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  1. V5 and VIN SALES

  2. Old ford show Gaydon

    Will there be an OSF stand there ?? Never been yet, but hoping to go this time..

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year one and all..
  4. Essex old skool ford meet

    Half way house isn't to far for us ... Count us in when the weather is a tad nicer..
  5. Mk1 Tina accelerator pedal problems

    Just like Col we welded a rod to the accelerator pedal and fitted a sytec throttle cable block to it.. Simples..
  6. OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    We are in... Will there be a tour only price ?? Us southern softies would rather stay in a hotel... Steve.
  7. Well Done Danish

    Congratulations to Jayne for winning Classic Ford of the year. Well deserved too..
  8. Stand looked awesome.. Didn't get to chat to anyone is you all looked busy spreading the word..
  9. Looking good Chaps... We'll see you tomorrow..
  10. More importantly, do you have tea/coffee and biscuits for visiting club members..
  11. The road to recovery !

    Nice job Col... The rest will buff out !! Hope the lad was ok ??
  12. We was going to stay over but couldn't get anywhere... Travelling up by train now..
  13. '65 Anglia 105E

    Side pipes and flames...... You know it makes sense..
  14. Perfect ... Thank you.. We are coming up Saturday.. Steve & Shar..
  15. No discount for visitors tickets ?? Just received our code : CMSFLY17