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  1. mk1 escort brake hoses

    Poss auto jumbles is going to be your best option looking in the boxes of Unknown flexis. You'll know the length and the ends might be an 1" either way to get your desired look. Don't suppose even a purist spotter would get a tape out to measure them !
  2. mk1 escort brake hoses

    What about the goodridge retro ones 600 line any good ?
  3. colour

    Don't think you will get an exact colour match out the tin even with modern technology, don't care how good it is. You must have a good painter along with his own mixing equipment to add or reduce tints as required to achieve the right shade. With plenty of test cards you should get as near oe as poss. I had a bike done with the meter quite a few years ago then it was down to the painter to alter the so called paint match to correct shade. Umpteen test cards later he achieved the correct result. Loosely based around a Volvo colour plus his magic as we might call it....did it So much so that I had offers purely on the tinware off the bike because it was as near perfect as people had seen. 17 years later I still have the bike and when it comes out you can gaurantee the comments are still there about the colour its only when you get it alongside other people's efforts or shall we say attempts yo see the difference. So to me it's 50% product and 50% painter to achieve the right result.
  4. What does this fit

    Seeing the Ladas were loosely based around Fiats and made them worse,have a look at their parts list on fitments might give some more ideas
  5. Front brakes

    Think the discs will bolt straight onto your hubs, you will have to loose the dust shield on the strut as it catches. M16 calipers with spacers fitted in them. Some people use princess 4pot calipers but they're a bit thin on the ground now. Have read of people using Volvo 240 calipers and some Peugeot ones believe 309 but unsure. Depends on wheel size determines what combination, some people have used machined BMW discs and calipers but won't go under 13" wheels
  6. colour

    Is there no place on the car with full covering of colour on the car that's hidden from sunlight where you can get a colour test done ?
  7. colour

    Would say pic three, varying light changes the look of the colour. Pic 4 is far to light. The finish on that Capri is unreal, the photo has been taken to high lite the flatness of that paint job. Obviously depends on how many coats and quality of lacquer you put on it will alter the depth look
  8. What does this fit

    1600 Lada riva carb I think.
  9. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    It's all in hand, decided it was about time for some driver/ rider retraining. So got THIS out from storage LOL! but considering he's 6ft2 and weighs 16stone don't think he will be going too fast !
  10. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    Only if you bring the Twim cam and leave it in my custody ....LOL
  11. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    Now you come to mention it, the dirty over halls come back to mum for cleaning !! You think once they've got married and left that's it. But just like a boomerang they keep coming back!! think I might move and not leave a forwarding address...lol
  12. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    Thanks, he's ok, when your younger you bounce back or bounce in the case of when he falls off his bike. The car is going into the bodyshop to be jigged as it bent the chassis in two places and the door won't shut. Hoping to salvage the wing with just a repair piece around the headlamp. Good job it was a solid shell with steel wings and arches of think it could have been a lot worse.
  13. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    Look on the bright side....good job it wasn't a new car !...lol. Like I say to him with his bikes if you can't take the accidents don't to it ! Believe you and me they do happen. The young uns think they are invincible that's what makes them so quick. Unlike us older ones where sense takes over or is it FRIGHT !
  14. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    The before and after shot,......the motto is don't let your son loose in a rwd car !!!! After
  15. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    You wouldn't think they are lovely if you see it now!!