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  1. Muzzman

    New Car

    SmokeEm, great idea re the wheels.
  2. Muzzman

    New Car

    I bought some 15" cross spoke BBS jobbies for it. I like the white wheel, rally styleeee! Engine building seems a lot cheaper than on the OSF, £2k for the engine and then having it rebuilt and bored out to 3.0, new cams etc etc and fitting.
  3. Muzzman

    New Car

  4. Muzzman

    New Car

    You are good Vista. E30, owned by an old boy for 22 year, no rust.
  5. Muzzman

    New Car

    I bought a new car to replace the Mk1 1990 2dr RWD and it's a lot of fun, currently having a 3.0 N/A 250hp engine built for it. Can you guess what it is?
  6. Muzzman

    OSF for 10k

    Vista I've been reading the opposite, that e46 m3's have reached the bottom.<br /><br />I like Capri's, but how about a Sapphire Cossie 4x4?
  7. Muzzman

    OSF for 10k

    Sorry but that mk2 Cortina is so dull....
  8. Muzzman

    OSF for 10k

    OSF or an E46 M3....these are the ideas at the moment
  9. Muzzman

    OSF for 10k

    What would you get for £10k considering I've got no mechanical skills?
  10. Banarama, nice rs2000 you've got
  11. Blimey I'll get something across to you this evening.
  12. Got someone coming to look tomorrow morning who's coming down from up norf, reckons he'll definitely have it, but you never know.<br /><br />Monzablue lots of filler in the engine bay unfortunately, everything else that should be there is, Ashton's have looked at it and so has Steve Thomas who is well known in AVO circles and they all confirm its genuine<br /><br /><br />TBH if I was trying to fake one I'd hardly leave the strutttop plates off would i, its blatantly in your face.<br />
  13. Muzzman

    Engine Number

    Cheers Mike, I'll have a look when I get in<br />
  14. Muzzman

    Engine Number

    Please can someone tell me where to find the engine number that is shown on the V5 on the actual engine? Thanks