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  1. Bikini bike carbs

    This is more or less the same as mine. Primes itself when you switch on the ignition and runs at the right pressure for bike carbs. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121507320559
  2. Quality Gutter Trim for Mk2 Escort

    I just re-clipped my passenger side only last week. However, I did put a thin run of mastic along the roof side first as it sometimes sprang out on a long drive. Seems to be holding so far.
  3. Escort zetec won't rev past 5200 rpm

    I'm thinking king it's not being restricted by the driveline then. Liking Snappers idea of checking the ignition curve. Random question and one I'm not sure of the answer: Do these engines need to run a swirl pot for the fuel side?
  4. New man

  5. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    Me too. If I was selling mine, I'd say it's faster than Batman's.
  6. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    This one's a bit rich for my appetite. Lovely condition, but how much? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132323611483
  7. Escort zetec won't rev past 5200 rpm

    Does it give more revs when driving in 1st, 2nd & 3rd?
  8. Bikini bike carbs

    Neil, I'm away all weekend on a trip, but can sort the timing any evening this week if you want me to take a look. Prefer if it's not lashing it down though as my garage is choc a bloc. If you keep it in a lower gear all the way over with the revs over 3k, then this can give us an indication of the mixture by pulling a plug.
  9. Identifying a genuine mk2 RS2000 shell

    Pic of bonnet stay laid flat, in its clip.
  10. Cortina axle 52" disc modification

    OK, dug them out. They're in 2 boxes that both just fit inside a shoebox. They also have the carriers that Col mentioned. Weighed them and they come in about 6.6kg. There's definitely a firm in the UK that do refurbs, as I did consider this. Take into consideration that you will have to post to them too. If you want them, they're yours for postage. Have a look on Royal Mail site for parcel at around 6.6kg, shoebox size. Don't forget, Beef, not Pickled Onion mind...
  11. Cortina axle 52" disc modification

    How did you plumb this in. Where was your T-piece? Is this a fly off handbrake or does it hold as well? Got to be better than a cable set up
  12. Cortina axle 52" disc modification

    My set up is Cossie rear calipers with Fiesta XR2 discs. Cable handbrake. I've fitted some new rear callipers due to the brake hoses and bleed nipples on my old ones being seized. Ended up cutting the pipes and then fitted all new. I still have the old ones and they can probably be refurbed , cheaper than buying new. If you want them, pay the postage, along with a bag of Beef Monster Munch and a Curly Wurly and you can have them.
  13. Identifying a genuine mk2 RS2000 shell

    As above. Attached is an old pic of my engine bay, showing the bonnet stay location. I can try to get some clearer ones tonight if you need them.
  14. Twin 40s

    Oof, wouldn't have thought they cost that.
  15. Low Cost Tracker

    Spot on, Dan.