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    Firstly I would like to point out that I do not own a old school ford, however have a passion for them as my brother has a mk1 Escort which is Harris powered. I look on this forum every day and enjoy the posts especially the builds like Col6's Mk1 Cortina. I was part of a visiting car club at the Classic Ford Show last weekend . This show is always great , but was obviously down on numbers by both cars and traders. This was possibly because of the age cut off. " plastic cars of the 90' s " are now at an age of classic status. They are not classed as " old school ford " but are important when it comes to the revenue that there owners contribute towards a great show like Classic Ford. Please don't take this the wrong way, it's just my opinion. I know that some of the members hate cars like mine, but no one is forced to look at these cars and we did make up the numbers. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  2. nigelslater44.ns

    Granada 1987 2.9i ghia auto less than 20k

    Did you buy it? Have you any pics. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  3. nigelslater44.ns

    Clear indicator lenses...... what bulbs?

    You can get coloured bulbs
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    RIP Ron Harris

    I've known Ron for some 30 years now. RIP Ron, dearest sympathy to the Harris family. A true legend and friend sadly missed
  5. nigelslater44.ns

    Classic Ford 2016 or not so Classic any more

    Yes you've got it, I drive a modified mk4 escort xr3i cabriolet. I stand corrected on the fiesta example, but more to the point they are FWD. If all our cars were the same, how boring would car shows be?
  6. nigelslater44.ns

    Classic Ford 2016 or not so Classic any more

    We are all guilty of being biased to the type of car we drive. As I said in my previously I visit this forum because I love old Fords. I know that this site is aimed at the older RWD Ford models but the topic is about the Classic Ford show. Some people have strong opinions regarding the age limit, however as time moves on so does the age of newer cars. This means at some point FWD cars from the early 80s which are 35 years old by age are seen as classic cars. They are not going to be the same as old skool, but deserve some respect. If you have for example a 1979 Fiesta 1300s, that complies with this forum, but a 1982 Fiesta Supersport doesn't. However both are getting rare and are FWD. Ford changed to FWD and still are today, that is why my own car is FWD. The Classic Ford show is big enough for all cars of classic status. You are not forced to look at cars that you are not interested in, but give the owners of such cars the credit they deserve for keeping these cars alive! They like myself have spent a small fortune preserving and maintaining there cars just like yourselves. Hope to meet some of you over the coming year
  7. nigelslater44.ns

    Classic Ford 2016 or not so Classic any more

    Thanks Mike, I attend a variety of different shows throughout the year displaying my car which I've had for 19 years. Still not sure if I'm a 'chav'? Yes I own a 1990 car of XR brand, but I don't have any Burberry
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    Classic Ford 2016 or not so Classic any more

    Hi, I have only just joined this forum of which I have visited many times. I have been following this thread, which has made me laugh a few times. I know that the car I drive is not considered as old skool status as of yet. But I am glad to see that some of the members do recognise the fact that some of the 80s and 90s cars are becoming sought after these days. I respect that everyone has an opinion of which cars they like, whether it be a standard or modified in either old skool or a modern classic. I am not biased as to a specific type of Ford that I like, however I would not label people who have a great car that they are obviously proud of owning if it was not my cup of tea! I certainly would certainly not use some of the terms to describe the owners of such cars like the one I own. However these people see it, cars labeled as ' plastic cars ' are starting to get classic status. This does not put them as ' old skool ' but we are viewing our opinions on ' classic ford ' show. I do love a mk1 cortina, and would have one tomorrow if they weren't mortgage money! My brother has a mk1 escort running a Harris lump. This post is not intended to upset anyone, just pointing out that everyone has an opinion!