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  1. Ray


    cheers Colin
  2. Ray

    What a knob......

    omg, just shows tho Gary, Southend is not a great day out
  3. Ray


    well done Colin mines glass and in a presentation box
  4. Ray

    wheels refurbished

    didn't think boats had wheels on to steal from them
  5. Ray

    Happy Birthday Vista

    he aint gonna answer you all now, hes on a promise
  6. you takin a copier with you then, what you gonna plug that into
  7. well my copy arrive today, and what a load of old sh1te, I can see why its not on the shelves, no one would waste their money if you havnt already wasted your hard earned ash, then I suggest you dont
  8. Ray

    mk1 fiesta gold

    the mind boggles as to where you keep this mechanic Nick but you let the mickey mouse mechanics drive your car though OBD on your car stands for "OH BOB DUNNIT"
  9. Ray

    1300E resto

    you cheeky fooooker, that's a fiesta wheel
  10. Ray

    1300E resto

    ive had that sound deadening mat painted just for you John before after
  11. well, we cant seem to get this anywhere locally, not eve in wh smiths, who normally have everything on release day, are you sure you've printed them lol
  12. Ray

    Refurbing interior rear cards

    for already black ones, I use car plan black trim wax for minor scratches etc,or just to refresh good black, or kiwi boot polish is good ive heard I have sprayed tan cards black with ordinary satin black, I used etch primer as a base, as that's what I had laying around, but it worked fine
  13. Ray

    just arrived

    just arrived do I use it or put it away, thats the question I'm struggling with
  14. Ray

    Point and laugh!

    really, you wouldn't get it on my two poster, and look at it, blocks aint going under, my M3 has to be jacked up to get it on a 2 poster, and that's on std M3 springs I had to pick a mini up today, it had been lowered, then broke a spring, laminate floor boards was what we were down to to get it up the ramps, that's all that would go under the front bumper as said, he shouldn't be allowed near a car, that includes the drivers seat