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Welcome to Old Skool Ford

Old Skool Ford, what is it, who are we and what are we about?

Old Skool Ford began as an idea in mid 2004. The site was created to provide a forum dedicated only to the older Fords that predated the era of front wheel drive and plastic bumper adorned cars that Ford began to produce in the early 80's. On July 27th 2004, and with just 8 members (most of whom are still with us today) Old Skool Ford was born.

The site, then as now, was set up to cater for car models that were in UK production prior to 1980 (though we do also like to see similarly aged US, Australian and European Fords). This encompassed up to and including Mk2 Escorts, Mk3 Capris, Mk1 Fiestas, Mk2 Granadas and Mk5 Cortinas, plus any earlier models. The purpose was to offer a unique forum that caters solely for these cars and we acknowledge that this isn’t to everyone’s liking, but point out that there are many great forums out there that cater either for the whole marque, or for model specific tastes. But none that cater for a whole era. Old Skool Ford was, and remains, unique in that respect. Over subsequent years there has been much debate on whether this list should be updated, the admin team recently discussed these requests and being a members forum, it was decided put the issue to a forum wide vote. The vote result was in favour of maintaining the status quo and we respectfully ask your assistance and understanding to keep it so.

Many thanks and we hope you enjoy the forum

Best regards

OSF Admin

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O.S.F.D.C. Round 2 Report - Santa Pod 12th May 2013

Read all about Jiffer's Bo Derek boob job in the round 2 report!
Firstly, apologies for the delay in reporting this event!

We had a respectable total of 15 entrants for Round 2 of OSFDC 2013. Problems still blight a few of our regulars and it was a surprise not to see current champion Irish Iain back to defend the title.

The whole week-end was a bit of a disappointment in terms of the weather and with oil-down’s, breakages and water coming up through the track on the left lane, Sunday was a bit slow to say the least. Thankfully all of our entrants managed to get at least one run in and some were achieving PB’s so it wasn’t all bad for most!

The Leadfoot’s managed to get at least one run in each and their dedication paid off as Andy walked away with Best Burnout of the Day and Lee managed a well deserved 3rd place with a handicap time of 13.2922.

Paul Maggs was back with his dragon emblazoned MK1 Escort and despite the damp atmosphere and threatening rainclouds he whacked his car back into the 10’s with a stonking 10.9! Another of our high power cars belongs to KJ 1320 and he was all fired up and ready to go despite the stoppages but disaster struck about ¾ of the way up the track when the prop decided to let go and ended up being spat out of the side of the car at 100+ mph (thankfully the two prop loops that were fitted to the car to race in Malta greatly minimised the damage) …. He still managed an 11.1 but there is some work to do to get the car back on the strip ready for Classic Ford Show on 2nd June but I’m sure he will do it! He came away with fastest reaction of the day with a time of 0.0489.

We welcomed Jimmyted for the first time today in his gold Capri – the delays meant that he had plenty of time to meet the rest of the racers in the fire-up lane and also bagged himself a racer profile interview with Classic Ford Magazine. I am sure we will see lots more from him at the next round! Another two racers joined us for a second time at round 2 and they were CapriCol in his superb blue yank powered Capri . Our second returning racer was Oggy69 in his ST170 powered MK1 Mex – his time improved from round 1 sufficiently to bag him 2nd place with a handicap time of 13.2004 and a racer profile interview as well – a good day out for him I reckon!

Jiffer and Louie Bagel were both plagued by breakages at round 1 and both were back for round 2 ready and raring to go, however, Jiffer (sporting a new Bo Derek style hairdo) and Dave continued to have gearbox problems and retired early. Thankfully Louie and Davina seemed to have sorted out their problems.

Young Scotland (our youngest entrant for OSFDC 2013) ran in his MK1 Fiesta again and it looks like a very well set up car – there is definitely more to come from him. Essexboy (Dan) in his newly built Cossie powered Anglia seemed to have sorted the teething problems since the last round and ran a safe race – this car is one to look out for as the season progresses for sure!

Hairball 123 in his “concourse looking” yellow MK1 Escort is always a delight to see on the strip – with gearbox problems at the last round which looked to have been sorted it was a shame he couldn’t get in a decent number of test runs on the day but at least he had his geezer girlfriend with him for support!

Glenbo and his pit crew “Jeff, the human calculator” made the journey up from sunny Hastings … it’s a long way to travel for just a few runs along with the cost to race and the entry to the Pod but it all paid off for him on the day as he came in 1st with a handicap time of 13.1178!

It was nice to see Nikki back again in her Zetec powered MK1 Fez closely chasing those top 3 placings – keep at it Nikki!!

Bad luck goes to both Karen Gunner who travelled up from Crawley with the car on a truck but could not run because of knocking from the engine bay and also to Mark Randall who also turned up with his mk2 Escort and despite working through Saturday night and through the day on Sunday could not get the car running right! We hope to see you both back for the next round.

Thank you, as always, to Classic Ford Magazine for sending along Pukka Pie Jon Hill to cover the day and to all of you for making the effort and spending the money to support our motoring addiction!

The next round is at Classic Ford Show on Sunday 2nd June.


You will need a stand pass to get onto the stand at Classic Ford Show. These must be purchased/obtained from Darren via the OSF Shop (as per the ticket thread in Old Skool Chat). The following people have NOT ordered stand passes according to the paid list on that thread:

Hairball 123
Louie Bagel
Karen Gunner
Mark Dodson
Paul Maggs

If you are there on the Saturday, chances are you should be able to get round to our stand BUT it is not guaranteed – to be sure of a place with OSFDC on the OSF club stand YOU MUST ORDER YOUR STAND PASS WITH DARREN (POSSE) VIA THE ONLINE SHOP. For this round I do not have access to passes like normal. Thank you.
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