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  1. Thinking of buying a land rover ?????

    chelsea tractor
  2. Thinking of buying a land rover ?????

    defender? worse than escorts for getting nicked!
  3. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    is that cols arse end?
  4. thats a truly stunning tranny! hope it turns up in one piece, more than likely on a local gippo camp!

    good job they dont turn up in the pink rolls!
  6. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    yeah ive seen a few of the imports for sale with those wheels and mirrors. personal taste, but for me its rs steels, superlites or revo 4 spokes unless its the rs 4 spokes.

    mine keeps kicking me off and saying syntax error or summat like that

    mines the same too!
  9. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    thats a nice mk2, just needs the dodgy foreign mirrors and wheels throwing in the skip!
  10. thieving Apple Pies, if it was my bike parts i think id have set fire to the stall! always wanted to go to the dorset steam fair, looks great. ive stamped a few bits on my bike, but the escort is stamped alover with the chassis number. and i havent finished yet!
  11. best thing to do when retoring an old ford now, is to do what ive done. buy a set of number and letter stamps and try and stamp every major part that you put on. so far ive done the front floors, boot floor, rear axle, front x member, gearbox, recaro seat runners, bias pedal box, and roll cage. wont stop them from taking it but will make it harder to sell parts and you will know where to look when parts are for sale!
  12. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    thats about right for lotus! made 1 fantastic engine, try'd again then nicked everybody elses.
  13. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    we had the fix or repair daily too, fiat fix it again tomorrow. and when skodas wernt vws, why do skodas have heated rear windows? to keep your hands warm when your pushing it.
  14. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    all the vauxhall boys when i wa a lad said RS was for rusty shed!
  15. Cortina axle 52" disc modification

    xr3 vented discs and calipers