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  1. fiestachaser

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Hi, You can get these water unions from Burton, about £8 each I think. You will also need a T piece as these run water via the heater and water pump top outlet
  2. Hi, desperately need a fuel tank and sender for a mk2 Cortina. On my sons car the tank was holed and now the sender wont seal and is pouring fuel out. Any help with these items would be greatly appreciated.
  3. No, Mk1 Escort struts wont fit unless your converting to rack & pinion which would not be allowed in historic class.
  4. fiestachaser

    Mk1 Cortina 2000e box

    You will have to cut a hole for the gearstick which will be very close to the handbrake. A old trick is to bend the handbrake about an inch and this will clear the gearlever in 2nd and 4th. The other option is to use the tailshaft and selector rods from your cortina box and retain the original gearstick position and if you want to fit a mk1 Cortina Gt remote.
  5. Hi, 1.6 Crossflow please
  6. Hi, Do you have any front bowl crossflow sumps? Stuart
  7. fiestachaser


    Got a mk3 1.6 xl recon box .no bellhousing £50 with gear stick if you want to arrange courier?
  8. fiestachaser

    OSFDC Round 3 - Retro Show - 16/17th June

    I read it. See you there Sunday
  9. fiestachaser

    Zetec Bike Carbs and manifold

    look good. How much did you want for them? P.M me if you want.
  10. Hi, I'm after a 3,54 or 3.77 English ford diff for my Cortina. It's revving out too quick on the 60 profile tyres. Can anyone help. Thanks, Stuart
  11. fiestachaser

    Zetec Bike Carbs and manifold

    Hi Murfeey, Great what size carbs(spacing) is the manifold for?
  12. fiestachaser

    Crossflow chucking oil out of block breather

    Great! thanks for the details I'll get them to do it when the engines out and back here.
  13. fiestachaser

    Crossflow chucking oil out of block breather

    I'm only fifteen minutes from Basildon. Do you know the name of the machine shop please? Thanks, Stuart
  14. fiestachaser

    Crossflow chucking oil out of block breather

    both ,ran it with breather and pcv and then burton straight through breather elbow. With breather and PCV it stopped it blowing out of the dipstick tube and then started a leak out of the fuel pump gasket. With the straight open breather it just chucks it out everywhere.
  15. fiestachaser

    Crossflow chucking oil out of block breather

    new rocker cover cap with gauze breather. when you connect breather to vac off manifold it bogs down and wont tickover