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  1. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    If their website is up then its probably all good. I hope thy can help you out.
  2. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Just bare in mind they may have changed their email since then so if you get no reply double check by giving them a call.
  3. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    Rusty boot floor.
  4. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    If your good with orange you can have mine for 65 thousand quid. You even get an engine, glass and seats!
  5. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    But dont forget that Ebay Auction you found. Even a dented roof will set you back 65 thousand quid!
  6. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    LOL All the panels will be ripply!
  7. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    I can only believe it to be a copy as I only bought it a few years ago new. I just got it out and it aged a bit yellow just like an original which makes it even look more authentic since the last time I looked at it. You would never be able to tell it from an original. I also noticed the place that sold it to me in the UK still had their detail sheet still with it. That may be of some use to you to contact?
  8. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    You were the only one that answered so technically thats the fastest. So you got the gold star. By the time you are ready for another project Col, if it did happen to be Escort you probably wouldn't be able to afford one even if you wanted one. If I hadnt bought my cars in the 80's/90's I probably wouldn't even be here on the forum because I certainly couldn't afford to buy into them now and our Escorts are even cheaper than yours!
  9. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    Got it in one! The 79 Escort Range onwards were given square headlamps. The fact that the Rally Pack model had round Carello driving lights didn't seem to make up to management that made the decision. Even basic L's were given square headlamps. While square headlamps do suit Ghias its about that only model that does. Suffice to say most owners like me did the swap as its easily reversible.
  10. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    Here is another 1979 Yellow 2 Door Rally Pack. It should help figure out what went wrong with the model range that year. Not fond of the add on spoiler lip either.
  11. The WPE escort

    Escorts dont break, they merely pause for replacement parts.
  12. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Aren't there replica replacements for these now? I got a Twincam one a few years back that Im pretty sure is a replica as it was sold as new but I cant tell the difference apart from not being old an stained like the originals I have seen.
  13. Owners Manual

    Welcome to the forum.
  14. Problems with Home and Forums Pages

    I could sail me car on that. Better idea than those floaty tyres you want me to put on my Twincam
  15. Problems with Home and Forums Pages

    We have enough stirring by your good self than the need to bring in a giant spoon around here!