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  1. Escort mk1 tower wanted

    Arrived today! Cheers!!!
  2. Old ford parts with prices now

    Got my parts thru today, very well wrapped, very good comms, Thank you.
  3. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    no, i realise that, but if it can be saved, (it looks pretty good) just the cams won't turn, they are solid even after the bolts being tightened a fraction, i just need to keep the cost down, and get the lump or A lump back into the engine bay and continue, i am certain all will be well, if not.... i will make it so! Thanks again colr6
  4. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    Thanks for that, I will def' bear that in mind. Any idea on the price of these? def' something to think about if the rebuild becomes costly, the guy also mentioned that he had a couple of coscast heads same as mine, but with minor damage & uprated cams... hmmmmmmn. Thanks again guy's.
  5. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    looks like i am going ahead with the rebuild, uprated cams, and a full going over, Saab engine was a good choice, lots of power, but a lot heavier, got a few things to carry on with, as well as sourcing the last few bits needed for the car itself.
  6. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    Regarding the Saab engine, there is a chap who has one that is the same bolt pattern for the R25/28 box? but i need to read up on these a bit more, however, i am waiting on a mechanic a few miles from me to tell me a rough price to re-bore the cylinders and make the whole engine good again, he is a bit of a whizz with a lathe, and i may have him replace the cams with uprated ones, then again, if i can find another unit cheaper than what he quotes, i will go with that. Because of the amount of work going into this, i need to stick to a Vauxhall of sorts. The coscast head will go again, but the cams won't turn properly at present so i am hoping it's not too much to mess about with? I am def' not pulling everything out and going down the simpler route of zetec or pinto etc etc.. nor will i sell it as an on going project, got to stick with it, even if it means selling the Bread van before that's finished to continue funding the Escort.
  7. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    to add insult to injury, one piston is bouncing from side to side in it's cylinder housing! obviously has been broken, had new valves fitted and then sold on.... although the engine has not been touched for years, i don't think the 'little people' who come out at night have managed to do this? I won't be buying from oil rig workers in Scotland again!
  8. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    Well............ it's not good news! the engine is ****ed! Lifters are naff, cams won't re-seat, timing was out, bottom bolts were loose, it's not a good sign! I bought the engine a good 4/5 years ago, it had a new belt, new valves, didn't bother to try to turn it over as if it didn't work, it would have gone straight back again! so a bit of a risk for the Scottish Oil rig worker who sold it to me, so, instead of dropping a Ford into it, i am going to press on with the vauxhall power-train and search for another or similar... maybe a Saab engine? After all, i have spent money and time on the chassis engine mounts, propshaft, exhaust manifold, Gearbox mount, and ancillaries etc etc... leaves a large hole in my pocket but can't turn back now, i am obviously keeping the R25/28 box and as far as i know, it's only the vauxhall stud pattern that fits, unless i get a conversion plate made? Then the engine mounts will be out for whatever engine is decided on that's non Vauxhall..... Can't cry about it, just need to keep moving in the right direction.
  9. if you come across a Mazda pick up silver body, white cab..... stay away.... that's my opposite!
  10. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    Microsquirt arrived, gearbox has been swapped, re-drilled the hydraulic pipe fitting from the top to the side of the box for easier access to the Bias pot so all was going well, until...... The engine would only turn manually half way! Now put back a tad, heads coming off today!!
  11. See you Sunday, look out for a Mazda pick up silver cab and white Body in the autojumble area, come have a perusal at my wares!
  12. Looking for some 16 inch steel wheels for the Fiesta Zetec, alloy ones at present keep losing air even after a refurb, so want to go simpler... Essex area if poss?
  13. Looking for the weather strips, both sides for the above Van, anyone?
  14. Cortina P100 Gearbox Wanted

    Looks as though i may have a diesel one? the guy i am asking for is interested? oh well, nice to help out eh?