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  1. mk1 fiesta gold

    bit more done, got tank in and fitted a return pipe for the xflow, 5 speed gearlinkage from a mk3, new mirror arrived, had a go at modifying the mk1 1300 short shaft with a mk2 short shaft cv. had to cut a new groove to hold the cir clip in place. then I noticed the door card wont fit on the door I converted from a mk2 so I had to drill new holes to make it fit.
  2. escort/xr3i/xr2 clutch arm / lever wanted

    still needing this if anyone can help?
  3. mk1 fiesta gold

    major set back, drive shafts don't fit the gearbox. need to find some that fit
  4. mk1 fiesta gold

    yeah I can unplug the grinder and welder now lol
  5. mk1 fiesta gold

    well its in, and it fits.
  6. escort/xr3i/xr2 clutch arm / lever wanted

    didn't know they were different lengths, yes its a spline bolt on one same as the pic on right.
  7. escort/xr3i/xr2 clutch arm / lever wanted

    nobody??? Ill pay a million pounds for one!
  8. Hi, Not sure of the correct name for it but I need a clutch lever thingy that goes onto the clutch release for my mk1 fiesta 5 speed box conversion. The box is from an xr3i. others might fit. Anyway here is a pic.
  9. mk1 fiesta gold

    New clutch in, engine and gearbox together ready to go in but looks like I'v bought the wrong mount. Should there be a bush or sleeved bolt/washer or something on the top mount? I cant remember taking it off. Also thought I'd fit new bushes in the front suspension before I put it in.
  10. mk1 fiesta gold

    got to see it in some daylight today!
  11. 1

    don`t ask! lol
  12. you can buy relocating brackets to use your old 1100/950 cradle. They are around £40-£45 from ebay or orbital motorsport. Way cheaper and just as effective as an xr2/1300 cradle
  13. 1

    My old
  14. mk1 fiesta gold

    Bit more done today, painted the inner wing & tie bar, brakes back together and new pipe fitted because I cut through it reground the valves in the head and I have given the gearbox a coat of galvazink. Also I added a strengthening plate to the other side of the bulkhead so its now like a sandwich. note the double crankshaft pulley for the supercharger lol
  15. mk1 fiesta gold

    Already done all that, two steps ahead lol. supporting bracket came with the servo tower when a bought it.