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  1. Front bowl pinto sumps

    There is or was a company advertising on eBay think about £145 exchange
  2. As col said new 12v feed to coil, the ballast resistor wire could be at fault, had a issue with mine where the ballast wire was getting warm discarded the old wire, just ran a new wire from ignition to coil through a new fused link
  3. National oltimer festival at Zandvoort

    Nice photos, seems strange seeing mostly left hand drive
  4. Article in classic car weekly about these, 3 were stolen ,white one but recovered
  5. Ticking clock......

    2040 how many of us on here will have electric vehicle anyway
  6. Ticking clock......

    Probably go full circle and be back with horse and cart, maybe those mad max films fighting for fuel won't be that far fetched
  7. Just plain wrong!

    amazes me why and how they do it, and the man hours that go into them or in some cases not.
  8. crank the engine with dizzy cap off to make sure you know which way rotation, Set the cam belt pulley to the mark on the head, make sure this corresponds to the crank timing marks, this is no1 tdc, remove dizzy cap , make sure the no 1 plug lead lines up with rotor arm and recheck the other leads follow the rotation, ,of the firing order
  9. weather looking good for Sunday
  10. 7.5x13 RS alloy wheels

    Ring R and R alloys see how much will do a set of new ones for, did me a decent price I had 7 x13
  11. New event organized by notts rsoc, ferry farm park hoveringham ,don't have to be a rs ,get those fords out on show, over 300 cars booked already, all welcome
  12. Electric fan

    With no stat fitted shouldn't really get warm at all, are you sure water pump ok ,make sure the impeller turning ok, no circulation would cause overheating, worst case possible head or gasket issue
  13. Mk2 cortina panels

    Hi have you tried Darren at escort tec he had a load of mk2 parts last year for sale, or buy sell Cortina forum
  14. Good diff also 3.77 ,I bought a good 3.54 of g's escorts at Santa pod, classic ford show, he did have a 3.77 and a 3.89 for sale Give him a call