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  1. I'm looking to buy a diesel pick up and change all of the running gear as mine is pinto powered and not man enough to move the weight so really just need to know up to what year pick up to get going for the pick up as they are twin wheel same as mine
  2. Ok so I've been Askin about tryin to find out about the rear axles on mk2 transits and what will fit (up to what year) I'm not worried about moving the spring mounts just kinda wondering if the axles ever got longer/shorter or massively different so much that there more difficult to fit than is worth it thanks
  3. Brexit Tour August 2019

    Also I have a mate in Hungary with a massive garden he said we can use ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  4. Brexit Tour August 2019

    I take it it will be summer 2019 ? If this is the case I'm definitely up for it would we be lรจ comping or b&b sounds a right good gig I'm excited already ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
  5. Plz help pinto now fitted but wont start!!

    It don't really matter which post on the cap is number one as long as it runs if I remember right you wire it from the key so when you engage 12v to the starter you also feed 12v to the coil when you release the key to the second position you go via the ballast resister , so you get 12 v on crank and 7-9 v when she's up and running as soon as she sounds sweet you can work on your carb problems ?
  6. I know a very good trimmer but he's nowhere near you ๐Ÿ™ But if you can't find anybody you could always ship them to him
  7. What's going on

    Can't "like" quotes anymore?
  8. Plz help pinto now fitted but wont start!!

    Ok first thing get a compression test make sure you have decent compression on all four cylinders you say you already have fuel at the carb make sure inlet manifold is not leaking double check cam and crank timing to make sure that is spot on now this bit might sound daft but just try it turn it over and spray lynx deodorant in the carb it's flammable and acts like easy start see if it fires up pinto engines are very basic you need compression, timing ,sparks and fuel I had this on a pinto it was overfilling and the fuel was basically putting the spark out pintos also like to crank over quite fast so try getting a nice big battery on there I've got a big diesel van battery on mine the fuel in the oil is called bore washing which is why I say to test your compression and Leeds me to think your gettin too much fuel in the cylinders but it might be alright after it's running as it'll be using the fuel instead of bore washing hope this helps let us know how you get on
  9. Car events - European

    It's something we can discuss over a beverage or 3 at t o t m next year
  10. I think I'll get there around 10:30
  11. I'm Ben Mines the Red mk5 in the first pic next to that lovely Capri
  12. Me and the mrs loved it we was really chuffed we won the quiz on the tour but aparantly im not to be trusted with a white hoodie so brigit dyed them we have now also brought a mk2 transit and brigit has now joined the forum too so we will bring the cortina and the transit next year the transit won't be finished but for a while it'll be a rolling resto massive thanks to the organisers top job and some really friendly folks see you all next year
  13. Car events - European

    Bruges is very nice and not that far away
  14. Tour of the Moor 2017

    We loved it me and the mrs have purchased a mk2 transit today so will be there in that next year along with my red mk5 Tina
  15. Car events - European

    I've got loads on next year getting married and my 40th birthday but would defo be up for a Euro trip in 2019