether this list should be updated, the admin team recently discussed these requests and being a members forum, it was decided put the issue to a forum wide vote. The vote result was in favour of maintaining the status quo and we respectfully ask your assistance and understanding to keep it so.

Many thanks and we hope you enjoy the forum

Best regards

OSF Admin

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O.S.F.D.C. Round 1 Report - Santa Pod 21st April

Read about the events of round 1 of the OSFDC for 2013
Wow ... what an eventful start to the OSFDC 2013 season! :bow: 19 of you signed up on what was a glorious spring day - just perfect for racing on the shiny new strip at Santa Pod!

For some of us the good weather started on Saturday's RWYB where there should have been lots of practise time with hardly a soul around but sadly a lot of downtime caused by oildowns etc. Unfortunately that was when Louie Bagel broke his MK2 Escort which meant he was out for the day on Sunday.

On Sunday morning me, KJ and Oddball (Ali) woke up early from our Premier Inn rooms and went across to the restaurant for a hearty breakfast to see us through our day and arrived at around 9am to greet those that had spent the night in their nice "warm" tents :gary:

Despite the lack of organisation with our "allocated" parking area (which none of us actually found) many of us managed to group together but the rest were dotted around between the bufty cars .... still there were some nice blue Focus's (Focii??) to look at ......

Racing started at 10am and the queue's were small all day and the £20 for 4 runs turned into unlimited for an extra £10 and everyone managed to get in loads of runs :Bravo:

We had 6 new entrants joining us and they were all running well. Hayley Curl was driving her dad Steve's yellow pro-street mk1 Consul and putting in some consistant high 11 sec runs - and the burnouts were in contention for the Best Burnout trophy too. Hayley and Steve were joined with a monster blue Capri driven by CapriCol who managed to improve his times through the day to give him a 3rd place trophy with a time of 13.1086 and extra points too. Oggie69 joined us for his first venture into OSFDC on the Sunday in his beautiful blue MK1 Escort - he did his runs but had to leave early and so didn't get to meet too many of you on the day but he hopes to be back for the next round. He approached us on Saturday and was driving a lovely red Mk1 Estate - sounds like a proper old skool enthusiast!

Another of our newbies was wideboy474 (Mark Randall) in his green fronted Mk2 Escort who started off in the 19's and managed to bring his time down to a low 18!! Our fourth newbie of the day was Jigbames' uncle Steer with the rear in his very nice x-packed Mk2 Escort - the car looked stunning and his times were consistant! Final newbie for the weekend was Scotland - Jiffer's son - our youngest OSFDC racer who has not long passed his test and was driving his Mk1 Fez (some of you will know the car as it used to be owned by Louie Bagel) - it certainly seems like he has the bug like his dad :Rock:

There were some DNF's for the day and one of those was Louie Bagel in his white MK2 Escort who broke on the Saturday despite putting in lots of runs and Jiffer in his MK1 'tina who killed his 4 speed dogbox on the line on his first run on Sunday which ended his day of racing :mad2:

KJ was back with a new paint job courtesy of Andy Leadfoot and some modifications to the internal framework of the Escort - which was carried out with the help of Over_head_cam (Phil). The car was also sporting a new Justin Ladmu (Maltese racer) rear wing and a parachute!!! Kev was aided on the day by Stefan Fiorini (Abarth78) who is a Maltese engine tuner and so this week-end was a bit of a test and tune event for Kev but he still managed to pull in a stonking 9.19 on his first run and even though the track was further prepped before his last run, he was having some grip issues and spinning in 1st, 2nd & 3rd gears and ran consistant low/mid 9's for the remainder of the day.

Both Paul Maggs and Hairball123 in their MK1 Escorts were having a few running issues through the day and not putting in the times they had wanted. Paul's arse end kept stepping out and so he couldn't give it full beans and will be looking at the rear linkage before the next round but despite the issues he was awarded Best Burnout of the Day for his tyre shredding efforts :thumbsup:Hairball had problems with his gear changing down the strip and has now ordered a pro-shifter to sort that problem :thumbsup:

Dal1cos was getting back on form at this event although he ended Saturday with the gearbox out and a new one was on it's way and fitted on Sunday morning!! ... he's had a few running issues over the past year with his mint cossie powered MK1 Escort but managed some consistant mid/low 10 second runs this weekend and managed to bag himself the fastest reaction time of the day award with a reaction time of 0.1152!!

The Leadfoots were back with Beano the MK1 Tina shining bright like a diamond with a fresh new paint job done by Andy - still the same stunning white the car looked concourse! There were plenty of chances to get runs in for the double driven car and Lee was knocking out some excellent burnouts!! Girl Power :mrgreen: Despite Andy's bad shoulder he managed to push himself through the pain threshold - well done Andy :thumbsup:

Mk2Harrier arrived early on Sunday in his immaculate Escort and ran some nice times - he had to leave early to take his daughter shopping ---- teenagers :zzzz:

Essexboy (Dan) was back after a year out with his primered Anglia running a cossie engine. We haven't seen Dan for sometime so it was good to have him back. This was a day for him to get back into it and test the new set up on the car. After a few tweaks recommended by Stefan the car started to run better and Dan was putting in some respectable times - good to have you back Dan :thumbsup:

Zetecnikki was our 3rd lady of the day to run in her well set up Mk1 Fiesta ... her other half Joss had been burning out the tyres the day before so the car was ready to rock n roll on the Sunday when Nikki took over. Her times were improving through the day and she ended in 4th place overall 8)

Glenbo was back in his MK1 Escort but managed to mash a Quaife shaft on the first run!!! Luckily after last year's antics he had a spare and after a quick change he was back out on the strip and bagging himself a 2nd place trophy with a time of 13.1075 :shades:

Our final racer for Round 1 was Rich Sav who turned up as always with Pete his dad as his support team. He started off well and improved during the few runs that he did on the day .... unfortunately on his final run the fuel rail snapped and pumped 3.5 bar of fuel over the engine which resulted in a fire which damaged the engine bay, front panel and gril, passenger front wing and drivers side door of the beautiful Maquires sponsored Escort :sad: :sad: Luckily the Santa Pod Marshall was on hand almost immediately and put the fire out before it spread further - Rich was not hurt which is the most important thing and his car WILL be back better and bufftier than ever :clap: It was no consolation but his improved times coupled with a really good reaction time on his fastest run gained him the 1st Place Trophy with a time of 13.0346.

Unfortunately Irish Iain and Deano had problems with Dean's van and were unable to get to The Pod for Round 1 and MkMark turned up but could not get the car to run properly so was a no entry as well :-( We also missed seeing Karen Gunner, Brett P and Flinty racing but hope to see them at future rounds.

Thanks to Classic Ford Mag for sending along Jon Hill to cover the day for us and look out for the full report and photos in the Mag :thumbsup:

The next round is at Santa Pod during Street Nationals week-end and our race day is Sunday 12th May - see you all there :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Nice write up Jo 

Well done Jo, nice coverage, new parts on order, looking forward to round 2.

fantastic write up joe,was really missing being there racing sunday.myself an irish were fettling with the van saturday ,whilst preparing to strobe the timin  the spanner i was using on the dizzy lock nut touched the ballast an cut out.then also had a small fire aswell when the exhausts were being welded,hydrolic braided clutch pipe got in the waylol.my probs seem pretty small compared to some. sounds as thought a good days racin was had by most.well done everyone.see you all at the next round of madness.