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  1. mk1 fiesta gold

    that might take me a year or so to figure out how lol
  2. mk1 fiesta gold

    suppose its back to the good old days then without the photos, ill get some printed and stick em in the rear window when its done.
  3. Photo bucket o' Crap!

    sorry I meant wa**ers!
  4. Photo bucket o' Crap!

    deleting my account wa***ers
  5. Update your account ?

    they will soon change it back when everyone closes there accounts
  6. mk1 fiesta door o/s

    more than im willing to pay for a door, & they dont fit without modding the mirror holes and handles
  7. drives door

    looked into this, mirror holes and door handle holes have to be welded up and moved but you can make them fit
  8. mk1 fiesta door o/s

    o/s door needed for mk1 fiesta if anyone has one??? cheers
  9. drives door

    do they fit ok?
  10. mk1 fiesta windscreen and other bits

    I need quite a lot, petrol tank, interior door handle, 1600 engine cradle, gearbox 4 or 5 speed, 1300 or 1600 drive shafts, windscreen, good doors, xr2 calipers & carriers, good front bumper chrome type, exhaust manifold, exhaust!, water pump, the list goes on and on and on lol. Oh yeah and I did need a scuttle panel but you didnt get back to me on that one so I welded it up. if you have anything let me know I have contacts in leeds. cheers
  11. as title I need a windscreen plus any other bits and bobs anyone might have for sale
  12. mk1 fiesta gold

    few more pics
  13. mk1 fiesta gold

    Its nordic blue, hard to tell under the green canopy I know. It looks sometimes white, grey, green turquoise and sometimes blue. Its only been on a few hours but seems to change with the light.
  14. mk1 fiesta gold

    I hate bodywork, glad thats over