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  1. newbee

    I tend to agree leave as standard especially if it is original now . The changes that will be brought in next May i would be very careful on what you change , could end up de - valuing your car not increasing the value . Modded vehicles and “Q” plates come to mind as in another thread recently !!!,
  2. I cannot believe it was a year ago that i took the Mexico for its first Mot since i finished the restoration of it . Took it today for its second one and all was good , another year of legal motoring !! I Will still continue to get it done even when it becomes mot exempt as i personally would like someone else to check to make sure nothing is missed or potentially missed .
  3. Silicon brake fluid, does not mix with mineral brake fluid, it requires a total brake system overall.

    Every seal changed, and all the lines flushed, inc. master cylinder. 

    Honestly, if the car is not being used for motorsport, keep with mineral.

    1. Jerrytom161


      As i said the total system was all new a year ago . And filled from new with silicon brake fluid . 

  4. When i restored my standard road going Mk1 Mex it was recommended to me to put Dot 5 Automec silicon brake/clutch fluid in the systems as it has the advantages of :- 1:- never having to be changed as it doesnt absorb moisture 2:- wont damage the paintwork if it ever leaks . It has been in the car a year now and i have had no problems at all . But i have heard that this is not road legal in a road going car and an Mot failure . It passed the Mot last year but i am not sure if the tester was aware of this or turned a blind eye so to speak . He never commented to me about it , apparently it is down to the colour of the fluid to recognise the Dot of the fluid . I was quite surprised to find this out as a lot of classic car companies promote Automec and products alike to be fitted into their road going cars . The systems on the Mex were all brand new eg, seals etc , i have read that the fluid can affect some rubber parts depending on the compound used causing them to swell and become ineffective and cause failure , Has any OSF members heard of or had any experience of this issue ? I have an Mot booked this morning and fingers crossed it will pass !!. And the issue wont arise .
  5. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    So i wonder what will happen after we eventually complete Brexit and hopefully gain control of our own law making decisions again ?.. as this is EU legislation and an EU directive ?. Will our own government review this afterwards ? Probably not !!!
  6. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Went on their website and messaged them through that , so hopefully its correct , but yes if i get no response will call them . Thanks . Dave .
  7. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Have now e-mailed them , fingers crossed they can help .
  8. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Thanks very much , will contact them and see if they can help . Regards, Dave .
  9. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    I didnt know there was copy's out there, I am not bothered if its a copy or original I would just like to find a handbook for my Mexico . ta for the info .
  10. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Hi guys , not really a part wanted but more a book i am looking for . Does anyone have a handbook for a 1973 Mk1 Mexico they would be willing to sell preferably in reasonable condition ? Its the one that is blue and white with a side profile of a Mk1 mexico on the front ( as per photo ) . If anyone has please get in touch , thanks . Dave
  11. Please read

    It is still going to be on the keeper of the vehicles head so to speak to take responsibility for the road worthiness of that vehicle on the road otherwise you could be up for a £2,500 fine and 3 points on your licence if it's not . I will carry on and have mine tested as I would rather have a second opinion as to whether it's got a potential problem or not that I could have missed . As regards to modified or not it's going to be a long argument on that one !!!! ...... as it's been mentioned before , I personally think if a car has been changed away from standard using the same manufacturers parts but from different modelled cars for that car when it was manufactured it should have a different vehicle road worthiness test and taxation class. When you are modding a car with parts from Different manufacturers as well , surely this then becomes a kit car which in turn should have a non historic vehicle taxation class and mot test . If you have a vehicle on a V5c denoted as a 41year old MK1 escort or whatever with a Vauxhall / rover or whatever non standard engine etc in it and its declared as road Tax exempt surely this is fraud ? As it's not as manufactured ? , I am only highlighting a point , I suppose this is just one of the loopholes and who knows what the Dvla or Vosa will come up with to clarify all these issues ?
  12. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    I was always told Ford was either F*****g Old Rusty Dustbin or Found On Road Dead . Lotus was Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious . MG was Massive Gamble . must be others !!!
  13. open all hours

    Didn't they do a follow on to Porrige and that was shite ! The follow on from porridge was called "Going Straight " only ran for one series 6 episodes in 1978 . Funnily enough Nicholas Lyndhurst was in that as Norman Stanley Fletchers son Raymond .
  14. Crazy prices ???

    LOL!!!! I would pay that for a fuel tank breather tube boot floor fan tailed grommet and that's harder to find !!!.. Any takers ???( see photo in another thread )
  15. New Wiring Loom Needed

    As Ray said .....Don't use Autosparks !!!! I did wish I hadn't listened to their rep at classic car show at the NEC a couple of years ago . I only wanted engine bay loom at the time , £220 and it was rubbish , sent me old loom off to use original connectors as I was told they would , but they only used bulkhead plug . They drilled a hole through the middle shoved all new wires through it with spade connectors on it !!, no use to me trying to plug into original socket connector ? Every connector was their own big bullets , couldn't even get my clear plastic cover on the fuse box because of this , Complained to them ..... Got no answer !, they only wanted my money , ...... BE WARNED !!!!! I ended up soldering on all my original connectors on myself and sourcing another bulkhead plug .. So basically paid £220 for a few wires !!! . I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND AUTOSPARKS !!!! Source an original loom and repair as necessary . regards, Dave ( jerrytom161)