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  1. Mk 1 project

    You could buy a mk1 with the bubble arches fitted (optional extra). Where these fetro fitted by ford or part of the wing.
  2. Peter Lloyd Rallying

    I bought a complete system and manifold and it was great fit. Albeit it was for a capri the quality was good. I collected in person hoping to have a look around but most of the stuff is on line sales and so not much to see which was a shame. I bought an alloy front spoiler for my mk2 from there and again the service was great. Rang up a couple of days in advance and they reserved one for me.
  3. Bikini bike carbs

    So, fitted new throttle cable and has a lovely smooth operation. So went out for a blast on some wet n greasy roads it's amazing how easy the back end steps out Shame the electric fuel pump failed 1 mile from home in the pissing rain.mrs not too happy about towing me home. Need to buy a better quality bike carb pump.for now we are on the road. Bugger
  4. Bikini bike carbs

    So, the bike carbs are up and running, I made some air filters as a temporary measure using tomato cans cut in half , section of mesh over the opeining and then some ramair filter material over the top. Does the job at £9. Fitted an electric choke using a £5 solenoid onto a switch, nice. Need to improve the throttle cable attachment as i have to much play in the set up , will sort it this weekend. Overall the sound is better , idle is better and pick up is smoother. Too early to say if the performance / mpg has altered as i need to get the timing sorted once i have the throttle cable sorted. Overall though its an easy conversion.
  5. Mk2 escort washer bottle and jets

    ============ Sold ===========
  6. 2 x jets in good order 1 x washer bottle. Clean enough , no holes. Fitted with brand new washer pump. Came off a mk2 escort. Genuine ford item. I have since cleaned the dirty hand prints off the top of the bottle £15
  7. Mewla rally

    20170827_145608.mp420170827_145608.mp420170827_145608.mp4Treated the wife to afternoon out. Albeit in the Brecon beacons military ranges at Epynnt. The amount of cars entering events now is getting less each year.top car was the wrc fiesta followed by a handful of mk2 escorts. Someone had a Ferrari rally car looked out of place.p
  8. Bikini bike carbs

    I see spell checker changed mikuni to bikini lol
  9. Bikini bike carbs

    Fitted mikuni bike carbs to the pinto escort today. Quite an easy conversion and runs very well. Just need to sort some air filters and relocate the oil catch tank
  10. Fuel Check Valve

    I had the same problem on a crossflow (twin choke) powered kit car , so i fitted a non return valve as close to the carb inlet . It did the job. I had no idea why petrol was draining back or maybe the pump was on its way out. When i went to twin 40's , i fitted an electric pump and the NR valve was removed as the problem went away. Neil
  11. Ignition live mk2 escort

    Looking for a live ignition feed for an electric fuel pump. Any idea what colour cable I should tap into _ with in line fuse_ on the ignition. Switch or fuse box.
  12. Engine block number i/d ?

    1600 xflow rear bowl sump
  13. ford escort rs/mexico 5 1/2 j steels

    At the recent Monmouth ford car show they were £25 per rim and in good order.i could never see the excitement or rarity in these. I would get a 5inch std set and band them to 6.5 or 7 inch.
  14. Rs 2000 sump ?

    Mine had a Sierra sump that was massaged with a mallet to fit. The bowl was quite a bit below the cross member and vulnerable. I got one off fleabay premier motorsport big wing sump jobbie 145 bucks
  15. Front bowl pinto sumps

    Premier motorsport on eBay does these. I bought a big wing rear bowl. Came with new pick up pipe and strainer. Good value at £145 and got 30 quid back on old sump.