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  1. johnnyspencer

    mk1 fiesta gold

    its fooking LOUD!!! I'l try n get a vid up later, revs nice n freely now
  2. johnnyspencer

    mk1 fiesta gold

    BOOM! Can hear it coming now!
  3. johnnyspencer

    Mk2 cortina

    love it
  4. johnnyspencer

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    Adverts with people talking properly, have you heard the latest mcdonalds adverts on the radio with the doped up wannabe gangster sounding chav girl trying to get the weed heads to buy a burger for 99p? So fu**ckin annoying. I think to myself every time I hear it "who are they aiming this at?? Idiots??" Oh yeah... thats right!
  5. johnnyspencer

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    I was talking more about the scum that break into the lorries, worm there way in, are given free accommodation, free medical and dental care, mobile phones, free money and more free money if they have children back in romainia or wherever they crawled from and ruin our ever worsening country. we are the minority now! esp in an NHS waiting room
  6. johnnyspencer

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    fruit salads! that's homophobic no no no tut tut
  7. johnnyspencer

    Mk2 cortina

    sweet, I want it
  8. johnnyspencer

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    my wifes having to do 14 hour shifts at work because if she doesn't they do and for less money. My son cant get a job because he won't work all hours and I'm currently working on a crane in sheffield where the onsite induction states primary spoken language is romanian. Guess what I think of them.
  9. johnnyspencer

    mk1 fiesta gold

    The fezzer blew a hole in the silencer today and now I cant stop it wheel spinning, I think it was restricting it! I,m going to straight pipe it see what happens then 😁
  10. johnnyspencer

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    black chews?
  11. johnnyspencer

    what is this wire??

    mine hasn't got them, must be fog lights?
  12. johnnyspencer

    What a knob......

    oops! car looks great though
  13. johnnyspencer

    mk1 fiesta gold

    I had to check the coil resistance before I bought it as there are different ones for up tp 1.5 ohms and over 1.5, maybe they bought the wrong one to start with? I had already removed my ballast wire and fitted a 12v coil.
  14. johnnyspencer

    mk1 fiesta gold

    I bought this and fitted it at the weekend, nice and easy, runs like a gem now no more spluttering after a good drive.
  15. johnnyspencer

    Fiesta Love (56k killer)