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  1. RWL81P

    More power required

    as much as id like to have a 2.2. for the price and complications with using 1.6d rods, then an unground 2.0 crank, both are hard to find although between us weve got them. then youve gotta try and find someone capable of offset grinding and the price. think it would be safer using a farndon crank with yb rods and make 2.3 or 2.4. its the same thing with 94mm pistons. it can be done on a 205 block if done correctly same 93mm on a non 205 block. 200 blocks do have thicker walls, i do have a 202 block which is heavier and thicker on the outside of the block, i would imagine the walls are thicker too but not had it in bits yet. i know ron harris built a pinto with 94mm and vulcan have also, i believe on 205 blocks.
  2. RWL81P

    More power required

    without finding the receipt out i cant remember off the top of my head had them in the cupboard in the house for about 10yr. yeah theyre 94mm still got them for sale. new in box. my bottom end ive a 202 and a 205 block to choose from. accralite pistons, £600, cossie rods, £150, machining piston crowns will be another £100, flywheel lightened £50, rebore and balance bottom end will be about £300. big end, mains, little ends, thrust bearings about £250, oil pump £100, arp bolts and victor rienz gaskets, another £150. and thats without the block, polishing the rods and crank, and assembley. then theres the top end. full race HPE head, cost me a grand secondhand, about £1700 new. twin weber 48s, with linkages and port matched and taperd £650, again new over a grand, tony law manifold £250. nearyl £500 new. then theres all the various parts, nuts bolts gaskets, clutch. they arnt cheap to build properly but you can build them cheaply to get good results!
  3. RWL81P

    More power required

    well im in doncaster so gis a shout if you want me to have a quick look around it. but if you want a proper pinto ring jeff harris. really though when set up right they go really well. mine reved to 7.5k
  4. RWL81P

    More power required

    they do go well! if set up correct. mine was +50 over bore, 1.5mm skimmed of the head, ported manifold, full janspeed and standard twin choke weber. to be honest it was plenty quick enough. would do about 115 on the 4 speed, but did about 60 in 1st and didnt take long to get there. and would go sideways in 3rd in the dry.
  5. RWL81P

    More power required

    thats the problem. after driving a modern mapped up diesel with tons of torque its gonna feel slow. as your in yorkshire you could give john paul a try at jp autotechnics near dinnington. he sorted my mates webers and they were never touched again for 2yrs. he has a rolling road and loves tinkering with webers.
  6. RWL81P

    More power required

    a lot cheaper putting st170 in the getting good power from a pinto. my mates just put an st17o in his mk2, think he's looking at putting an rx7 box in as theyre cheap and stronger than a type 9. my other mate has a mk5 rs2000 i4 engine in his with twin weber 45s, 4 branch and a weber alpha management system. his was rolling roaded at just under 190bhp. no other mods. type 9 5 speed. english axle, and after going ford fair in it a few times with him i can vouch that it go's really well, drives round town perfect, pulls 125 on private roads. and never lets him down.
  7. RWL81P

    More power required

    what other work is done on the engine? what carbs are they? any head work or cam kit in it? my 2.0 pinto with just a full janspeed and 4 branch and not a great deal else went like fook
  8. RWL81P

    More power required

    im slowly putting a pinto together to try and achieve 190-200 bhp. even with me doing as much of the work as possible, the price of a propper head, forged pistons, twin 48s cam kit, machining work, i'll still have 4 grand in it. if i wasnt intent on keeping a pinto between the wings i'd go ST170 engine, about 400 quid. spend a grand and get over 200bup.
  9. its recycled from cols oss n cart!
  10. col will have books like this from previous projects the first time round. dated 1902
  11. i was gonna say that but thought i'd be nice today.
  12. if your into escorts and rally prep then this is a must, i have of these. col do you still have "how to maintain a traction engine" from the first time round?
  13. RWL81P

    The red ruin

    apart from the door hinges dropping the pannel gaps are mint! i need those silver gutter trims though!
  14. RWL81P

    The red ruin

    looks nice that mate, makes a change seeing an unmolested escort. im sure it wont stay that way though.
  15. RWL81P

    Refurbing interior rear cards

    my mk2 rear cards look like new, i cleaned them with wonder wipes from screwfix, then a scotch pad with washing up liquid, did a couple of little repairs to scratches and primed and sprayed satin black with 2k paint.