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  1. mk1mexico

    Half shaft bent?

    If you have a locating screw holding your drum on, make sure that's clearing the space in the back of your wheel too, although I've seen this before and it caused a big wobble which you should notice on the road.
  2. mk1mexico

    Swapping 1300 to 1600

    You should be ok, just remember the engine is an inch taller so cylinder head exhaust face etc will be an inch higher. If the system is close to the floor or bulkhead now it will probably hit it bolted to a 1600.
  3. There's only one cam in it mate. Why don't you look at 2.8 cologne engines too as you have most of the parts for the conversion already.
  4. mk1mexico

    leather recaro seats

    If these are puma millennium seats you should get a bit more than £150 for them mate. Try a fiesta ZS forum etc.
  5. mk1mexico

    1979 Mk2 Escort 1.6 Ghia 4Door

    Deposit taken today
  6. mk1mexico

    Pinto plugs

    Set of 4 brand new Bosch Super D6BC Spark Plugs for OHC engines £6 plus a couple for post
  7. mk1mexico

    1979 Mk2 Escort 1.6 Ghia 4Door

    That's not for me m8 but give us a shout if you sell it
  8. mk1mexico

    1979 Mk2 Escort 1.6 Ghia 4Door

    No it has a standard open diff fitted. It's been a Sunday driver in our possession driven by my 60 year old Father whilst his RS is restored.
  9. mk1mexico

    The January Clear Out!

    Says 1xRS alloy not mk1 alloy Kerry
  10. mk1mexico

    1979 Mk2 Escort 1.6 Ghia 4Door

    Thanks mate it is a decent car
  11. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/76327-1978-mk2-escort-16-ghia-4door/?p=869234
  12. mk1mexico

    1979 Mk2 Escort 1.6 Ghia 4Door

    Car will be MOTed on sale and at the moment requires a ticking fixing from exhaust manifold. Still has PDI stickers in boot!!! Based in South Cumbria.
  13. Hi and welcome to the sale of our 1979 'T-Reg' Mk2 Escort 1.6 Ghia, we have owned the car for the last 3 years, and has been used for local shows and road-runs as a stop-gap whilst another car was restored. Car has done the Cumbria RSOC Lakes Tour 3 times running, and we are active members of the club. Now the other car is coming along, this car unfortunately has to be sold. The car is in very good original condition, Genuine low mileage 67k with heaps of history and receipts dating back decades.It has spent 95% of its life in Essex, where it was originally registered and where I bought it from. Still on main dealer plates etc. Interesting number plate and low ownership. Car currently SORN for the winter, will come with Full MOT and could be Taxed at cost. Exterior/Shell This car has never been welded or had any panels, it's has been Ziebarted from new and still has the yellow caps visible in the door shuts and under bonnet etc, the inner wings and under bonnet are coated in it, not the nicest thing to look at but it has done its job in preserving the shell and isn't impossible to remove. Car has black vinyl roof in nice condition and no sunroof. Original arches with no bubbles etc. The car has a genuine Ford RS boot spoiler fitted and that too is in super condition and hard to find. All Chromework is in excellent condition, however the windscreen trims front and rear have lost their shine. The car is not a RS wannabe, or a half hearted replica, it is a Ghia and looks good for keeping its identity, albeit improved over standard. Car is not Concours, this is a 35 year old car and has some marks to be expected, a small rust bubble down low on passenger wing (50p size), however compared to most this is a lovely, unmolested example with almost all modifications being fully reversible. Better than a shiny £300 blow over! Interior. Car has the rare, complete, black Ghia interior in good original condition, modern CD Player and speakers in the door cards (not by us and not the best being honest). Genuine RS2000 3 spoke sports steering wheel, dry, comfy, and watertight Wheels/Tyres 1. X-Pack RS Rep 7Jx13 alloy wheels with 175/50/13 Yokohama tyres 2. Original 5Jx13 ford steel wheels fitted with brand new unused Goodyear tyres. Engine/Transmission A fortune has been spent with receipts for most, if not all parts. Engine was refreshed by ourselves shortly after purchasing the car, new pistons, rings, shells and gaskets etc, truthfully, the engine would benefit from a Rolling Road set up, however the engine is crying out for at least Twin 40's maybe even 45's, but due to the nature of gentle use the car has had in our ownership we have kept the twin choke. Car drives fine but it could be smoother, to be expected with this cam to an extent. This is not like driving a brand new car! True 1700 crossflow 711M originally built by Brian Pateman, Fully lightened and balanced and machine work by Elmsleigh engineering . ARP bolts used throughout build, New Stage 3 Unleaded Burton Cylinder Head, new black Alloy Burton rocker cover. New Alloy Thermostat Housing New Accralite pistons , Kent 234 cam kit. NOS Genuine Ford cam followers Brand new steel rocker shaft and steel posts. Duplex timing gear and high pressure oil pump from Burtons. New 32/36 carb, K&N Air Filter Brand new inlet, New ashley exhaust manifold and full system, New magnecor leads, Side exit cap, electronic distributor and Bestek ignition. NGK plugs. New Samco hoses. New Stage 3 Unleaded Burton Cylinder Head, new black Alloy Burton rocker cover. Manual Choke Conversion New Battery. Standard 4 Speed Ghia/Sport Gearbox with Rose-Jointed Quickshift Lever. Chassis/Suspension GAZ adjustable shocks all round (front leg inserts, not harsh coilovers) Lowering Springs Lowering Blocks Standard Brakes in good order recently replaced. Most standard spares available to buyer, air box, rocker cover, steering wheel, steel wheels and new tyres etc. This is a local show quality car, very original and honest. Everything under the bonnet is new and these unabused cars are only going up in value, and I consider the price to be very fair considering there has been that amount spent under the bonnet in the last few years. This advert is probably over honest, I have listed everything as true as I can as I have been messed around in the past, please don't hesitate to ask any questions on the car, we are based in South Cumbria and due to recent events in the classic ford world, the car's location will not be given to anybody, unless I have a landline phone number and address for that person. This will not be a problem for, and will be understood by the genuine Escort enthusiasts. More pictures will be taken over the next week or so. £4500.
  14. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1996-N-Reg-Ford-Transit-Beavertail-Car-Transporter-Recovery-Truck-/281172726456?pt=UK_Commercial_Trucks&hash=item41773352b8