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  1. Mexican Gerbil

    guess what this is taken in the mid to late 80's

    GT 70
  2. Mexican Gerbil


    I’ve done a quick search of different fonts and couldn’t find a match. It’s probably something made up by a marketing team.
  3. Mexican Gerbil

    OSF - Tour of the Moor 2019

  4. Mexican Gerbil

    A clue for next year !!

    Show us a bit more leg ya big tease
  5. Mexican Gerbil

    OSF - Tour of the Moor 2019

    Drifts......ideal 😄😄
  6. Mexican Gerbil

    OSF - Tour of the Moor 2019

    Looks like Friday will be good and Saturday bad again. Let’s hope it’s not to bad.
  7. Mexican Gerbil

    My Mexicos Road to recovery

    It was like mine but with less filler. 😄 by the sounds of it you’ve done great work on this one. Looking forward to seeing it’s restoration dairy
  8. Mexican Gerbil

    OSF - Tour of the Moor 2019

    Hi team. After Rally Day has been and gone this weekend it will be time to put my efforts into this for next year. 1. Sort out better weather 2. Get my car there
  9. Mexican Gerbil

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    After this years problems I realise I need to look after it better. Got a tick list to go through before Rally day.
  10. Mexican Gerbil

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    You get a lot of people on there. Posting photos, group activities, meets, parts wanted, parts for sale, Q&A’s, And it is always answered on there. Retards Club is a one stop shop for everyone’s social stuff. Hate it. I really do. I’d say 80% of cars shows I attend are Retards Club advertised, so I’m stuck can’t leave.
  11. Mexican Gerbil

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    Problem we have is if the forum dies OSF dies but AVO has a subscription Club base and if the forum died the club would probably live on. As far as I’m aware TurboSport forum is the same, but they have lost so much I’m not sure if they have club stands at shows anymore.? Everyone I knew was on TurboSport. Now everyone is on Retards Club.
  12. Mexican Gerbil

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    I feel sometimes I could comment but I’m not that knowledgeable or what i think is right could be wrong. We had this with the rear shocks on Mexico’s recently. I don’t think forums will ever be as popular as they were as long as Retards Club lives. There are so many Retards Club car clubs that exist and the youth will always go to Retards Club. In some cases they will ask the opening times of local shops as that’s the way the youth work now. I did ask wether videos could be uploaded when we chatted about the drag racing scene as this would most definitely attract people if a whole round can only be watched on a forum. Unless we make OSF a car club and forum like the AVO Club I’m not sure how or what we can do to attract and keep memebers. I still think doing a piece in CF mag with admin members cars or something to promote us would be good.
  13. Mexican Gerbil

    Hello from Norfolk

    I am but don’t use there forum much. Busy on here organising you lovely people car shows to attend. 😁
  14. Mexican Gerbil

    Hello from Norfolk

    Splendid! The photo must be an old one then.
  15. Mexican Gerbil

    Hello from Norfolk

    Welcome. How far have you gone into the rebuild?