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  1. eeb43

    Rollover jig wanted

  2. eeb43


    plug with wires here £30
  3. ok! i thought it was supposed to say unraced! lol
  4. ford! got a kitcar to move and strip next week they are in that
  5. eeb43

    Point and laugh!

    nah my mate gets them a lot lower than that!
  6. eeb43

    Point and laugh!

    needs taking down my mates and lowering properly!
  7. got a near side rear part nos but has some speckly rust in my van for sunday
  8. eeb43

    RS ronal 7" wheels

    3 quid 2 halfcrowns and a big apple?
  9. eeb43

    Forgotten Treasures

    i have got a new one of those as well
  10. eeb43

    Name that radiator??

    pinto capri normally has straight pipes
  11. eeb43

    Name that radiator??

    first is pinto probably mk3/4/5 second measure total width and height
  12. eeb43

    Slow loading of site

    head gasket?