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  1. Just asking if anyone has the 4 piece engine bay loom for sale for a Mk1 Escort Mexico , or if not has anyone got the multi plug connectors for the alternator to loom and also the multi plugs for the headlights from the loom as well . I would appreciate any help as i want to keep the looms and car as original as i can . I have attached photos of the multi plugs i am after if the looms are not available from anyone .
  2. Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    Nick, stick with the ones you have on the 1300e already ,they make the car look good as it is !!! , just get them repainted as they were . If you want to put 4 spoke alloys on anything .... buy another car !!!! Just ...NOT ..on your 1300e . Only my opinion . Regards Dave .
  3. Repair fuse box

    Unfortunately that isnt the correct fuse board for a mk1 escort Mexico . It should have round bullet connector Terminals as in stuarts initial post photos . This e bay number is more correct type : - 273067666406 .. but its in israel . Maybe worth a try Stuart
  4. Fomoco loom identification ?

    Any ideas ?
  5. Fomoco loom identification ?

    Hi , I am hoping that someone on osf can help me to identify a wiring loom i have in my spare parts . I think it is from an Escort Mk1 because the part number begins with 3024E . Its a front to rear loom , i would say its an early loom because it only has the 6 wire multi block connector . I am not sure if it comes from a van or estate car . the position of the green single wire along the loom is puzzling because if its a petrol tank sender its exits before both rear light clusters instead of at the end like a saloon car , which would point towards a tank in the floor maybe ?.also i have never seen the hard sleeving over the loom just behind the multi plug which would suggest extra protection for the short distance its on the loom . Could this be becuse it goes up the A post and inside the roofline ? Which also has thin foam wound round the loom after the sleeving . I would appreciate any help to identitfy the loom . Regards , David
  6. Stuart , as far as i know ....think this can be fitted to an under dash loom that has the seperate multi plug connectors for the indicator stalk as this is where it connects into using the above photo multi plugs . Hope this helps .
  7. HELP Rx8 gearbox.

    Dont fit it then ,,!!! Leave escort box in .
  8. No Stuart , the reason i am after the plug and socket is for a good loom i have for my car with the original ford labels on it . No the loom has not got the plug in top photo that is on another one . I only sell good condition , original parts that can actually be used on a car at reasonable starting prices . Hope this helps David .
  9. Just to let you know i am still looking for both of those multi plug connector blocks in the photos . If anyone can help i would be very grateful . So any information to the whereabouts even off other ford models would be a help and i can change my search . many thanks . regards . Dave
  10. I am looking for a pair ( n/s and o/s ) of the metal drop glass door guide channels for a 2 door escort , must be in good condition and complete with mounting brackets , not rotten .not worried what colour they are . Similar to yellow one in the photo . Pm me if you can help. thanks David
  11. You gotta love

    Top tune from a top band , my favourite band when i was a kid . My personal favourite Slade song was “ Everyday “ .
  12. 1971 Mk1 Escort Mexico

    you would have to ask john . Are you a member of the Aveley factory named club ? If so look under ETX resto thread and you will see all that was done to it . Regards David
  13. 1971 Mk1 Escort Mexico

    Hi i have just spoken to john and e mailed him on that address and it worked for me , dont know why yours bounced back ? maybe worth trying again . regards . David .