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  1. chinkamon

    5 speed gearbox

    Yea, As I said, I thought I knew the answer would be that 😂 So not straight swop then, I assume tunnel needs a bit of modifying too?
  2. chinkamon

    5 speed gearbox

    I think I know the answer but got to ask, Mk1 cortina, Is there a 5 speed gear box that I can replace my existing stock 4 speed with, that will slot into the space no cutting required and bolt to the precrossflow and existing prop??
  3. chinkamon

    New type metal pressed number plates

    Yea I asked my copper mate about this and he said they're not legal despite these companies claiming they are as they have to be MADE from reflective material and metal ones are painted therefore illegal.
  4. Why?!? I get on period cars, I get on show cars in the show n shine area, I even to a degree get the ones with your football clubs logo faintly covering the plate, or different fonts But on your bmw 3 series, your passatt estate...... I don't! They look EXACTLY the same as the plastic. But they're iilegal, and cost more! Someone able to shed any light on this? I even started to get wound up by it now when I see a normal car with them on 😂😂 Think I may have too much time on my own driving my work van 🤔😂
  5. chinkamon

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    So where abouts does the bracket attach to on the manifold then?
  6. chinkamon

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Yea..... I'll shut up now just found it...... The post next to mine, asking the same question an has a link in it to the thread you're talking about 😂
  7. chinkamon

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Oh nothing too fancy then? Col I'm going to show my ignorance now but I've looked an I can't see that thread on bsc 😂
  8. chinkamon

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    What a diamond! Cheers col
  9. chinkamon

    Lotus stripes

    Was looking at just gloss white
  10. chinkamon

    Lotus stripes

    Yea was going to copy the lotus style right round to break up the blue, as I cant afford a paint job it's the only thing I thought I could do, I can't afford a professional to paint it so we'll see how we go
  11. chinkamon

    Lotus stripes

    Cheers vista 👍
  12. chinkamon

    Lotus stripes

    Hi all So I'm looking to put some lotus style stripes on my mk1 Cortina but white, I wandered does anywhere sell them ready made? I bought white vinyl to make them but failed miserably as the lines aren't actually straight but curved slightly an my shakey hands aren't up to it. A local shop could make some but it'd cost a fortune due to the length of vinyl So I was just going to get some white spray but thought I'd ask here first
  13. chinkamon

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Googled it an had no luck and looked through my Haynes and autobook and can't see anything there?
  14. chinkamon

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Aah didn't realise there was such a thing..... Anyone have any pictures??
  15. chinkamon

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Tidy that's what I'll do then! Just had blap up the road in it, with the new carb and new larger bore exhaust which is pretty much straight pipe now an wow she shifts a bit better than with the original carb an exhaust on ❤️❤️