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  1. katana

    Happy Birthday Vista

    Another year ticked off the calendar of life experiences - HBD. Love Victor Meldrew LOL!
  2. katana

    Just plain wrong!

    Not keen on the steering wheel cover colour!
  3. katana

    The red ruin

    Found an old photo from about '82 or 83? - can be seen in the 2nd picture.
  4. katana

    The red ruin

    Not really - back in the day the collapsible aerials were about 10 - 12" long below the body mount so putting it there avoided getting clouted by the spare wheel. The aerial on my first RS was a bit further rearward so had to be mounted at a 'rake-ish' angle to avoid the wheel - made the car much faster with an angled antenna LOL!
  5. katana

    HT Leads

    Save your money for something that will have a measurable advantage like a decent air filter! No plug lead can 'out spark' another unless in extreme conditions like Drag Racing with Nitro fuel - its the spark plug that does the work anyway - the lead is just a pipe for HT pulse! In a list of tuning bits and pieces from worthwhile to not very worthwhile ...............spark plug leads ain't gonna be high up!
  6. katana

    mk1 fiesta gold

    By design you'll always get spark erosion at the points (although the condenser is supposed to minimise it) and between the rotor and the cap posts as they never actually touch so the HT has to jump the gap via a spark. Obviously a duff Condenser will not improve the situation nor will 'cleaning' the rotor with emery paper - makes gap bigger! Have you checked the points gap - too big = bigger spark = more erosion? You do appreciate the advance curve in an 1100 dizzy will probably not suit a 1600 XR2 engine. Points are a PITA - electronics is the future dontcha know!
  7. katana

    Kangaroo Mk1 1.1L Fiesta

    Float height correct? Also when said cleaned carb - was that jets out and cleaned or full strip, ultrasonic clean and re-assemble? There are many little drillings behind jets that normal cleaning can't address. 4 years is a long time to be suffering with same problem - any engine mods? what is the idle and cold starting like?
  8. katana

    Burton power are shite.

    Hmmmm! I can't believe any company that has many 000's of parts, bits and pieces that doesn't use computer controlled stocktaking and inventory assessment. Obviously if you have many products from one supplier you won't be ordering up one product so collating a few lines to make a meaningful single order, so I can see delays occuring ? Admittedly if the person taking the order can see a zero stock it would be a courtesy to inform you - but then they possibly lose the order - rock and a hard place I guess!
  9. katana

    Slow loading of site

    I believe it was the worldwide mass generation of emails related to that Data Protection b**lux that just overloaded the internet - thursday and friday was like wading through mud but by friday evening it was pretty much back to normal. Personally my d/load speeds dropped from a regular 110Mb to speeds measured in Kb's - worse than dial up LOL!
  10. katana

    Unexpected cam find!

    Copper HOSES? that's novel! Usually the only hose supplied with these kits are bits to replace the OEM rubber bits - the copper or steel lines usually remain.
  11. katana

    Wiring help

    The ignition has to be on for lights to work - why would you want them to work any other time ? If you have connected the switch up both ways with no working lights then it's probably the switch is fubar'd. Easy check is put a meter set to ohms across both switch wires to see if there is continuity in neutral and with stick in reverse - if there is then your earth connection is suspect.
  12. katana

    Crossflow woes

    Seems you can't trust points either! They require maintenance too - that's why they got replaced with leccy sparks - people got lazy!
  13. katana

    Moved house

    Find out why it smashed first or you'll be buying another one in short order!
  14. katana

    Emerald ecu map

    Here is a Baseline Zetec one ..... FordZetecBasemap.map
  15. katana

    Black Painted Sills

    Just going through my catalogue of pictures and it seems some do and some don't. My own car in Riviera Blue doesn't but others the same colour do. Mine has been painted and I guess it wasn't asked for and I can't say its missed or particularly wanted. Those that do have it seem to have the height all over the place! This is one that looks 'right' to me - seems to be a straight line just lipping above the door shut / cill line so the paint extends into the door shut - but cant verify that?