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  1. Mk2 Escort Screen Rubber Dilemma

    Does the V and that photo equate to the skies the limit? lol
  2. Mk2 Escort Screen Rubber Dilemma

    What would a pair of original Ford RS solid windscreen rubbers fetch do you think?
  3. Really? It messes with my head and vision like one of those 3D illusion puzzles. Its just not right.
  4. Old Skool Ford Trivia Quiz

    Just wondering whether to keep going with the quiz as Col seems to be the only one participating? Im happy to keep going but if not I will award the prize as is.
  5. Orange Is The New Black

    Even though its a basic Mk2 the simplicity of it and the colour make it one of the nicest Escorts I have seen. I think the vinyl roof just sets this car off beautifully.
  6. Just plain wrong!

  7. Pinto heater

    Australian Pinto engines used a temperature switch for emission controls connected to the thermostat housing and as such they have a tapped hole to facilitate a brass water pipe fitting similar to that on the water pump. There are numerous sellers that will send overseas. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-CAPRI-ESCORT-2-Litre-THERMOSTAT-HOUSING-WO5A-NEW/291353918270?hash=item43d60bfb3e:g:2noAAOSwv0tVWsjP
  8. Orange Is The New Black

    A great car but the wheels really spoil it for me.
  9. Pinto Engine Size

    Thats one nice condition block m2dk!
  10. Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    I only noticed for the first time the other day you can get stickers for them now on Ebay.
  11. Mk2 Escort Screen Rubber Dilemma

    It wasn't exactly the solution in that I had to buy a second set of rubbers before the replacement arrived. So I had to use a type that wasn't my original intent and spend extra to do it. The chrome type are growing on me though. Two people that often inspire me to keep original have both commented in this thread. Ray and Peter. The workmanship on both their cars is that impressive that switching back to a few original pieces seems worth the effort. In regards to your windscreen trim that you converted to black, here in Australia a number of years ago to fulfil the need for the RS all rubber type a company actually offered a rubber insert trim that made it look almost like an RS screen rubber. I should investigate that again as its been a number of years since I saw it but if its good enough it may make it easier for someone to switch to the RS look with a a few mins of effort. To paint the trims as well as you have must have taken a reasonable amount of work. You seem you have done the same to the gutter trims as well? I tried that once and it didn't come out to the standard of yours. I virtually ruined a new set of Ford trims that I had saved. It seems a waste now when I look back on it.
  12. Back in the day

    Context is everything. The scary thought that popped into my head was if those cars were trade ins at the Lada dealership?
  13. 1300E resto number 2

    When people point out my paint and panel-beating flaws I tell them its to make the car more authentic.
  14. Mk2 Escort Screen Rubber Dilemma

    Im pretty sure it was sent free of charge. I didnt order another giving them my account details or anything, I just informed them that they supplied the wrong one with photos and asked if they could send me a replacement as soon as possible. Which they did. Just wish there was a letter with it.
  15. Mk2 Escort Screen Rubber Dilemma

    As an update to my windscreen rubber dilemma, without hearing a word from Motorsport Tools UK a replacement screen rubber was FedExed to my home today. I cant fault the speed of their response to get me a replacement in only ten days, I just don't understand why they didn't reply to my email too say that one was on the way as it may have made a difference to whether to buy some locally with the chrome insert or not. Time was pressing though and emails can be lost I suppose. So credit to them for a fast replacement, its just a shame I now have a pair of RS type rubbers that I probably wont use. I guess I can sell them on locally given that the solid RS type aren't available here so possibly some RS2000 owner will be hanging out for them. Motorsport Tools responded to the situation pretty fast though which is more than I have ever managed out of Burtons. They wont even say sorry when they waste months of your time let alone fix the situation. So its sort of been a positive result even though im out of pocket on the new rubbers. In discussions about the corner inserts, although its too late for me, I did find Classic and Rally Spares (RallyRocky on Ebay) offers the corner inserts with their screen chrome trim. So if your going down the chrome trim route it may be an easier option to get this sort of package if you dont have the corner bits. They seem to use the same ones for front and rear though so that's something to consider.