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  1. pauljut

    weller wheels any good

    hi do you have any pics you can post thanks Paul
  2. pauljut

    105e modded gbox tunnel

    has anyone ever fitted one of these into a 100e? Also does anybody have a pic of one from inside even on a 105 Thanks Paul
  3. pauljut

    weller wheels any good

    thanks for the info cheers Paul
  4. pauljut

    recessed bulkhead and gearbox tunnel

    do you have any pics inside please. Im going for a zetec and type 9 in mine. thanks Paul
  5. What are the options for these? ive seen the alachi ones. Are there any others made ? looking to try and keep the tunnel as low as possible. This is for the 100e thanks Paul
  6. pauljut

    weller wheels any good

    Hi guys have any of you got the weller steels ? Are they any good as in quality finish,etc Thanks Paul
  7. pauljut

    Street Anglia

    great project cheers Paul
  8. pauljut

    front end complete conversion help

    thanks im sure your on the 100e.com site as well, help most appreciated, spoken to ofas going to go down that route i think cheers Paul
  9. pauljut

    front end complete conversion help

    Right Ive Just phoned milton and been advised that they do not cover the parts for fitting to the 100e but only the 105, so it looks as if im going to have to hunt a bit harder to try and find a solution thanks Paul
  10. pauljut

    front end complete conversion help

    Hi guys thanks i will look into it further, i would rather save and pay for the correct stuff as i dont want to have an accident with my young daughter in toe and possibly hurt others by trying to sort on the cheap and it not being 100%. I will inform you of my findings. thanks Paul
  11. hi guys looking at how to sort the front end what is required, cost where etc. Been reading thread after thread which is getting confusing. The escort conversion seems to be the most poular but ive been looking and cannot find donor parts etc, so looks as if its not so easy. What i would be after ideally is a complete bolt on set up with minimal welding/fabrication. So my basic questions is does anybody do this? I would like to retain the chassis no without welding a plate over it like i have seen on some Want to be able to lower the car and be fully adjustable, castor camber etc want to fit disc brakes and want to put wider wheels on around the 5.5 wide mark, lotus steel or banded If im going to do this conversion, firstly i want to make sure it is safe and a proper job, rather than botching and having to redo trail and error etc , forgot to mention i will be going for a zetec engine conversion also. so all advise appreciated Thanks Paul
  12. pauljut

    gearbox to zetec engine

    thanks for the advice guys, i spoke to the chap today he has told me he has more than one bow there and for me to have a look, he told me he has a 4 speed from a cortina, would that be any good? Thanks again Paul
  13. pauljut

    gearbox to zetec engine

    hi guys new to the site with a 100e, planning to zetec it, question i want to ask is i have located a gearbox which i believe is from a diesel sierra, before buying would this actually fit a zetec or do i need to go for a petrol only box any advice appreciated thanks Paul
  14. Hi guys my name is Paul, always loved the old school cars and have just purchased my first ever with a 100e pop. Look forward to chatting with you guys. Cheers