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  1. Tackleberry

    Strangest item found in a new purchase

    Already done and made contact, waiting to find out if they want it.. If not, it's yours. It's currently in my garage....I'm not allowed to bring it into the house...😁
  2. Tackleberry

    Strangest item found in a new purchase

    Col , you get the prize....it is indeed an urn...of someone's ashes from 2004 according to the label. I did wonder why the Capri had gone through 22 previous owners... I'm thinking of calling the car Christine....🤤 Oh, your prize is the urn and contents...I'll even through in the velvet bag.
  3. Tackleberry

    Hello from West Sussex

    Welcome...another Sussex'ite. 👍
  4. Tackleberry

    Strangest item found in a new purchase

    To give you a bit of a clue...
  5. So, the 3.0ltr that I'm restoring was emptied today before going to the garage...as normal, there's lots of souvenirs to get rid of.....one of them was in the boot... Guesses?
  6. Tackleberry

    I listened to the voices..they made me do it.

    So, the 3.0ltr is off to the garage today. Getting it thoroughly checked back to front to see what it's going to cost to get it roaring again.... I think I'll have to pick the mechanic up from the floor through him laughing too much....but who cares, it's only money...and you can't take it with you when you die....what better cause ay....that's right...isn't it?
  7. So, about 5 years ago I purchased a Capri that was in a sorry state. Put time, money, effort, tears, more money, skin loss, a few more tears and a bit more money to get Eddie back to his former glory. "That's it, never doing that again".........bugger, until now. I recently found a mk3 3.0S manual tucked up, rusting away in a corner....not been on the road for 10 years give or take....and after a bit of wheeling and dealing I bought it. Initially didn't look to bad but found more the harder I look...even so, my aim is 18 months to get it back on the road.....and a lot lighter in the bank balance I feel....but, it's another one saved in my eyes so sod it, who needs savings anyway.
  8. Tackleberry

    Front wheel bearings

  9. Tackleberry

    That name that sends you back...

    Random post.... A blast from the past sent a friends request....female obvioisly, which I accepted. I'm not a great fan, but find it great for speaking to old friends from my home town.. It's sent me a little wibble and find myself sitting in the sun drinking more than I should...(it's like dear deidre). Anyway, now that I've shared that...I'm back off to my beer...
  10. Tackleberry

    Front wheel bearings

    Agree...grease and turn up the 80's mix. Job done.
  11. Tackleberry

    If Carlsberg made car porn.

    Gotta love an RD....motorcycle equivalent to the Capri....
  12. Tackleberry

    Do you check your insurance policy?

    I had a call from Claire at A-Plan. She went through my previous policy and this one, finding where it might have gone wrong. Also appears some of the issue maybe DVLA related as they have the car listed as a Tickford... Doesn't excuse the other stuff but it's all sorted now... Sorry Claire, we forget to discuss the "what can we do to make it up to you" question...? I hear you do very good cleaning kits as a prize.....ahem... But thank you Claire for sorting it out. And yes, I did stay with A-Plan. Finally, my V5 says 2.0ltr Sport, but DVLA list it as a Tickford.....why that?
  13. Tackleberry

    Do you check your insurance policy?

    And as per the top of said receipt... Hopefully you told em what you thought.!!!