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  1. Engine transplant

    And axle/diff ..........and Brakes! Better to stop faster than going faster LOL!
  2. V5 and VIN SALES

    This wasn't the case as I understand it - guy had owned car for years and been restoring it so obviously had no MOT or taxing records and DVLA refused to re-issue a V5 with revised address until he proved the car exists / was in his ownership etc. Whether it got sorted - haven't heard anything further!
  3. Single leaf spring centers

    I'd say deffo something wrong there - 2nd pic axle should be moved to the right, this would make tramp bar bracket more upright - reasoning is the 'bump stop' between the U bolts should bump against the chassis bracket above it - if the rubber was present of course! I may have some pic's when I swopped the springs on my RS, i'll post them if I find them.
  4. Single leaf spring centers

    Yes the springs are assymetric - different front to back
  5. V5 and VIN SALES

    Not trying to start an argument but you are building a new vehicle with a new chassis so unless it is built from Brand New traceable parts in which case it deserves a 17 / 18 plate then it gets a Q plate - why do you think you deserve an age related plate when guts are apparently being denied the re-issue of a V5 for a vehicle they've owned for a number of years - just because they've moved address? The rules have been around for a good 10+ years in regard kit cars - you use the chassis or keep it so the DVLA can witness its a one for one swop out! - Yes its a shitty stick rule but there it is. This is a different issue - we just want to retain what was given to the cars at their birth!
  6. Goblin Garage on Quest

    May be a nice bit of tail but can't drive fer sh1t - wonder what her coffee making skills are like? LOL!
  7. This popped up and they are doing a Mk2 Escort 1600 Sport so giving it a watch and its ok - not for the purists though! SA import, came with a Mazda motor, apparently paid 8k for it. Throwing money at it for a 'rally car for the road' and it gets a Zetec back in it!, Atlas axle, coil overs etc etc! Looking to sell for £30k ! An ok job - not my taste but not my car! Worth a look though!
  8. Mirror Pads? Do you need the plastic pieces that sit between the mirror stem and the door skin? If so, they aren't adjustable - just a plain oval with a chamfer top to bottom!
  9. Rear seat covers

    Apologies - I stand corrected, never seen them like that!
  10. If you DECLARE it exempt it will be - if you don't it won't be and will flash up as usual!
  11. Rear seat covers

    The black ones are more likely Mk4 RS 1600i rear seat - Mk1 and Mk2 were never sculpted!
  12. help with front anti roll bar

    It wasn't a slight at you Ray - it's the catch all description for a part that actually only fits one model correctly, just like the OEM NOS Escort loom described as RS2000 mk2 and sold for a ridiculous sum of money when it was clearly a base model loom!
  13. help with front anti roll bar

    I thought Twin Cam ARB's cock up the geometry on anything not a Twin Cam?
  14. Pinto supercharged

    S/Chargers suffer from inefficiency compared to turbo's - usually no better than 45% and definitely need an intercooler particularly if overdriving a small charger rather than under driving a larger one.
  15. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Man Flu - its allowed!