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  1. OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Hurrah! We're up for this.
  2. New boy

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Land Rovers are chassis vehicles, not monocoque, so you should be able to modify the bodywork a fair amount without any issue from DVSA. In the real world of course my friend is having problems with a new body on a pre-war race-car chassis.
  4. ... and including a 2-page write-up of the OSF "Tour of the Moor"!
  5. Happy to help. I'll look out for your car next weekend. Mine will be on the Mk3 Cortina Club stand.
  6. This is the third time I've exhibited at the NEC and I've driven each time - about two hours. Previously we've taken some water and stuff and found a quiet space outside to give it a wash down before driving in. This year I've saved up three months of mud and road grime for an authentic rally style.
  7. TYRES......Help please.

    I get that, but I went with 14" - just a bit bigger than 13 so not too much of a modification, and a much better range of tyres available.
  8. Pinto - The Resurrection

    These sound like good guys. I've been looking for a new machine shop - I used to go to Bowdens in Bristol but it seems they aren't trading at the moment. I'd like to get my engine balanced before I take it up a notch in power. I also need to get a new crank pulley made or modified to take a timing wheel for EFI.
  9. My car is completely rebuilt, with a 5-speed box and 2.1 engine, uprated brakes, etc. so I'm very happy taking it on motorways and putting some miles on it. But, if I had a more original car, with say a 1.3 engine and 4-speed, I'd definitely think twice before driving it across the country.
  10. I wouldn't fancy putty in my beer, it would taste horrible. :-s
  11. Tour of the Moor 2018

    A longer run would get our vote. Railway could be good. Last year the BSC guys did a run out to the Forest of Dean railway over a car show weekend, and that seemed very popular.
  12. Vacuum Pipe to Twin 40S

    I have a single 45. It didn't have a vacuum take off, and ignoring advice that it didn't need one, I got a takeoff pipe from Webber and fitted it. The car ran like a dog, especially at low revs where it was hunting badly. Someone said disconnect the vacuum and it ran so much better.
  13. Cortina P100 Gearbox Wanted

    Isn't a P100 box a type-9 with different ratios?
  14. Sweet Mother of God!

    Sounds like a plan. I did little things like adding genuine NOS Mk5 estate strengthening panels in the engine bay, so modified but still Ford.
  15. Ticking clock......

    I like petrol engines a lot, but I was watching this Youtube channel and electric does have possibilities.