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  1. Comments anyone?

    Think he qualifies as "terminally stupid" with knobs on!
  2. Comments anyone?

    They must do or people wouldn't fall for it. The sale price isn't the aim as only the terminally stupid would send that amount of money, the aim is getting the buyer to send a deposit via a money transfer system. Say £500 - £1000
  3. Comments anyone?

    I saw it but the listing was pulled before i could copy a link across to it
  4. I see the photobucket cash grab has negatively impacted this thread too. I wonder if that actually netted them any extra revenue. Anyway, the Seventies called, they want their van back
  5. Comments anyone?

    These ones? Escort Mexico Escort RS2000 Agree the advertised price is pretty eye watering.......but his car, his price no? Edit: I'd say they were both attempts at a scam as both listings request you contact the seller outside eBay. Bids are likely just people taking the piss
  6. Comments anyone?

    Link doesn't work for me
  7. Yes of course: Large Web address banner
  8. Orange Is The New Black

    Please consider it payback for exporting Fosters and Castlemaine rather than Victoria Beer!
  9. The road to recovery !

    Ouch! At least you can fix it yourself, that would have been a heavy hole in many people's wallet to deal with that.
  10. Orange Is The New Black

    Orange enough?
  11. Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    Rust, it hides everywhere waiting to come and hit you in the wallet when you least expect it.
  12. newbee

    The special build program meant you coukd virtually buy what Ford were competing with on the rally stages direct from your dealer. Try doing that nowadays! Exhaust and carb upgrades, engine upgrades, axle and brake upgrades, bubble arches, basically how deep were your pockets. As to the question of 115%, wait till the DVLA get overwhelmed with judicial review requests when they start throwing people's cars out on minor technicalities like 115%, this despite having been on the road legally like that for many years. Their case will be especially weakened when it is easily demonstrable that there are other models of car in the same range that do have more power than the 115% value. It's a ridiculous arbitrary figure that has been plucked out of the air to delineate between whether that car is safe or unsafe. Oh and as I read it, you don't have to prove the car was modified prior to 1988, just declare that it was.
  13. Hi everyone.

    Hello Paul, what's your Escort looking like these days?
  14. newbee

    Technically you are right Ray.......but the mk1 Escort was available with that Engine from the factory, and with much more powerful ones too. For example, if someone from the DVLA were to claim a mk1 RS2000 was uprated beyond that 115% value, the Owner could legitimately point out that they were available from the factory with higher numbers than that via the AVO special build program.
  15. no purple badge

    Yes I do.