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  1. katana

    Redtop on injection in a mk2 escort

    What do you mean 'only made 170hp on carbs' - a Zetec with TB's makes about 170-175hp. The RS lumps are heavy so not a popular choice!
  2. katana

    Brake master cylinder dissassembly

    Don't touch it, just wipe it clean and lube with brake fluid before re-assembly.
  3. katana

    rs2000 temp sensor parameters

    I believe that the Pinto's used in the RS models were fitted with White banded temp senders - well, the mk2's deffo were. Problem is white can turn yellow over time with application of dirt, oil and heat! They are cheap enough - i'd swap it out for a new one just to be sure?
  4. Lets see if this works........ How to Zetec EFI.pdf Edit - Obviously not! - I'll email it!
  5. I've got a copy downloaded on my other PC - If OSF can handle .pdf attachments i'll post it later - If not PM me your email addy and i'll send it on?
  6. Shame you weren't quicker - there was a couple of pairs on RSE two weeks ago - sold now! I've got one pair and when I can be bothered i'll make another pair to match - very simple metalwork!
  7. katana

    Car security

    Did you bother doing a search first? Just did one on 'Garage and Security' and got 54 threads - go find!
  8. katana

    Rear fog light

    You may not have liked it but that was factory AND it complied with Construction & Use Regs that says Fog Lights - Rear - positioned less than 400mm from ground and side of vehicle and on Offside if single or to either side if dual lights fitted. Yours doesn't but there aren't soon gonna be enough coppers around to fill a large bus so unlikely you'll get pulled!
  9. katana

    Rare, Unique or Prototypes

    What the Capri or the Scimitar? Here's a pict of the latter for comparison......
  10. katana

    Being as I own a #HarleyDavidson

    Psssst - not something to admit to...........or be proud of! LOL! Multiple Rice Burner owner!
  11. katana

    Rare, Unique or Prototypes

    The Estate looks like a Scimitar?, the Ute just looks hideous!, and the owner of the 4x4 is a pussy - too rare to drive - what b0**ux!
  12. katana

    rs2000 gearbox into xflow powered escort

    It does say in the thread header and in the text - its X-Flow. You will probably require a RS bell and gearbox mounts / gearlever hole is anyone's guess as when they were mated to OHC engines in the RS range the body stiffener was cut back at the factory to reposition the stick and different mounts were used! You may get away with using a HD xflow clutch otherwise the fly will need redrilling for the larger 2.0 cover. Seems a lot of work compared to rebuilding the original box?
  13. katana

    Twin cam parts

    Have to ask why do you need a log book? If you have a chassis that was a TC then why not apply for its registration. If it's not a TC then effectively what you are doing is 'Ringing ' and well illegal.
  14. katana

    Off my head 🙈

    I been racking my brains as to why the front end looks odd.........................................then 'lightbulb' moment! Grille - no chrome grille! Looks all the better for it (and i'm not a 'B GT' fan!) IMO
  15. katana

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    Sometimes a newbie will ask a question that seems fine with them but has been answered so many times its not funny so they won't get a reply - peeps get fed up typing the same response. We live in a 'now' society and expect an answer by return but pretty much every forum has a search function.........please try that first then ask the question. As regards the site - I don't follow particular threads or sub groups - I just check what is new, if I can contribute I will. The clique'y set will always occur on any forum - you get to know what's what fairly quickly and I don't respond. One thing though - don't want plastic FWD cars here - even a mk1 Fester is pushing the boundaries IMO!