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  1. Pix please :)

    I think 2" is as low as you can go on blocks, after that you have to de-camber the springs. wheels are standard Mexico steels
  2. Pix please :)

    2 other views
  3. Pix please :)

    2 inch all round. blocks on the rear and coilovers on the front
  4. hey! Orion Here..

    Just qurious. I've been looking for a half decent sierra group. The Retards Club one is crap and this site only really caters for pre 80's cars. The mk3 fiesta group on Retards Club was very helpful though. Top marks to them. Some on here feel that there are plenty of groups and clubs that cater to what I class as Retro Fords but I struggle to find a sierra one.
  5. hey! Orion Here..

    Just out of interest are you part of any other clubs/forums?
  6. hey! Orion Here..

    Don't let them bully you. Here's my 91 Sapphire
  7. hey! Orion Here..

    Nice. I love a car with a boot.
  8. RALLY DAY - Castle Combe - September 23rd 2017

    Santa Pod is a 500 miles round trip for us lot down here.
  9. Tour of the Moor 2018

    Now all the shows are over with for 2017, I can look into TOTM 2018. I've planned a route which is double the distance of last year. Will need to drive it though to check for suitablity. Question to you lads and ladies is what to do on the Sunday after the tour. Option 1 is show and shine with other car clubs. Or. Option 2 is an activity stop at the South Devon Railway. Sunday last year was a bit of a flop for a show and shine and with River dart not allowing traders I don't feel it will attract any other car enthusiasts. So for those who want to get away early they can but for those who wish to stay we can possibly enjoy a family day out at the railway. So looking for some feedback from you before I book anything. Riverdart will most probably be used as base camp again and once the Classic ford show date has been released the camp site can be reserved and a date for the tour announced.
  10. RALLY DAY - Castle Combe - September 23rd 2017

    Thank you all who attended.
  11. RALLY DAY - Castle Combe - September 23rd 2017

    Passes and tickets have arrived with me Today. I will be posting them out tomorrow i will also send out a copy of the map of where the stand is.
  12. Dash switches in a 74 MK1 1300GT

    The build plate might tell you the spec of car. What it had fitted from factory but as you're converting I guess it's not that important.
  13. Dash switches in a 74 MK1 1300GT

    Mine are heater fan, wipers, heated window, hazards and front spots. I believe not all cars had a full compliment of switches so some holes would be blanked. Light switch under clocks.
  14. Ah yes.....2013....the year the price of a 1300L with a 1600 crossflow doubled over night. Good times
  15. Nice, didn't like the 2 up spots to be honest. I met the father of the lad from the tv show as he was selling his JPS capri. I think it should go back to copper bronze too