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  1. Front wheel bearings

  2. That name that sends you back...

    Random post.... A blast from the past sent a friends request....female obvioisly, which I accepted. I'm not a great fan, but find it great for speaking to old friends from my home town.. It's sent me a little wibble and find myself sitting in the sun drinking more than I should...(it's like dear deidre). Anyway, now that I've shared that...I'm back off to my beer...
  3. Front wheel bearings

    Agree...grease and turn up the 80's mix. Job done.
  4. If Carlsberg made car porn.

    Gotta love an RD....motorcycle equivalent to the Capri....
  5. Do you check your insurance policy?

    I had a call from Claire at A-Plan. She went through my previous policy and this one, finding where it might have gone wrong. Also appears some of the issue maybe DVLA related as they have the car listed as a Tickford... Doesn't excuse the other stuff but it's all sorted now... Sorry Claire, we forget to discuss the "what can we do to make it up to you" question...? I hear you do very good cleaning kits as a prize.....ahem... But thank you Claire for sorting it out. And yes, I did stay with A-Plan. Finally, my V5 says 2.0ltr Sport, but DVLA list it as a Tickford.....why that?
  6. Do you check your insurance policy?

    And as per the top of said receipt... Hopefully you told em what you thought.!!!
  7. Do you check your insurance policy?

    So, an update... I went to renew. Told em they'd put me down as a Tickford, not a 2.0ltr sport. "Ok , we'll change that". Then, I wanted them to confirm my modifications... "you've changed the engine..?". Erm, no..!!! It's a standard 2.0ltr. "Oh, we'll change that". Have you got any others I told you about last time? "No? "... Exhaust? Manifold? Hoses? Air filter? Fuel filter?...."er, no.....?". FFS..!! So, when you check your policy, it may still be different to what's on the system.....give your insurance a call to check. Oh, as I can hear you all saying, "Who was it..?"... A-Plan.
  8. Autosol polish up...

    Well, gotta admit...not seen one before, but then again not looked for it... But, looks pukka mate.
  9. Autosol polish up...

    Not sure? I have the original which was very rusty so I changed it....just checked it and it's the same as this.. I'm sure the pinto guru's will help? Anyone offer their thoughts?
  10. Autosol polish up...

    Hi...which bit are you talking about.? Everything on it is standard apart from the air filter...and hoses...and manifold...oh, and petrol filter.
  11. Autosol polish up...

    Thought I'd give the old girl a bit of spit an polish as it's that time of year...
  12. This is never right???!!!!

    The day I go to a show and Johnny big potatoes turns up and parks his K f'kin A next to my Capri won't be a good one....I may find a use for my box of matches...!!!
  13. Bollox....only just noticed this...!! When's the next?
  14. This is never right???!!!!

    Problem is some meets make it pre 95....so you get all sorts of plastic crap turn up... There were even standard Volvo's that had parked in the "show car park"...f'kin volvo's..!!! How do these people define what's "retro" and what's "classic"? Cos I certainly ain't showing my car parked next to a Swedish tank..!!