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  1. preacherman

    Car security

    Disappointed by the lack of some good advice .🤔
  2. preacherman

    Car security

    A few new cars have been stolen in our area including a 2018 ST fiesta about 200 yards from where my pride and joy sleeps. I think we should have a section on car or garage security without mentioning where anyone lives but some examples of good practice. I want to put an extra padlock or two on my garage but which ones are best how about different types of security bolts and fixings. It's a sensitive subject but it's horrible when any bastard steals from you.
  3. preacherman

    My Mexicos Road to recovery

    I was watching car sausage the other night and they did a mercedes convertible with over 100 bodged repairs and loads of filler. Makes this one look easy
  4. preacherman

    Rear fog light

    My rear fog light has never been to my liking.so I bought one off a mk1 fiesta and it fits like a glove and looks much better I think.i put it in the middle of the rear valance. Fitted the centre caps to the capri LS wheels.
  5. preacherman

    Rare, Unique or Prototypes

    Some guy named ford had one made.brown wasn't it
  6. preacherman

    Rare, Unique or Prototypes

    Mk1 fiesta bda rear wheel drive with transaxle. Made in 1978 I think
  7. preacherman

    Rare, Unique or Prototypes

    Mk1 capri 4 x 4
  8. preacherman

    Rare, Unique or Prototypes

    I was looking for a corsair twincam photo but can't find any. I know at least 2 were built
  9. preacherman

    Hello from cardiff South wales

    These look worth a punt on ebay 192659044933. 195 50 13 on them bad boys
  10. preacherman

    Hello from cardiff South wales

    Welcome boyo Can't beat a more door
  11. preacherman

    Busy today

    The spoiler is a good fit and looks great. Cost £150 and easy to fit. It has 4 captive nuts that you can bolt into. Saving hard again now to finally sort the gearbox as it whines a lot.bit of play in the prop as well.brakes all round ,new steering rack.....it's gonna be a long winter
  12. preacherman

    Busy today

    CAPRI 5.5j LS wheels.
  13. preacherman

    Busy today

    I have been saving my pennies for a while now. I bought a carbon fibre effect rear spoiler, which is very nice. Fitted some deep dish wheels and tarted them up a bit. Can you tell what they are off. Sprayed the boot lid as it was scabby
  14. preacherman

    1300E resto number 2

    Always liked an E. Would have liked to see a 1600 in there. Ford should have made it a 1600 to rival the mexico but a bit plusher. All smoking jacket and slippers