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  1. Vista

    1300E resto number 2

    I don't, sorry Ray.
  2. Vista

    Escort Mk2 South African

    Welcome to OSF👍 That wire is bizarre, never seen anytbing like that either. What's it comnected to? Perhaps a left over from a now deleted after market AC system?
  3. Vista

    HTC Devon Costal Run - 2018

    Looks a great turn out Chris. Any opportunities to mention Tour of the Moor 2019?
  5. Vista

    Hello from Southampton Hampshire

    Welcome to OSF. Great choice of car / Van
  6. Vista

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    Ray, I may not sound it (and I know we have never met anyway) but I am half Scottish and have spent a good portion of my life there. My brothers still live there. There are a great many Scottish people who don't agree with the Fish woman and are as proud to be British as they are Scottish. Hence her and The Fish Guy (Salmond) failed in their attempt to break up the oldest union of countries in history. Long may the United Kingdom remain United. I have faith that the UK will outlive the SNP power grab.
  7. Vista

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    Ummm, no. I think Trump is trying to make up for their poor punctuality and reluctance to help in the last two world wars...........by being very punctual this time!
  8. Vista

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    Sympathise with the sentiment but your anger / resentment is a little mis-targeted. Romania is part of the EU so they are legally entitled to come here for work and don't need to stow away on any trucks to do so. Much as I believe that open borders was a mistake, I cannot hold it against any of the Eastern Europeans who want to come here in search of a better life for themselves. Many Brits have done exactly the same to NZ, Australia, Canada & The US over the years. The illegal immigrant question is an entirely different one. They too need to be curbed but having seen the misery, hunger and poverty that many Africans and Middle Eastern people are trying to escape first hand (whilst in the sevices) I can't begrudge or resent them wanting a better (and safer) life for them and their families either. Most of them have walked thousands of miles and risked life and limb (many dying en route) to reach European shores, do you think they'd do that if they had any other choice?
  9. It's more a lane to our house than a driveway. There are 6 houses here.
  10. Here's a good one, mobile phones the size of breeze blocks.........that only make phone calls.
  11. Vista

    Just add stripes

    And you can make just about anything look sporty! 🤔 or can you?
  12. My kids love theirs
  13. Vista

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    So what message do you think they might be trying to convey?
  14. on a more mechanical note....
  15. Think I still have one of those somewhere.