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  1. colr6

    help identifying gearbox

    Slight play in the input shaft is quite normal, unless it's noisy or pissing oil out you could leave alone.
  2. colr6

    Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

    The only thing that needs to growing on it is ivy, to cover it up once and for all ....lol
  3. colr6

    help identifying gearbox

    Might be worth a bit more expense while your in the box to consider upgrading 1st gear to a better ratio. Talk to the likes of BGH for the upgrade. just a quick note if I remember correctly, if fitted with the RS alloy bellhousing it will come out with the engine in with no problems...........Jesus just a few suggestions and I've spent a few hundred bucks for you!!....and you only wanted to know what box it was!!...lol
  4. colr6

    Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

    That could quite easily go in the Distastefully modified section!!
  5. colr6

    1300E resto number 2

    That's looks smashing Ray, I've even put the pics in my saved ones it looks so well !👍 Just spotted a slight Gerbil up, the ID plate should be be on lower left bolt instead of the upper one 🤓
  6. colr6

    help identifying gearbox

    Found a bit of a rough one, but the end result is the same. Got a pic of shortened tailshaft for the fitment into a scimitar.
  7. colr6

    help identifying gearbox

    That looks somewhat neater than the ones over here which are chopped and welded back up.
  8. colr6

    help identifying gearbox

    If it prove a problem altering the car, you could always cut the tail housing top and selector shaft to reduce its length. A very common thing over here when fitted in the BL range of cars.
  9. The multi plug from the switch will be alongside the column, wouldn't be surprised if the yellow/ grey doesent pick it's feed up from there. If not put sidelights on find which one is live bearing in mind there will two live at any one time one been a feed for the switch, then put h/lamps on and see if it still maintains a live and goes off when switch is off. Splice into that with a connector up to the pin on your cluster plug. If the wiring from the plug to the dash lights is ok it should light up. If you know which pin it is on the cluster you can go straight to that for a test on the cluster. Hope that makes sense .
  10. colr6


    A man of taste ! 😜
  11. Just had a quick look at a diagram, would appear to be grey/ yellow wire is for illumination. Put a feed to that wire to check all lights are working on dash if ok go into h/ lamp switch plug and find which wire is live on side and h/lights and tap into that one. Can't give you anymore info as I can't understand the escort diagram to find where the feed for the cluster comes from. sorry.
  12. Does it have a dimmer switch ? Give that a check.
  13. colr6

    Front Strut insert replacement

    Motorsport tools £210 plus postage. Check their postage might be able to save a bit more.
  14. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    You've just reminded me Ray, gather it was the lack of TWINKLE on Stephens X pack paint work you were referring to ?? So did a quick Google and found this for him.....lol.........A full bag for the NEC !
  15. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    I've just got off the tablets from your last postings....................BACK on them again !!