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    Looks like he's being given the beans there coming through that corner Signal Yellow too and what looks like a vinyl roof. Can't fault it...
  2. Classic ford Santa Pod

    For me, this is one of the best events on the calender.
  3. Ignition light

    Check the connections on the alternator are all tight. With engine running, you should see around 14.7v. You have to consider now that the temperature has dropped, the battery has to work much harder from a cold start, due to things like thicker cold oil and that cold cranking pulls a lot more current from the battery. This could take around 20mins to bring back the state of charge and stabilise. However, once back, I would expect to see a steady constant charge in the region of high 13s to 14.7 max volts depending on engine speed. Are you checking the voltage with a multi meter or looking at a voltage gauge on the dash? An old gauge can give an inaccurate reading. Mine did compared to my Fluke. A quick indication on an old car to give an idea if the alternator is charging is to run it at night, facing a wall with the headlights on and car ticking over. When you rev the engine, the lights should go brighter due to them receiving more voltage. However, a multi meter is much more accurate than this basic test. A modern car doesn't do this though. I'm leaning towards your alternator though at the moment, possibly with a lazy voltage regulator. Mine had to have a good blip of the throttle to initially excite a charge. Ended up changing mine and it's been absolutely fine since. Got it from the Car Spares Shop on the main road in Pontlottyn. Think it might have been about £50 exchange. I'm home on 22nd for a couple of days, but then have to go off again on the Sunday. Happy to stick the Fluke on it Saturday if you want...

    Respect. I am out of the country this year for Rememberence Day, but we still paid our respects for all our Brothers and Sisters in Arms.
  5. Maybe leave the lowering blocks off for any inspection, then slip them back in later.
  6. I'm thinking if they are exempt, although I've no idea, then maybe we could get some kind of events license for our cars. Not sure if there is anything in this line of thinking, but it might have some legs.
  7. How would Historic Race Cars or Homogolated Cars fare?
  8. Looking really good. I will be waiting for more pics and updates from the pool in Phuket.
  9. Capri axle 52"

    How'd you get on with those Callipers. Did they clean up OK?
  10. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Picked it up last Friday, but there was another one there with Accralite pistons in a box. Did the big valve head have rimflow valves? He's done a really nice job on the machining mind, fair play. Just got to put it all back together now. When I took my head over Friday, I showed him how the exhaust gaskets were slightly covering the ports and he gave me the bigger Felpro gaskets for free. You having some work done on yours then? Would definitely recommend Mike's work. Definitely interested in how you get on at the Rolling Road. Did you ever get a run up to Moseley's in Llandeilo after?
  11. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Sounds like exactly the same guy I spoke to. Went off on one at me too.
  12. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Just spoke with Turbosport on the phone and all I can say to other members of this forum is to stay well clear of them. Not how I expected to be spoken to as a customer with a genuine concern telling them that the Centre Boss doesn't fit. I'm returning the Auxiliary Pulley back to them for a refund, but I am not expecting this to go smoothly...
  13. Cruel Idiots Everywhere

    We fed some courting Robins in our garden, this time last year. They ended up building a nest in our banking that we could see them feeding their young around March time. We were then due to have landscaping done and actually put it off until the young flew. We kept putting tidbits out for them and my Missus almost got them feeding from her hand. She also had them coming to the kitchen window as well. Have had to work at encouraging them back since the work was done, but she's got them coming to the kitchen door now and whistling. Seems like it's another pair, playing the courting/chasing game. Also moved our Hedgehog house last year, but haven't spotted him back since we had the work done.
  14. Pinto - The Resurrection

    I'll have a look at them then. Every little helps... Definitely need to get one very soon.
  15. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Snook in the garage and got a little bit done on the head earlier. She had a list of other jobs for me to do in the garden, but then it's started to rain halfway through them... Managed to clean up all the gasket faces with a Stanley's Blade, then started to port match the gasket to the head. Transferred the gasket to the inlet manifold, then sketched any steps, ready to be filed back. Got 2 ports done , but then the kid's came round for tea. I've also got some Felpro Exhaust Gaskets for when I do the outlets, as the old standard gaskets were slightly protruding over the ports. The Felpro ones are bigger overall and don't do this. Hopefully get back on it in about 2 weeks now due to other commitments.