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  1. Vista

    Wiring help

    The switch in the box is just a switch, i.e open or closed circuit. You shoukd be able to connect the wire you have to one terminal and run a wire to earth from the other terminal. When you put it in reverse the switch closes and the circuit through the switch is made to earth.......and reverse lights come on.
  2. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

  3. Vista

    OSF vehicles

    Still the same re 1980 cut off date but we avoid getting into discussions about it on Facebook. Unfortunately you may see some more modern cars on our stand at CFS this year, the downside of using the organiser's booking system is that we lose the ability to vet what people are booking onto our stand.
  4. Vista

    Slow loading of site

    Please keep the comments coming if it's still happening folks.
  5. Vista

    Door Slammers - Santa Pod

    Nice one What does £2500 buy for a mk1 Fez on steroids?
  6. Vista

    Crossflow woes

    You still have points? 🚫
  7. Vista

    Slow loading of site

    Step away from the screens folks. Go and interact with real people :-) I am trying to get it sorted........ I remember a TV show that carried a similar message, why did they have to put the dodgy Paedo in a Cortina though?
  8. Welcome to OSF, You're right, prices have sky rocketed in recent years. Don't be put off by South African and Australian imports, just don't be under the illusion that they will be completely rust free. Also be aware that if they're not already registered in the UK, South African cars are harder to get through the registration process than Australian ones.
  9. Vista

    Hi from Glasgow

    Welcome to the site
  10. Vista

    Mot exemption

    I've been using it for 10 years on the same age PC and laptop. No complaints from me but them I'm no puter nerd either.
  11. Vista

    Classic Ford Santa Pod tickets

    The organisers have been sending out tickets and passes today, they will come direct to you via email
  12. Vista

    Mot exemption

    That's great, they'll go off looking for Microsoft
  13. Vista

    Mot exemption

  14. Vista

    Crossflow woes

    Sounds like the end us in sight though Chris?
  15. Vista

    Mot exemption

    Here's an extract from the latest issue of FBHVC news that I will shortly be emailing out copies of to paid members. Seems pertinent to the point you're making and clarifies that providing the vehicle is not radically altered, it can continue to be used legally without an MOT and no declaration having been made. If it has been so altered however, the Owner should MOT the vehicle as normal.