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  1. dazbravomk1


    We are looking for either 100 or 105 preferably with Pinto or Zetec but will consider standard. Must be solid shell not requiring any welding. Full interior in good condition. Cash waiting.
  2. dazbravomk1


    Got tickets today but have scott slavin name on them is this incorrect also received a stand pass which we can't have due to age restriction.
  3. Any news on tickets for Classic Ford not received them yet. Thanks Janine
  4. Vista cant have the stand pass as we are too young. Just need the two tickets please. We didnt realise about the age rule as used to have MK2 Escort so was ok with that but now got award winning mk2 fiesta show car.
  5. We have bought 2 tickets. Will you post them to us and when. Thanks
  6. 2 tickets bought and stand pass. First year with OSF looking for to it.
  7. dazbravomk1

    Fiesta RS1800

    Thanks for that, not into purchasing rust!!!!Darren
  8. dazbravomk1

    Fiesta RS1800

    Hi All I am looking to buy a Fiesta RS1800 has anyone got any idea on prices? Its K reg in pristine condition with 49000 miles. One owner, FFSH. Can anyone let me know your thoughts on what you would pay for one. Thanks Darren
  9. dazbravomk1


    Hi Thanks for the welcome no I didn't do the work myself bought a drive in drive out package. Darren
  10. dazbravomk1


    Hi I'm Darren and have just joined, I have a Mk1 Fiesta Bravo with 1.8 Zetec running bike carbs. I have attached a few pic's. Anyone going to Classic Ford Show? Cheers