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  1. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    i caught the back end of that episode, never seen it all. but they did do a much better job than the one that brewer and china did!
  2. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    brap brap brap westwoooooooood aye!
  3. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    Tim Westwood can fit cossie bumpers to a capri and lights like a fairground ride! everybody likes a 50 odd year old in a tracksuit, jimmy savile was popular!
  4. Full respray

    i thought about that, trouble is every man and their dogs at it. all under cutting each others prices, cheap and not very good. but most people are happy with cheap and crap. the amount of bad paintwork i see is unreal but the owners think its great. also with all the new rules from environmental health. your supposed to use water based paint now as theyve banned the use of 2k for automotive use.
  5. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    was this the one where they had HPE build them an XF?
  6. Full respray

    a roller and a tin of gloss white?
  7. Full respray

    i think 10k is taking the piss! im in the wrong game too, one car a month?
  8. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    is that because when the cameras arnt rolling they google everything? i did enjoy for the love of cars though.

    i must admit, i love the cortina but the cossie wouldnt have been my first choice.
  10. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    the apprentice is on now at FORDs place with the heritage cars there.

    well ive got a race pinto, 48s and a quaife box, if i wanted a sensible car i'd buy summat modern. could put a carpet and a zetec in the cortina, but then ya may aswell push it in a pond if your gonna do that to it.

    if its built right it doesnt need creature comforts! gartrac are the dogs when it comes to building race cars.
  13. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    saw mike at ford fair before it became focus fair. he was the usual arrogant car salesman.
  14. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    cant stand wheeler dealers, i think mike is a tit and i dont like know it all edd much either. only time ive watched it recently was with the mk1 escort that they didnt do a great job of. i like the other show though with tim and fuzz. they actually seem interested in the cars.
  15. 3.5 rover V8 into a mk3 Capri

    if you look on here for, could a lot of us end up on a Q reg. have a read through. or go on google lok at IVA, BIVA tests coming in next year. its an interesting read, then if you still want to go ahead youve got some information about it. its in old skool ford chat.