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  1. Danxr2

    Midlands to wales whos going

    I agree
  2. Danxr2

    Midlands to wales whos going

    I hope they havent added new cars to it
  3. Only 2 weeks to go just wounderd if there was alot of people going ??
  4. Danxr2

    Classic Ford Show 2018

    Just booked my tickets ?
  5. Danxr2

    Midland to Wales tour 2018

    Im cofused who is rob lol count me in and two other frends with escorts will go ????
  6. I was going to ask the same thing lol 

  7. Danxr2

    Beige name

    Have you baught that
  8. Danxr2

    Old ford show Gaydon

    Im up for this
  9. Danxr2

    Your thoughts please

    I agree with fozzy
  10. Danxr2

    EVENTS 2018

    I like the sound of la mans classic sounds like a road trip to me
  11. Danxr2

    hey! Orion Here..

    I like that that's bad asss
  12. Danxr2

    hey! Orion Here..

    To new for this site but I don't car what people say I like it ?
  13. I'm interested in the rad /fan and hoses how much
  14. Danxr2


    This sounds good I'm up for that if I'm not in work
  15. I think you need a mk 2 escort I would but my car isn't clean enouth for this show