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  1. Camber mk2 escort

    It drove ok. But was difficult to get in sideways. I had to have 5 goes at the s bends lol. Before the guy tracked the wheels as best as he could, the tyres were squealing like a pig and a bitch to drive. Maybe a standard escort rack with standard tca with capri 2.8 struts and rs track rod ends is a bit of a hybrid.
  2. Camber mk2 escort

    So I fitted new track rod ends and locking nuts. I noted the new track rod ends were 4mm longer and the new locking nuts about 2mm thicker. I took the car to have the tracking set up and he could not do it correctly. The wheels are in at the top and ever so slightly out at the bottom but alot better after he had a go.There is no exposed thread on the steering arm so no adjustment left. To get it done properly he said I need to move the track control arms inwards to pull the bottom of the wheel inwards. Is there any adjustment on the tca.can I loosen off the bolt and reposition? I don't want to buy adjustable tca
  3. Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    Mexico dartboard with 185 55 13 directional tyres. Maybe get yours banded to 6.5 j
  4. 1300E resto number 2

    I once painted a capri using bq roller and £10 tin of paint for metal. The finish was shall we say stippled artex . But after flattening with wet an dry it still looked shit.lol Sold it for 400 when I noted the door hinge had seized and the door was opening because the metal was bending Just thinking it was the total opposite of what you have done. 1300e are great cars I had two.
  5. Mk 1 project

    Looks amazing with those wheels I really like the ford stealth grey colour that would look great on a mk1
  6. Out Of hibernation ...no where to go

    You taking the RS dale
  7. New track rods ends Cleaned up brake discs Battery in boot and old tray removed Wired up the therno fan switch New top and bottom rad hoses Manual choke sorted New grill with drl Crystal headlights and uprated bulbs Couple new led lights
  8. New Toy

    My not life crisis consists of and continues 2.0 capri cabaret 2.0 capri laser 1.6 dutton phantom Mk2 escort
  9. Anglia spotted on BBC weather

    Would love to see a 2018 ford anglia. Such a great shape. My dad had three anglia. My mum used to hold it in gear cos it kept jumping out.
  10. Probably a jag IRS in there somewhere
  11. Just plain wrong!

    Saw the above chevette in Brazil today. It's got a plastic rat bolted to the passenger side wing above the dent
  12. Just plain wrong!

  13. Beige name

    Nescafe brown with extra milk
  14. Pinto - The Resurrection

    Order a set and say they for them tanks you build lol