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  1. Snapper

    Escort duratec

    What ECU and software did you use?
  2. My recipe for a fast Pinto does not include boring out to 93, I would spend on forged piston and Cosworth rods as the basis for a strong engine that can be upgraded again and again with just heads and cams. my budget engine is an injection Pinto with injection rods and injection head with an FR32 cam and bike carbs 135 ish bhp
  3. Snapper

    Pinto head

    42 inlet 36 exhaust are standard. your head looks like an injection variant that has had inlet ports enlarged which is generally not required. if exhaust valves are 40mm which I doubt as 38mm are the biggest you can squeeze in then it may have been turbo’d i would need photo’s of ports and chambers, can’t tell anything from casting numbers
  4. Snapper

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    Don’t you have to narrow and offset grind the crank journals?
  5. Snapper

    1.6 Pinto

    The best performance upgrade for a 1.6 Pinto is to replace it with a 2.0L however if thoughts of this are years away then one cheap way for a little more oomph is to fit a Pinto 2.0l cam to the 1.6, a secondhand cam in good condition should be the price of a few pints of best bitter
  6. Snapper

    crank case ventilation breather

    I think 6 degrees may be to little advance, I’d go for 8 first and if no pinking you can try a bit more as it’s an XR2 engine. i don’t know if the cam has a bit more duration and lift from standard but suspect it’s no more than a twin choke carb and a 4 branch exhaust which was Fords standard way of doing a GT engine for years.
  7. Snapper

    crank case ventilation breather

    That catch tank has 2 inputs and a filter breather. tank should be fitted with filter higher than rocker cover but of course your limited by bonnet. 1 inlet from crankcase the other from a sealed filler cap with takeoff
  8. Snapper

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    I always put rtv in the rear main cap face (very thin smear) then torque the cap down. I also put some extra on the block outer face. its incredible how many places oil can find its way out of a Pinto
  9. Snapper

    Fuel Mixture

    You can only do a guesstimate without a lambda fitted. A rolling road will cost about £200 have you cleaned the air filter recently, what are you using for air filter? Could a new element help
  10. Snapper

    Pinto clutch

    Flywheel drilled for a Pinto clutch then use a fast road AP clutch. Check the torque capabilities i think your trying to find a solution based on the Flywheel you have bolted to the 170bhp Zetec donor engine, I think the standard clutch would have taken the extra bhp if not an unrated clutch cover would have.
  11. Snapper

    Pinto clutch

    The standard clutch on a Pinto will take over 130bhp for ever, I run a good quality but not to expensive organic on a 170bhp engine without problems so far. The 200bhp Duratec engine is good with a standard Mondeo clutch but I have bought an ARP fast road kit with organic friction plate. i would never consider a paddle clutch for the road it can properly ruin your driving experience and make you look a knob when your Erving the nuts off the car and kangarooing down the road in a slow moving cue. just my personal perspective
  12. Snapper

    2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    reality check pls After resetting the gaps to 0.025 inlet and exhaust to 0.030 we shoukd be 0.25mm for both with RL21 or 0.010”
  13. Snapper

    2.0 pinto engine

    Just a general observation mate
  14. Snapper

    Australian #F1 Grand Prix 2018

    Whilst I agree the rule is crass I also think Vettel/Ferrari untypically quick and clever to exploit the advantage. then I fell asleep
  15. Snapper

    2.0 pinto engine

    No flywheel but has engine mounts and cambelt cover. id like to see the flywheel but I also like the price as I have a few Pinto’s laying around and there making more money than my pension pot