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  1. Just plain wrong!

    Flash I love you but we only have 14 hours to save the earth!
  2. Made his eyes water

    Probably hers too ?
  3. Just plain wrong!

    I reckon nothing before, or after, in this thread will beat this monster!
  4. Camping Weekend Zonhoven Belgium

    Looking good in your T shirts JP Did you get the logos i sent you to get the flags made? I am happy to pay for them, just let me know how much.
  5. How-do?

    Welcome to OSF From memory there's a Zephyr or Zodiac for sale in the classifieds room, it's a bit of a project though. Edit: Like I said, a bit of a project
  6. original Beta cloth

    Mine aren't Scheel seats, they're standard mk1 RS roll top recliners but yes you can. Mine needed attention to the webbing straps, foam and one of the tilt cables had snapped. As the covers have to come off to address all of those points, I figured I may as well go the whole hog and go for a set of the right covers.
  7. original Beta cloth

    I ordered a set of front and rear Betacloth covers for my RS from Aldridge, they arrived Friday and look very smart. Looking forward to seeing them fitted. Seats out ready to be stripped. These covers are not Betacloth but are in good nick and are available if someone wants a cost effective set of replacement covers. 2nd shot is one of the new covers ready to go on.
  8. Happy Birthday Rwd_Paul :beer:

  9. My Mk1

    Welcome to OSF Callum, nice looking Mk1
  10. Mk1 Gearbox support tunnel brace

    They all come with that brace as standard I think........but as the T5 box doesn't fit in a standard tunnel, I would say no. I'm not sure if the T5 fits in the larger auto tunnel either, can anyone confirm?
  11. original Beta cloth

    Did you buy a set of covers from Aldridge? I guess a lot of the additional cost is the labour for making them.
  12. Just plain wrong!

  13. Mk1 Gearbox support tunnel brace

    Stiffens the tunnel in the area the load from the rear gearbox mount is borne by the shell.