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  1. Vista

    New from Sussex

    Welcome to the site 👍
  2. Vista

    Pure Ford or Rally Day for 2019

    Poll added 👍
  3. Vista

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Personally I would steer clear of the standard Harrier colours, if you use them you will get constant questions along the lines of "is it a real one" or hear people muttering about it being a replica. Why not put a new / your own spin on it and use the Harrier style graphics but in a new colour and on a colour car that wasn't used for the Harrier?
  4. Vista

    pls go back

    Well be warned that maintaining two completely separate skins costs us more.
  5. Vista

    pls go back

    Check again on your drop down menus.
  6. Vista

    pls go back

    You don't see this at the bottom when you use the drop down arrow?
  7. Vista

    pls go back

    Old Skool Ford 18 is the previous skin.......but give this a chance please. Oh and what's in different locations? I haven't come across anything I can't find yet?
  8. Vista

    pls go back

    The old option is still there Ray, you can select it with the themes at the bottom. We were just wanting to update things a bit and personally I always struggled with the white on black. I figured this was a reasonable compromise keeping the black headers and borders.
  9. Vista

    ford Corsair

    If it drives and is in good condition (and it certainly looks good) fly over and drive it home? I have no idea on price range but Corsairs don't seem to have been hit by nearly as much of the scene tax as other period classic Fords so it may be less than you might think.
  10. Vista

    fuel injection conversion

    I haven't done it but have been toying with the idea of a set of Jenvey Heritage DCOE's for my Mk1 RS2000 for some time, will watch this thread with interest.
  11. Vista

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Well I am going to buck the trend and say I like the RS dash over the sport. An oil light doesn't cut it for me, I want to see the needle if it's low not just get a light when it's so low it's a risk.
  12. Vista

    Test message

    Nothing to see here, just testing after a reported problem posting to this forum.
  13. Vista


    Welcome to the site 👍
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