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  1. dt36

    Mk2 cortina

    I've just decided, I now want this car.
  2. Used a lot of these over the years, until they went to boil in bag ration packs.
  3. dt36

    Powder Coating Mk2 Door Handles

    I've had Pulleys and components with gasket faces powder coated. They just tape them up for the bits they don't want covering.
  4. dt36

    Powder Coating Mk2 Door Handles

    I've had a fair few parts powder coated and it is very thick. The guy who does my work wouldn't do my petrol filler cap due to the key barrel, so he sprayed it instead.
  5. dt36

    Mk2 escort Zetec conversion

    Take a look on RWD Zetec World (Faceb00k). There's a guy on there called Neil Dunne who does some quality parts too.
  6. -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. .
  7. dt36

    Throttle cable

    No, this was yellow. I think the red one was from Tredegar. Had to sell my red RS2000 when my Missus was pregnant, due to her losing the back end of it twice. Sold it and bought a fairly new Nova Sr to keep her safe. Was a good car, fair play.
  8. dt36

    Using Vernier Pulley with Standard Pinto Camshaft.

    As Col says, no issues and fairly straightforward. I think I've got some timing discs on my PC in work I made last year. If you give me the details of your cam at full lift on number 1, I can probably customise it for you. These are fairly good to use as they can be printed out to different sizes for different size Pulleys. I'll mail it you then for printing. CDs are good for sticking or laser burning to. I was thinking about doing one for a crank pulley to get printed as a sticker. Then either clear lacquer it, or clear hydro dip. Oddly enough, I did a set of Kent Cams yesterday on a Zetec for a lad and only took one timing disc with me. Could have done with another, as cam dwell was surprisingly large on both cams.
  9. Anyone have a heater hose fitted to their Pinto inlet manifold that goes around the back of the engine block? My Pinto is fitted with a DanST inlet manifold that has its heater hose connector fitted in the centre. I'm looking at changing my hoses from blue to black, but not sure if this fits. It looks like it will, but looking for some advice or pics if anyone has a hose adapter in the same position and angle, thanks.
  10. dt36

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    You haven't spent any money on your car in a couple of weeks. Get on the case...
  11. dt36

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    Something is definitely shaking bits loose there. He will probably suggest the complete rotating mass, from pulley to clutch pressure plate. He's got loads of bits there if you need anything or alternatively, I have a fair few bits here. Definitely have one unmolested crank here and unmolested flywheel. Got a new piston ring compressor last week, so might get my 205 block up on the engine stand this weekend to pull one piston and rod out to see what combination they are and measure the crank to see if it is also standard. Not sure, as it was built for a turbo set up when I first had my car. It was supposed to have been done by Turbo Technics years ago, but I've not seen any evidence to support that. If the crank is standard, then I might sell one of them off with a set of fiesta diesel conrods, so I can then pay for the other set to be done as an offset grind. Unfortunately, Mikes machine only does standard grind. Also got to do a set of cams and timing on a Zetec Blacktop tomorrow for a lad in Blackwood, so the pounds are building up slowly to get the work done Should actually pull my finger out and do my own car though and put the gearbox back in. My MOT guy is off until Aug now, so I'm aiming to target all work done for then to be back rolling again.
  12. dt36

    Throttle cable

    This Chevette was the XR3 Hunter. I think he payed about £80 for it originally and pit his 2L Pinto with 45s in it from his Cortina he crashed. The XR3 had just come out then and being mature young adults, we used to go looking them. Was a good old runner, until his ex girlfriend smashed every window and dented every panel on it when he planted his swimmers in another girl...
  13. dt36

    Throttle cable

    Good skills. Keep 2 lots of the orange bailing cord in the car as well incase your wipers go. We drove around in my Mates Chevette like that for about a week once until we could get to the scrappies on a Saturday.
  14. dt36

    Black car paint restorers, witch is best?

    Wash Clay bar Wash Autoglym polish Poor Boys Black Wax