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  1. dt36

    Wiring help

    What happens when you touch the 2 wires together. Do the reverse lights come on?
  2. dt36

    Escort duratec

    Good work. Looks nice in that bay too.
  3. dt36

    What are these ?!

    Close: http://www.first4numbers.co.uk/products/correx-signs
  4. dt36

    Side light & cluster illumination issue

    Any lights on display when you switch on the ignition?
  5. I'm running an FR30 and am happy with how it drives. Was an improvement over its original cam and delivers well for driving on local and country B roads.
  6. Like that. Sounds a decent build. Any spec on the engine? Throttle bodies look right on a Pinto too...
  7. dt36

    Crossflow woes

    Good work and sounds like you're back on track.
  8. They can be bored to 93mm, but it is apparently right on its limit then, while some blocks have seen hot spots in the bores at this size. There is still a lot you can do to this engine, but it depends on how far to go and how much to spend. My idea would be this, while working with what you've got, but would probably work out very expensive for the returns. In truth, you could probably pick up a ready built engine for what you'd have to spend. I'm guessing that if funds were not an issue, then you would already have done spent out on a Pre built lump. Strong engine with good torque at 2128cc. 1600 diesel rods = S84FMB, bearings = B4635. To build your block to 2128cc you need to do the following: Bore the block to 92mm pistons. 80mm offset grind crank with 1.6 Fiesta diesel Conrods. The diesel rods have to be machined by reducing their width to suit a Pinto piston at the small end and the narrower 2.0 Pinto journal at the big end. The Pistons will need machining to take some material off the crown so that they are flush with the top of the block. The crank, front pulley, flywheel and clutch assembly can also be dynamically balanced during this time. Flywheel can also be lightened too. Get the cylinder head skimmed so you have 45cc combustion chambers. When fitted with a 1.5mm compressed gasket you will have a compression ratio roughly at 10.6:1 Cam wise, I would go for an FR30 on the road for good manners and torque spread. This type of build will not give massive bhp figures, but will have a lot more grunt than a standard 93mm, 2.1 build due to the longer stroke and torque. Fuel wise with money not an object, I would go with Jenvey Heritage Throttle Bodies that look exactly like carbs. Honestly though, this is more of a "what if" build and would probably cost about £4k with the Throttle Bodies. You could also add another £750 for porting and valves to the head. By the time you've bought all the gaskets, oils, bolts, clutch, etc etc, you'd be close on £5k. Probably get a full Zetec conversion fitted for that, which with the retro cam cover looks stunning to me and would probably be more power. I know, I've been no help whatsoever, but it was a nice thought...
  9. dt36

    Pinto bike carb..all in

    Lifted engine back out yesterday, as couldn't get enough decent space to change front crankshaft seal. It's on the stand now and got as far as cleaning off all gasket materials, ready for new today. I just can't seem to get any time on it. Missus either arranges stuff for me to do or work gets in the way. Got to go to Germany for a week on Monday, then back one day and she's dragging us to Cyprus. I actually wonder if I'll get it out for a run before July at all.
  10. dt36

    Pinto bike carb..all in

    Good price. What you fitted in their place?
  11. dt36

    Mk2 cortina

    I'm still gobsmacked with every pic you post. Brilliant work.
  12. dt36

    Escort mk1V6 upgrades

    Coming along nicely.
  13. dt36

    Moved house

    I think this might have been it. Give the guy a ring or message with the number I quoted you just to confirm, as I was unsure about my bellhousing. Spins over really fast compared to the old one. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F281589317727
  14. dt36

    Moved house

    I have alloy Type 9 RS Bellhousing to Pinto with original size Flywheel/Ring Gear. Part number is: K1626C
  15. dt36

    Moved house

    Have a look on eBay for a seller called APOldham. Really helpful guy and good service. Got a high torque starter from him after repairing my old one at least twice. Been perfect since.