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    The other heater had sold...gone...purchased from me......

    Night heater sold, I do have another one if anyone is interested.
  3. Already have one of these so 2 would be a little greedy, fully working, can lift up to 100kg's, i did have one bolted to the boot of a fiesta and used that around the yard taking engines and suchlike out of a few defunct projects. can be bolted virtually anywhere that there is a good base and obviously a bit of height. obviously collection only due to the weight, it won't fit on the scales at the post office! Fully working. offers invited.

    Yes, that's fine. I will pick it up this afternoon and box it up for you, i will try to get it posted today or it will have to be Thursday, probably parcel-force 24 or 48 hour. regards Graham.

    Airtronic, comes with thermostat digital display, and electrical connection, you will or may need to replace the metal plate that is still in place, but this is very basic, and i don't need to insult your intelligence, will try to upload in a few mins.

    Hi, he def' has one, he said to make him an offer, there is one on the net for around £250! I didn't realise how expensive these are! But he said to make him an offer, he is not asking £250! may chat soon.

    A friend of mine removed one from a BT truck body last week, I will ask and get back to you.
  8. Mk 3 Zephyr 6 or Zodiac

    Have a look on car&Classic.co.uk
  9. Throttle Bodies set up req'

    Inlet now sorted!
  10. Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    so the latest news is.... The throttle bodies i bought were crap, the tinker lol i bought them from was a liar, but hey! lets hope one day an escaped rabies infected golden eagle from the local zoo flys into his face and rips his eyes out! Anyway, not to dwell on bitterness! New TB's have been purchased complete with trumpets gaskets, fixings,fittings, looks as though i have an SBD made inlet manifold with the correct waterpipe fitting on it's way, injectors are on their way (ST170) the other option were the Vauxhall vxr's, apparently it's all to do with the cc's over a minute ???? (way above my head!) the car has power, the lights work, and... The engine turns over!! managed to get the heater to fit even though the tunnel is a lot bigger than the original one, i def' won't be doing this engine mod ever again! I think it's probably because so much time and money has been lost thru wasters and total *ankers, so i think i may go for the simpler route for the next project and dabble with something jap power-wise, but hey! Anything can change.... i just need to finish this and decide then. Still looking for that elusive top cover steering shroud!
  11. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    Call Penguin motors, i think they are Cambs based 01353 669345 failing that, go onto the Turbosports forum, plenty of advice on there, a lot depends on what size pistons and what material, ie cast? , what head etc.... not sure if Camshaft matters as much, but have a look and you should find your answer.
  12. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    Hang on a min...........