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  1. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    I think we may be going about this the wrong way and perceiving a problem that may not be there. if you’ve not had the rocker cover off, take it off and look at the back of the cam which should have RL21 stamped in it ultimately if it’s not producing the power you would expect and a second compression test confirms the low compression you have to take the Head off
  2. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    What sort of spec is the Head? if standard I would first do a wet compression test, oil down spark plug hole on the worst cylinder and see if the compression increases. are you able to do some mechanics yourself? If so you could pull the head off and check a number of things. Head gasket Valve seats, upend Head and put methalated spirits in the combustion chambers to see if it leaks past the valve seats you don’t say how long you’ve had the 2.1 or how many miles it’s got on it.
  3. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    The RL21 is an older version of the RL31 I have in one of my 2.1 engines. longer duration cams with more overlap will reduce compression as the valves close later meaning compression of gas starts later as piston is further up the bore when both valves are closed. This is why racey cams need more static compression. If your engine is standard you will have lower compression test readings than the same engine with a standard cam i run 10.7 on my RL31 engine and 9.7 on my FR32 engine
  4. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    You don’t need to strip the engine just yet, suggest you warm it up then compression check each cylinder with the throttles open. the most important thing is consistency over all 4 even if low then a spoon of oil down 1 bore and see if the reading goes up, if so do the same on the others. if not swing the cam timing a few degrees (not many) see what the readings are IMHO if readings are consistent and the car runs ok, try another rolling road and stay with the car
  5. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    I don’t see why 8 to 6mm would stop you balancing the carbs as that is purely a mechanical function done at idle. compression pressure is dependant in a number of things but should be done with a warm engine, throttle open. a 2.1 engine will give a little more than a 2.0, cam duration and overlap can reduce this u think they are pulling your dangler, unless the engine was in danger of going bang any rolling road would at least run it up on the rollers and get a lambda Reading
  6. Pinto - The Resurrection

    I though 80psi was good for pretty much any revs 100psi I’ve not seen. yes that would make the oil push out of the tightest mating faces. try a gasket or try a thin smear of rtv round the oil hole it should only push out to the sump not be drawn in
  7. Pinto - The Resurrection

    The pumps are fitted without gasket, you could check how flat the block face and pump face are, then bolt up to correct torque and lock tight , it’s worked for me on all builds
  8. Who's fed up ....

    I spent 11 days solid outside on the drive all weathers, rain, wind cold then bloody snow putting another engine in the Fiesta ST. it is a sort in itself that I wind bore you with. i suffer from SAD (seasonal affected disorder) but it’s getting harder to tell weather it’s SAD or grumpy old curmudgeon
  9. Engine transplant

    Warrior cheap?!? 4K+ I recon Cosworth 2.5k Duratec £250 + fitting and gearbox
  10. V5 and VIN SALES

    Not strictly true there is the age related registration option given to a kit car or other vehicle that is made from most of the drivetrain of the donor vehicle this was the registration given to me by DVLA after SVA/IVA test so I have a registration on my Lotus 7 replicar from the year of my donor vehicle. at IVA application stage you prove what bits have been taken from the donor and get points for different bits, suspension, steering, engine, gearbox, if can abstain enough points you can claim an age related registration. For a new registration you finished kit car must be made of all new parts however 1 major item may be reconditioned. I have another much older kit car that has a Q plate, a bitsa based on Escort parts a small advantage of a Q plate is very lenient emissions requirements
  11. V5 and VIN SALES

    Fully fully understand this thread and totally support it in context. let me just add some background to my caution. As a kit car builder the process of obtaining an age related registration on completion of the kit car build I have to prove that my newly completed (IVA passed) unregistered vehicle was constructed mainly from 1 donor vehicle, to do this I need the V5 and the VIN plate, most of the unused parts of the car would have been sold off and the remaining shell goes for scrap, sometimes years before the project is completed. i voice my support for the sentiments of the post but ask for caution, legislation can be a blunt instrument.
  12. Pinto supercharged

    A guy on one of the kit car forums did a very successful installation using a Merc charger, I was thinking of doing a Duratec instal with a Rotex one
  13. Pinto - The Resurrection

    I always bolt the head on the block then add the housing. you use a flat piece of metal or 90 degree square. the gasket is a few mm thick and can take up a little protrusion
  14. Weber Carbs

    I would post on the Turbosports forum, you will quickly get a guide to basic setup and possibly some guidance on jet sizes
  15. Bit of carbon any one

    I like it. what about carbon effect paint dip for the rest of the axle?