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  1. Rally Pack 2000

    My Mexicos Road to recovery

    Is Mexico mouse now out of a home? Poor thing! Here we get venomous Red Back Black Widow Spiders nesting under the arches if the car sits for longer than a few months under my carport. A thief will get a nasty shock if he tries to steal the wheels off my Twincam.
  2. Rally Pack 2000


    Its an Elite font, or at least that what the Owners club keeps telling me.
  3. Rally Pack 2000

    My Mexicos Road to recovery

    I suspect a clogged jet but that's only a rough guess.
  4. Rally Pack 2000

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    The site's swear filter changes farcebook to Retards Club automatically. And that's why I love the forum as it is! While I do enjoy the forum layout I do have concerns. As Col mentioned people can search and access all the information without ever joining even though its free to do so. Maybe disable the search facility for signed in members only? Also this complete open access allows anyone to check out members profiles. That at least should be privy to those who join not for outsiders to collect information about members and their cars and the things they are currently discussing. PS I always have trouble loading pages that have been uploaded through tapatalk and im just using a conventional PC. There may be a compatibility issue there that could be looked at if attracts more to the forum as many seem to like it.
  5. Rally Pack 2000

    A clue for next year !!

    I knew you would cave in the end! It was fated.
  6. Rally Pack 2000

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    I will never use a FB for anything. I always assumed that this forum operates through both web and FB platforms simultaneously? By the sounds of it though the FB posts cant be seen here and the posts here cant be seen over there is that correct? The thing with FB is that like MySpace and others before hand is that there is a growing backlash about how they operate and their integrity of privacy and the like. Its clearly now a data collection agency for any government or scammer these days and more and more are beginning to resent that. I think Forums like this will survive long after the FB craze has run its course. Should this forum shut down and go strictly FB then I will probably loose contact with you all. I will never use FB and I wont buy from online stores that I cant purchase anything from unless I sign up to FB. I didnt realise that numbers were critically dwindling through here though? So new methods to attract members would be worth trying. PS I would like to see the Mk2 Escort Icon return to the Forum menu. Only the Mk1 has appeared since the forum revamp.
  7. Rally Pack 2000

    Replacement Circuit Boards Mk2 RS Instruments

    Glad to hear you are able to restore your original dash with the help of this thread. That said the alternate instrumentation you put together there is the nicest looking aftermarket arrangement I have ever seen.
  8. Rally Pack 2000

    Off my head 🙈

    I loved MG Midgets. I swore I would own one some day. Saw a brilliant one at a dealership and checked my bank balance and proceeded to initiate a purchase. Dealer handed me the keys for a test drive and then I tried to get in it, and then a tried to get in it from a different angle, and then a third. Finally I had to hold my own knees up close to my chest to get my leg in. Dream shattered.
  9. Rally Pack 2000

    Busy today

    The spoiler fits very well for a solid form rear wing. Often the flexible rubber type dont fit that well and they have alot more give in them.
  10. Rally Pack 2000

    Replacement Circuit Boards Mk2 RS Instruments

    If some prefer to make contact with the seller through the Ebay system here is an Auction link below. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-ESCORT-MK-2-RS-2000-PRINTED-CIRCUIT-FOR-INSTRUMENT-CLUSTER/302874967880?hash=item4684c13f48:g:WD4AAOSw-ypbj39n This is for a local sale but you can probably negotiate for him to send Internationally for extra postage.
  11. Rally Pack 2000

    You tube. Great short film

    Its a short film so aggressive editing is required, the wait for the RAC would have been longer than the film itself.
  12. Rally Pack 2000

    You tube. Great short film

    Nice red 4 Door
  13. Rally Pack 2000

    Mk2 rs 2000 brakes

    Yes both the servo and master cylinder can be reconditioned. They both should probably be done by a brake specialist though as the master cylinder will probably require a stainless sleeve put in it and the servo needs a special tool to crack it open. I have even seen after market servo replacements for Mk2s that once fitted you wouldn't know its not a Girling one. Reconditioning works though and they strip it and repaint to look new again. Over the years the weeping brake fluid eats the paint off.
  14. Rally Pack 2000

    Replacement Circuit Boards Mk2 RS Instruments

    Also anyone else wanting same please message me for the details.
  15. Rally Pack 2000

    Replacement Circuit Boards Mk2 RS Instruments

    Yes I will private message you his email. I didnt want to post it as its also his Paypal address so didn't want to put it out there on public display. I dare say a few clocks may be able to be resurrected again for others as well that have damaged ones sitting on shelves.