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  1. Starting to look for some parts for my mk2 sport and need the following if anyone can help RS instrument cluster, not bothered what coloured needles or an incomplete one would be considered. glove box in black dash top in black centre console or any suggestions of what can be used door cards without speaker holes and good rear bumper fuel tank inc neck and cap and pipe fitting underneath good quality 1600 ohv exhaust manifold pref in stainless might be in the market for some 7" deep dish RS alloys if I can get them under the arches ! Copies fine not paying ronal prices!! that will do for now, no doubt there will be more once I get started. cheers Col
  2. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Cheers Dale, managed to get an original one off fleabay only last night for Β£64 complete with clock /radio and mounts πŸ‘ And to to keep in with Ray got a nos clutch cable in a Ford bag !
  3. colr6

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    I'll be going onto manual choke so will not be required, you are welcome to use it no problem. If you win the trim parts you can send to me if any problem with sending to auss and I can forward with this grommet.
  4. After looking at one of those shells, that would be the last option I would use ! Unless you intend going rallying leave them there!
  5. colr6

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    Do you mean one of these RP? If this is the one it can be winging its way over to you next week. There are a couple of shelf ends on eBay item no 264047596347
  6. That quote should be a logo on every throttle pedal !...lol
  7. colr6

    Lotus stripes

    Do you mean to say you've been hiding possibly the most sought after steelie under those h/ caps ???😳😳😳
  8. colr6


    They do exactly what you require, any upgrade on suspension inc polybushing increase the harshness of ride. Think it's just a case of getting what you what at the limits you think are suitable for the car. You can try them and if not happy try an alternative. The escort tops I used were half the price but involved a fair bit of work to make fit. But my time is free, which I don't mind spending. My Anglia is rose jointed through out and to be honest on the road it's horrendous. People don't seem to mention things like this when suggesting loads of mods😩
  9. colr6


    Can't see why you can't retain the original tops as long as you are not going silly with camber, they need to be in good condition though. Problems arise when you start altering the inner tca mount to gain neg camber. There should be enough threads on the steering adjusting rods to cover camber adjustments. As you know the tracking will need re- adjusting once done, adjust equally at both sides to correct. Anti- roll bar will stretch no problem again make sure the rubbers are good or replace.
  10. colr6


    There two ways you can do it, 1) adjustable tcas 2) accentric top mounts. One advantage of using the top mounts is you can also alter the caster. If you ring Tom @ team deville he will be able to supply anything if its available. The Anglia tops are expensive, I bought escort ones and reduced the diameter plus redrilled at half the price but I'm using escort suspension on mine. Sure the Anglia legs are 1/2" on the insert top so might be able to use and convert the escort ones to fit.
  11. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    I get what your meaning Phil, but most of the mods/ alternatives will have been already been done and publicised. Any new things that have come to light since these could be useful, plus if it's under one heading it's easier for someone to implement the mods thus saving them money buying the wrong things and saving them time. In most places, gone have the days of been able to walk round the local scrapyard comparing parts for their usability on a project.
  12. colr6

    New from Sussex

    Welcome to OSF
  13. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    A build thread will be started once I dig it out the back of the garage, envisage in the new year. Prov booked the painters in March so it will be full steam ahead. I knew the infamous parts with the RS price tag were out there, but me been a Yorshireman don't like parting with his cash if a cheaper alternative can be found. If we start an ' alternative ' thread it would need an input from all !! Seeing as this site consists of mainly escort owners seems the right place and model to do it on. Maybe even have the alternative section divided into subsections relating to say 1) interior 2) lighting and electrics 3) transmission inc mods 4) trims and exterior. 5) heating / cooling. This could be an extra section on the forum for ease of finding what you want instead of trawling through build threads and the escort section. This would purely for alternative or cost saving mods. Could this be done ??? Anyone else have any thoughts ??
  14. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Will agree there RP, apart from the original post ? With the varying things that have been brought up re differences. It may be a good opportunity to start a thread on alternatives ?? With the parts getting less and less a list or suggestions of alternatives you could use may be a good thread. As we know anything with the RS tag attracts a premium price. So as things like seats/ lights/ centre console dashes have all been brought up. On other threads within the forum other parts are hard to get with things like master cylinders / servos. Is it about time we collected all the knowledge on here together to help people source alternative parts at a reasonable cost possibly with a bit of modication to get the same or as near as the same result. Not everyone can afford to chase and pay for original or NOS parts. Your thoughts ??πŸ€”
  15. colr6

    Mk2 cortina

    True devotion to get it finished πŸ‘ You'll suffer from withdrawal symptoms after all the weldings done. Lol. Plus one happy person once it's in paint !!
  16. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    If only we knewπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
  17. colr6

    Orange Is The New Black

    Does look nice, in fact very nice. I'll be changing mine from that colour πŸ€”
  18. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    My sport came with carellos but have passed their sell by date, good flat front cibies will be going in.
  19. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    TBH if even Ray can have his car questioned I don't think I have much chance with a Heinz 57 car made up of the parts/ style I like from the different models. Do you ? For some reason I don't know why I'm not known as a purist πŸ˜‰ As always we say on here it's your car, if you like it, do it. Doesn't bother me me if people say it's not a Harrier it's not a Mexico, it's not a RS. It's a poxy escort with a loads bits screwed on it. If you like it, you like it. If you don't, go pull the next one to bits. HAPPY DAYS πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
  20. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    That's the advantage of sticking to one type of car, the parts will come in useful one day πŸ˜‰ Can't knock it.
  21. colr6


    We'd already done hall 5 before you got there !! ....surprising how you can get round easier when no ones in πŸ‘
  22. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    I'm beginning to believe you live in a Ford dealership RP, all this stock of new parts can only come out of the stores of a time locked dealer...lol
  23. colr6

    1500 precrossflow Gt carb flat spot

    Did a bit of digging re the choke sizes on another forum not knowing the ins and outs of this carb it would appear the 32/36 has the same choke sizes as the 28/36 quote you look a bit deeper you will see that the 32/36 has 26/27mm chokes how true this is I don't know without physically looking at the carb. If this is so then you should be able to use jet sizes suited to the 32/36 as fitted to a 28/36
  24. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    That's good to know, what tyre size you running on those ? Any pics ?
  25. colr6

    ratio set up ?

    That's all down to what you can tolerate really plus what type of driving you intend doing motorway or town. 4th gear ratio is the same ratio throughout the 4 speed range so your only option is to change the diff to bring the revs down at speed.