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  1. Jerrytom161

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    Twin tub washing machines !!!!!
  2. Jerrytom161

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    Always good fun , one of the best christmas presents i ever had .
  3. Jerrytom161

    Humour from Down Under

    More like β€œ Rolf how are you gonna tie me down with that ??? β€œ
  4. Jerrytom161

    What a knob......

    Lol. What the plastic mechanic !!!
  5. Jerrytom161

    What a knob......

    You stopped there near southend , you are lucky you had any wheels left !!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Jerrytom161

    What a knob......

    Nick I hope thats not a dig at your chief Mechanic !!!!!. Lol
  7. I have been looking on E bay a lot lately for certain items for my old skool ford that i need , and it struck me that there is a lot of Rubbish on there that is either very badly described or shockingly made or repaired and i mean SHOCKINGLY !!!! , the sort of stuff that you have thrown away better !!! . Then the seller thinks that Mr old skool Ford is totally blind , cant read or plain and simply stupid into being fooled into bidding on or buying it now . They then also think if they put anything with the words β€œ Ford ,Rs, Mexico,Twincam,1300E, Anglia ,Cortina, Cossie , Alan Mann, BDA etc etc in the title or listing it will sell for a small fortune , whether it is related to those cars or not as the case maybe . So with all this in mind i thought i would start this thread for all osf members to put up photos or descriptions of what they think is the worst , ridiculous or funniest item they have either seen or bought on Ebay .
  8. Jerrytom161

    Slow loading of site

    Same as Ray . About as slow as a bog standard mk1 escort .,
  9. Look up on ebay listings and type in ..... escort mk1 rear light covers and 3x black ones come up ...... but not cheap,!!!.Β£150 1 day 9 hours to go on the listing and 2 have both tags to fit onto fixing brackets and the other only one tag . Hope this helps you
  10. I am just asking if anyone knows if the Mk1 Escort Range ever had interior roof grab handles with black plastic end caps ( see photo ) ? These are very rare to find as most seem to have the chrome cap end caps . The black ones would go a lot better with black moonstone headlining than the chrome ones . But i am unsure whether to change as I am after keeping my Mex original and was wondering if anyone knew if these were actually fitted as standard or an option . I have a feeling they could have been fitted to base models or were fitted to Early Capri’s . I would appreciate any info on this topic . regards. Dave .
  11. Jerrytom161

    Mk1 Escort Mexico engine bay loom

    The correct engine bay loom photos are at the begining of this post . And no they are not the ones on e bay !!!,,!!,,,they are only advertised on FB.
  12. Jerrytom161

    Mk1 Escort Mexico engine bay loom

    Ok. My son is on FB but cannot find them , do you have details on the post or advert for the looms ? Thanks
  13. Jerrytom161

    Mk1 Escort Mexico engine bay loom

    Hi Rallye , i am not on FB is there any chance you can get me the details and pm me .. please . Regards dave
  14. Just asking if anyone has the 4 piece engine bay loom for sale for a Mk1 Escort Mexico , or if not has anyone got the multi plug connectors for the alternator to loom and also the multi plugs for the headlights from the loom as well . I would appreciate any help as i want to keep the looms and car as original as i can . I have attached photos of the multi plugs i am after if the looms are not available from anyone .
  15. Jerrytom161

    Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    Nick, stick with the ones you have on the 1300e already ,they make the car look good as it is !!! , just get them repainted as they were . If you want to put 4 spoke alloys on anything .... buy another car !!!! Just ...NOT ..on your 1300e . Only my opinion . Regards Dave .