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  1. Escort mk1 seatbelts wanted

    Check out e bay listing number :- 302593945992 , these are new old stock so will probably go for big money , currently at £155. Hope this helps .
  2. Secure Garage Door Recommendations?

    yes not long ago , nothing compared to where Ray is ! 😆
  3. Secure Garage Door Recommendations?

    Would like to see them try .... better than fort knox !!!!! And then theres the 2 Dobermans wandering around inside , Ray forgot to mention that and they are both SAS trained with guns !!!!! 🐶🐶⚔️⚔️🔫🔫
  4. Twin dash plate

    Was it a left hand drive car originally maybe ? Has it ever been exported/ imported do you know ? Just a thought or a conversion done ?
  5. Tight Fit

    It was an old song colin in the 50’s and 60’s ,a lot of groups and singers covered it and it was a big hit for the group The Tokens in the early 60’s . You better go and check your record collection , i am sure amongst your Elvis ,Lonnie Donegan and other old stuff you must have a version somewhere . Lol.
  6. Tight Fit

    I bet the garden was like a jungle ......the mighty jungle, where the lion sleeps tonight ......... i’ll definitely get me coat . Lol
  7. Tight Fit

    I would imagine they are probably like the leaf springs on my Mk1 escort when i got it .......”sagging “!!!! nevermind “ fantasy island “ !!!!
  8. Mk1 escort seat belts

    depending on how bad the plastic covering is either put some black electrical cable heat shrink sleeving over the top or find a company that can repair it maybe . The only other option is to replace them with better used or nos ones if you can find them .
  9. the photo of the saluki bronze mk2 finished (XGN 148G) . Was this taken at Bromley pageant this year , kind of looks familiar !!
  10. I know mate ........... just the word “ Autosparks “ ......... ahhhhh. 🤬
  11. Dont talk about Auto sharks , have unfortunately experienced their loom on my escort , am on the lookout for a good original complete engine bay loom to replace the one i bought from them .
  12. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    So in theory you could tax a pile of cut up panels that used to represent a nice car or reshell it and make it into a ringer with a log book !!!! And no one would none the wiser . Lol or would they ?
  13. Maybe , i would rather repair my existing one tbh . It would be a lot cheaper i think !!!!
  14. Thanks colin , as you can see i have been offered A nos loom and bezel by caprimk1v4.