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  1. anglia58

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    i have seen it, they will sent the club a password to buy clubtickets, so we will wait untill they do. mexican gerbil, thanks for looking out for us, for the tickets. turnover, thanks for the info, to get in, i will be early cheers marcel
  2. anglia58

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    hi, i will keep that in mind, that way i will have a nice car for very little, cheers marcel
  3. anglia58

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    hi, i will be there all the way from holland, it's nice we got a place to have the best show in the world, the classic ford show, i think it will be a nice place to go, if everybody will go, and look out for each other, we will have a great show. and if the track is open, i will follow colr6 with my van, and collect the peaces witch will fall of his car, and keep them, i will stick them on mine, cheers marcel
  4. anglia58

    Quick racks

    if you got a mk1 rack with new rod ends and mk1 legs, these will fit on capri legs, if you use escort mk2 legs you need the escort mk2 rod ends, cheers marcel
  5. anglia58

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    hi RSchofield, and yes i still want it, it's got 38 teeth on the crownwheel, than it's a 3.45, the pinion has 11 teeth, no need to clean it , just take your time to find a big axle, when you cut the axle, the only thing you can reuse, are the drums, brakeschoes, that's it, with the rest you can make a axle to rol a car with. we can up the price for the pighead with diff to 70 ponds, and postage on top of that, i still will be happy, and you got more to get the big axle, so everybody will be happy, cheers marcel
  6. anglia58

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    hi RSchofield, my sister lives in corpusty norwich, so it will be postage, witch i will pay for, and 50 ponds is a good price for me, you could grind the pighead of the axle, and stick a tube over the halfshafts and then a tube over the axle to keep it rolling, but i am not in a hurry, the halfshafts have the escort splines, the bearings are 35 by 72 mm, these are only used in this axle, and are worth nothing, cortina mk3,4,5 capri mk2, 3 , escort mk2 use bearings with 30 by 67 mm, escort english capri mk1 atlas axle, use 30 by 62 mm bearings. the best thing is to take the lid of the axle, on the crowwheel it will say the diff ratio, it could be a 4.11, 3,89, 3,77, 3,45. if you grind it of like the first picture, that is good for me, on the second picture is an pighead of an axle you are looking for, there is a ring around the diff, where the lid bolts on, this axle has 16 plines, you could find the 3.09 diff ratio on ebay, of a capri, this will fit the atlas cortina axle, you will find these axles with a 3.75 or 3.44, the differents between the 3.44 and 3.09, will be a 350 rpm's less with the 3.09. if you need the adress, i will pivate message you it, i can pay for it by paypal, probaly by bank aswell, i do sent my euro's to my sister, to change them cheap for ponds. cheers marcel
  7. anglia58

    Exciting news for 2019 !!!!

    now i know what retardclub means, it's fbook
  8. anglia58

    Exciting news for 2019 !!!!

    it's on Retards Club , i will be there, cheers marcel
  9. anglia58

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    hi, your axle is a koln axle, if it got a 3.44 diff in it, you are wrong, it can have a 3.45 diff in it, the halfshafts have the same splines as an escort, the best is to buy a atlas cortina axle, it's the same sice as yours, but the halfshafts have less splines, they are the same as capri atlas axles, a lsd for a atlas axle will fit, the pinion and crownwheel for a atlas axle with a 3.09 ratio will fitt, so your problem is solved, if your axle has got a 3.45 in it, you can sell the pig head with diff and 2 inches on the side to me, you can bring it to the classic ford show, or sent it by post to my sister in england, cheers marcel
  10. anglia58

    Someone want to buy a escort mk1 fourdoor ?

    hi, you don't have to go there, if it was a 2 door it would have solt for about 1400 ponds in a day, then you have to spend a few pounds on new metal, 2 wings, front panel, slam panel, repair bits for the inner wings, heater bubble, and botom for it, bits for the a posts, sills, 2 1/4 floor bits, window corners for the back, rear arches in and outside, bottoms for the spare wheel and gastank, half of the rear panel, and use the spare doors, and peases for the chassis beams if you do every thing yourself, welding, painting, it will cost you time and money, and you will not get it back from this one, with a 2 door you will lose your time, and lots of it. he did what i ask him to do, he has put more pictures online, but you have to look close, you can see it not a good one, if he made beter one's, he will get offers for 200 ponds, to scrap the car, then you can make a small profit, or get parts you need for nothing, just for the work you put in. cheers marcel
  11. anglia58

    Someone want to buy a escort mk1 fourdoor ?

    hi, i went to see the car, it's totaly rotten, if the guy put some more pictures of the car in the advert, nobody would come, it's a 200 pond scrapper, if you need the parts, i was thinking i known the car, i was mistaken, so 170 miles up and down, 40 ponds of petrol and a nice drive with my transit, ,and a frustration richer, got me back home again, a good idea, ask for more pictures, if not, just leave it, cheers marcel the anglia, i crapped to get more room, sorry
  12. anglia58

    Axle cwp question

    sorry eeb43, the drop in revs is 20 revs not 200, the differents between the 3.9 and 3-89 is 10 revs, i changed my escort automatic from a 3.89 to a shortend capri axle with a 3.22, the revs droped 670 rpm at the same speed, i changed a 3.89 for a 3.77, it drops 120 revs, i drove a round before the change, it was 20 km, after the change, i did the same round, i drove 19.5 km cheers marcel
  13. anglia58

    Axle cwp question

    hi, internal nothing is interchangeable, the halfshafts are thinner, and have 67mm bearings, you can fit the 62mm bearings of an englisch axle, then they will go in to an englisch axle, they have no slipper diff for this axle, cheers marcel
  14. anglia58

    Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

    hi, an other mk1 4 door, it's a 74, build 15 years ago, was a 1100 4 speed, now a 1300 automatic so my mum could drive it, the roof is 2 pack paint, the rest is 1 pack witch was already 35 years old when i used it, it needs a respray, i will get it back in oct, my mum will stop driving, i think this one looks like a faster luxurious car, cheers marcel
  15. anglia58

    Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

    mk2 escort 1977 1300 autmatic , shortend 3.22 capri axle, 7 1/2 revolution wheels with 185 and 205 tires, daily driver, will be green on the outside, the enginebay and underside are already green, easy to put the shopping on the back seat, great car, work in progress, cheers marcel