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  1. mk2 ben


    I'm looking for advice on uprated shocks for a Tina Mk5 I'm running-40 mm springs and standard shocks at the minute handling awful
  2. mk2 ben

    OSF - Tour of the Moor 2019

    I'll be there try and win the hatrick 🏆🏆🏆🏆
  3. Advert says it's a duratorq engine just not sure what else will fit or if it's worth holding out for a banana engine not sure which is best ?
  4. I've built a few cortinas but I'm new to old skool transits I'm going from pinto to diesel I've been told ldv vans have the same running gear which seems to be correct however are the axles the same and the steering ? How many other parts can I nick of an ldv I ask because I may have the chance to get a very cheap ldv any help massively appreciated ta very much
  5. mk2 ben

    Tour of the moor

    What a fantastic day touring round thanks to Scott and Chris for all the effort you guys put in a brill quiz at the end of the day was a great laugh and a great way to get to know some of the members will definitely be back next year was a longer tour than last year which was ace . Moor of the same next year please also if I can be of any help with next year's tour no problems VID_20180616_153129.mp4
  6. mk2 ben


    Pinto 2.0 block complete with everything 200 quid 07713958011 located Shropshire but could take to Tamworth Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  7. https://www.Retards Club.com/groups/FordClubGB/permalink/586023508419990/
  8. Wounded, would love to go but I'm away at the TT races then
  9. mk2 ben

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Don't get it there was loads of folks last year saying how good it was we have these amazing old skool Ford's that we're all rightly proud of I want to get out and use mine as much as possible I would like to get together with Mexican gerbil and maybe discuss a euro trip next year I'm sure it was him that mentioned it? I have a house in Hungary that I can use .....if it don't go ahead how about the people that do wanna go just find a campsite and book up individual but get together do the tour and have a dam good weekend
  10. mk2 ben

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    My brother is a member of old skool Ford and wants to do the tour but don't want to camp what does he need to do / pay ?
  11. mk2 ben

    Midlands to wales

    I think keep hold of them for now as not 100% sure what's happening if folks want me to try and organize or if a few of us organize or if someone else wants to do it just testing the waters really as to what's happening
  12. mk2 ben

    Midlands to wales

    Yeah defo coming to totm but Midlands to wales is normally mid May next year would be great to organize a euro trip a mate has a place in Hungary he said we can use but this year I'm getting married in September and it's my 40th bday in June plus doing stuff on my motorcycle too and totm so I am crazy busy but m2w is a great meet so would be willing to put some effort in to keep it goin ?
  13. mk2 ben

    Midlands to wales

    Hi folks at the end of last year's event it was mentioned that aled and Ross will be stepping back from organizing this fantastic event if this is still the case I'd like to offer my services to do anything I can to make sure this amazing event happens again this year my fiencee knows Wales a little and she says she's willing to help to please let me know if I can be of assistance or add comments if you're willing to help too
  14. mk2 ben

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Booked , me and the Mrs very looking forward to this