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  1. Wanted RS2OOO Interior

    you will need a bank loan with todays prices.
  2. Escort mk2 ignition barrel

    really sorry matey, forgot all about this till i just saw it come back up!
  3. very nice that mate, wish i had another rs2000. jealous
  4. back after long break!!

    think ive got it down as the 20th may.
  5. back after long break!!

    yeah thats the plan, do you know where i can find any details of the event? where the stages are and any good places to watch? i found the date but cant find many other details and the contact number for it dosent seem to work. planes booked and hire car at the other side.
  6. Help needed AVO MEXICO

    Same question for mk1 estate would imagine mk1 and mk2 estate rear loom would be the same as only the dash forward has changed. saloons will probably have different plugs.
  7. Anglia spotted on BBC weather

    harry potters new project!
  8. Dvla vehicle inspection

    still not legal though as only 1 id number per car are the rules. but a number of the genuine rally shells after being reshelled were sold of with no id. all dodgy even at ford.
  9. Dvla vehicle inspection

    the ford rally team themselves regularly swapped ids from one car to another back in the 70s and even the mk2 in the heritage museum has the wrong numberplates on it!
  10. Thoughts please

    yeah it wouldnt be my choice but its certainly different.
  11. Mk2 Escort Screen Rubber Dilemma

    more mexicos with the correct chrome
  12. Thoughts please

    for some reason i like this, maybe cos its a bit different and the finish is amazing!
  13. Thoughts please

    for me the top one, love those contour seats!
  14. Thoughts please

    Not taking into account the steering wheel what dash, switch housing and glove box set up do you prefer of the two i must say the flocked dash does look good but i personally prefer the black original, although i do like the dash clocks! i too have an original rs 3 spoke also a deep dish rs 3 spoke which will be going in my car. but i do like the springalex wheels! for me the mountney types would go in the bin. but all personal taste.
  15. Thoughts please

    flock me, looking good!