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  1. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    Thinking of Trading Up to an Escort then Col? I knew you would break eventually.
  2. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    I quite liked "For the Love of Cars" and Ant was very competent and his workmanship first rate. When they auctioned some of their car like the Series 1 Land Rover and Delorean they broke the world record in prices so good were their results. I surprised he joined Wheeler Dealers though as they seem more geared towards making a quick buck than a decent restoration. I'm guessing "For the Love of Cars" has been cancelled then? It went for two seasons that I knew about. Shame I really enjoyed it. Ant should bring a bit of professionalism into Whealer Dealers if that's where his new TV home is.
  3. An Australian Twincam for sale in the UK

    After the last posted monstrosity this is how a Red Australian Twincam should look.
  4. Orange Is The New Black

    A nice Orange Sport.
  5. Finally a people shot! Who is who? I have been asking for years and have no idea what any of you look like!
  6. There is no logic to some of the prices though. A Lotus Elan at 19k. I see irony in that as most of our Twincams were broken up for engine spares for the Elan boys. I dare say even a rough Twincam would fetch twice what they are asking for that Elan.
  7. Tyre size on a MK1 Mexico

    If given the chance I would go for those period remake Pirelli CN36s that some company in the UK were selling. They look so good and are based on P7 compounds so you get the best of both worlds. I sure they put out a 185/60/13.
  8. We get several of those on Ebay every week. They even make sure the fingerprints have been removed from the odometer dials for authenticity. Still ridiculous prices though. XR3 Cabrios fetching 16 grand on average wow! The yellow RS1600 was nice. I would have gone for it than the Mk2 RS2000 but even at 77k its simply too much.
  9. That's ridiculous! What was so special about it?
  10. I thought that was a good price on the Green Mk1 RS2000 till I realised by brain wasnt processing one of the 9's.
  11. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Mine have Ford logos and a part number cast into them so I would love to see some desk jockey challenge on that one.
  12. Orange Is The New Black

    Do you think its a case of a car design that you simply cant deviate from period muted colours without looking out of place? Creams, off whites, greys and soft blues with as you say a highlight coloured stripe to bring it up a bit? The bright yellows, oranges and vivid greens were a signature of the 70's and when used with earlier designs we cant handle those bright hippy generational colours on our older classics? It could just be this examples original look. With a modified version with bigger wheels it may work but with the air of originality our minds run back to tradition colours.
  13. Orange Is The New Black

    While most of the cars posted here have been stunning in orange, for this Anglia it doesn't quite stand out as well. While it doesn't look bad by any means and is a great clean car but the colour doesn't seem to work this time for some reason?
  14. Cruel Idiots Everywhere

    Its all about numbers and rarity I guess. Sulphur Crested Cockatoos are very common. In one place in the Suburb that I live they hang out in their thousands near the Red Rooster that they close off the drive through because they cant hear you in the shop for all the screeching over the microphone. Being common though doesn't mean their life is simply valueless like these tree loppers seem to think. I would imagine our Magpies are a different species to the ones you have there and are rare and as such get protected status. That doesnt make them any less swoopy and nasty. I remember as a kid one decided to nest in the middle of my school and you basically couldnt play in the playground without it shedding blood. The school said their hands were tied. During one night you heard a 22 go off in school grounds and everyone knew the problem was simply taken care of discretely by a parent and no one mentioned it when there was no attacks the next day. We dont get those Cockatoos in Australia. They are further North in Indonesia I think. Although we do have a similar salmon pink cockatoo called the Major Mitchell. Named after a British compatriot who discovered it way back when I suspect.
  15. Mk1 escort square headlights

    Since I have taken one light out I will fit the other and see how much difference there is. Will be interesting to see.