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  1. That's different to type approval. They have new reg,s because everything is new. The firm that did my car are doing a mark 1 escort and a Stratos replica as a new reg.
  2. Type approval is a massive task and expense reserved for high volume car manufacturers, and the odd few small ones such as Westfield, Caterham etc. I can't be sure, but I doubt very much they have done that. And I don't see any on q plates.
  3. That seams unfair, being as they haven't been approved or sva,d.
  4. Let's agree to disagree, happy Xmas.
  5. That sounds like common sense, I do hope your right.
  6. No, have you heard of Nathanale Savour? Probably the finest builder of orange escorts in the country. Anyway, my point is there arent many instances. And on the dvla site it say from may 2018. Why does it say that?
  7. How many is several? I've never heard of any. Why where they transferring reg,s? From what to what?
  8. On the dvla site says from the 8th of May (or a date somewhere near that). It's been ignored and unenforced since the rule was made. So basically it's irrelevant.
  9. So the grey area that needs clearring up is, can we declare and have our cars passed legitmatly. Or do we have to fudge the truth to keep them on the road?
  10. Having read it again, it seams to me that we'll have to mot them. And I suspect we won't be getting free road tax into the bargain. Which is a better alternative to having to sva for our cars.
  11. I'll take your word for it Vista, it's not clear is it?
  12. Nah, she just humours him.
  13. Your just a Mr negative aren't you. The logistics of it are huge.