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  1. Alternator wiring

    Thanks for the offer dale.off to Chicago for 5 days so if it's in the same condition I might have a look next week if that's ok. Mine is sorn at the moment and doing all those small jobs one of which is fitting a supercharger. Do you need a lift with your engine. It would be a bit lighter now given how much metal you have taken off lol
  2. Alternator wiring

    Can any one confirm where the three cables from the alternator go too. I am going to renew it all as it looks bodged. I know one goes to the battery and that's about it. The battery is not charging very well despite a new alternator and belt. I can see three different colour cables of various diametres in the same 1m of cable. Mk2 escort with a pinto.
  3. Goblin Garage on Quest

    Is that the grey and yellow car on ebay
  4. Pinto supercharged

    Has anyone done this and seen any worthwhile benefits. Seen a nice compact charger that can run up to 16k so even at twice engine speed it will be man enough. I have access to getting proper brackets made and have an air plenum. I am on bike carbs though.
  5. What did you buy your ford for xmas

    My mk2 escort was treated to pair of crystal headlights with new bulbs and led side lights. Got rid of the spotlights. A new grill was fitted. The design will not be to everyone's liking but hey ho let's go. Boy was it cold today.
  6. I like a 1600e very classy and great looking cars.
  7. Looking for one in black not worried about condition or if it's original ford Neil
  8. MK1 Rally Car

    If the rears are rubbed does not mean it needs iva test.loads of rally cars out there like it. If you spaceframe and shite then that's a different. I think your escort is smart as it is.
  9. Pair rally giant 7" spotlights and covers.comes with home made brackets. I have a brand new spare so three lamps in total. Up rated bulbs as well. Just took them off my Mark 2 escort. £20 and free p and p Neil

    The wife has cleared a large space under the tree. Hope it's where I will find a 2.0 zetec engine complete ready to slot in with all ancillaries attached and Mazda rx8 gearbox . Throttle bodies with mega jolt and a nice new fan belt in black.
  11. Generator...noisey

    I bought a small quiet generator. However it's not that quiet and the locals will complain as they complain about everything. How can I make it a bit quieter . Can I fit another silencer. Bit of noise suppression required as I often work on the car in the evenings
  12. Tennis

    See those Tennis limited edition mk4 fwd escorts have nose dived in price. Been on fleabay several times. They look shit.
  13. Bike carbs V 40s

    This is my carb journey Twin choke weber : 60 mph in second. Looks and sounds boring.28mpg. Twin 45 dhla : 70 mph in second albeit 15 mpg. The best sound.i think 40,s best suited to 1600cc. Modified twin choke: 60 mph in second but the second choke was same as dgas operation and was nice.25 mpg.i liked this set up. 4 x 38mm mikuni: 50 mph in second . Great low down torque. 28 mpg. Sounds great need setting up big time. I like the bike carbs. Having them set up soon as the ebay seller said they were only set up to get you going which is true. The guy who is doing the rolling road set up said it will be a piece of piss to set up and should be better than dhla. The bike carbs are cheaper option than 40 or 45 but budget for electric pump new throttle cable and air filters.