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  1. Ignition light

    Fitted new 75 amp alternator and new fan belt. Job done, getting 13 to 14 volts. The one I took off was bought new 18 months ago.maybe it was full of cheap electrics and stuff. Buyer beware.
  2. Thought i would treat the old girl to a passenger side door mirror , we have lots of traffic in our street and pulling out can get a bit close. I bought a new mirror off the bay advertised as suitable for mk1 fiesta and mk2 escorts - easy to find. So, easy to fit. Sat in the drivers seat to have a butchers and fook all its too low. Looking at the car from the front , the proper ford mirror on drivers side is in the " semi erect" position whereas the passenger side one is "flaccid" . The mounting holes are in the same positions as i made a template , looks like i need to get a genuine ford item as it looks pants , well i think so. It will be going back ! Frustrating, see mock up below Neil
  3. Wheel nut thread

    I bought m12 lock nut x 1 just to use and be sure before I bought some a few years ago. The car I had at the time was a bit of everything.
  4. MK1 Rally Car

    I have a mk2 escort and I think the shox are not at this angle and more upright. I know on the mk1 escort the positioning of the shox changed from early to later cars. I am running 6j minutes with 185 55 13 directional tyres. The handling has improved over the 175 70 13
  5. Ignition light

    Recently the ignition light has been coming on and volts just under 12 so makes sense. After driving for about 20 mins the voltage shoots to 14 v and red light goes out. The volts stabilise at 12.5v.this has happened a few occasions. Had a look today and fan belt and alternator were loose. Tightened up and tensioner belt. Took car for good run Still the same . when you turn ignition on the ignition light is no longer as bright as it used to be. The car starts ok but voltage is always 12 to 12.5 with no lights or heaters etc New battery was fitted 12 months ago and 55 amp alternator. Any thoughts and a plan of action. Neil
  6. Tyre size on a MK1 Mexico

    185 x 55 x 13 look good. As fitted to kit cars and some fast minis. Plenty on ebay as many oversee this size 185 60 too tall 175 50 too skinny
  7. Parts Guru

    Dizzy . Starters and breathers are interchangeable. I have run engines using bits from all size crossflow.
  8. Parts Guru

    The carb will be a single choke. So any ford OHV will fit. Sometimes on ebay a Nikki twin choke carb appears these are a good upgrade. The sump off 1300 or 1600 will fit. Some 1300 and 1600 had the bowl at the front others at the rear. Check before you buy the one to suit your vehicle . You would be better off getting a good 1300 or 1600. Easy to tune up and drop in place with practically the same size engine. The 1600 is a little bit taller.
  9. MK1 Rally Car

    Great looking car , i would sort those shoxs out. The angle looks 45 degrees. Escorts are better with almost vertical ones . Shame to rally it Maybe different off set wheels or 7 inch with some spacers to stop it rubbing Is that a Harris oil catch tank ? Where are you in South Wales (roughly) , couple of us on here are from that neck of the woods - granted its a large area Neil
  10. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Dale. I think I saw your block on the floor in joe Lyons place on the weekend. He was also building a nice big valve pinto head with a bit of porting. I would use the standard pulley which can be lightened. You got some high compression and a snapped belt is not good. My cortina never ran the same afterwards. Next you need jenvey throttle bodies get your bike carbs on fleabay for £250. Just need to find another grand ! There's a rolling road place in Goytre that I am going to use Get the bike carbs set up. Let you know how I get on.

    Did they do a tawny brown twincam or has all the white paint peeled off or been eaten by wild boar.
  12. Just plain wrong!

  13. Just plain wrong!

    http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=222694298958&category=29755&pm=1&ds=0&t=1509043106000&ver=0&cspheader=1 It's a ford. Love the checker plate
  14. Mk3 escorts are old skool.mk4 escorts are not. Think about all those great cars xr3 xr3i RS turbo and even rs1700t
  15. Sounds

    In the escort I have a very tinny sounding 3 watt blue booth speaker. Can anyone recommend something that's a bit louder but with better sound quality. It does need to be charged via the fag light type socket doofer. No cd players here