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  1. Right, I've done you this: It's attached here as a jpeg, but if you message me your email address, I can send it to you as a PowerPoint file. That way, it's easy to print and can be re-sized and will keep it's clarity of the notches. Having looked at the Cam profiles, it looks a really nice Cam. Comes in a little bit later than my FR30, but seems like a good set up for a nice tuned road engine. Anyway, hope this is of some help to you...
  2. Let me see if I can find some details on the valve geometry at lunchtime. I can knock you one of these up, that you can print off from a PowerPoint slide, as I've done them at various sizes on each page, depending on the pulley size. I've now also done them with a red line at full lift for the individual cam. I did one recently for a Blacktop with 2002 cams in and it worked perfectly. If you have the full specs on the Cam, then that would save me a search.
  3. You can always remove your Crank Pulley and notch it at the point where your cam is at full lift. I've just done this with an old pulley to see how it would come out after throwing it in with some garden furniture that I just had powder coated. Alternatively, have you tried printing one out onto a cd disc? What Cam are you using, out of curiosity?
  4. dt36

    Anti-roll bar bushes

    Haha love it. Second draw in my bottom box, sits Mjolnir. Even though she was forged by Dwarven Blacksmiths, I still spent about 30 minutes beating, jacking, prying and then beating it some more with Mjolnir until I actually realised the error of my ways.
  5. dt36

    Anti-roll bar bushes

    Before you fit the sleeves, make sure your bolt will go through them. I learned this lesson the hard way with my tourettes set to a volume of level 10.
  6. dt36

    Off my head 🙈

    I actually like it. Nice job, fair play.
  7. dt36

    Mk2 cortina

    How many hours have you put into this now? Let's set your rate at UK minimum for £7.83 an hour, just for giggles Top work again by the way.
  8. dt36

    Busy today

    I'm going to give BAR propshaft services in Neath a shout soon to change my U/J and balance. I'll get back to you on the outcome.
  9. dt36

    Busy today

    Ooh, now you got me thinking. I had a Mk3 Escort van and I think it had wheels like this, hence I'm still leaning towards Mk3 Escort. Knowing my luck, I bet someone put Capri wheels on the van
  10. dt36

    Busy today

    Mk3 Escort, maybe?
  11. dt36

    You tube. Great short film

    Agree. It actually reminded me a lot of growing up in the 80s. Between us, me and my mates had the same motorbikes, same cars, listened to the same music. Only thing different was that Raleigh Grifters were for the richer kid's than us. We had our 5 speed racers, but swapped our handlebars for Renthals that we used to get off scrap crossers. Not much has changed really in my life, as my Missus caught me last week, just about to bid on a 1979 XR250. Still wear Fred Perrys and am definitely Ska'd for life.
  12. dt36

    Tappet Setting - Pinto with BP300 Camshaft

    Crow Foot is definitely better, but for some reason I always seem to get this out first. If I remember correctly I've had it about 33 years. With regards to the Gasket/RTV, I personally use a Cork Gasket with a bit of Superglue to hold it before fitting.
  13. dt36

    Tappet Setting - Pinto with BP300 Camshaft

    Here's my Pinto spanner:
  14. dt36

    Mk1 Escort 2000E.....?

    Because the QSB 6.7 is better. More torque. Just need to raise the bonnet a bit.