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  1. Alternator wiring

    Should still be in similar condition next week. Head and timing gear went back on rebuild engine this morning. Waiting on a possible crankcase oil scraper before fitting sump and dropping back in. I'll give it a week or so to see whether I can get one.
  2. Alternator wiring

    Neil, my engine bay is fairly accessible at the moment with components removed and bonnet is off too. Your welcome to come and take a look tomorrow.
  3. Goblin Garage on Quest

    Yes, yellow front and grey arse. Oh, and yes definitely...
  4. Auto Correct

  5. Goblin Garage on Quest

    Watched it last night. Build was good, but didn't go into much of the mechanics. Car turned out nice, but the paint wasn't for me, although the standard of it was exceptionall.
  6. Attended this show last year. Great venue and some nice cars on display.
  7. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Spot on that, Matt. Thank you. When I consider that I have an EFI head, this is much more relevant. Thanks to you and Col on clearing my question up. Much appreciated.
  8. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Ordered a new Water pump and Head Bolts from Burtons. Also ordered this Tap too earlier to give the threads a run first:
  9. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Took it to 66 ft ib / 88nm using the old method. I'm not going to risk it, Col so they're getting new bolts. Bit annoying, as that's the equivalent to a lot of Curly Wurlys and Monster Munch. Block threads are having a 12mm tap running down them though before the head goes back on again.
  10. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Going on from your comment, Col, I notice that Burtons torque to 75nm, then a further 90°. Also just had a message from a very reputable engine builder who says the same as you, regarding the last stage of 90°. Looks like my Haynes is dated towards the older non stretch bolts. I was going to order a new water pump from Burtons tomorrow, so I think I'll bite the bullet and get some head bolts too if it brings me into the free delivery range. If not, then I'll get a box of Reinz from Classicgaskets. If I don't put new ones in now, it will just keep nagging at me in the back of my head.
  11. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Just checked the box and no torque settings with it. Will have to have a Sniff on their site too. Cheers, Col.
  12. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Head gasket looks really good and is lined up perfect : I've spat my dummy out now though, so am going in the house for a cup of tea and to squeeze my Missus La La's
  13. Pinto - The Resurrection

    All straight torque, Col. 3 stages cold and 4th stage hot.
  14. Pinto - The Resurrection

    F*#t, c#+t, b#*#*#t, c#*k They are not bottoming out.
  15. Pinto - The Resurrection

    OK fella's, question time again. I've just done the last stage (3) of tightening down the head bolts when cold to initially 66ib ft. Bolts 2 & 4 clicked off straight away and didn't turn at all while all the other 8 moved a bit. I'm thinking they've bottomed out, possibly with the block being decked. With hindsight I should have run the bolts all the way in before fitting the head. I'm probably going to remove the head again now for peace of mind, but here's my question : The head bolts are Victor Reinz Torques. With the engine not being run, is it safe to re-use these? Head gasket has not been run either, but I'm thinking of replacing that now due to it being crushed down. I'm all ears...