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  1. Midlands to wales

    Ok, if you fancy working together next year for an Old Skool Ford Tour would be good to have our forum tour travel around abit. Not everyone can get to Devon. I’d advise contacting them as they maybe able to some advice and road maps. For the TOTM I just drive around the Moors until I find some good roads and try and link them together. You coming TOTM? We can talk about it then.
  2. Midlands to wales

    I can certainly help promote the event. Did Aled and Ross pass any details on to you about organising it or are you starting from Scratch?
  3. Look what some cretin has done to this model anglebox!!! Even though it’s small it’s very disturbing. Red headlamps .....!!!
  4. Auto Correct

  5. Auto Correct

    Te he he he who has the code book? mary
  6. Auto Correct

    Ha ha ha that’s not changed
  7. Auto Correct

  8. Auto Correct

    So as I’m still fairly new to the forum I still get surprised by the automatic changing of certain words and sayings. Is there a list? So far ive found 2..... dogs the round ones Still retards club
  9. V5 and VIN SALES

    I try to report any V5’s I see for sale. But Ebay seems to allow the listing of them.
  10. This one is on the bay..... why do people like this sort of thing. Can’t emagine clipping on that bumper, standing back and thinking....that’s the dogs the round ones !!! And the whale tail ....... yuk
  11. V5 and VIN SALES

    I belive they are looking into cars that are magically re appearing. I spoke to a chap in Manchester who is having a ball ache putting his RS2000 back on the road after many years. They were going to put it on a Q plate as there wasn’t enough evidence to match the Car and the V5 doc. Sure he’s on the forum.
  12. I love a tour. I will add this event to our list and calendar.
  13. Cornwall shows calling for Escort owners

    Separate. Wadebridge wheels is 15th July
  14. I have been contacted by Jason who organises 3 shows down in Cornwall, he is looking to build a stand of Escorts to celebrate the 50th anniversary. If you wish to join me and a few others the events are set out below. Contact me if interested.
  15. All about retro cars. We were asked back along if we wanted a show stand there and now the Tour of the Moor has been published we are now free this weekend. Its a bit to far for me what with everything else going on this year but if you are local to Stafford and want to represent OSF here is the info for you.... https://midlandscarshows.yapsody.com/event/index/119771/really-retro-2018