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  1. preacherman

    Brynmawr .South Wales. Car show on sunday

    Not a great turnout this year. Never mind. I like the 4 door escort with arches. Didn't take many piccies.
  2. preacherman

    Mk1escort alternator wiring

    Buy a new alternator connector block £4 and 2 m of 70 amp thin insulation cable £11. Run another smaller gauge wire for the ignition light.solder the connections. I did this job today. Mine was a cross flow converted to pinto. I always thought the wiring was a bit suspect as sometimes I am only getting 12volt. Now it's on 13.5 to 14volts. The cables that came off were a bit rough looking and brittle.
  3. preacherman

    Brynmawr .South Wales. Car show on sunday

    Sorry I posted next year's show. The next one is this sunday
  4. Free Always a good turnout My escort will be in there somewhere
  5. preacherman

    Lucky boy today

    Still some burnt foam bits in the carb again. Another clean out of the carb and jets and much better now. Gonna rip it a new arse tomorrow.
  6. When she was expecting our first child. We went to the hospital in the mk2 escort. She struggled to get in the bucket seat . Not happy. Neil
  7. When we got married ,I had to sort the cars out. So I got her there in a posh car and then from the service to the wedding reception, we went in my mk2 escort. I did put some ribbon on it and 4 x cibies.she was not happy. Will have to find some pictures.
  8. preacherman

    Mk2 escort wing mirror help.

    Are they fiesta mirrors. I bought a near side after market one and it's very similar angle to yours. The correct escort wedge spacer made it useable but not great.
  9. preacherman

    Escort seat base

    The rear seat base on my mk2 four door has never fitted snuggly. I know the interior is not original to the car. Are all rear seat bases the same for 2 and 4 door models. Looking for a ghia black rear base for a 4 door. Neil
  10. My escort that my dad gave me on my 17th birthday. I scrapped a rotten 1300e that I paid £50 for. Most of which landed up in my 1300L. The body filler was from an off road collision with my best mate sisters chevette. We never told her the truth behind the big dent in the chevette door. I remember hand painting the white stripes . We were bored and found some paint down the shed. FRY 445L
  11. preacherman

    mk1 fiesta gold

    Fit the accuspark module that fits inside your existing dizzy £30. No more points and stuff to worry about. Highly recommended and 10 minutes to fit. Neil
  12. preacherman

    The 26th Cortina Day monmouth show ground

    Nice day,weather was great Cool cars. Not so many anglias or escorts this year.
  13. preacherman

    Lucky boy today

    I fitted the gates barricade fuel pipes along with new gates cam belt. The inlet manifold and carb were full of melted foam from the air filter. Back on the road now, as a bonus I found a kn air filter in my scrap pile.
  14. preacherman

    Lucky boy today

    Just noticed I singed my eyebrows. Yes it is a foam one and it made an horrible mess and the black smoke was choking. The fuel pipe is probably 12 mths old. Gonna change it all out.
  15. preacherman

    Lucky boy today

    So started the escort today. Took a few goes but it got there.let it idle for a few minutes then it burst into flames. Lots of wet rags to smoother the flames. I could not stop it. Took my t shirt off and soaked it in water along with a coat and it stopped. I was actually about to give up on it and call it a day when it was burning. Damage Cam belt Top hose Dizzy cap and leads. Air filter Small burn to my tit,wrist and neck The cause was a split fuel pipe spraying fuel on the dizzy cap.