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  1. voodoo57

    MK2 4 Door trim required

    will do! Just got back from A short break.
  2. voodoo57

    Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    Home at last! being booked in for the exhaust later this week, looking forward to finally driving with a smile on my face (unless i am parked in a lay-by with the RAC in my rear view!) Got a fantastic quote insurance wise, limited to 5k miles, but everything declared, even down to the bonnet and tyre size! just waiting on the rear seats to be returned from being re-covered, and have to sort the carpet out due to a much bigger tunnel! still unsure of the door cards and the colour 'contrast', but if i get sick of it, i will re-arrange it.
  3. Looking for the 4 door trim, just the doors, no front or rear wings trim required. need 2 strips, do not have to be mint, but straight would be nice.
  4. voodoo57

    You tube. Great short film

    Nowhere near enough aggression! That was funny! simple, easy to watch, and very enjoyable!
  5. Looking for the push type clips/buttons that secure the rear shelf in place on the mk2 saloon. Also the rear post/pillar covers that are in both rear corners made of plastic, mine are disappearing! not fussed on colour, anyone have a pair??????
  6. All sorted regarding the Bumper and the wiper motor, HOWEVER! i now need the spindles and the ally arms that bolt underneath to the spindles for the wiper motor!!! , HEEEELLLP!
  7. sorted the wiper motor,
  8. Need asap, anyone???? there must be someone?????
  9. Needs to be complete and running, as near to Essex as possible.
  10. voodoo57

    Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    No more bodywork! just number plate lights, bumpers and indicators to fit! am i right in thinking all mk2's had the plastic roof gutter trim?
  11. voodoo57

    Vaud Escort 4 door mk2