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  1. Will this ever end! Really hope is found in one peice.
  2. Maiden outing with new axle and discs

    Got to love a flat front!
  3. Tight Fit

    Did you manage to get all your furniture in or was it a "tight fit".................I'll get me coat!
  4. New to the UK

    Sounds like a plan, good luck! You could also sell sun tan lotion and after sun that you might have. ........you may have forgotten what the weather is like here. Enjoy the forum as there are a great bunch on here, well when I say great I mean some are really great and some are from Hull and have anglias, still you can't' have everything. Enjoy.

    I hear what your saying about if you see any classic ford scams post them on here, do you know how many there are............lots and lots, so many I get bored for reporting them. Like previously said they will always have e mail directly for a fast respose, or e mail my fiance as it's his, and if you check their other items you will see that the e mail address is slightly different on each on.......just more people who make e bay like flea bay, e bay will never be able to keep up with the scammed, so just keep your wits about you..............and reamer an immaculate mk1 3 litre capri really is worth more than the buy it now price of £3,250!

    There is an old saying "if it sounds too good too be true- it is too good too be true!" There are so many on flea bay, if you spot what you think is one just check the seller's other items......guaranteed they will have lots of amazing bargains........just hit the "report an item" option in the ad page and report it as a fraudulent listing........simples.

    My step dad had a petrol station on the southchurch road in Southend, numerous fords I can remember, Norman Wilding in "pieces of eight" was a frequent user......He would be with a massive v8 and guaranteed burnouts! Savage and lotus cortina, anglia and escorts........The "white heat" capri.......cruise nights were always interesting! Can't think how all of those memories got me interested in ford's. ..........and the experience of driving my stepdad's daytona yellow 3000e mk1 capri as a seventeen year old is something I can always remember so easily! Happy days
  8. How THINGS have changed !!!!

    He speaks proper England like I woz teached as a children!
  9. Capri MK1 3000E for sale.

    Well if I can speak from experience. ...........keep her if you can, because once you have sold her you will never be able to replace her! And when selling be careful........They always seem to want something for nothing, and tell you it's going to be their personal car, then low and behold it's up on a for court somewhere. I love your capri........keep her if you can. Pete (ex rs2000 owner!)
  10. '65 Anglia 105E

    Now we are talking! And some la cuca racha air horns....
  11. '65 Anglia 105E

    But of course, a fog light onto a silver painted axle......oh my southend days!
  12. '65 Anglia 105E

    What's not to love about a retro 70s look alike custom! And yes Col I know it's an anglia, but it's a 70s custom. .....just needs a v6/v8 and a chromed jag rear end... Good luck with you're sale.
  13. Come on col get Tina on the list!
  14. Capri MK1 3000E for sale.

    OMG. ......drool..........good luck with your sale. Pete