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    pinto engine for a project

    thanks dt, my other option was buy a 1600 runner and then rebuild a 2,0 ready for later, the 202 option might be easier to find, our local scrappy is just up the road 5 mins so can check every week or so
  2. Hi, Im currently looking at buying a kit car as alternative to riding bikes, previous accident and cold get to me now. have seen a couple with pinto motors in but am keen to "finish one off" myself. I have seen a couple without motors and Ive also seen a couple of reasonable priced transit motors. my question is, a 2.0 Pinto option, could I use a Transit motor> obviously reading the forum the lower comp motors are available but is there an option for higher comp pistons to drop in? I don't want to spend much on the basic block, preferring to spend the money on rebores, pistons, cams, uprated oil pump etc. the choice 205 block are snatched up by the rally brigade, is there a tranny option? any help such as comp pistons, cams , clutches and gearboxes appreciated. my previous with different comp pistons is with Ariel Square four motors using mini pistons.
  3. before I try ebay looking for internals for a mk1 escort. when I got it it was a shell . for a 2 door wiper motor heater switches seats front and back door handles washer bottle rear shocks minilight wheels 7 x 13 1 or 2 piece prop shaft. thanks
  4. the project is nearing body work completion and looking for the hard to get parts and info, does anyone know who made the seats used ? also its build used 3 fuel tanks to get decent range, Im just using the capri mk1 on its side along the back one lookig for info on the fuel filler frenched in in the middle of the rear driver side roof support. what was used for cap and is it off another (capri) car. also any reasonably priced timing gear for inside the car, stop watch, brackets, and the special stage mile kit. looking to get decals made up , have got fairly good pictures but would like close up or pictures of flat decals as better to copy from than the distorted on car pictures. thanks
  5. alanb

    Hi from Wiltshire

    thanks for the welcome.
  6. alanb

    Mk1 escort lock set wtb

    cheer 5tox great help thanks
  7. Hi, does anyone have a lock set from a mk1 Escort for sale? Ive got one damaged ( forced entry) lock and no keys . been looking on the net and none around and a friend has lent me a bunch of Ford Keys but none fit. otherwise will have to pay a lock smith but wont be cheap.
  8. Hi all, first post logging in to say hello. Live near Westbury down in Wiltshire and have been working on a project MK1 Rally Escort. comming along with body work mostly done and starting to collect parts for the inside. wont be around much as only have access to a friends pc so if you reply dont be surprised if you dont get a quick answer... anyway, its dry out so off to cut a hedge or two