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  1. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Just seen on rallye sport escort forum fast Eddie has been admitted to hospital with heart problems, just sending best wishes and get well soon. to fellow enthusiast 👌 So he can get this car finished
  2. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    Do another test or get a competent garage to do it , personally dealing with pintos over the years, I would expect 140psi just ok to 180psi good Anything close leave alone if runs good
  3. 1600e chassis rails WANTED

    Try gs escorts ,escort tec or place called edf restos Should get numbers off Google
  4. Slurp, #Heineken

    I don't think he's impressed 😜
  5. Back in the day

    That was price for a gallon then not a litre
  6. Dvla vehicle inspection

    Registering a import is pretty straight forward, fill v55 about 7 photos I also sent photo of vin tags ,mot insurance,money for tax and money for registering, did my van took 7 days done
  7. Just plain wrong!

    Calling at Kwik fit with that near side front tire would be a laugh
  8. Just plain wrong!

    Was it done by goblin works garage
  9. On the road

    Nothing like getting your classic on the road for first time, well done
  10. Best adverts

    I knew I had seen col and his car before 😆
  11. Winner of a competition

    She was tightening my nuts 😂
  12. Pinto starter

    Looks like was Bad earth then mate
  13. Pinto starter

    Would have thought even a low battery and jumps leads would crank if only slowly
  14. Pinto starter

    I would still check the connections where all Fit, have you checked to make sure cut off switch not faulty, Other thing have you had a spanner on front crank pulley make sure engine not locked
  15. Winner of a competition

    They do sell them and post worldwide