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  1. Got mine this morning, absolutely spot on . Thanks mate.
  2. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
  3. Mk2 More door

    Could be an advantage putting your progress on the resto pages, an approach to any job in a resto could be done in a better or easier way which you may not see or have thought of. You will always find someone willing to give advise or a suggestion, whether you take or not is up to you. Good luck with the build and welcome to OSF.
  4. tyre size?

    205s are OK for 8" but you will find ultra low profile not very forgiving on the ride quality side of things.

    I'd ask for more pocket money if I were you ! No one stoops that low. Well he is only about 4ft 6....lol

    The problem is it don't stop there! By the time you've bought valve springs, hydraulic lifters gasket sets, rebuilt turbo 330 upgrade kit and no dizzy ign it soon mounts up. Was going to sell my body to pay for it but don't think it will run very well on one spark plug !!

    Got a call from the engineers today, my engines ready for collection. Like chrissy all over again! block bored, crank ground,head faced,block decked all lightened and balanced. Had new guides fitted in the head along with 3 angle seats also got them to open up the seats a bit to allow for a bit of porting. Ended up putting full set of valves in so in for a penny in for a pound went sodium filled. He supplied me with wossener pissys as he could get them for £50 cheaper each than Mahle ones and said these would be more than good enough for what I need. So it's now on with the surgical gloves full wash down, start checking some ring gaps and clearences. Considering these cossy engines are supposed to be reasonably well balanced, a fair bit came off two rods and on a couple of crank webs. The billet steel flywheel came out OK for balance but the clutch needed a good look at ! heres a few pics of what I got, don't know about the engine been lightened my pocket certainly was!
  8. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    Think those figures maybe slightly misleading, I've heard that engine run and TBH didn't sound to bad, certainly pulled ok on the road abeit from the passenger seat. Although Ian is experiencing poor starting when cold but that's it. A little more investigation into it by another party could prove fruitful and less expensive. On those sort of supposed leakages say down the bores it should be pushing fumes out the rocker cover like a chuffer train ! On the inlet side it would suffer with stand off to the extreme it would soak the filters.
  9. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    So going by that he's done a cylinder leakage test as against a compression test. With the result the problem mainly lies in the head. First thing to do is off with the lid and check tappets. Then if you find the tappets to be ok, do a wet test as previously suggested and see what readings you get. That should give you a difinitive answer valves or bore.
  10. Terrific, PM me your details once you've got the final amount and can PayPal them over to you if that's ok thanks Col.
  11. That's great, will he take £175 plus p&p for it?
  12. Hi, thanks for that still looking for one. Depending which make and model it is and must be complete, heater/ pump/ thermostat and wiring also the pipe work. It does also help if it works as they can be expensive to get sorted. Cheers Col
  13. Type 9 Gearbox Oil

    75/90 semi in all mine inc straight cuts. You've only t o look at Vauxhall/Renault / Nissan all coming off ATF in their boxes due to premature bearing failure. They only use ATF in the Ford T5 box due to the design of the sychro rings having material similar to auto box friction material and needs the thinner oil to get in them.
  14. Camber mk2 escort

    Might be a daft question, have you had the steering arms off the struts ? If so have you fitted them on the correct sides?
  15. Camber mk2 escort

    Camber and tracking are two totally different things. Normally you would have approx 25mm thread left showing with TRE fitted. If you did pull the tcas inward it would only make the problem of tracking worse. You could always cut 5mm off the track rod end as they are threaded all the way down, but I would suspect there was something else wrong to cause your problem in the first place.