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  1. preacherman

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    About fooking time. Lol
  2. preacherman


    Quite a few cars are taxed and driven.the cortina had dead flies in the grill . The guy in charge said it was one of the best cars there.
  3. preacherman


    Of course
  4. preacherman

    Let there be rock!

    Seen the stranglers at least 75 times. I lost count now. In the early eighties I would see about 6 gigs on each tour. Now I only see them twice per year. Damned x 3 Buzzcocks x 2 Weller x 2 From the jam x 3 Moorhead x 1 Saxon x 2
  5. preacherman


    A few pictures
  6. preacherman


    Mk1 lotus cortina Ford anglia Ford escort mk1 x 2 Mini Cooper s Means I must be in the malta car museum . Great value for 10 euro
  7. preacherman


    Vehicles spotted so far Mk1 and mk2 transit Mk5 escort Mk2 1600gt cortina Convertible triumph Herald Pug 205 GTI Fiat 131
  8. preacherman

    South African paint code ZZ

    The SA escorts always seem to look a bit higher on the back end.
  9. preacherman

    South African paint code ZZ

    Taking my boot lid into b and q on Friday to get it colour matched so I can paint the sills and rear balance.
  10. preacherman

    1300 2 1600

    Straight swap no problems. Engine fits to gearbox no problem.
  11. Looking good Dale Almost back on the road. Neil
  12. preacherman

    General spares ...free to good home

    No where near mate. Send me your address and will send it.neil
  13. Pinto alternator .. not sure if it's 55 amp or 65 amp. In good working order. 12 volt car battery came off mk2 escort pinto Both were new in 2016. I replaced them as I had a charging issue that was found later to be nothing to do with these components. They are free or I can post if you pay postage. I guess the fee is between 10 to 15 bucks each. Having a tidy up. Neil
  14. preacherman

    For the electrically qualified

    So I wired in a relay with 30 amp fuse and it still blows , tried 35 amp and that went after a short run in the car. As I said when the car is stationery there is no problem the fan kicks on and off, no problem. I had a rethink and traced it to the same time after i fitted an LED kit car fan light that illuminates when the fan is on.it took a feed from the fan and the other cable was earthed. Disconnected the led light and all ok. Took it for a good run with water temp up to 90 degrees and fan is good. Must be a dodgy fan light or how I hard wired it in. Neil
  15. preacherman

    Not bad for £12

    I was looking for some ghia door cards x 4 door. Couldn't find any so I bought some vinyl wrap and black pinstripes and wrapped the top edges of all 4 doors. Quite pleased with how they came out. Mrs not happy that her best hairdryer was outside. Treated the old girl -not the wife- to some sporty £14.99 seat covers.nice