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  1. Can't believe he was towing a car that weight with a Golf either. They were made of battleship weight steel back then!! Great new that for once there's a happy ending.
  2. 66 stanced corsair

    Welcome to OSF. Meets do still happen at Boxhill but they aren't ours and aren't coordinated on here anymore.
  3. Midland to Wales tour 2018

    I can't remember if Rob is the father or the son but the son is a member on here. Though I dont think he logs in often.
  4. Capri 2.0s 1983

    Pretty easy to post up pics on here and your ad is far more likely to be noticed with them
  5. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Burgers are bad for you? Man that sucks! Get well soon

    Looks Good Col. I remember my wallet being drastically lightened by a YB Turbo engine build too!
  7. Mk1 Cortina" Pg tips"

    An update once every two years or so?
  8. Mk2 More door

    Welcome to the site
  9. What a way to make a living?

    I think maybe you're missing the gag, albeit it's a bad one
  10. Photo shop or not, what has been seen cannot be unseen!
  11. Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    The steels do look fine as is in my opinion.......but go with whatever look you like.
  12. Mothering Sunday

    is Upon us again guys.............but I am just not feeling the love