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  1. Expressed V Magnum

    Realistically though - these ain't Ford original stampings and even back in the 70 / 80's the quality and fit of 'Pattern Parts' was always suspect. For all we know these may be the original 70 / 80's pattern part press tooling and still turning out dubious fit products.
  2. Expressed V Magnum

    Not saying there is a potential difference but the Magnum one is listed 'upto 1968' - maybe should be 'from 68! LOL
  3. Please read

    I believe and would argue with any officaldom minion that the wording says 'orignal' as DESIGNED. No one could expect a car to still be running around on its original tyres / brake pads / shocks etc after 40 years. Changing Ford struts for Bilsteins for example is like for like swop so acceptable IMO whereas going 4 link rear, losing the leaf springs and using coil overs wouldn't be ..... even though, arguably, its a better set up. The bit that's gonna screw most people is the 15% power increase so 1600 from 1300 will probably catch you - how they know is yet to be determined - just have to get creative on dyno's I guess?
  4. Head rest

    Assume you mean 'take OFF' - if so I believe theses are retained internally with a clip / circlip that prevents removal..........unless you cut the back of the seat open!
  5. Crazy prices ???

    The voice of reason and i'll second the sentiment! I'm building a car to be used ........ and abused - not fawned over or picked to pieces by the 'high and mighty' - I know its not 'right' and I don't care!
  6. New Wiring Loom Needed

    These guys seem to offer / cover most variants...... http://www.autosparks.co.uk/ ......haven't used them as they didn't do a MK2 when I wanted one. Don't try Rapid Looms - I did, and wish I hadn't!
  7. Zetec plumbing

    Try these ones?.........
  8. Being 'old' doesn't make them Old Skool. Old Skool is a state of technology - to my mind even Fester mk1's don't fit the profile which is essentially RWD!
  9. Fuel Check Valve

    Why? Only reason I can think of is avoiding lots of cranking to draw fuel via std mech pump? In which case - below floor and before the pump will get immediate flow. Alternatively just fit electric pump!
  10. Quick release Steering Wheel ?

    There is no reason for them not to be providing the fixing is secure and has no play throughout lock to lock travel ie. would pass an MOT and the usual 'elephant in the room', that you inform your insurance of the 'modification' - BS I know, but they'd use it against you if there was a claim!
  11. Rs 2000 sump ?

    Didn't Sierra's have rear bowl, tin sumps also - so not exclusively new world!
  12. stainless exhaust

    Does it look like this? ie Pre Crossflow? If yes then as long as you can find a pre Xflow SS manifold I see no reason to change the inlet - they are split I believe - not one piece! Although if it is a single casting then you've answered your own question LOL!
  13. Sweet Mother of God!

    Why conflicted? This was a very clean, tidy low miles car that has been detailed to a high degree - its not a restoration back to original rather it uses original equipment with modern, reduced maintenance materials - all sensible IMO - decent brake pads, silicone brake fluid, rot free exhaust! The owner obviously wanted a car to use, not a museum piece that gets trailered from show to show in case the tags get worn off the tyres! I'm not a particular cappa fan although I wouldn't say no to a clean 1600 GT XL, and I wouldn't pay that sort of money for any car, but it was a car to be used and hopefully it will be ?
  14. Give us some warning Dudes - i've been getting weird code all over the screen, can't access the site at all - it stressed me out thinking my PC was dying! Is everything still around as a few hours ago I couldn't see anything older than about an hour before?
  15. Help needed AVO MEXICO

    Also the fact they are the wrong thread and they are taper seated which RS alloys aren't so requiring tube nuts.