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  1. Danish

    Capri Mk2 Stampede up for auction

    No, no. It would be a black Capri with 5 litre V8 and other Jeff Uren gubbins. That's not common-garden
  2. Danish

    Classic Look Bluetooth Stereos

    I've seen some that look like a 1960s radio with chrome front. For a 1970s car, some of the European models had a push-button LW/MW radio. AFAIK Blaupunkt were the original manufacturers and also did an FM version. Once you have FM you can use a DAB->FM convertor or one of those cigar-lighter plug in MP3->FM adapters. Of course the Australian market may be completely different!
  3. Danish

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    The information WAS in the pack, hence my apology!
  4. Danish

    Capri Mk2 Stampede up for auction

    No, no, no. I'm thinking black, as a nod to the JPS Mk2s. Now, where's my DA...?
  5. Danish

    Brake pad question

    My Cortina's EBC pads came with these. I just followed the instructions - trimmed them and stuck them on. No problems with them, even though at one point the brakes got hot enough to melt the powder coat on the wheels and hubs (lesson learned there about powder-coating wheels!)
  6. Danish

    Capri Mk2 Stampede up for auction

    "Our biggest concern,” says Henderson, “was that someone else would buy it and respray it.” Indeed, that would be the first job on my list!
  7. Danish

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Ah, sorry. I didn't think to look in the pack, and looked at their website - which was really lacking in information!
  8. Danish

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Chris, do you know if we can use disposable BBQs at the campsite. Also are there any electric hook-ups in our field? - obviously we'd have to pay more but would be useful.
  9. Danish

    Name that radiator??

    Second one is not dissimilar to the Mk1 V4 Transit radiator - as eeb43 says, depends on size.
  10. Danish

    38 DGES carb swap

    Interesting - does the 'E' denote electric choke?
  11. Danish

    Bulb Talk - A General Illuminating Discussion

    I have LED lamps for my Mk3 Cortinas sidelights, but for the brakes I couldn't find any suitable LED so went back to filament. For the Lucas reverse spot I found a Chinese guy selling Cree LED lamps to replace the 35W (?) old-style Lucas lamp. My front indicators are much like your chrome ones, but amber - they do look good with clear lenses.
  12. Danish

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    We did tour-only last year but felt we missed out a bit, so camping for us this year!
  13. Danish

    SPA gauges?

    Hmm, that's concerning. My Jaguar has an LCD dash display and that has condensation damage since I left it parked over this winter.