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  1. katana

    MK1 RS2000 electrical issue

    Be a strange alternator that didn't increase output with revs! Volts and amps should increase to replace the Wattage load drawn from the battery.
  2. katana

    MK1 RS2000 electrical issue

    You don't drive around at 1,000 rpm! ....... what is the output at 3 - 4,000rpm - you could be overcharging and cooking the battery? Batteries are fairly resilient things and overcharging / undercharging is generally what kills them! The differences you state are maybe 5 - 10A which shouldn't trouble a healthy battery / charging system for hours of use - as headlights are usually included in alt. load / battery capacity calcs they can be discounted so the addition of a elec. pump maybe within the excess allowed for battery charging (unlikely but possible) but even so the battery (say a 45ah type) should still run everything + pump for 9hrs with engine running normally!
  3. katana

    Rear discs

    Probably because you had a never ending supply 50 miles away in Pasta Land! Never heard of Volvo parts being used - but anything is possible. Usual combination is Sierra / Cossy calipers, Cossy Escort cable, Pug 205 / 206 / 309? disc's and someone's fabricated axle mount. Or just buy the whole lot from someone like Motorsport Tools / Rally Design!
  4. katana

    For the electrically qualified

    LED and fuse blowing is too co-incidential. As LED's only pass current one way (they are a diode) so probably the way its wired is a direct short hence fuse popping time. Don't bother with a light - as long as the fan works, you don't need to know that it is!
  5. katana

    MOT Exemption

    Altered - yes......... substantial change - no! Shouldn't need auto tunnels to fit a type 9 - just a bit longer than a type E. Maybe for competition if a 20 minute g/box swap is needed - otherwise ?
  6. katana

    Using Vernier Pulley with Standard Pinto Camshaft.

    Balancing these pulley's bit pointless as you balance it then install it and move the outer relative to the inner and its out of balance again - chances of being spot on with no changes is remote!
  7. katana

    MSN Ford Quiz

  8. katana

    Using Vernier Pulley with Standard Pinto Camshaft.

    Only needs a couple of thou' and it'll interference lock. Given the tolerances, a light skim may retrieve the piece or at worst have a bronze sleeve added - it's not like its a wearing surface - just needs a good sliding fit ...... got to be cheaper than purchasing and refinishing another pulley set?
  9. katana

    Using Vernier Pulley with Standard Pinto Camshaft.

    Butchers! Whatever possessed them to take it apart - surely it was a case of taking one pulley off and putting a different one on? I realise the key sometimes makes things tight but will usually shift ok with a puller! I guess it was but instead of cleaning up the key and the slot ie. fettle - they just decided to apply the heavy adjustment stick to fit it and then to bash it off again! Not sure i'd be using their services again especially if the don't reimburse you!
  10. katana

    What is this?

    Poor and worse probably!
  11. katana

    What is this?

    Too tight to buy a twin barrel inlet manifold?
  12. Regular Sierra one (disc braked of course) is ok although its 'plenty' long and needs additional retainer within the tunnel. Cossy Escort may be shorter so may be a better fit? Connection to lever will need some lateral thinking but not too difficult.
  13. katana

    For the electrically qualified

    Relay - yes - always pretty essential for high load switching. Really shouldn't need much more than a 15A fuse. The fan won't spin 'backwards' with just airflow over it - the blades are efficient in one direction so should spin with air with least resistance. An LED needs very little to light it - a fan motor is just an dynamo when its not powered!
  14. katana

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    Good, honest, god fearing white folks, one and all!
  15. Give 'em a penny and ask for 8 Black Jacks! LOL!