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  1. Mk 1 project

    Yes to spend money is easy but to make money is often a slow process.
  2. Mk 1 project

    You are going fast , driving for Christmas ?
  3. Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    Hi Guido , i have got a pinto in this estate , so we will see , drop the pedal to the metal and you`ve got rear steering,
  4. Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    No Col , it`s not gonna be a daily driver , and mine mk1V6 got slimmer tyre`s/wheels but does got also a short steeringrack and heavier in weight.
  5. Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    Thanks Dacarpking , yes the bubble arches needs fat wheels , i have got the 9x13 and with a short steering rack it`s going to be heavy with parking and maybe it will drive not so nice on a bad road , but the looks are very importend.
  6. Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    Yes Vista , it wa not so bad but i don`t like rust , and i can repair it mine self so money wise it`s not so bad , but you get very dirty from the dust from grinding en welding.
  7. Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    So i did make a bit more clearance for the tyre`s , for steering and i did some welding on the chassis , there was a little bit rust so i did remove some pieces metal.
  8. Mk 1 project

    Thats makes a differance.
  9. Estate Rear Coil Springs

    You can take a look at Rally Design they got alot of GAZ coilovers. But make a picture so we can see what you want or need.
  10. Mk 1 project

    Oke , i would have used normal wings and sold the mexico one`s..
  11. Mk 1 project

    Whow , i see that you have gut the wing of a mexico/rs , don`t you regret this ?
  12. alloy cossie 24v sump on a 12v v6 cologne

    Your welcome , it`s looks clean , there were Transits that left the factory with a V6.
  13. alloy cossie 24v sump on a 12v v6 cologne

    You can take starter from a 2,0 V6 cortina , capri , Granada mk1/2 , but also from a Granada mk3 2,8 V6 these are thinner , than the fatter capri/Granada 2,8. http://www.ebay.nl/itm/FORD-CAPRI-GRANADA-SCORPIO-SIERRA-2-8-2-9-V6-PETROL-NEW-RMFD-STARTER-MOTOR-/272301747375?hash=item3f6672ecaf:g:xRIAAOSwRJ9XgLaJ You can also take the 4x4 bellhouse with that starter [3 bolts mounting] In this case you will need the metal plate or a-just the old one.
  14. South African MK2 Sport Paint Code Help !!

    If they have a colour/paint scanner , it would be no problem , may be the old paint looks a bit pale.
  15. Cortina Mk1 Estate

    Nice , these are pretty rare on the main land.