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  1. Solid condition, all the hard work has been done, comes with shafts, collection only, open to sensible offers.
  2. V5 and VIN SALES

    only 9,755 more needed, come on guy's!
  3. for voodoo57

    Great, will pm you, Thank you.
  4. A real piece of custom history there?
  5. last mk2 Bits wanted

    Thanks again folks! I honestly think i am there! Just this 1 hose i need, but now life is returning to normal, i have time to go to the breakers! Annoyingly i have a rad with a 90 degree bend pointing towards the n/s and the waterway on the engine is pointing in the same direction! I will have it sorted this week, it's looking as though the end of January before the exhaust is fitted, then over to Chris Isaacs to have the ecu fitted. I was working it out roughly how much this bag o' nails stands me in so far... 10K! It better bloody work!
  6. last mk2 Bits wanted

    cheers, just bought 6 of them, plus some spare lenses, done a deal with thoroughly nice chap on the Gumtree site, it looks as though i now have everything bar a piece of hose with a bend in it! Cheers guys!
  7. classic ford meeting krefeld

    2 tone green and cream wheels..... Just like a cake, Delicious!
  8. Great! and your not too far from me, let me speak with a chap and i will get back to you within 24 hours, any chance of a pic or 2 please? thevoodoo57@hotmail.co.uk Regards Graham.
  9. Hi, i may be interested if you can drop the price a little and are happy to put on a pallet for me? (i know!! i am asking a bit too much but need to ask anyway) Regards Graham.
  10. ford 302 needed

    I may know of one that's bolted to a trike? been garaged for years, has it got to be an 'old' v8 or a relatively 'newer' version?
  11. Mk2 Cortina project wanted

    No longer for sale as i am having it!
  12. mk1 fiesta gold

    well done, now cvh it!