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  1. Vacuum Pipe to Twin 40S

    I have a single 45. It didn't have a vacuum take off, and ignoring advice that it didn't need one, I got a takeoff pipe from Webber and fitted it. The car ran like a dog, especially at low revs where it was hunting badly. Someone said disconnect the vacuum and it ran so much better.
  2. Cortina P100 Gearbox Wanted

    Isn't a P100 box a type-9 with different ratios?
  3. Sweet Mother of God!

    Sounds like a plan. I did little things like adding genuine NOS Mk5 estate strengthening panels in the engine bay, so modified but still Ford.
  4. Ticking clock......

    I like petrol engines a lot, but I was watching this Youtube channel and electric does have possibilities.
  5. Going in dry

    When I've bought Superflex bushes they've come with a little sachet of what looks like silicone grease.
  6. Sweet Mother of God!

    For me it depends on what the upgrades are. In a Mk3/4/5 Cortina if someone else has already done a nice job fitting a 5-speed gearbox, vented front discs, tubular manifold, etc. then that's work I don't have to do - so certainly wouldn't devalue the car.
  7. Ticking clock......

    It would seem to make more sense if you had a battery lease scheme - on the motorway you'd pull into a service station. A machine lifts out the battery and puts a charged one in and you go on your way. I reckon before long AA vans will carry some kind of battery booster instead of a jerry can and they'll give you a 20 minute charge. I can see loads of problems - what if you use on-street parking, how do you charge up? What if you have 3 cars in the family, that's going to need a serious electricity feed, and quite where all the lithium is going to come from for millions of cars? But I think there are lots of opportunities - supermarkets could have charging points and give you a free 30 minute charge if you spend £50 or whatever. Maybe cars could have solar panels in the roof to top up the charge through the day while they're parked.
  8. Wheel arch roller required

    A mate bought one from Ebay last week, only £35 and nice quality.
  9. Photo bucket o' Crap!

    I'm assuming they *wanted* us to all close our accounts and walk away. The way they've gone about this - 24 hours notice in my case, and no monthly hosting option, suggests they aren't interested in striking up new paid accounts, as the approach they've taken isn't going to make you think they're a good company to deal with. So my best guess is this is a one-off cash grab. Most users won't pay the $400. Of those who do, most will surely only pay it once to get them out of the current position while they look for a new host?
  10. My optician says I have to stop reading this topic.
  11. Photo bucket o' Crap!

    Yup. I haven't used them for a few years but my photos for 2011-13 were on photobucket. I've moved most of them and I'll close my account asap.
  12. C,mon convince ME

    I don't know about this particular model, but Duratec is a bit of a branding thing - my T5 Volvo engine is called "Duratec i5" by Ford but AFAIK it has no relation at all to the 4-pot Duratec.

    The exhaust and manifold is a work of art - even the silencer was made from scratch. I think it's tig welded, but not 100% sure.

    The pinto in my Mk3 Cortina... 2100cc, FR30 cam, vernier cam pulley, big valves, enlarged throats & exhaust ports, DCOE-45 on a Lynx manifold, Sierra/Bosch electronic ignition, lightened steel fly wheel, 4-2-1 2.25 exhaust, poly-v pulley conversion. Repro RS rocker cover: Custom exhaust from Pro-Speed exhausts in Cardiff:
  15. time to sell up my mk2 rs200 resto project

    I was 99.99% sure it wouldn't be an RS2000, and I don't think they ever made a Mk2, but I still clicked on the link in case it really was an RS200.