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  1. Orange Is The New Black

    Something odd about that one. An "N" plate is for September 74 to Aug 75 so definitely mk2 territory. That's either had a front end job to look like a mk3 or is carrying a private plate.................oh wait, just zoomed in and can see it's a NSW Australian plate. Why would the owner copy a UK format that's too old for the car? Stunning looking car whatever.
  2. My old orange escort LTF733K

    Like many of the older threads on here, it's been ruined by the then reliance on photo bucket for hosting images.
  3. Nasty white stuff!

    On tour in Scotland this week, it got worse (much worse) 20 minutes after I stopped for these pics.
  4. Midlands to wales

    Aled and Ross are both on here.
  5. Hello

    Welcome to the site
  6. Car needs a birth certificate

    Yes, we (OSF) are registered on the DVLA's V765 scheme and can help with that. Drop me an email to the admin email address.
  7. V5 and VIN SALES

    You should be able to report that one and have it removed on the grounds that he's saying he won't accept PayPal. Just a temporary measure mind.
  8. Engine transplant

    You may come to regret that, they're really only suitable for competition use. And contrary to popular belief, they are not stronger than helical gearing.
  9. Auto Correct

    Lol, there used to be a lot more. You couldn't post about Sierra's or XR3's without auto substitution of something derrogatory. It used to have the Owners of more modern Fords frothing at the bit. Trying posting a few four letter words (which is what the system is really designed to catch) and you'll find a few more.
  10. Is this at a different venue then Mark? Or has Hollywell bay changed its name?
  11. Have a read and download the document in this thread. It should give you all the info you need on the various types of 4 spoke alloys
  12. They won't be Capri Laser alloys if they use sleeved nuts rather than 60 degree taper nuts. Got any pics?
  13. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Depends how hard you drive it and how old the box is when you fit it. I have a standard type 9 on the back of my 2.2 Pinto with about 160bhp at the rear wheels. Still going strong 13 years later.
  14. Is the Wadebridge one Wadebridge wheels day or an entirely separate event?
  15. Happy Birthday Mk2Jo

    Have a good one