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  1. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Yes Col i agree for normal road you don`t need this , but i was thinking about the semi floading becourse i did have problems to get a good matching set short shafts escort mk1/mk2 size with 16 tooths.
  2. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Here`s the other one from quaife/burton power , with this set the wheel comes more out , and than you must have the clearance for it , i can`t use it with brake discs and the 7j rs with 205-50-13 , or it wil be a very close fit under the mk1.
  3. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Hi dt , it must be very easy to fit . motorsporttools.
  4. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    I can tell you dish , i wish i could buy these along time ago , becourse have let done some capri axles made shorter for mine mk1v6 axle , i did took the 3.0 ltr diff with the escort mk2 tubes. At the moment i have a set Original escort mk1 16 tooth axles in it , but did have to of cut off 7 mm , becourse a have a plate lsd. It looks as the real deal.
  5. John escort mk1V6

    Mk 1 project

  6. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Oke , i have seen two type`s of these kind of flooding shafts , but they were not cheap.
  7. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Do you got flooding shafts ? ,,,, a kit like that is a nice thing to have for the future,
  8. John escort mk1V6

    Escort mk1V6 upgrades

    So i have got finally the rear discs brakes working , they did locking up after a 100 meters , becourse the brake pedal was pushed in. But before this i have put in a spring in the master cilinder between the front and rear piston , becourse normal the springs from the brake shoes pusches the brake fluid back , and the piston from the front brakes has standard a spring , so now has the rear piston also a spring. And the rear calipers was to close to the disc`s , so that same adtension , and seems to work now i did same driving/brake and they became hot and didn`t lock up after this , so now i must check out if the rear doesn`t brake to hard , i have already got brake pressure in it , so we will see. And have put in other axle`s in from a mk1 big cologne diff , and i have also got rid off the old copper brake fluid line , it looks much better like this. And i drive today and it brakes to hard at the rear , but the brakes difference left and right was good at the front it was 1% and later 0% at the it was 2%. So i am after a brake presure valve , and i just bought the last one on ebay.uk
  9. John escort mk1V6

    New Garage Plans

    Looking good , i would like it for mine self also.
  10. John escort mk1V6

    Rear discs

    Yes i thought so.
  11. John escort mk1V6

    Rear discs

    Or take fiesta mk3 front discs these got the same centerhole as the escort/capri/taunus 63.4 mm , but these are all vented ? i think , and that can give a problem with the calipers escort mk3/4 /wheels , than can be used a spacer. This is what i gonna fit on mine escort mk1 , with a hydraulic handbrake , if this is legal for road use in England ?
  12. John escort mk1V6

    Escort mk1V6 upgrades

    And i have also put in the quarter windows , they were almost complete apart , so i took also the glas out of the frame. I treaded al the metal with the sandblaster and i did paint it with filler and the right colour paint , weld the upper brackets to the frame and put in the glass with a sealant And i most say it was al hole alot work , but ik looks very good. The rubbers did strink a bit so i have put on a sealer in the front angles , when these are dry i do the same with the rear angles , may be a make them warm so they stretch a bit better.
  13. John escort mk1V6

    Damn you Google street view

    Those bimmers are thirsty cars.
  14. John escort mk1V6

    Mk 1 project

    First i did want racing metalic from the jaguar f1 , but i friend/painter did say take a uni colour becourse whem you have damage i can paint it my self and he did say paint it white , but that`s to simple. Baby blue is also a good looking old colour or yellow.
  15. John escort mk1V6

    Mk 1 project

    Nice colour , also i am still not sure about witch colour mine estate must have , le mans green or this colour with black.