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  1. Rally Pack 2000

    Forgotten Treasures

    If you think that now I better not show all the crap I actually did remember I had.
  2. Rally Pack 2000

    1300E resto

    Actually the gasket you made looks more original than the after market grey ones. I remember all the original air filter gaskets we dispensed with on Escorts over the years and they were all brown looking exactly like the one you made. That was a excellent home made replica you fabricated there.
  3. Rally Pack 2000

    Forgotten Treasures

    Had decided to reinstate some original stripes back on my Mk2 Escort and none of the replicas were even close to the originals. I had a set in boxes somewhere that a automotive graphic artist wanted to copy exactly. The originals don't stick as well after 25 years apparently. (Nothing lasts these days does it?!). So I had to go through storage to get them out as they hadn't been sighted for decades. They were behind a number of really heavy boxes so had avoided seeking them out until absolutely necessary. Although my memory hasn't totally gone I did remember I had the main heavy item. A brand new Pinto Head with valves springs and bearings The box of stripes were as I remembered but there were heaps of other things stacked on top I completely forgot about. New handbrake and gear lever gators, a new set of switches, vent rings and various pedal and door striker rubbers some of which I recently bought that were ill fitting after market ones as I couldn't find any Ford ones. Doh! While most of the items were Mk2 stuff, buried in amongst them was a just a small bit of plastic but that piece of plastic now fetches hundreds of pounds on Ebay. One currently asking 6 to 7 hundred pounds. I do remember buying one of these a quarter of a century ago when I got my Twincam as it had a cracked one and the brake fluid was leaking over the plenum area ruining the paint there. Its still on my list of things to fix, Im sure I will get to it eventually. But the new one I bought I used on the car. I have no memory of ever buying two, but apparently I did. So that definitely qualifies as hidden treasure I think! Lesson to self, make a note of all the crap you buy over the years. They tell me you can do it on some electronic marvel thingy called a computer.
  4. Rally Pack 2000

    Hi from Glasgow

    Welcome. More doors the better.
  5. Rally Pack 2000

    Side light & cluster illumination issue

    The right front parking light, dash illumination and right tail light are all on the same circuit so if the fuse blows this unique combination of things goes out you know its the fuse. But you say both parking lights have gone? Double check that the fuse you just put in hasn't blown as well. You may have a short that blows the fuse instantly. It can be something as simple a positive lead from the clock touching the floor or something. I must admit Im unfamiliar with a Mk2 Escort fuse-box behind the glovebox? Are some under the bonnet to the right of the plenum chamber and others under the dash in UK models?
  6. Rally Pack 2000

    Wanted - Mk2 Escort Right Hand Tail Light Housing

    That looks terrific Marcel. Thanks so much. You still have to let me return the favour sometime. This help is all one sided!
  7. A few threads are popping up of late asking about bulbs and illumination options for both traditional filament and LED bulbs I thought I would start an open discussion thread to bring everything together in one spot. By all means post what has worked for you and what hasn't or add a question of your own for suggestions on what bulbs to use. I thought I would start with adding what I currently use in the rear for my Mk2 Escort. Having tried many different LED types I ended up going back to traditional filament bulbs but with a bit of a twist. Not what you expect to see when the tail light lens comes off I bet! One of the problems I discovered with the wave of non original rear lenses was that the casting and colour tint wasn't as deep and consistent as the original Butlers and Attimisso. When you put a regular bulb behind the brake light section it would appear red in the thicker parts of the moulding but pink in the thinner parts. On the amber indicator section it would appear correct on the thicker parts but yellow on the thinner ones. Some of the crappier Chinese ones were only cheaply painted on one side. I even found this could be eaten away when the neighbours cat peed down the lens while sitting on the rear spoiler literally turning the lens white! So to compensate I use amber and red filament bulbs rather than the traditional clear. Regular bulbs are 21 watts so to also compensate for the light reduction of the bulb glass caused by their colour tint the bulbs are an unusual 27 watt. The blue brake bulb in fact illuminates red with the blue mirror coating just to make it look fancy if you use completely clear lenses. The result is a very rich red and amber that's unaffected by cheap lenses. Many white LEDs designed to fit the sockets have a colour temperature around the 6000 kelvin (blue white) and this ruins the colour transfer trough the lens and washes it out. Sick of reverse lights that didnt illuminate anything I use a very rare Raybrig 27 watt halogen bulb. The blue tint of the glass in this bulb filters the traditional yellow filament wavelengths to give a natural white 4000 degree kelvin light that matches the best colour temp that you should aim for in your headlights as well. Feel free to add your thoughts and experiments. Maybe you have found an LED to work at the rear where I have not. I will post some other interesting bulbs I have found for different areas on the car, boot interior, number plates etc.
  8. Rally Pack 2000

    Fuel Filler Cap

    Capri production ended in Australia in 1972 with an extra 50 RS3100s being imported in 74. Australia did away with British style side tanks in 1977 for larger under boot floor drop tanks with wider filler necks. It could be from a Mk2 in those 2 years of side tanks? I don't think its a locally made as our numbering system is a bit different when its a locally produced part. I just tried it on a car for the first time and it does seem to fit and seal well on the Twincam though. It doesn't seem to be a recessed as some I have seen but painted in the colour of the car you wouldn't think its not original.
  9. Rally Pack 2000

    Wanted - Mk2 Escort Right Hand Tail Light Housing

    Marcel! You always come to my rescue! I feel guilty never being able to return the favour. You never seem to ask for anything. There must be something you need in exchange?
  10. Some idiot over tightened the nuts on their Mk2 tail light and popped the guts right out. Lens, rubber and bulb holders all good so only need a perfect and un-cracked drivers side housing. I dont mind if its Butlers or Altimisso just not one of the Chinese ones. Help muchly appreciated. PS - Why didnt they make them cast like the Mk1s, cheapskates!
  11. Rally Pack 2000

    Fuel Filler Cap

    75 could make it Mk1 or 2 then hmmm
  12. Rally Pack 2000

    Fuel Filler Cap

    Thought I may as well add to this thread. I thought this was a Mk1 Cap but its different to the ones above so is this a Mk2 cap then?
  13. Rally Pack 2000

    Are you legally allowed to sell....

    If I need any parts I will let you know, I could always do a trade for my Twincam? Say your a friend that wants to donate freely but the operation will make me too ill to work on cars so best to give it to someone I know will look after it well
  14. Rally Pack 2000

    Broadstripe RS2 badges etc

    Lets us know if its an import as your rear badge layout will be different again.
  15. Rally Pack 2000

    Mk1 rs1600..BDA repro

    Your RS1600 reproduction wouldn't really have an early Twincam catch type though would it? RS1600s of the time wouldn't have had it as they came after the early catches were changed?