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  1. V5 and VIN SALES

  2. ford fiesta mk1 jacking up

    Floor on the fiesta is flimsy. The best way I find to jack the car up is to use the original jacking points, one on each side under the doors. You will find a U type metal bracket that is welded on the floor. Stick about 2 foot of steel pipe as far in as it goes into the U bracket then use a trolley jack just below the sill area to lift the car up. You will find this does not strain the floor panel. I have not tried to jack up on the U bracket because there is a chance it may deform resulting that you can’t then use the original supplied jack in case you need to change the wheel on the road.
  3. South African MK2 Sport Paint Code Help !!

    From the picture looks very much like 1979 UK escorts Riveira Blue to me.
  4. ford fiesta mk1 fornt caliper

    The picture looks like it is from a 950/1100 or a 1300 model. XR2 has bigger calipers and I wonder the kit you have been supplied is for XR2?
  5. Weber carb rebuild kit

    what's the other figure? That would determine if it's a 1300 or 1600 carb.
  6. Weber carb rebuild kit

    It could be hidden by the dirt. It's not on a tag but on the flange that bolts to the manifold. It will be something like 32 32 or 32 34 and may be dft.
  7. Weber carb rebuild kit

    Yes. Whether it is for a 1300 or 1600 depends on the exact version of carb. This can be found from the numbers stamped on the flange of the carb.
  8. Weber carb rebuild kit

    It is a Webber 32 dft carb used in 1300/1600 fiestas. I don't think it is particularly that rare and service kits are freely available. If you are thinking of selling it I would not mind some bits of it like the rubber gasket where air filter goes.
  9. ford fiesta parts

    Fiestas never came with rear antenna as standard unless you fit an after market one. Antennas if fitted were on the front wing but had a narrower fixing.
  10. Coil ok, bypass wire from battery to coil, problem?

    If it is the standard set up with points then connecting coil with battery the coil life would be shortened as you will be bypassing the ballast resister. If you have replaced the coil with a non ballast coil then that would be OK.
  11. Hi Guys, I am looking to build a 1300 mk1 fiesta crossflow engine. As I already have the cylinder head and Inlet manifold so looking for a complete cylinder block. I do not mind if it is in bits as I would be re-building it.
  12. Mystery crossflow

    Could be a 1300 fiesta though I think fiesta 1300 was a 791.