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  1. eeb43

    Rear discs

    fiesta mk1/2 front discs
  2. eeb43

    MOT Exemption

    going to have to declare if its standard or modified soon as well
  3. eeb43

    MOT Exemption

    nope not scaremongering! i have heard of 1 mk1 escort that has been inspected by sgs having its id removed because the drain channel/bit under the heater bulge being removed and welded up smooth so it cleared a pinto
  4. eeb43

    MOT Exemption

    its reasonably simple a car has 14 points to keep its correct id it must retain a minimum of 8 points 5 of which are from an original unaltered monocoque or chassis on a chassied vehicle if the monocoque has been altered to fit a bigger engine as in the the bulkhead cut welded or changed as most people have on a 100e then it needs to pass an iva test before it can go legally on the road
  5. eeb43

    MOT Exemption

    yes but still points lost
  6. eeb43

    MOT Exemption

    be close to or under 8 points
  7. eeb43

    MOT Exemption

    if the bulkhead or tunnel have been altered from standard its not even entitled to its id let alone free tax and mot exemption
  8. eeb43

    MSN Ford Quiz

  9. eeb43

    MSN Ford Quiz

    and whats a calliper?
  10. eeb43

    MSN Ford Quiz

    bit over the top isnt it!!!!!!!
  11. eeb43

    MSN Ford Quiz

    9 but there is a spoof trick question in there
  12. eeb43

    Just baught a 1600 Xflow (questions)

    yes but when lotus used them they ground off the first bit of that and stamped the engine number there i was thinking that may have been the case with this
  13. eeb43

    Just baught a 1600 Xflow (questions)

    which engine number the 711m bit?
  14. eeb43

    Mk1 Cortina 2000e box

    many years ago on my first anglia i put a 2000e box and 1600gt engine in the stick and the handbrake wanted to occupy the same space so i gently bent the handbrake over to the passenger side no problems gearstick was right and handbrake was only slightly off and didnt stick or catch