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  1. Essex Old Skool Fords

    I have noticed there is a very strong old skool Ford interest group which appears large centred around Essex. Is there a reason for this? Is it only old skool Fords, or all makes and models of older cars?
  2. Just plain wrong!

    "I have stray dogs that always seem to find me. " That must be the ferrelhormones you leave behind at every light post......
  3. Black RS2000 Restoration

    There is no perfect solution to any of this. I much prefer to keep regular polish on the car and clean with the damp chamois method than think about having to repair rust and hidden rot on 40 year old cars. The method has not damaged or scratched the 18 year old paint in any way. BTW The first job I started when I left school in 1981 was detailing and pre delivery of new cars for a large high end new car dealership. Things we were taught and did on a regular basis I would never do to my own cars. On the plus side I have never had to repair rust on my 1979 Escort panel van even though it has been my almost daily drive since purchasing it in April 1986. There is no known rust in the van.
  4. Black RS2000 Restoration

    The chamois is rinsed clean in the bucket of water then squeezed of access water before wiping each panel down. No hosing, and not exposed to the rain. And yes I do drive the car most days. Yes weather wise Australia is a wonderful place to be. So sad to see so many corrupt people abusing the system, other's believing in their entitlement, and other's using their self assumed power unlawfully.
  5. Black RS2000 Restoration

    I use a damp soft chamois rinsing regularly in a bucket of water with a little soap. My car hasn't seen water in 15+ years.
  6. Black RS2000 Restoration

    Yes one secret is to waxoil or fishoil the internals of the entire shell every few years during the warm months. And remember the worst thing you can do to your car is wash with water.
  7. If I were a weather forecaster

    I wonder if they are "bolt on's"?
  8. Black RS2000 Restoration

    Interesting. Then the acid must must remain trapped in the seams and gaps mixed with the remnants of the joint and seam sealer that the acid could not remove. I also have done a lot of soul searching and speaking with professionals about the latest trends on the acid dipping process, but decided against it. With my current resto I once again chose to chemical paint strip the entire shell by hand to about 99% clean, then took the shell to a trusted friend who owns a small media blasting company for a LOW pressure media blast all over. Immediately on removal (within minutes) from the blast chamber I two pack etch primed and undercoated everything. We even selected a warm low humidity day. There is a definite attraction to start the resto with a totally clean shell that has been acid dipped. I always assumed the redipping in electrophoretic primer would wash out the remaining acid to give the perfect result.
  9. Servo connections

    The crankcase breather/oil separator is just that. It is a breather. The only reliable vacuum for the booster is at the inlet manifold.
  10. Black RS2000 Restoration

    Thanks Cuili1 that has just cleared up a question I have long pondered. Several years ago I heard that the electro dipped primer process was available in the UK. I assumed it was the companies who carried out the acid dipping also offered the electro dipping. You have probably made a good choice which obviously saves the time consuming manual paint stripping. Here in Australia there are two companies who offer the acid dipping paint and rust removal service. From what i have seen the neutralising procedure is simply immersing the shell in clean water. The shell is then dried off by a man using a large LPG blow torch. Seeing this procedure was a big turn off to me. Hope you can get a photo of your shell amongst the modern day cars on the production line.
  11. Black RS2000 Restoration

    Plus the shells tend to suffer from metal sqeaking because the OEM joint and seam sealer has been removed from between the panels. Ford did put the joint and seam sealer there for a reason.
  12. Black RS2000 Restoration

    Does the priming process being offered include submersing the shell into the primer and thoroughly rotating the shell, or by manually spray painting?
  13. Orange Is The New Black

    Sorry I can't focus an ANYTHING anymore. But that photo has killed my interest in RS3100's forever. Highly recommend repairs as below to achieve a silky smooth result:
  14. help needed

    Set the cam and crank and dizzy at TDC remove No 1 spark plug and check piston is at top of stroke with a screw driver. If not, REMOVE SCREWDRIVER, set engine so No 1 piston is at top of stroke AND the crank is set at TDC. Then check and adjust cam and dizzy to TDC.
  15. Mk2 Escort Screen Rubber Dilemma

    In the reflection of the door window I can see reflection of several posters on the wall. One appears to be an image of Orion Nebula. The other an image of solar carona during a total solar eclipse.