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  1. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Take your time Fella and get well.
  2. My Missus reckons I'd blow Elton John for car parts.
  3. Looking forward to this build up.
  4. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Had a day in the garage yesterday and finally dropped the lump back in. Gearbox will be finished by Friday and hopefully fit that then. However, my Betty had booked us a break in Stratford Upon Avon for the weekend, so will probably throw a spanner into my plans. Also managed to get the Lambda Boss cut and fitted to the exhaust. Just need to get it welded tomorrow, so that it's tighter than Lycra to a Camel Toe.
  5. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    With cylinder 2 & 3 being so low and at the same readings, it could indicate a head gasket leak across the bores. However, I'd then expect to hear air coming from the adjoining cylinder. As the guy hasn't given you any indication of where the air was leaking too, I'd be looking to do the tests myself after having checked the valves, as suggested by Col. Leak off test usually indicates the following: Air at inlet side / carbs = inlet valve Air at exhaust side = exhaust valve Air at radiator = head gasket or cracked bore or head. Air in adjacent cylinder = head gasket. Air at dipstick = piston rings/worn bores or hole in piston.
  6. Type 9 Gearbox Oil

    Strongly leaning towards the COMMA Semi-Synthetic GL4 SX75W-90 now. It was between this and Redline, plus this save the pennies to buy a crank sensor bracket
  7. Type 9 Gearbox Oil

    How do you find the ATF compared to the traditional manual gearbox oil?
  8. What oil are you using in your Type 9? Going to buy some GL4 this week, but debating between COMMA Semi-Synthetic GL4 SX75W-90, or a more expensive Redline Synthetic MTL 75W-80 GL4.
  9. Camber mk2 escort

    I don't think your far off my set up there. Only difference I have is a quick rack, but I wouldn't think that would make any difference. Front end of my car is up on axle stands at the moment if you want to take any measurements for comparison.
  10. Camber mk2 escort

    I am running more negative camber than the manufacturers original settings, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. How does it actually drive and handle? You might find that the car now handles a bit better on hard cornering, possibly with a touch more oversteer too. Camber adjustment will however have an effect on Toe settings, but adjusting the Toe doesn't effect Camber. You can see this clearly with a Hunter 4 wheel alignment set-up. You can also alter the Camber with adjustable top strut mounts, but I wouldn't really start going down that road with a road car.
  11. help needed

    Doesn't matter if you move 2 positions clockwise or anti clockwise. Either way moves it 180°. Ideally, with the engine at TDC on number 1 firing (both valves closed) the rotar arm should be lined up with a small notch on the distributor body. This is the correct position. However, if dizzy has been removed, it could be way out until rotated. With number 1 now set up as above, piston at TDC and both valves closed, you are ready to start : Now, set your static timing initially to 8° on the crank pulley. Go for the 3rd notch from the first fat line on the left. Don't look at the cam pulley now. Loosen your distributor so that the points are jut opening on the dizzy lobe going in the correct direction of rotation. You could also use a 12v test lamp or multi meter to get this really accurate. As it changes state, the points are just opening. Nip up the pinch bolt on dizzy. Refit cap, with number 1 lead coming of the position of the rotar arm. Fit other leads in a clockwise direction at 1,3,4 2. If an engine is 180 out, you normally get a sucking, blowing type of noise.
  12. help needed

    Out of curiosity, move each dizzy lead 2 places forward. Could be 180 out. You can generally tell if a Pinto is 180° out by the sound it makes when cranking over, but it's hard to explain. Give it a try, it won't damage your engine.
  13. help needed

    Have you got a spark at a plug when earthed against the block?
  14. Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    These are some of the bits I had done on that batch.
  15. Pinto heater

    Get some Under Armour Skins. Nobody will see those under your clothes