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  1. My old orange escort LTF733K

    Most welcome to copy this photo in the Orange is the Black thread it certainly should be shown off with its Orange siblings
  2. Orange Is The New Black

    That's because he probably doesn't even realise it copies or mimics a UK year format. We have a many different style of plates to choose from and no plate is permanently assigned to a car its just all open to swap and change. The style used in the photo was one that was introduced because many of the modern European derived cars didn't have space for the conventional taller Australian 3 number 3 letter plates. He probably chose it for its euro look for his Capri that was privately imported as Mk3s were never sold here. You apply for a plate with lettering and numbering you choose and if that one is already taken they give you the next one closest in sequence. Im guessing this guys name is Arthur and he was born on the 31st October or the 30th November but it was on another car already.
  3. Nasty white stuff!

    My gosh what is that? Everything has gone white? A foam chemical spill?
  4. Hello

    Welcome to the forum.
  5. Orange Is The New Black

    Take note of the number plate. It really is Art. Not far to your new home now my beauty, I'll leave the lights on! I go weak at the knees for an Orange Mk3. Knowing one is so close I can only dream.
  6. Orange Is The New Black

    I realised that almost the same moment you did! LOL
  7. Orange Is The New Black

    Maybe a Mk1 Van instead? If only he didn't use the frightful Australian RS/Rally Pack alloys.
  8. Orange Is The New Black

    For Van Lovers. Although I think it is more of an Estate with the windows filled in?
  9. Arched 4 Door


    Merry Christmas too all. Is anyone getting anything car related for Christmas? I only ever get the death stares if I suggest something along those lines.

    "Real men choose elite Escorts" - I read that on a toilet wall once and there was no mention of Anglias Cortinas or Capris. Heaps of other wisdom written there too.
  12. Mk1 escort square headlights

    You just see them for sale more often than the UK as a result of every Australian Mk1 manufactured here for 7 years had square headlights Australian Mk1 were all made here with a high local parts content. None are what you would refer to as "Export Cars". Even Twincams were assembled here rather than imported as complete cars. They and 1300 GTs were the models with the highest UK content however and more closely mimic their UK counterparts so to see only cosmetic differences. As Ray mentions there was never an Australian 1300E as such but the Mk1 Super Luxury would have been its closest equivalent. As the discussion references above Australian Mk1s used a locally made Hellar square headlights which are alot heavier than the Lucas ones. Ford Australia used the Lucas version as a spare parts replacement after Hellar stopped supplying them locally. You do see alot of Taiwanese pattern ones come up for sale here as they were sold as the cheaper alternative to Ford spares even in the 70's and 80's.
  13. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    I too was wondering by what method they would use to determine originality over not with no real expertise with that particular vehicle? In most cases the guy that restored the thing will be more of an aficionado than the guy trying to look it up on a data base on the net. There are so many evolution changes in vehicles that aren't even reflected in their original workshop manuals. I have had ignorant Pink Slip (Our MOT equivalent) testers take me to task on totally original things. One told me I couldn't fit a Momo wheel because the centre horn buttons of after market wheels were too unreliable. I tried telling him the horn was on the stalk and he said that was an illegal modification. Another stuck a screwdriver into the side of the rear spring shackle bush and wiggled it around and said it was too worn. I told him it was triangle shaped in the centre and not a solid bush so of course it wobbles around. He said that was nonsense. I just tyre blacked it and added some Vaseline to make it look like a new bush had been fitted and he passed it later. And this sort of stuff was taking place when the car was under 20 years old. Seriously any inspection will be mainly a discussion with you about how nice it looks and reminiscing how great cars they were in their day. (My dad had one of those) If it looks sound and close to original you can be assured it will be considered an historic vehicle. Changing transmission tunnels and 5 speed boxes aren't going to even raise an eyebrow. If you rock up with a fibreglass MK1 Escort body on a tubular chassis with drag wheels well your not going to pass it off as a genuine one. But if the modifications are sensible for safely and or where original parts cant be procured I think you will be just fine. Only the speciality car clubs can really do such stringent oversight hence why they say alot of it will be voluntary.
  14. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Ever seen that old movie with Lee Majors call "The Last Chase" where they ban petrol and cars and force everyone onto mass transit. The guy buries his old racing Porsche in his garage and digs it up 20 years later and races it to freedom to flee a repressive government? I was planning on stashing mine in the bush or lockup so I can do a grand escape when they try to lock me down in a home. By then cars will be all electric and totally GPS tracked with every move you make and every turn you take. Let the techno drones try track me and catch me in my old Escort for my last dash to freedom. They can bury me in it.
  15. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Thats just what she wants you to think Col to lull you into a false sense of security.