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  1. anglia58

    Axle cwp question

    sorry eeb43, the drop in revs is 20 revs not 200, the differents between the 3.9 and 3-89 is 10 revs, i changed my escort automatic from a 3.89 to a shortend capri axle with a 3.22, the revs droped 670 rpm at the same speed, i changed a 3.89 for a 3.77, it drops 120 revs, i drove a round before the change, it was 20 km, after the change, i did the same round, i drove 19.5 km cheers marcel
  2. anglia58

    Axle cwp question

    hi, internal nothing is interchangeable, the halfshafts are thinner, and have 67mm bearings, you can fit the 62mm bearings of an englisch axle, then they will go in to an englisch axle, they have no slipper diff for this axle, cheers marcel
  3. anglia58

    Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

    hi, an other mk1 4 door, it's a 74, build 15 years ago, was a 1100 4 speed, now a 1300 automatic so my mum could drive it, the roof is 2 pack paint, the rest is 1 pack witch was already 35 years old when i used it, it needs a respray, i will get it back in oct, my mum will stop driving, i think this one looks like a faster luxurious car, cheers marcel
  4. anglia58

    Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

    mk2 escort 1977 1300 autmatic , shortend 3.22 capri axle, 7 1/2 revolution wheels with 185 and 205 tires, daily driver, will be green on the outside, the enginebay and underside are already green, easy to put the shopping on the back seat, great car, work in progress, cheers marcel
  5. anglia58

    flytipping at classic ford show

    looking for info on a man whom was feeing the scene of some flytipping at the show, he dumped some good tires at the back off my van, he drove away with a black van, with a trailer holding a cortina mk1, in grey metalic paint, i think it was a fixer upper!!!! any info is great if you know the very nice guy, would you thank him cheers marcel
  6. hi here are some pitctures of the show, you have to load them up, other wise i have to put 184 on here, takes up to much time to do. i had a great time, nice weather, and still more than enough old fords, so i think it's still the classic ford show,the few plastic ones don't bother me, if every one makes the effort to bring there old bangers to the show, they will have no room, and i still miss a lot of cars on the day, and for spare parts i know prices are getting higher, but that's every where, i did still find good stuff for good prices, for getting in and out the show, we had no problems, we left at 17.20 and could just drive out, i think they got it good orginised, i will be back next year, i have to drive 500 miles to get there, it's worth the trouble, it's the best day off the year, cheers marcel 2018-06-13 (3).zip 2018-06-13 (4).zip
  7. anglia58

    Classic Ford Show 2018

    hi rich T, fantastic see you on the sunday
  8. anglia58

    Classic Ford Show 2018

    hi rich T, it dosn't mater how your car looks, mine will look worse, it's in use as a daily driver for 19 years and an ongoing project, get the ticket and pass from vista, and put your car on the stand, i have to drive 500 miles to get there, so if you live 20 minutes from there, you could even push it there, cheers marcel
  9. hi rp, it's in the post, it's marked secondhand rear car light, so custums will know what it is, should speed things up, the wax on it you can clean it of with white spirit, we use it against rust, but it drips al over other stuff, have fun with it, cheers marcel
  10. hi rp, i found one, i will sent it tomorow with the post, if things go good, it could be with you in a week, have fun with it, it's nice to give someone whom's very pleased with it, cheers marcel
  11. anglia58

    Classic Ford Santa Pod tickets

    got mine yesterday, can't wait to go, cheers marcel
  12. hi rp, i am sure i got one, i will have a look to night, i will let you know, and i will sent it to you, for the price of 0 ponds, and o euro's, i will mark it as secondhand car spares, so it won't be held up by customs, cheers marcel
  13. anglia58

    Axle bearings

    the one on the left is crap, the bearing won't go in your axle becaurse of the rubber band, the left one's are used a lot in the speedway with the formule 2 cars, some will started to leak with out even racing the car, the one on the right has got a number on it, that could be a good one, there are 3 brands of bearings , the best are skf, if the bearing has got a number on it, it will be a good one, they are a bit difficult to get hold of them, you could find them on ebay, at different prices, cheers marcel
  14. anglia58

    105e halfshafts

    the halfshafts have arrived, the post isn't that fast, but still a good result, cheers marcel
  15. anglia58

    Classic Ford Show 2018

    booked, can't wait to go