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  1. RWL81P

    Let there be rock!

    seen prodigy 4 times! fantastic live gig even now! i would love to see foofighters though!
  2. RWL81P

    Mk2 Fiesta engine swap..

    yeah we did that years ago. pretty straight forward swap most parts just bolt straight up! obviously use mk1 xr2 exhaust and manifold. we used a mk1 xr2 donor car and used most of the parts but with a 5 speed box. use xr2 brakes and suspension too
  3. RWL81P

    Let there be rock!

    looks a great gig! not really into maiden but anything with a spitfire is cool! i went to watch ZZ TOP at manchester last year. amazing, i'd go and watch them again tomorrow.
  4. trackrod rally at pickering forests sat 29th september. always lots of mk2 escorts, sometimes a couple of mk1 escorts and sometimes lotus cortinas. plus other old cars in the historic cup and also loads of modern shite if your into that. a great day out for not a lot of money! whats better than the sound of BDAs barking through the forest at 9k?
  5. RWL81P

    site loading

    same for me and last night too
  6. RWL81P


    well we had a few hours on the Zody today. put another carb on thats just come from a running car. put another voltage regulator on, went through all the wiring to the coil and elec ign. found a few loose terminals and wires wrapped round. pulled the dash clocks out to check the wiring behind there as he thought the ignition switch could be dodgy. there was a wire that at some point has shorted out and melted all the plastic outer. taped that up. and a terminal on the rear of the switch had a connection loose! took the car round the block for a spin and run the best it has in ages. he's gonna take it for a longer drive to see how it goes and if it conks out. but so far so good!
  7. RWL81P

    1300 2 1600

    engine and box does fit together, i'm pretty sure the flywheels are the same. its been a while since i played with crossflows. as above the down pipes are different lengths cos the 16 sits about an inch higher than the 13. if you look at where the box mounts to the back of the block, look at the distance between the box and the line where the head sits against the block you will see the difference in height.
  8. RWL81P

    MOT Exemption

    no they still have drain channels, its just people that dont do the job properly by replacing the rotten channels and bodge them up with filler. my mk2 came with a pinto and drain channels, and the gearbox tunnel doesnt need making bigger to get a type 9 box in. its just very tight although the stick hole needs moving back a few inch.
  9. RWL81P


    again a possibility. i will try and get a couple of hours next week to look at it. my other mate whos a mechanic, came to pickering with us, rang me earlier. he also has a zodiac to have a look at, although i think that one runs, just a service on that. i'll keep you posted on it.
  10. RWL81P


    yeah 6 pot. also forgot, it has elec ign. not sure what type as he fitted that a while ago. yeah it squirts a fair bit of fuel in from the accel pump. and the vac advance on the carb i blanked with a hose and bolt. glass bowl filter, full. could try with cap off though. thats an option. seems to me like when its dying it has fuel and i kept the strobe on so i could see it flashing with the spark. i have suggested stripping and rebuilding the carb. he also has 3 other carbs, all old and unused for a few years so i wouldnt count on them!
  11. RWL81P


    had a couple of hours tinkering with my friends mk2 zodiac convertable today. i built the engine for him 10yrs ago. its been run for the last 10yrs and always been tempremental. mechanically new, reground crank, rebored, head fully rebuilt and unleaded conversion. now it seems everytime he go's out it conks out and wont start til its cold. i had a look over it today, re set timing to 10 deg btdc, found a loose ht cap and a plug lead that wasnt working. sorted them then had a play with the carb which is a single zenith. when reved from idle it splutters but once passed that it will rev right up, over n over again no problem. ive never played with this type of carb as ive always had webers. but it seems the accelerator pump is throwing too much juice in. there is 3 holes to adjust how much the pump lever pushes and put petrol in. tryed all 3 and still the same. any ideas or is there anywhere else to adjust that ive missed?
  12. RWL81P

    Using Vernier Pulley with Standard Pinto Camshaft.

    stick to piper, kent or quaife! tried n tested! i wouldnt risk that turbosport shite on my engine!
  13. RWL81P

    Dying part

    the standard look with nice wheels and lowered will always be cool, and thats why it never go's out of fashion, because its not fashion. its always been the look to have! love the steelies too!
  14. political correctness says they aren't allowed to be called black jacks anymore!
  15. send the kids to the shop for a marathon and a lucky bag!