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  1. 1600E shock absorbers

    Have you tried the owners club ?
  2. Ignition problem??

    The mk2 Cortina (1700 xflow twin 40's etc) has developed an annoying fault. Starts fine ... Runs well for 20mins then it all goes wrong.. Engine revs drop to nothing (rev counter drops immediately to 0) then backfires and picks up again... Then does the same again. Changed the plugs, coil, leads, rotor arm, and cap... Run a dream for about an hour then it started the whole process again.. Running accuspark ignition thinking that could be the problem, been on for about 5 years with no issues yet.. Thinking of changing to the Aldon ignitor. Cheers Steve.
  3. Looks like a good day, and the Capri looks great mate. Unfortunately work commitments meant another show missed this year !!
  4. Capri rear leaf spring

    I fitted them to my mk2 Cortina, I had to enlarge the axle locating pin hole slightly and they bolted straight on.
  5. Cortina Nationals plus

    Next year for sure mate.. Going to book it off early...
  6. Cortina Nationals plus

    Not going this year Col.. Got to work, gutted really, we went last year for the first time and had a great day..
  7. Car events - European

    I read this and could hear the banjo from deliverance playing.....
  8. Car events - European

    Always interested in a trip abroad.. We are taking the Capri to Spa this year. And took the Cortina to Holland a couple of years ago.. Our breakdown cover is with Britannia and the offer European cover with no problems.
  9. Car events - European

    Classic 6 hour endurance at Spa September. Awesome weekend, cheap as chips and your ticket gains entry to anywhere in the circuit all weekend.. Classic cars park for free..
  10. best plugs for a 1700 x/flow

  11. Black Capri.. Steve and Sharon Noller.
  12. Excellent photos.. Thank you Simon
  13. Excellent photos.. Thank you Simon
  14. OSF Tour of the Moor June 2017

    Awesome weekend, great cars and a fantastic bunch of people. The tour was amazing and brilliantly organised. Thank you from Sharon and myself. Looking forward to next year..
  15. OSF Tour of the Moor June 2017

    No one said anything about cleaning them!!!