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  1. Ray, I just got the web address on mine in silver, can't put a sunblock on mine otherwise I can't see out the screen !
  2. Orange Is The New Black

    Think it was mk2 Mike who did a seriously ORANGE escort on here but can't find it to put a pic up. But be warned you will need dark specs !!
  3. Not got mine yet, but for the untrained sarfies it takes time to catch the pigeon to send mail up here !....lol
  4. Comments anyone?

    That puts my Anglebox at value for money at 30k then !!!
  5. Just plain wrong!

    NOT one of our gang then!!
  6. Just plain wrong!

    A Morris Minor and a Beetle Fan...... Could it get any worse ?
  7. Escort to capri axle conversion

    If you weren't on atlas, you could have used a mk1 cortina axle case as thet come in at 47" which would give you 1/2" each side to play with for those wheels compared to the escort axle which is 48"
  8. Escort to capri axle conversion

    If it was shaft to shaft they did a 50" Capri axle plus your shafts app 2" each side would equate to 54" but that would be an English version. What about P100 pick up ?
  9. Would ' GET OUT THE FOOOKING WAY ' horn on my 47 BSA pass an IVA ?...lol
  10. The thing is for someone like me who has poss 17 vehicles that now come under this, it's going to be a very long and costly exercise for me. If you put up a fight they will just turn round and say have mot, pay the toad tax and by the way your now the owner of 17 consecutive Q plates and the latter has just knocked 50% off the value of my vehicles
  11. The problem is the classic/vintage vehicle has such a massive worldwide following they're certainly going to piss a lot of people off! it also produces so much revenue for a hell of a lot of manufacturers of parts. Especially the aftermarket modifying suppliers.
  12. The thing is Ray there's not to many of us left who remember what was on a car/ bike / van in its original manufacture. So what chance have they got dealing with such a vast array of vehicles. I have various lists of bike frame numbers to tell me what configuration a bike was made in, can't see them having that info on such a range of all vehicles. It would also be very hard for us to prove its right as I'd tags on the likes of boxes and diffs have long gone. This is going to be a nightmare for both parties.
  13. This was one of my points, where are all these experts coming from to say what should or should not be ??
  14. That question of donor axle may be better asked on BSC forum if no one comes up with an answer, can only see different brakes and axle ratios being the difference tbh. As to your original question now we've assatain end what axle set up you have fitted. The only way fitting springs would cure your problem is by lifting the ride height up to give more clearence between diff nose and body. But your problem as stated the diff rotating the springs will have NO effect whatsoever ! The void bushes fitted to the diff housing arms and lower arms can be poly bushed which WILL cure your problem.
  15. From a certain red top Anglia owner the cage would not as the original monocoque construction remains the same.