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  1. Quality Gutter Trim for Mk2 Escort

    Think this is the way best way to do it, two previous escorts I had ,got trim from east Kent trims ,absolute nightmare, end up starting at front used evo stick to hold on then gently warm up , carry on gluing sections, poor quality wherever you get it from
  2. Just plain wrong!

    Obviously not a smart owner
  3. Fluid leak exhaust side pinto engine

    Sounds like head gasket make sure rocker cover ok ,
  4. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Think that's also part of it, can't really see why a vehicle will need re registering probably different tax classification, like you say free mot and tax or no free mot and tax,, also mentions self certification , don't really think they know themselves yet ,, can't imagine dvla sticking all modified vehicles on a Q plate, , most modified or modernized classics have proof of year manufactured,
  5. Recaro Seats Fitment

    I've got seat runners off mk3 rs turbo recaros in my mk2 van with seats out of mk5 escort rs2000 recovered in black leather look vinyl, have to slightly mess about with couple of brackets where bolt through seat cross member, and re drill one rear hole for seat mounting, but runners fit seats and fishnet recaros fit straight in
  6. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    From what I can make out, not affect registration of vehicles if modified, only whether it gets exemption from 40yr rolling mot
  7. Apparently one was found on a late model St fiesta, at said show
  8. Just been on rally sport escort forum, apparently was mentioned on there that it might have been tracked from national rsoc day donnington, , maybe worth checking our cars if been to any car show that nothing been attached, arches sills bumpers etc
  9. Trouble for Ford Fest.

    Focus fiesta fest more like , lets have a walk round have a look at all the orange and blue focus and fiestas, lol
  10. Just plain wrong!

    Like something from mad max
  11. Bikini bike carbs

    Are they topless carbs
  12. Can ya guess what it is yet....

  13. Can ya guess what it is yet....

    Mk2 escort
  14. Front bowl pinto sumps

    There is or was a company advertising on eBay think about £145 exchange
  15. As col said new 12v feed to coil, the ballast resistor wire could be at fault, had a issue with mine where the ballast wire was getting warm discarded the old wire, just ran a new wire from ignition to coil through a new fused link