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  1. that looks good Colin loving the paint colour as well think I will try a few options
  2. Hi Gary, just for clarification, what is the colour of the actual sunstrip behind and do you want us to all sport the same colour
  3. Hi Gary, do you want me to pick up the posts to take there if so, can you message me with collection address and a best time pls
  4. Gary, can you re-post the pic of your car showing your sun strip pls
  5. So I'm looking at this, thought it was in keeping with the 70s what do you think
  6. mine arrived today, its not a sunstrip, its just the web address lettering, so going to have to try and see if I can find the blue sunstrip to go behind like Gary's
  7. from the documentation, no one is saying you cant do it Colin, what its saying is, if you cant prove it carried out before 1988, then your car will have to go through inspections and regular MOTs, pay road tax and possibly carry a Q plate Basically, if the parts on your car can be proved older than 30 years from either the manufacturer or the fact they went out of business prior to then, I would think your ok but suspension and brakes that were only made after 2004, I doubt youd get away with
  8. no argument from me on that Colin, it took me a lot of research and to buy an untouched car to find how my blue car was produced, and it will still have to go through the same checks as anyone elses, with the same risk, but as the documentation says, its going to happen, how is not totally sure till November, but we cant bury heads in the sand, this has been there a long while, and I cant understand clubs either not knowing or burying their heads saying it wont happen, and as you can see, the consultation period has now long expired, I was told of this by an MOT tester about 4 years ago, but have to be honest, I didn't give it the time of day myself till recently
  9. no where for another 7 months, as it doesn't come into force till may 20th Colin but there is a is man who uses this forum, who's been having trouble getting a V5c for his mex, previous owner had an up to date one, but as the new owner, he now has to prove its a complete car as it was produced on the line to get a V5c, but he bought it as a project in pieces already started, he's had to send photos of what they asked for, they're still not happy, and he has got to produce the car complete at a centre for inspection, again, if they are not happy, its hello Q plate, and he is very worried, as it could mean his savings down the drain I haven't spoken to him for a couple of months, so that's the latest update I have but that says to me, that the centres for inspection are already in place
  10. 1988 relates to the 30 years that the EU legislation actually requires in modified vehicles to be MOT exempt at, although we will adopt the MOT exemption at 40 years, as a result of the consultation
  11. if you read it, you will see, we all have to wait till November for how we all will have to comply, as the document at the moment is only a draft, however, how I read it and so do many others, like it or lump it, its happening from May 20th, the centres for checking the vehicles do already exist, its not a DVLA thing, this is EU legislation that the British Government have to implement I personally cant see that the government will allow the owner to just be able to say "OH IT WAS DONE BEFORE 1988" or the whole thing would be a waste of their time and money, they will want proof, just as I don't think it will be optional by saying that you will still MOT the car they have related it to the road tax, work it out how much extra revenue they are going to generate again taking away the free road tax on those cars, and the road tax was taken away from the DVLA into the governments hands some while ago, I wonder why you wont be able to get solicitors to take the DVLA to task, its not their call, its the EU calling the shots not sure how true it is, but I was told that in Italy, your not even allowed to change the wheels from the ones that came off the line, if that's true, think how lucky we all are
  12. newbee

    heres your bed time reading https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/roadworthiness-testing-for-vehicles-of-historic-interest