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  1. dt36

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    OK no worries. I'll tidy it up and put it on Flea bay when I'm done. "Rare as a rare thing, barn find, Harrier, RS, Carlos Fandango centre console" £250 or will consider possible part ex against a Showaddywady LP (Live at Butlins).
  2. dt36

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Col, I'm buying a scabby console this week off a local lad. Won't know the true condition until I collect it. However, I think it can be tidied up. My plan is to get it for measurements and to see if it can be mocked up with some gauges and a mock vintage bluetooth radio facia. Once I've done the measurements, I'll probably be looking to move it if your interested. I agree it looks scabby now though.
  3. dt36

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    OK, thanks all. I've just been doing a little maths, but it's been a while, so correct me if I'm wrong. If I divide 153 into 96, this gives me 62%. Take the 62 away from 100 then I'm losing 38% to my wheels. Now, if I'm right, I've done the same maths on an Escort they had on the same rollers last week that has just been built for Clubman Rallying. Therefore higher Bhp than mine. Torque is similar though. OK, look at the pic. I've done 172 into 127.5 and got 74%. Take that 74 away from 100 and there's a loss of 26% to his back wheels. Now that is a lot less than mine. So same rollers, same operator and 1 week apart. I believe your correct guys in saying I definitely should be getting more to my wheels. That is, if I did the maths right.
  4. dt36

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    I have just put a 22mm blanking grommet in mine.
  5. dt36

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    Fair comments from both, as I did expect more at the wheels and was sort of waiting for someone to pick up/confirm this. They ran the rollers first with the car in neutral so the dyno would know where it was resistance wise. The gearbox has just been rebuilt, and I'm happy with that. All oil in there is the correct grade and level. Diff is a Quaiffe ATB and was set up by them as well. They said all was spot on when on their rig. With the car jacked up, the rear wheels do not rotate as freely as I would expect them too and the car has a cyclic squeek at the rear when warm. Rear wheel bearings were new (SKF) last year when diff was changed. I now have a new set of discs on my bench that arrived Thursday night, the day before the RR run as I suspect this might be where the noise is coming from when warm. RR confirmed it's somewhere on the Drivers side rear. I'm hoping with these being the 3rd set of discs in 2 weeks that they are the correct fit. I also have a new Escos handbrake cable to fit when I replace the discs. Calipers are fairly new Sierra jobs. I suppose it would be best if I remove the old handbrake cable and both callipers, fit the wheels back on and then give them a spin to see if I still have some resistance there. OK, so assuming I still have resistance after setting the calipers and new cable back up, or restance when I spin the wheels with no calipers fitted., where would you be looking yourself? Input greatly appreciated and not taken as a negative. As you guys know, I'm always open to advice and willing to listen and learn.
  6. We'll see if I've got any money left after building my other engine on which way I go. 😀 The bike carbs are actually OK, but I think they're on their limit now.
  7. dt36

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    Final figures are back from RR today at Nutts Performance. Highly recommend these lads if you're close to S Wales. My main goal with this thread was to rebuild a dead pinto on a budget. Big BHP was not really my concern, as I was looking more for a street engine that suited my RPM range and the area I drive about in. In fairness, I'm very happy with the Torque output now and for going with the FR30 cam. Carbs needed balancing now that they had longer equal trumpets and the needle jet was dropped 1 notch due to it running rich on mid to high RPM. Other than that, the timing and cam was spot on with no gains to be found via advance or retard. 14° and 110° respectively. Picture below was on 2nd run after adjusting the carbs:
  8. dt36

    Unleaded 2.0 pinto cylinder head id

    My 2.0 unleaded head has a P stamped on it beside a punch mark on inlet side. 1.6 head has smaller combustion chambers, so higher compression if used on a 2.0 block.
  9. dt36

    Scheel roll top seats

    Sell those 94mm Kobelnscmits you have and commit straight away to a set of Ford Cosworth YB 38mm compression height accralites. I possibly might be selling a set of 1.6 Fiesta rods soon with a brand new set of bearings. RWL81P goes 2.2... Apologies for sidetracking the seat thread, but it's sort of related. If you have more torque, then the Scheel seats will hold you in better.
  10. dt36

    Scheel roll top seats

    I found the Rolltops in my first RS more comfortable than the next one I had with Fishnets. Car I have now has Sparco buckets in it, which although snug should really be replaced for an original RS set. Problem is that every time my car fund builds up, I spend it elsewhere on the mechanical side of the car.
  11. dt36

    Mk2 cortina

    Got Spotify on my headphones in work while I'm working on the flows of a winch hydraulic schematic. Got a mix of Northern Soul/Ska/Mod going on the playlist and this oldie from The Lambrettas came on. You have to do your project pics to this...
  12. dt36

    Mk2 cortina

    I think you could make a living out of this if you set your mind to it.
  13. dt36

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Col, vinyl tinting is that good now you could probably find a green or bronze to match. Had my Missus car done with privacy tint on the rear and the range the guy had was incredible. He did hers from a CAD template and the machine cut them perfectly. Don't know if they would have an Escort on CAD, but you never know. Price was £80 and you wouldn't tell the difference from a £400 factory option tint.