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  1. Trouble for Ford Fest.

    We haven't looked into this event because of the feedback from other similar events. Even more reason to hold our own event at Tour of the Moor next spring/summer
  2. Ignition problem??

    Hi, don't get me going on electronic ignition systems.....tried it twice and both times failed. Easist thing would be to swap the dizzy and coil pack for a standard one. If the problem goes away then it's the dizzy. Both of my e-dizzys failed when the engine got up to temperature (20 mins) then cut out. Once cooled down same thing would happen.
  3. original Beta cloth

    No, Aldridge said they didn't have a pattern for the Mk2 German sheel seats so had to by 3 meters worth of fake beta and make my own.
  4. original Beta cloth

    That went cheap!!! Wish I'd seen this earlier. I paid more than that for the fake stuff!!
  5. Here's one for sale - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391860834670
  6. RALLY DAY - Castle Combe - September 23rd 2017

    Ok Katie from castle Combe has taken my Order for 10 Stand passes and 6 adult tickets. Cut off date for club bookings will be 1st September. Hopefully sending the passes out a week before the event. So don't panic.
  7. Ticking clock......

    Vaping is the future. Maybe we can fit smoke generators to cars, batman style!!
  8. Mexico mk1 speedo drive oil leak

    I'm don't know the answer but there must be a seal for the gear shaft or oil would escape? Is the a seal on the speedo cable?
  9. RALLY DAY - Castle Combe - September 23rd 2017

    Anymore for anymore. Had one request. I'm on holiday soon so would like to get any last minute takers in now.
  10. People do this??

    When you got to go.......not healthy holding it in
  11. Ticking clock......

    Exactly. Solar and wind energy are limited in supplies. Unless every house in Britain ends up with solar panels on the roofs and battery packs under the stairs, fossil fuels will still be needed to run power stations. The same tree huggers don't like nuclear power either. I'm sure battery technology will be fine in 2040 taking us from lands end to John o'groats and back again. But where the electricity will come from......????? Where will the batteries go when they no longer hold a charge....???? Aeroplanes run on jet fuel, not sure what toxic waste that produces? Diesel and petrol will be around for a while yet. Hopefully out government will allow us kids to run our "Historic" Vehicles for many many years.
  12. Ticking clock......

    I'm looking forward to the fire sale. Going to get me a cheap lotus cortina
  13. Car events - European

    I'm thinking of going to le man classic next year. Just waiting for prices
  14. RALLY DAY - Castle Combe - September 23rd 2017

    9 cars on the Stand
  15. Own a rhd xflow powered Mk1?

    The Mexico has a hydraulic clutch so you won't find a cable. Guessing you will need to find a new gearbox casing. As I can't think of any examples of using a longer clutch cable.