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  1. voodoo57

    Mk 2 transit bonnet

    Any joy with the contact i sent?
  2. voodoo57

    What's this from?

    Now now Ladies, plenty to go around!
  3. voodoo57

    What's this from?

    Cheers you fine figure of a man!
  4. voodoo57

    What's this from?

    I know it's ford, possibly 60's, but from what model?
  5. voodoo57

    Exhaust heat shield

    All sorted.
  6. looking for either one sheet approx 10 x 8 inches or 2 smaller ones to make up a cover to go over the branch manifold on the mk2. cannot seem to find anything, there must be something lying about or in yer shed, buried? anyone help?
  7. i need all the bolts and fixings (including the odd shaped alloy bracket that fits the bottom part) to put the seat belts and female connectors back into the mk2 escort, the bottom, the top, and the middle, plus a clear fuse box cover that has the cut outs to go over the spades/fuses. Anyone?
  8. voodoo57

    Mk2 escort 4dr b & c pillar trims.

    eBay item number: 273129457359 Is this what you want?
  9. Your only round the corner from me, once mine is finished, if ever you fancy a blast around the m25 or up the A13, give me a shout.
  10. Do you have a price for the cortina loom please?

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    2. malcolmrs2000


      Sorry Graham..just saw your reply after I sent another message. Can you confirm if it is sold? Thanks amlcolm

    3. voodoo57


      Yes, it has been sold. why not try the buysellcortina website?

      Good luck.

    4. malcolmrs2000


      Placed a wanted ad on there yesterday

  11. all in useable condition, all linkage moves on the 32/36 carb, exhaust manifold has no cracks, and the inlet manifold looks to be the later pinto/sierra type, all connections present, all parts would benefit from a good clean. will post if collection is not possible.
  12. As you can see, carb 32/26 twin choke, inlet and exhaust manifold, all will need a good clean. Open to offers, will post if requested, otherwise collection welcome.
  13. voodoo57

    Wanted mk2 escort rear seat

    I have 4 door ones but in red/black dogtooth fabric, original. Obviously you can get these re-covered, i did buy some worn rears in vinyl from escort_tec about a year ago, think i paid........£130+ for them in a dark blue as black was not available, but they are a fair distance from you, as am i.
  14. HI folks! Not sure on the name of these, anyone shed some light? Obviously aftermarket (i hope!) sadly only the pair (or is this a Good thing?)