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  1. the second rod to pass sva albeit a truck and the only fenderless hotrod to pass sva!!!!!!!
  2. model a roadster pick up
  3. lol he removed my rpu pics from the nsra forum when i posted them after it passed sva saying it wasnt appropriate! lol
  4. i wouldnt be if anyone says its not standard it looks modified just say i beat the tunnel with a hammer for clearance! axle and struts should be ok if the struts arent put normal ones on bulkhead strenghtening should be acceptable its cut and modified thats the problem
  5. Escort to capri axle conversion

    had some 2.0 mk1 capris years ago with atlas axle
  6. Escort to capri axle conversion

    too big and kin heavy!
  7. the q plate isnt the problem col its passing iva to get a q plate thats the problem
  8. brand new suspension and brakes in the style of the original should be ok
  9. they are photographing everything on any inspection now col
  10. you will on the next tax reminder
  11. or heavy duty atlas type but i think all the void bushes are the same we always used to fit the solid towing ones instead of the slotted ones
  12. no its as it came from fords the bulkhead should be that shape!!!!!!!
  13. right had a mate on the phone today his dad has got a triumph 500 twin from the 50s he restored it some years ago he has the form there to get mot exemption and it asks on there if the bike has had any mods its a tick box if yes! so its already started to happen he is panicking as he hard tailed it and fitted longer forks i have told him if they come out to say its an original hard tail and un modified