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  1. Just plain wrong!

    Can somebody close this topic , i don`t know if i should cry or laugh , mine eyes are hurting.
  2. New project

    Looking good , Always a nice point to being at , at a build.
  3. Just plain wrong!

    Every time you think that we have seen everthing , but than it`s getting worse.
  4. Oke Andy , not so along ago i was wondering where you were , and yes just like D-FENS says sorry to hear this. But it`s good to hear it`s going better now and good luck.
  5. Here is his fast brother , not so bad also.
  6. Just plain wrong!

    We all know that they make a lot of shit in the France factories , but the people can make more shit of it.
  7. National oltimer festival at Zandvoort

    Yes Vista , thats the idea . all type`s of different characters of cars and people. Hi mk1del , there were rhd cars , caterhams and others from the UK. No Rally Pack 2000 , unfortunately not due a gearbox problem with shifthing , it did lead the first couple of rounds and normal the escort`s are getting faster during the race and the Stuttgart beetle coupe gets slower , but the blue/silver escort did sound very cool.
  8. So Sunday i went to the national oldtimer festival at Zandvoot , due the weahter prediction it was not to so growed but still i have seen enough old Ford`s.
  9. Just plain wrong!

    Arriving in style at the trailerpark..........
  10. Just plain wrong!

    No Vista , this is the only picture i took when i was taking the parts of it. I did also look on youtube if there was episode of it , but i didn`t find it. I think the builder lived just outside of Haarlem at a ol Railway house.
  11. Just plain wrong!

    Totally in oldskoolford style , here is a escort mk1 with 6 wheels only one rear axle that did work , shorted doors , this one was on a Dutch TV show called `` de heilige koe `` the Holly cow `` i think some 25 years ago , i bougt this thing for 100 Gulden about 16 years ago and due the few parts that were useable i did pay the owner at that time and took off the parts that i could use like the front wings , pedalbox , steeringwheel , rear window and other small things and the rest did go to the scrapheap.

    Pretty cool a 2,5 and this this kind of alloy pully`s i want to have also one day.
  13. Mk 1 project

    One day it will be done , i have working on and of on mine estate for some 18 years i think and in the meanwhile also on mine Granada mk2 and some time`s i got to do something on mine mk1 and at mine job , garden/house and so on.