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  1. Lotus Cortina Mk2 chassis rails

    no exactly the same as 1600e
  2. got 2 recon racks here £75 each
  3. got some but how long is the 1 you need? i assume its a spline one not a welded one?
  4. help needed

    try fuel down the carb again if it wont fire with that its electrical or timing
  5. Nowt wrong with that. except it will fail the iva test on those silly bonnet pins!!!!!!
  6. MOT exemption from May 2018

    any serious mods to the body or chassis mean it will need to be iva tested and probably get a q reg
  7. HELP Rx8 gearbox.

    still got to pass iva to be legally on the road
  8. HELP Rx8 gearbox.

    so how are you going to get that car through iva?
  9. HELP Rx8 gearbox.

    how are you going to get that through iva?
  10. Pinto - The Resurrection

    but what about a supply of head gaskets and dragging a water bowser around would make it slow!
  11. What don't you need to pass MOT

    however he can fail it if the washers and or the wipers are still fitted
  12. front wheels are for steering rear wheels are for driving anything else is for shopping!
  13. 105e halfshafts

    ok! thanks see you there with all 3! anything else you are in need of? mark