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  1. Goblin Garage on Quest

    Another Made for TV show ,bit of a laugh for genuine car guys who really know what's involved building a car, Tidy bit of talent ,didn't let her drive when it was finished though,lol
  2. Not mine dude. it's for sale on eBay
  3. just newly listed ,Orange ford pop for sale on eBay. No v5. Applied to take private plate off it and inspector been out out and said it's modified and needs to go on a Q Not mine

    Merry Xmas guys and gals, who has had a nightmare buying for the Mrs, for six weeks been asking for ideas, birthday Xmas eve also ,she still don't know what she wants , argh, up to yet she got flowers for birthday and some money in card,
  5. Mot should be compulsory even a road worthiness check ,then free tax everyone safe and everyone happy
  6. Mk1 Tina accelerator pedal problems

    Would have thought if you make the hole smaller in bulkhead to accommodate cable and drill and slot pedal
  7. newbie with an oldie

    Welcome to forum. We like to see pictures
  8. new guy

    Nice work done a couple of mk1s welcome to old skool ford
  9. Lurker turned poster

    Welcome to old skool ford looks like you'll be busy for a while, keep on with pictures Cheers dave
  10. Hello.

    Welcome Steve to old skool ford lets have some pictures, Done a few Restos ,put them on projects and restorations, we like to see on going progress and help each other with information Thanks dave
  11. Hi all!

    Welcome to old skoolford
  12. Mk2 escort door mirror - what a cock

    Keep looking on eBay, think some Capri ones might be same ,or Retards Club, think something on there escortosis, or escort spares, Not on it myself
  13. most of the structure chassis floor tops etc are more or less mk1 mk2 Cortina based ,fuel tank also Looking good, what running gear are you going for Rack conversion pinto and type 9 would be good upgrade
  14. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Pikeys ,common trick they do is have 6 or so trucks or vans all with same number plates just insure and tax that registration Copper I know told me they've caught a few doing that
  15. Tyre size on a MK1 Mexico

    I like 185/60 13s personal preference, most tyres are ok but don't buy Nankang , don't grip and sometimes terrible to balance, been there! Running Marshalls now