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  1. Vista

    Off my head 🙈

    What are these worth now in that sort of Nick Col?
  2. Vista

    My Mexicos Road to recovery

    Bonjour Rene! Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a bonnet lip that far gone. Did you repair it or replace it? I assume it's still LHD? Did you consider a RHD conversion?
  3. Maybe, but I don't want it pushed down people's throats either. It's entirely voluntary.
  4. Unfortunately that's one thing that's difficult to change as it's dictated by the operating software platform. We can tweak the look and layout a bit but not really do much about the format.
  5. Vista

    Plastic glass

    I think Danish has perspex windows of that style in her Mk3 Cortina might be worth a PM to her to ask how she did it?
  6. All of the new threads posted on here automatically appear on our open FB page and also our twitter feed. They have links back to here. New posts on either of those outlets don't appear on here though. Our closed FB group however doesn't (and can't) link back to the forum save for with links people post in it manually
  7. We already have a paid membership scheme with a private room for members. It's £12 per year. The private room doesn't get a lot of use though. Check out the subscription tab on the index page or the store for joining the "Cult of OSF".
  8. Vista

    Plastic glass

    Not seen it done as a single piece myself but what is it you're looking for? I.e. Proper drop "glass" of just a fixed panel?
  9. Its not so much that it's used specifically in place of forums, it's that people can use it as a one stop shop for everything. Family, friends, hobbies, car buddies, non car buddies etc etc. What FB is rubbish at is retaining information and making it searcheable for people to find and use. This is a forum's strength. Chris, you've restored a classic ford yourself so you probably know much more than you realise.
  10. All comments are welcome but we especially want feedback from people who post less often about, specifically on things that might encourage them to participate more frequently.
  11. That discussion has been done and is a closed shop.
  12. Means everything is great, no changes / updates needed? Bonus, less work for me
  13. Vista


    Yep, August 2014. I think that was the last time we had a stand there?
  14. Vista


    Last seen on the road when Adam West was still wearing a leotard in the Bat Mobile Or maybe a little more recently
  15. Vista

    Hello from Norfolk

    Welcome to the forum Gene, there are a number of AVO cars on here too.