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  1. Rally Pack 2000

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    It will only play 70's music on that original radio. Col, you mentioned your going to use a 4 speed, which type of 4 speed will you be using?
  2. Rally Pack 2000

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    If your definitely sure your not going to use it? Strangely when I bought the car in the early 80s it never had the plug. It had a 1600 choke cable in the spot that went nowhere. I never did find out why. I suspect it looked better with an original cable than a plastic plug. I eventually took the cable out just to stop everyone thinking it was a manual choke car and pulling it out to start it. It has looked like that image above for decades now. I do get around to things eventually LOL Unfortunately the Tax department has infiltrated Ebay and even if I get parts sent elsewhere I still have to pay all the taxes and charges even on the postage itself. Its the latest government tax scam here yet they wont tax the biggest 100 companies that pay zero tax. The only way around that its to get someone there to buy it for me. I have imposed on Vista recently to save a hundred quid but that was a buy it now purchase. I wouldn't ask anyone to go through an arduous bidding process. I am going to try for them if the price doesn't go too high but Im worried already how expensive they are going to be.
  3. Rally Pack 2000

    So..Mk2 Escort Actual Differences 4 door 2 door.

    Only you can decide really but its a no brainer for me. Restore a genuine 4 Door RS2000 or use it as a donor car for a 2 door replica, I would go with the genuine car every time. As you say it is quite rare but even more so would be extremely rare in the UK. I have seen guys over there restore cars with no floors and chassis rails gone astonishingly. I doubt any shell that has spent most of its life in Australia would be as far gone as that so I would stick with it. Done well it will repay you with a fortune one day. Dont doubt the value of a 4 Door car. In RS and Rally Pack terms in Australia they are valued similarly. Condition determines the price rather than the extra set of doors. Maybe post some images of its condition currently? If its Orange by the way then Im on a plane to come and collect it! LOL PS - Mine is 4 door btw so if you have questions about it by all means ask. Australian 4 door shells are all strengthened like 2 Door RS Shells over there. They have a greater torsional rigidity than their 2 door counterparts. It really gives a unique driving experience in a standard Escort. You will be happy you kept it.
  4. Rally Pack 2000

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    An additional Item I would love is one of the original antennas that came on the Harriers. New would be great but used is fine too. PS - If someone on the forum is already bidding on the shelf ends please let me know as I don't want to step on anyones toes.
  5. Rally Pack 2000

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    That definitely looks like it! It has the same texture as the rest of the fascia and everything. Where did you get that from Col? If this is from your new Sport it should stay with you for your own restoration I think? Yes those are the shelf ends too! Thanks for that as it allows me to show people what they look like at least. Wow already past twenty quid. The silly thing is I should have them, they fell off over the years but given they don't really look like car parts when off the shelf they have been misplaced or thrown away. Hahahaha! While I did collect alot of genuine parts in the 80's. I dont find myself using them all that much unless there are no alternatives. I wish I had these though new but never thought of them as significant then. (I so regret never buying 4 door C Pillar trims when they were available new) Now most of the time I use secondhand parts or aftermarket stuff. As bizarre as it may sound I dont see my car as a restoration but just a tidy up trying to get it as neat and original as possible while not looking like the paint crazed rust heap it had become. Its still my road car that I take the dog to the reservoir in on Sundays. Its been registered every year since 1979. My painting skills are amateurish at best saved only by the fact that its white and you cant see the flaws out in the sun. I just feel new Ford parts should be saved for skilled restoration jobs like the standard Ray and many others on here achieves. That was my intention to restore the car one day but was out of my depth to actually proceed. Some stuff I have even passed on to better homes when I probably should have used them myself. It can also backfire too as was the case with the stripes. None of the replicas were very accurate enough so as I went to use the set I had stored away ........ as you can predict they didn't stick LOL. They came in handy to have them specially scanned and replicated though so it wasn't a total loss in the end. I wish I knew then what I do now and I would have stockpiled many different things than I did back then that at the time I didn't think would be needed or valuable. Its only now looking at holes in my dash and a tatty drivers tray and C Pillar trims turning to powder that I probably could have made much better parts selection all those years ago. That and stock piled Mk1 Capris at 800 bucks a pop for a good one.
  6. Rally Pack 2000

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    That does look pretty good. I was hoping to get an original textured plastic one though.
  7. Was after some tiny trim bits that seem to have vanished in the course of time. First is a choke hold plug. Used to block off the choke hole on auto choke cars. Second is the small plastic edge trim for the drivers parcel tray. The hold the vinyl down and round off the edges. They are a left and right so would need a pair. They are also the same on the passenger parcel so either would be fine. Ideally a whole tray for the drivers side would be perfect but I have doubts on getting a good one so if I can get at least the plastic trim bits I can restore my original one. Message me if you have anything. Cheers
  8. Rally Pack 2000

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    I just thought you would eventually get around to starting a restoration thread like you did with your other cars. I can merge this thread with that if you ever wanted. Its become one of the most info packs wanted threads so it would be a shame to loose it. A parts alternative thread as well sounds like a really good idea. "Rounding the RS Ripoff"? LOL I also just found a Harrier brochure for sale here in Australia so I snapped that up and was going to start a thread about them to learn some more things about them. I will re-ask my headlamp questions in there as hijacking your wanted thread with questions probably isn't the right way to find out.
  9. It has been suggested that we here in Australia have less sophisticated tastes that our colonial cousins. After seeing the Road Kill Toy advert with the Mk2 Escort in it I think that the UK can match Australia head to head in bad taste. Roadkill_Toys.mp4 So in the spirit of this thread lets see some contenders in the Bad Taste Ashes. Australia vs England Uk with Trailer Vs Australia with Trailer I think it proves bad taste is universal and everyone looses. But whats with the same idea of trailers made of half cars with fake fronts? Either these guys inspired each other or they are related.
  10. Rally Pack 2000

    Orange Is The New Black

    The artisan photographic shots always stand out over regular snaps like the one Rallye posted above
  11. Rally Pack 2000

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    So Sports, Mexicos and Harriers all used the Carello headlamps. I noted they have the mounting extension points as an integral part of the light where as the Lucas ones have separate metal mounting rings. Do the share the same headlight buckets? So between Lucas and the Carello type, which are the most sought after and why? PS - This thread has evolved way bigger than a wanted ad. When you start a resto thread for the new car Col, would you like me to merge this one and that one? I think buy and sell threads self destruct in a short time.
  12. Rally Pack 2000

    Orange Is The New Black

  13. Rally Pack 2000

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Just found this site, it shows a great comparison for the overriders front and rear. Its also interesting when it says that most Harriers are listed as Sports with the DVLA. https://escortmk2harrier.webs.com/ I like the radio antenna shown on that site. Is there a particular search I should enter to try buy one of those? Was the Harrier the only Escort model that got the Carello headlamps in Europe? I saw images once of a Harrier replica in yellow with blue stripes and thought it was absolutely stunning.
  14. Rally Pack 2000

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Its pure laziness I assure you. I cant be bothered learning something new from scratch again LOL As long as you have a 10 and 13mm spanner your set!
  15. Rally Pack 2000

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Hey I still have my Dr Who stuff including my Tom Baker Dr Who hat and scarf. I collect many things really not just car parts. Even bigger money pits than cars. Rare antique cameras, ancient pottery vessels and fossils. The trick is to have several lines going at once so when you get bitched at for wasting so much money on one you simply appear to agree and move on to the next one. Going from Cars to Bikes doesnt really register as different in their minds Col.