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  1. Pinto starter

    Just got back in from the garage, I’ve just tried jump leads from the starter to neg post on battery - still clicks. jump lead to engine block from starter still clicks. tried jump lead from pos terminal to starter nut - still clicks finally jump lead from starter to right hand side of cut off switch - turns over slowly but it turns (this was the reason why I bought a high torque starter but at the moment the old one was fitted to rule out a dodgy new one) so I removed the lead that goes from the cuy off switch to the starter, it looked fine but once I stripped back the insulation to see the the copper the end nearest starter had changed colour (silverish) and pretty much fell to peices in my hand. I’ve got no idea what’s happened here I’ve never seen copper cable go like this? the lead is thick I think it was 35/40mm2 approx 1150mm long and the terminals looked good also. So this is looking like the problem I’m going to order some new cable with terminals and hopefully this will sort it out.
  2. Pinto starter

    So the battery finally arrived today, modified the battery tray and guess what.., click click again o my god!! Now what?
  3. Pinto starter

    Yes that and a dodgy battery combined I think. Going to get a BIG battery next anyway these boat anchors take some turning. 👍
  4. Pinto starter

    Cheers to everyone for all the suggestions and hopefully it’s sorted, just wait for some better weather and get it going properly. 🤞🍻
  5. Pinto starter

    Some more good ideas. Had a hour again today tried it and just click, hot wired straight to starter and it turned over although slowly (battery must be had it). Quickly put battery back in boot and it turns over slowly just like when hot wiring. So i got jump leads into running car and it turns over normally now. Tried about 5 turns of the key and every turn sounded the same so that’s good. When I turned everything off afterwards I noticed I only put one earth lead back on the starter we’re before I had two? I missed the one to the cross member could this have been my problem? so fingers crossed I think with a new battery it should be ok. i still can’t get my head around that it would click on the key today but by hot wireing it turned over, and then put battery back in boot it turns over.
  6. Pinto starter

    Thanks for the reply’s, my battery is in the boot I run a thick power cable to a cut off switch and then straight down to the starter (it’s been like that for 6 years no probs), the battery is earthed in the boot. My starter is earthed to the block and another one to the cross member (again like this for years). the battery drops to 12.2v from 12.6v whisky cranking and is the same at the starter end, a jump start makes no difference, but I surpose a battery can hold plenty of charge but have no balls to cranks still. So I’m going to try the above suggestion and investigate the battery more I’m thinking this could be my problem. The battery tray I’ve got currently can only fit a 500cca battery so I’m thinking if I’m buying a new battery may aswell put a bigger one in with a new tray.
  7. Pinto starter

    I’ll sort it. It won’t beat me lol!!!
  8. Pinto starter

    Yes mate I put it back on today, it turned over a couple of times and then like a flat battery symptom it turned over very slowly and then stopped. Now it just clicks again, it’s sounds like a flat battery but it’s nealry new, it charges and hols good charge. even when I use another car for a jump it still clicks. God knows
  9. Pinto starter

    Hi i tried that but it still just clicks? its driving me mad, it’s been fine for 6 years until I put the high torque starter on??
  10. Pinto starter

    Right abit if an update, I used some washers today in between the starter and bellhousing and it just clicked. so I was thinking dodgy starter, so I managed to borrow a starter I knew worked and similar thing it turned over and then went slow and started to click. So now I’m thinking possibly the nearly New battery is no good. So I think I’ll get a new battery and leave the old starter in that I know works and see what I get. Fingers crossed this should solve it, if it was a dodgy battery all along I’ll kick myself.
  11. Pinto starter

    Yes mines just in single garage defo need to move for a double, trouble is then I’d have the focus parked next to it.. its more the cold that slows me down, I really have to sych myself up to go out this time of year. Must be my age!
  12. Pinto starter

    I’m glad you was thinking this as well, to be honest I’ve got nothing to loose. It might be next week now though, I’ve fell out with the thing today ☹️. I will let you know the outcome thanks for the help much appreciated as always, if you have any other brain waves let me know. 👍👍👍
  13. Pinto starter

    Cheers yes mate they must be slightly different then. but it’s strange how it turns over and then randomly stops, should I try a spacer in between the bell house and starter?
  14. Pinto starter

    Hi thanks again for the reply I put them side by side before I put the new one in and there identical. I get what you mean now by maybe on the piss, and missing the teeth somehow. But the starter sits on the bellhouseing and gets tightened up so surely it can’t go in on the piss. I always start all bolts off 1st then go around and nip up and finally go around again and tighten. im lost at the moment with this one
  15. Pinto starter

    Hi, ive checked and double checked the connections that’s why I tried it loose before bolting it on, It’s got an extra earth lead going to the block also, I even used jump leads from the starter body to the block and still makes no difference. How would I know if it’s bolting up to the bellhousing too tight? Sorry for being thick. its as though the starter for some reason keeps jamming? thanks for the reply