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  1. ford fiesta mk1 jacking up

    that pic you used is my car lol, use a trolley jack and put it where the axle stand is in that pic and you will be fine.
  2. cortina mk2 windscreen measurements or identification.

    oh, even harder to identify then!
  3. can somebody provide the approximate windscreen measurements on a mk2 cortina? width top and bottom and height. I have 2 screens that I think are from a mk2 cortina but can`t be sure. they could be mk1, or escort, or anglia, or.... ???thanks
  4. what gearbox to use on 2.0 zetec conversion?

    change of plan going xr2 1600 crossflow with 4 speed box
  5. I have x2 windscreens that I purchased off a chap who swore they were fiesta mk1 screens, they are not! They are wider than fiesta. one is marked fomoco, the other ford, they are both the same. My best guess is cortina mk2 but as im not sure what there from I cant sell em. So if anybody wants them and can collect from ilkeston in derbyshire, there yours. p.s if anyone has a fiesta screen im interested lol.
  6. mk1 fiesta gold

    its having the mk1 xr2 crossflow in it.
  7. mk1 fiesta gold

    I spent most of summer building it a garage to live in, this it how it sits right now. waiting lol
  8. mk1 fiesta gold

    photos are all over the place i know but we can thank photobucket for that!
  9. mk1 fiesta gold

    just figured out how to upload photos direct to her but cant get them where they need to be so ill just bang a few here.
  10. drives door

    its a good job there is cos my mk1 project is a right scrapper lol
  11. drives door

    just done this conversion as I couldnt find a good mk 1 door, it works
  12. mk1 fiesta gold

    that might take me a year or so to figure out how lol
  13. mk1 fiesta gold

    suppose its back to the good old days then without the photos, ill get some printed and stick em in the rear window when its done.
  14. Photo bucket o' Crap!

    sorry I meant wa**ers!