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  1. V5 and VIN SALES

    Not strictly true there is the age related registration option given to a kit car or other vehicle that is made from most of the drivetrain of the donor vehicle this was the registration given to me by DVLA after SVA/IVA test so I have a registration on my Lotus 7 replicar from the year of my donor vehicle. at IVA application stage you prove what bits have been taken from the donor and get points for different bits, suspension, steering, engine, gearbox, if can abstain enough points you can claim an age related registration. For a new registration you finished kit car must be made of all new parts however 1 major item may be reconditioned. I have another much older kit car that has a Q plate, a bitsa based on Escort parts a small advantage of a Q plate is very lenient emissions requirements
  2. V5 and VIN SALES

    Fully fully understand this thread and totally support it in context. let me just add some background to my caution. As a kit car builder the process of obtaining an age related registration on completion of the kit car build I have to prove that my newly completed (IVA passed) unregistered vehicle was constructed mainly from 1 donor vehicle, to do this I need the V5 and the VIN plate, most of the unused parts of the car would have been sold off and the remaining shell goes for scrap, sometimes years before the project is completed. i voice my support for the sentiments of the post but ask for caution, legislation can be a blunt instrument.
  3. Pinto supercharged

    A guy on one of the kit car forums did a very successful installation using a Merc charger, I was thinking of doing a Duratec instal with a Rotex one
  4. Pinto - The Resurrection

    I always bolt the head on the block then add the housing. you use a flat piece of metal or 90 degree square. the gasket is a few mm thick and can take up a little protrusion
  5. Weber Carbs

    I would post on the Turbosports forum, you will quickly get a guide to basic setup and possibly some guidance on jet sizes
  6. Bit of carbon any one

    I like it. what about carbon effect paint dip for the rest of the axle?
  7. Start/Ignition Rewire

    Wiring will not affect tickover revs its more likely a carb setup issue that said if the carb has electronic connections to it it may be an electronic cold start issue if you have removed the distributor and it doesn't run after you refitted it you need to set up the ignition timing from scratch.
  8. What diff for x flow

    A goog gear speed calculator (google it) will give you the speed you will get in each gear for a given rpm calculated using wheel/tyre diameter and diff ration
  9. Size matters #HMSQueenElizabeth

    Here's one of it safely moored up
  10. Size matters #HMSQueenElizabeth

    I agree... i was buzzed by one coming back from Goose Bay in a Hercules and have been near them on many occasions, bloody noisy in a hover, certainly no stealth capability there
  11. the st tina

    The Type 9 V6 box has better ratios and will take more torque, you'll need a spacer (Caterham type) or short input shaft to fit. an LSD will load up the drive line, I like them and run 180bhp through a V6 Type 9 with Quaife ATB as it's a little less brutal than a plate one
  12. Escort zetec won't rev past 5200 rpm

    Another issue could be the VVT if you have it on your Blacktop that will restrict revs if you don't have a vvt controler
  13. Escort zetec won't rev past 5200 rpm

    If your just running the esc then your only getting 10 or 12 degrees max you will need an ECU such as a Megajolt to instruct the esc to fire up to 32 degrees to check use a strobe and rev the engine, if the ignition advance does not move to 32 degrees at about 3500 rpm you just running in limp home mode that he esc has built in
  14. Size matters #HMSQueenElizabeth

    Second photo The RHIB provided by BAE systems was used as one of the official Naval photographers platforms which I blagged my way onto. Left the hotel at 03:00 and went out to Nab point and circled the carrier a few times before tracking it from the front all the way in. sometimes the job is good to me thats me in the black hat
  15. Engine block number i/d ?

    I posted this on another forum for the Pinto engine but the same principle applies... This will apply to any engine and any sump you fit to that engine. There is no difference in the levels as the low/high mark on the dipstick is relevant to the block/ sump face not the sump capacity.What can throw the measurements off is the dipstick and tube combinations, there are several sizes, on the Pintos, 2 more common than others.It's the dipstick tube combination that should not be swapped around. oil level in the sump is related to a nominal volume to achieve an oil height that is not so high that the crank can splash through it and not so low that on hard breaking or cornering the pickup is exposed to air. think about it, if you took the sump off and propped the engine over a bath you would have to put hundreds of litres of oil in the bath to hit the dipstick level marks. if you put the engine over a shallow tray you could achieve the minimum mark with under a litre of oil and the max mark with less than 2 litres.