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  1. Kenworth W900

    Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

  2. Kenworth W900

    Are you kidding me

    Plenty of car shows here in Gloucestershire are free when entering as an exhibitor. Me and my Dad pretty much only do a show if its free. I don't want to pay to be part of the show!
  3. Kenworth W900

    OSF - Tour of the Moor 2019

    New moor this year?
  4. Kenworth W900

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Oh dear - I'm guessing not the first time you have issues at wrong time haha Gotta love old cars!
  5. Kenworth W900

    West Somerset Tour - 3rd June 2018

    Really wanted to join but clashes with Cortina day! My Mrs would probably like the black snail, she has awful taste in cars haha
  6. Kenworth W900

    Pure Ford - Castle Combe - 12th May

    Oh dear, what a shambles! I didn't make it down with the Cortina and my tickets were not put to good use either unfortunately. I will be there this Sunday though for another show and me Dad's taking his 280zx.
  7. Kenworth W900

    Pure Ford - Castle Combe - 12th May

    Paying out didn't pay off in the end! I can't make it anymore as I am now heading over to deepest darkest Wales that day to strip down 2x MK3 Cortinas. Does anyone fancy my OSF club stand car pass? It is not specific to any vehicle so anyone can use it. If anyone does want it they can have it for free other than postage which will be a quid or two.
  8. Kenworth W900

    Pure Ford - Castle Combe - 12th May

    £18 is more than I am used to paying for a show - often don't pay anything at all as an exhibitor. So here's hoping that it was worth pushing the boat out for this one.
  9. Kenworth W900

    New Project Not a Ford but very rare

    Love that interior!
  10. Kenworth W900

    Solex door locks

    I agree that if they want they will have it. All the more reason to get out and drive the bloody thing I say. Enjoy it while you can because tomorrow it could be gone. I drive mine everyday and leave it on the street wherever I go. I just try my best not to worry about it. Living in fear is just wrong.
  11. Kenworth W900

    Solex door locks

    It must be horrible living in such fear. I'd hate to live wherever it is you come from. Round here in the Shire our cars our relatively safe. Very little in the way of car crime
  12. Kenworth W900

    3rd "E's On The Hill

    Just out of interest - is Towcester pronounced 'toaster'?
  13. Kenworth W900

    found 1300E in movie

    I'm loving the 65 Cadillac
  14. Kenworth W900


    You Escort guys are fecken crazy! Not being funny but it probably wasn't even for an Escort - we all know the type. And if it has been chopped about then as far as I am concerned it's no longer an original loom for a specific stupidly over-priced car - at that point it becomes a jumble of grubby wires in a bag. And I've already got plenty of those haha Also, I should point out that I would never have chopped about an original Escort loom, Mexico or otherwise. But I saw a crappy old loom and thought I'll see if I can get it cheap for the connectors, boy was I wrong.
  15. Kenworth W900


    Ouch, that'll cost you! Don't mention the M word I didn't even mention it when I was at the 'Bristol Classic Car Show' a couple of weeks ago (which is actually about an hour clear of Bristol) and I still copped an ear full from the typical jumped Ford seller. I was interested in a chopped-about engine-bay-only wiring loom that I found in a grubby bag on a stall with Ford products. Only wanted it for some of the connectors. Your man barks £250 for that one mate, never been fitted, still in original bag, specific to the AVO Mexico RS2000 blah blah I just walked away laughing...