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  1. this is currently what is fitted, no idea what the cylinder is off, it had a couple of loose hoses attached to the reservoir, bringing it up to clear the carb trumpets......and leaking all over the place 🤨
  2. Hi, looking for anyone who can recommend what is the best non-servo brake master cylinder to use on my mk2 with crossflow engine running twin 40's. Quite like the idea of using the remote reservoir type to stop things getting too close and crowded.
  3. have recently bought a SA 1600 sport after missing the fun I had with my old cars so thought i'd share a couple of old photos.....sold the fantastic RS in 2000 and the mex rep was written off a couple of years before that after some idiot stuffed themselves in the side of it....
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    thanks for the welcome guys
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    hi, i'm jon and live in whitchurch, north shropshire. joined up as im on the hunt for a mk1/2 escort project which has been spurned on after joining my nephew, carl in his mk1 on the north wales run the other week. have owned a couple of mk1's in the past and also a riviera blue mk2 rs2000 (AGL487T) which i sold in 2000.....if anyone has/wants any more history about this car please do give me a shout. my other passion is oldskool kawasaki's and i've done a number of specials the best at present being my turbo'd 1977 z650 all the best