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  1. chinkamon

    Capri leaf springs mk1 Tina help

    Cheers col
  2. chinkamon

    Capri leaf springs mk1 Tina help

    Also the lowering blocks we used don't seem to fit the pin in the springs too well. The hole is slightly smaller than the pin head, did u guys have to do a bit of 'fettling' to make it a snug fit?
  3. chinkamon

    Capri leaf springs mk1 Tina help

    Yea we never noticed how far forward it was before but it is about an inch-2 inch away from the back of the wheel arch without looking, I suppose it can't go too far forward as the prop an gearbox won't allow it to move too much? Is that about right?
  4. chinkamon

    Capri leaf springs mk1 Tina help

    Well the springs are fitted but the axle seems too far forward? I used the lowering blocks but I'm wandering shud the lowering blocks fit over the location pin on the spring? And I assume the spring will only fit one way?
  5. chinkamon

    Capri leaf springs mk1 Tina help

    Nice one col!!
  6. chinkamon

    Capri leaf springs mk1 Tina help

    Cheers col that's the solution I just put forward
  7. Hi all So I bought some 2.8 capri leafs from gs escorts the other week, the old chaps bored stiff so decided to stick them on for me whilst I was busy but come across a bit of a gap when using the old u bolts.. He asked do you guys an girls use different u bolts when doing this or not? As the originals were obviously designed with multi leaf spring depth as a pose to the single leaf depth??
  8. chinkamon

    Mot exemption

    Well who knows then? The post office an DVLA told me the same thing so I'll go with that unless pc plod tells me otherwise??
  9. chinkamon

    Mot exemption

    So just in case anyone is still hovering round here, I went into the post office the other day and asked their advice The lady said no the v112 is just for our staff, we Dont send It off or put anything into the DVLA system, then her manager was ear wigging in the corner and comes over and confirms the DVLA already have vehicles listed, the v112 is to declare to the staff at the post office you're taxing your vehicle at that it meets the criteria for exemption, no mot needed so they can tax it, no DVLA involvement, no forms sent off, no extra box ticked on the computer. So now the cars out the garage an I feel safe that the fuzz won't pull me an tell me off!
  10. chinkamon

    V8 mk1 cortina

    Yea I saw it on ebay but there's very little work done on it an it's at 5. 5k would have to have a very understanding wife to take that on.... Or be single 😂
  11. Hi all So it's up for sale as I seen something else I want but I'm not desperate to sell so if it doesn't sell, I'll keep her and enjoy her myself. £9500 firm 63 mk1 cortina 1500, not gt, manual 4 speed, 4 door, mechanically almost as stock as the day she left the factory. It's lowered an inch at the front, does have new halogen headlights, new fuse box for lights, heater, rad fans, ignition, it is a aftermarket box able to do whole car but majority of wiring for lesser wattage items was in good shape so left the extra wiring bundled up under dash in case ever needed to use. Prev owner took back to bare metal an rebuilt photos to prove, a auto shop repair friend said it looks like there was moisture in the pipes as has little bubbles in some parts of the paint but not that noticeable unless u look for it, but only bits of rust are around the exhaust and on 1 strut top mount which isn't structural. Removed front silencer and added a cherry bomb on the back not too loud though, running on 13" lotus rims New mechanical fuel pump, leads, carb, battery, points and condenser, in line fuel filter, new fuel tank from team deville at 500 pound! New fuel sender, Elec temp controlled rad fans, rear seat belts, Will come with 4 good as new spare tyres, gt carb and inlet manifold and polished stainless exhaust manifold cost £300 as well as a few sets of su carbs and twin su carb manifold that I bought to play about with but couldn't bear to mess with the car as runs perfectly Pm me if you're serious, then I'll pass on my number or email, no tyre kickers or dreamers I don't have the patience! 😂
  12. chinkamon

    Burton power are shite.

    I gotta say I've ordered a fair few bits from them an they always been pretty quick and the stuff seems good too, maybe the stuff I got is fairly generic though? Mechanical fuel pump, ignition parts etc?
  13. chinkamon

    V8 mk1 cortina

    Gutted that would my ultimate car
  14. chinkamon

    Mot exemption

    Surely your biased tho?? 😂
  15. chinkamon

    Mot exemption

    If the fuzz collar me I'm telling them vista told me to do it 😂😂 Cheers everyone 👍