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  1. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Independent chassis or monocoque - it matters not ................... they cannot be altered according to DVLA guidelines ! You think its tough for cars - think how many bikes are kept standard....... hmmmm - virtually none, especially from the 60 / 70 / 80's!
  2. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    I'm not siding with anyone on this as it affects me as well, but original vehicles are all 'type approved' prior to volume road use / manufacture - everyone knows this. Joe Blogs changes this and that and it is no longer 'type approved' The argument from the men in black is why do you need a Atlas rather than the English etc. etc. that was approved? Everyone chooses to change their car specification - no one is forced too, now we are facing the consequences of avoiding / overlooking the rules that have been around for a good number of years.
  3. Anybody got a spare 90k

    Whats with the two sets of reg. plates?
  4. Panhard Rods

    Shame you're in the 'middle' as I've some gen. mk2 RS springs I took off to add single leafs - you could have had those for a few drinks - but collection only!
  5. NO - it Definitely doesn't! Mk1 Festers are just about ok ONLY as produced same timeframe as Mk2 escorts - datewise cut off 1979-1980 IMO
  6. MK1 Fiesta Zetec conversion

    Can't help with the alt. bracket but for a Blacktop 2.0 you have to use a Blacktop Mondeo / Focus / Puma pump. But doing so means you need to use the serpentine belt run configration ie. back of the belt drives the smooth side of the WP pulley to drive pump the right way! Other option is to fit a reverse flow WP impeller from IKE Engineering (I did) with a grooved pulley to simplify the belt run in a RWD car. The earlier Escort pump on the Silvertop engine rotated opposite direction............but doesn't fit a B'top.
  7. Orange Is The New Black

    Chassis Stands I would imagine - common on race cars - stable with all wheels up and good underside access.
  8. Panhard Rods

    Fitting to underside of axle would achieve nothing - spring is already attached there and see how well that works LOL! Front mounting would work well for axle location - part of a tramp bar function - but have little effect in resisting spring wind up. Re the Panhard rod mount - the bar 'should' be horizontal to ensure the axle swing movement side to side is equal up and down. if the bar is not horizontal, the axle movement will be biased one way or the other. Its all millimetres but some peeps are OCD about this stuff LOL!
  9. Zetec water pipes??

    Pretty sure if Dave at Retroford could source an OEM hose he would have by now? I made my own as I needed a fan switch in line - 2 bits of 32mm silicone hose and fan switch hose connector - job done.
  10. V765/1 form

    It think from another post, its imported from Greece or Crete? which I guess could be a Type 49 shell region based on its roads ! ! ! Definitely likely fitted with a Koln axle - tell tale is a octagonal bolted cover plate rather than the 'usual' round type. I intended no offence but I guess anything could have occurred during its life abroad.
  11. V765/1 form

    Something smells hooky - The plate above looks more mk2 to me but thats not definitive - I assume its LHD? as Genk and Saarlouis didn't do RHD models. Surely only AVO parts would have been fitted via Halewood / Boreham - not in Germany. The plate above should be riveted - screws just shout i've been changed. Export shells would have had similar strengthening - type 49 shells -but Europe wouldn't be considered as such. Very strange one indeed!
  12. Bit of carbon any one

    They do - and virtually any other part that doesn't HAVE to be metal! Plain carbon is old hat now, they are into kevlar and other aramids woven with steel / titanium strands - fantastic strength but tissue weight. Oh and it's used for their brakes - carbon / carbon ceramics and bloody good they are - except HAAS who can't make anything work! LOL!
  13. Vin/log book

    A friendly Trader could do an HPI check on it with just the VIN - that'll give you the Reg. # - could also reveal that the car as scrapped ! If so then DVLA will not issue a V5 for it. BTW - your pictures aren't working!
  14. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Jeez guys - this isn't a conspiracy by our 'men in black' - it's euro regulation that's being imposed EEC wide. The UK proposal is actually considerably more lax than the Eurocrats wanted! The wording is 'RADICALLY ALTERED' - not replacement shocks / tyres / batteries / lights etc. It is to stop cars being described as 'historic' with the benefits that brings whilst being massively modified away from as they were built. As long as you don't claim the benefits - no road tax, no MOT's, keep paying the tax, keep getting the car tested - no one is gonna lose anything! Its trying to stop people taking the piss!
  15. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Oh yes they do - issued to anything that can't be age determined ie rebuilds or kit cars!