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  1. Mexican Gerbil

    Pure Ford or Rally Day for 2019

    You’re good 😄 I was gonna knock on doors and stand in town surveying people ha ha . thanks boss
  2. So people,looking ahead to 2019 show season I want to know what you, the attendees want to do. As I’m pushing Classic ford Show in 2019 and I am reluctant to do Castle Combe twice. Rally Day was well attended this year and some positive feedback would suggest out if the 2 this is the one to plan for. However, if enough interest I can organise Pure Ford at Combe if you want? Pure Ford is an all Ford show with static and track time available to those who want it. Some stalls and traders. April 27th 2019. Rally Day is a Show for all Rally cars past and present encluding many fords. With static displays, track action and track time available to both individuals and club man spec cars. September 21st 2019. Please discuss.
  3. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 Show List

    Rally Day date announced. See first post
  4. Mexican Gerbil

    Crosmember chassis mount position

    Do you have holes in the existing chassis rail for the captive nuts? If not I would recommend setting it all up first and marking where holes need to be. Bit of a pain but don’t want to weld them in the wrong place.
  5. Mexican Gerbil

    pls go back

    We shall look back at this and remember the good old days 😂😂
  6. Mexican Gerbil

    pls go back

    Aaaaaaaaaa what have you done!!!!!
  7. That ent real?!?? Got to be CGI ent it?!?
  8. Mexican Gerbil

    Hello from the Midlands

    @steve caf577k 😂😂😂😂
  9. Just seen that one on eBay. All these 90’s Max power cars slowly reappearing.
  10. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 Show List

    I know but it’s a “ford only” show people may be interested in
  11. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 Show List

    Will update as and when more dates of events get announced. Ford only shows and ones we usually have a club stand. •Pure Ford - Castle Combe - 27th April •Classic Ford Show - Mallory Park - 2nd June •OldSkoolFord Tour of The Moor - Dartmoor, Ashburton - 21st-23rd June •The Ford Show - Santa Pod Raceway - 7th July •Historic Vehicle Gathering - Powderham Castle, Devon - 13th-14th July •Ford Fair - Silverstone - 4th August •Rally Day - Castle Combe - 21st September all subject to change.
  12. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    Just found this info - After 14 years in its original location, we are pleased to announce that the Classic Ford Show 2019 is moving to a great new venue – Mallory Park circuit. Situated in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside between Leicester and Hinckley, Mallory Park has a rich motorsport heritage, and the circuit will provide a stunning location for Europe’s biggest classic Ford event, surrounded by rolling hills and with the infamous lakes situated in the infield. Naturally, the Classic Ford Show 2019, which will take place on Sunday, June 2, will be making full use of the circuit, with both track time and demonstration laps running throughout the event, and the new format will also allow us to introduce a host of new features and exhibits which we’ll be revealing over the coming months. But we’re not giving up everything, and the all-important clubs, retail village and of course, The Great Unveiling, will still be a big part of the show. We’re looking forward to showing you what we have planned, so stay tuned for details.
  13. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    They are holding there own ford only show 7th July.
  14. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    I’ve discussed this before about wether we want to attend an only Ford show or a pre 96 car show..... once all the details on CFshow have been released we can think about that more. Until we go to Mallory Park for one show we won’t know how good or bad it is.