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  1. Looking to use a twin choke on an 1800 zetec lump, anyone have a manifold for this set up? otherwise, what's a fair price for one? Cheers!
  2. History unknown, both turn, I also have a chambered head, and will post that later, regarding the blocks, bores are very good, no gaps or ridges to ride over in a 4x4! collection would be best, Essex area. I may also have a couple of standard flywheels.
  3. voodoo57

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    I think... Bug Jam 2008?
  4. voodoo57

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    ahem (chuckling to myself) did i mention a screen???? (still chuckling!) That's a long driveway!
  5. just found some 205's so going with these.
  6. voodoo57

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    Things like this used to be fun, now... if it's not on a screen........?
  7. Need a pair of the above for the mk2 Escort rears, need a bit more rubber on the floor than the standard 13 inch ones, the extra needs to be on the inside (towards the diff) anyone help?
  8. voodoo57

    1600 crossflow and gearbox wanted

    well..... i have just realised that the twonk who 'may' want it has a mk2 Cortina, so sump may be an issue, i will give you a nudge in a day or 2, i think he could be a messer, i don't wnt to waste your time as much as my own, chat very very soon. thanks again.
  9. voodoo57

    1600 crossflow and gearbox wanted

    standard 1600 box should do, how much in total? thanks.
  10. complete, working, turning, etc.. nothing uprated or too radical, anyone?
  11. This is the 5 speed with the gearstick at the side? Anyone have one? as near to Essex as poss.
  12. Selling on behalf of a friend, 1949/50 Jowatt Javelin body on a 1964 MK1 Ford Cortina chassis (Logbook for the mk1 present) this is a rolling chassis, it comes with 4 doors which will need work, a bonnet, 2 bench seats 1 front, 1 rear from the Javelin originally. at the moment it is fitted with a Zetec and rwd gearbox, but this is not included in the sale, nor is the prop, but at least you know this will fit or any other rwd engine for that reason. this is a basic rolling shell, not a lot more comes with it, but all the hard work is done! the axle is still there and the whole thing is rolling on 15 inch banded Steels! there are 3 door handles, a rear one is missing, there is also a remote servo fitted, plus the boot lid has an electronic release set up. all glass is present plus a couple of spares. very rare especially with this set up! Also the no. plate has been frenched, viewing recommended, more photo's to follow early on in the coming week.