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  1. PeteRS8084


    Looking really good Col (for an angle box obviously). If you sell her it will be regret time! And break her........you could not. What ever you do enjoy, and fingers crossed it does not get any concrete fatigue at Cadwell.
  2. PeteRS8084

    Mystery wheels, any ideas?

    Cobras......from the seventies......had a set on my cortina gt mk2 back in the day, did not really like them that much so swapped them for some rostyles! Happy days
  3. PeteRS8084

    What a knob......

    Bad luck mate, but think it could have been a lot worse!
  4. PeteRS8084

    just arrived

    That's so cool! It will be covered in a different type of oil.........unless you bbq with 20/50 lol! And if you have to ask what something like that costs you can' afford it, I think that's how the saying goes! Use it!
  5. PeteRS8084

    Just plain wrong!

    Oh my god! When you think nothing more could shock you in this thread, then you have to find this! Your a bad man Vista.......with too much time on your hands, and god knows what your Google browser history must be like!
  6. PeteRS8084

    Kermits replacement!

    Yeah a bit strange really, he is hardly a car that blends into the background lol! And you know what I really did want him to go to someone from the forum ........alas I could not get to pin someone down with an exact view day/time/year, the other loke was true to his word, turned up on time.........and paid..........now he has fallen of the face of the planet? Unless someone knows different?
  7. PeteRS8084

    mk2 escort restoration

    Good luck, it will all be worth it in the long run........and welcomd
  8. PeteRS8084

    Kermits replacement!

    Not seen anything of kermit since it hit the for sale section of the private buyer, well car dealer actually!, that bought kermit lol. Someone bought it, who I have no idea. And I agree kermit everytime, but jesus the new RS is a blast!
  9. PeteRS8084

    Kermits replacement!

    Cheers Paul, and obviously it' a mountune!
  10. PeteRS8084

    Kermits replacement!

    Like this!
  11. PeteRS8084

    Kermits replacement!

    Hey Col, thanks and I never thought of it like that, might be a plan though!
  12. PeteRS8084

    Kermits replacement!

    Always will and would be cooler. Going in for its recall on Monday 9th April.
  13. PeteRS8084

    Kermits replacement!

    So having sold kermit very nearly 2 years ago, and having had massive changes to my life I figured it was time to spend kermits dosh, along with my motorbike sale. A future classic if I can keep it 35 years lol. Great fun though. Alas poor kermit I knew him well! Now this was fun, mountune 215, future classic I reckon! Got to love a supercharged V8, supercharged super saloon, but for too busy chasing petrol tankers, So from a mk1 escort 1300 in 1979 to the latest RS in 2018, something must be going ok lol (for once!)
  14. PeteRS8084


    Keep at it Col, it will all be worth the hard work...........and cash in the long run! ☺
  15. Will this ever end! Really hope is found in one peice.