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  1. 105e halfshafts

    the halfshafts have arrived, the post isn't that fast, but still a good result, cheers marcel
  2. Classic Ford Show 2018

    booked, can't wait to go
  3. 105e halfshafts

    the halfshafts for jake are on there way to him, cheers marcel
  4. 105e halfshafts

    hi jake, i still have the 2 halfshafts, i you want me to sent them, please sent me the adress in a pm, i will sent my PayPal adress then, i you want to collect them at the classic ford show, that's also possible, i will substract the postage, please let me know what is the best for you, cheers marcel
  5. 105e halfshafts

    hi mark, yes i am the bloke who bought a few pinto inlet manifolds , and the glass fiber escort mk2 van wings, i solt you a wing of a mk4 zephyr, your are a nice guy to deal with, you will problely have a stand at the show, i will deliver the axle's to you, a mate has also an axle, i will bring that one as well, the 3 axles don't have diffs in them, you also saw me at newark autojumble, i will be early at the show, i will find you there, cheers marcel
  6. 105e halfshafts

    hi, thanks for the comment, just trying to get the most fun with old fords for every one, and affordble, you are Always helping people with info how to do things, and sending led lights all over the world, for people to use in there dashboards, you are a top bloke, to bad you live so far, and thanks for helping with the forum, cheers marcel
  7. 105e halfshafts

    hi eeb43, colr6 said you are the one who bought the axle witch i brought to the classic ford show last year, i will bring the 2 axles to the classic ford show for you, if you want them, would the same price as last year be good for you, if need be i could bring them to wisbech, i will be staying in corpusty with my sister in the week after the classic ford show. hi jake, i still have 2 halfshafts if you need them. cheers marcel
  8. 105e halfshafts

    hi, jake, i could sent you a pair from holland, would 80 ponds be good, that's 2 halfshafts with bearings and postage, if you got time i could bring an axle with halfshafts to the classic ford show, i could bring 2 axles if you need them, cheers marcel
  9. 3.75 atlas cwp

    there is one set on its way to steved35, all the way from holland, on the postside it says it's in transit, i didn't know they still use transits, i hope they don't use the mark 1, in that case it could take some time. cheers marcel
  10. 3.75 atlas cwp

    hi steved35, i have one, i could sent it to you, if you pm me your adress, the only thing is, it has to come from holland, so it will be there at the end of next week, and if it's good for you, you can pay me 50 ponds on my PayPal account, i will be awake in the afternoon, i had the nightshift, cheers marcel
  11. hi, a report of the classic ford meeting in krefeld, this was the classic ford show in venlo before, when this didn't went trough 3 years ago, the guys and girls from Germany made it possible to have the meeting in krefeld, they al work for free and al the money they collect will go to a childerns hospital, 5 euro's to get in, i gave 10euro's my mate did the same, i bought a few cake's, you can pay a much as you like for them, the money will go to the childeren we had a great day, good weather, and lots of cars, and nice people. i made pictures, you have to download them, i't will take some time, other wisse i have to put 90 pictures on here, that will take up to much time, cheers marcel 2017-09-03.zip
  12. Rally escort leafspring

    hi, very nice picture, i will see you and the rest of the crew at the rally, i will bring some wooden sticks to put on the car, they will keep the car up right, of caurse they will be free of charge, cheers marcel
  13. AVO National Day 2017

    hi rally pack 2000, the car made it in the classic ford magazine, it's the summer edition number253, you could download it, here's one nearly the same, this one was on the classic ford show, cheers marcel
  14. hi, you could make your own rims, than anything is possible, like 8 inch in the back, and 6 inch on the front, like I got on my van, and a van is the same as a mk1 escort, just to give you an idea what's possible, cheers marcel
  15. hi, when you got them of, grind or fille a flat spot on the handel where the eye is, so you will get them of easyer the next time, I did that with our 4 door, make sure you got spare clips, they will jump away, and you will not find them back, cheers marcel