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  1. But Vista , it`s not about handling but it`s about fuel efficiency becourse it`s a diesel , and witch engine doesn`t want to be in a escort mk1/ or a ford.
  2. Electric Fuel Pump Position

    Hi James , yes when i see this picture , i think that maybe give a problem with the ground wire , but when you not done yet , than i understand. Greetz
  3. Electric Fuel Pump Position

    Hi Xp197777 how does the ground wire work ?
  4. Escort mk1V6 upgrades

    And i have fitted the Granada 2,8 efi valve covers , i did only have to drill a extra 6 mm hole for mounting , were already was space for , an orginal spot , the valve covers sits about 15/20 mm wider a side so a total of 30/40 mm wider but thats not a problem , also it has got no big complete distributor house only a little distributor , but we will see in the future.
  5. 1300E resto number 2

    Looking good , in 1,5 years a third one ..
  6. Escort mk1V6 upgrades

    Hi dt36 , in a few weeks i want to drive with it , but for a nice engine bay it will take longer , but that must be done in 2/3 months. I don`t want to take longer , becourse i want furher with the estate. Chreers.
  7. Escort mk1V6 upgrades

    Thanks guys , no Ben i am first thinking on a fastroad camshaft kit and inlet/exhaust flowing , chiping , pistons/pushrods/crankshaft balancing. But this set-up is alot better than it was before , more space so it`s gonna be better to control the temperature. And yes i want more power than this in the future , a 4.0 ohv with twin turbo , i have already a 4,0 ohv and in the standard trim it got more torc than the 2.9/24V cos only less HP becourse these engine`s are squeezed , but these are higher than the 2,8 so i must make or remake the inlet manifold , the oilpan was already done and i have already have work done for the left engine mounting with a little bit of luck i only have to drill one or two hole in the new engine bracket that have just made for this crossmember , also the altenator sits on the same place as the smaller V6 only furher to the front.
  8. Escort mk1V6 upgrades

    And it`s runs , it took a while with the ignition and the wire from the injectors the green one`s belong on the left side and the grey one`s belong on the right side , so after this and it runs good , now i am gonna make everthing fit wiring fuelline`s , big alloy radiator , heaters and such and make some test drive`s and later repaint the engine bay and i want more power. MVI_2534.MOV
  9. Back in the day

    Take a look at the fords.
  10. Just plain wrong!

    A marriage made in heaven , both have a flat engine.
  11. Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    No Ben i don`t have it becourse there not space due the flat floor and forgot it a bit becourse these old cars didn`t have these things , but they are effective , just what i said mine exhaust is about 10 mm longer when it`s hot but for as far i can see it does not hit something.
  12. Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Thanks Ben , but i mean only the mounting with the rubber bushes with the m6 bolts/nuts. And maybe you can take a plat piece of steel and mount it at the side of the gearbox , than you have also a fixed mounting with the advantage a higher mounting.
  13. Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    This is what i have done ... a flexpipe would be good becourse when it`s hot `this one is about 10 mm longer.
  14. Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Hi Ben , ant you afraid that the mounting is to low ?
  15. New ride

    That`s a very good looking car , only a shame that the steering wheel sits on the wrong side... lol