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  1. Solex door locks

    Good grief Ray!!! If I guy wants to fit better door locks to his car so what!! It’s the first line of defence. As for “home made trackers” I’d hope like I do you inspect you’re car before getting home. I will be out in mine soon enough and won’t be bullied into the thought someone will steal it. I hear of Sierra’s going missing every other week but mines outside and insured. If it goes missing so be it. Im not owning a museum piece. Sooner the market falls on these cars the better.
  2. Solex door locks

    Guess you are selling up then?! At least I can park up at a show and not have to worry about anyone opening up the car. Bit obvious having a window smashed in a crowed. I could quite happily pose as an owner and unlock a car with the universal key and drive off.
  3. Solex door locks

    Yes I’ve got them fitted to my doors. Wasn’t able to convert the boot look though. Pretty simple if you don’t mind filing a small notch in the doors
  4. OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Scott was looking into a smaller camping field at the river dart for us. I belive the tour itself will take place
  5. What a way to make a living?

    Ha ha ha ha, took me a few seconds though
  6. Pure Ford - Castle Combe - 12th May

    6 weeks left before club bookings close.
  7. Pure Ford - Castle Combe - 12th May

    Hi club code is OSFFFORD its at the bottom of the first post
  8. Powderham Historic Vehicle Gathering

    They all camping too I guess. Need their money before 5th May, got to send the form off shortly after.
  9. Powderham Historic Vehicle Gathering

    Be good if you could. Think I’m going to struggle to get enough for a stand else.
  10. Powderham Historic Vehicle Gathering

    1. Mexican Gerbil 2. deltamal
  11. Classic ford Santa Pod

    It’s up now on the events pages
  12. Change of booking this year. You will be required to book through the classic ford show website NOT our shop. http://www.classicfordshow.co.uk/club-ticket Please select old Skool ford from the drop down menu. Your password is 222.247 By booking this way all your tickets will be emailed straight to you rather than having us send them out to you. Easy. Don’t forget to add any camping tickets and stand passes when booking. Show Opening Times Public: 9.00am – 5.00pm Club: 6:30am - 5:00pm Camping Opening Times (from Saturday 2nd June) 12.00pm – 10.00pm Saturday access for camping is from 12:00, last entry for camping is 10:00pm. Entertainment and bar closes at midnight. If you arrive before 12:00 on Saturday 3rd June you will need to pay for a Santa Pod RWYB entry ticket priced at £10 per person in addition to your weekend ticket Enjoy the show. Old Skool Ford
  13. Classic ford Santa Pod

    I believe an email is going out to all members with booking information. A seperate post will be up shortly.

    I made up a long length of cable to run from the battery to the starter solenoid in the engine bay. Runs through the car with the rear part of the loom.

    The loom will have bullet connectors for the head lights via a relay I belive. Also there is no oil sensor wire. The starter and solenoid are on the drivers side of the car. I have a standard loom with extra wires for the Rev counter (which sometimes works- don’t bother me much) and as I have a 5 speed box with Sierra bell housing the starter is on the passenger side so all that fits perfect. If someone has a correct loom in a mexico on here can you explain better than me?