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  1. colr6

    Slow loading of site

    Has someone donated me an escort to get these fatal messages???
  2. colr6

    Slow loading of site

    Read your post 15mins ago, went through various posts all ok. Came back on 10 minutes later only to get this message after closing down then a restart.
  3. colr6

    Crossflow woes

    Have tried a lumenition kit?
  4. colr6

    Slow loading of site

    Have you noticed it's the escort owners getting the FATAL error message....mmmmmmmmm
  5. colr6

    mk1 fiesta gold

    It's people like yourself that get old Fords back where they belong on the ROAD!! Well done mate.
  6. colr6

    Slow loading of site

    I get that message when you do a refresh, then refresh again and page eventually comes up.
  7. colr6

    Slow loading of site

    Just timed mine to load average 24seconds
  8. Same as the first reply but if you use 8mm steel tube and flatten the ends. You can drill an 8mm hole in the ends to mount on manifold and engine mount bolts. Looks a bit more subtle.
  9. colr6

    Slow loading of site

    Been experiencing slow loading of the site lately, tried all the usual. Closed any apps running, cleared cache and done a speed check on my internet. Still no improvement. Tried on my computer but still not good. Other sites seem to be performing correctly. Any Ideas ? Please don't get over complicated with your replies. To say I'm a IT dinosaur would be an understatement ....lol
  10. I knew it wasn't him in his avatar, you would have to stay in one spot for the camera to capture THAT much !! Stephens xpack is not capable of that ! ....Ask RAY....lol
  11. colr6

    mk1 fiesta gold

    Great result! When does it hit the road ?
  12. colr6

    Hi from Glasgow

    Welcome to the forum.
  13. colr6

    Side light & cluster illumination issue

    Whilst you've been rummaging around have you disturbed an earth ?
  14. colr6

    Are you legally allowed to sell....

    That's both ears gone to pay for alexa, might aswell sell the nose as the sunglasses ain't going to stay on now.
  15. colr6

    Are you legally allowed to sell....

    Since when have you heard of a voice controller that could understand a Yorkshireman !!! Let's be sensible about this