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  1. Kenbex522

    ford Corsair

    Not put you off have I ?? sorry if i have.
  2. Kenbex522

    ford Corsair

    Yes check body work very carefully. Panels are scarce especially the front panel, wings and rear valance. These two in attached pic are mine. The blue one all the panels i got from Ireland at the time. I couldn't find a thing here in the UK apart from one sill. Some I got from Expressed- again expensive. The green one I've just bought some lower panels for too as this one is a rolling resto. Mechanically more or less identical to the Mk1 Cortina with a few subtle differences. As for value, they are on the up and decent ones are starting to fetch strong money. I would expect to pay at least 4k for for the one in OP pic, but like the others spotted, there does appear to be something going on with the drivers door bottom and the sill below it so check that out carefully. Not sure what is going on with the front left strut top cap cover either, is that starting to push through? cant quite make it out. Check inner wing strut areas very carefully. Check boot lid bottom edge too, hard to find decent boot lids. Another important area is the fuel tank. Prone to rotting out at the top where the boot mat sits, as water gets in the boot is soaked up by the mat and just rots the top out.
  3. Kenbex522

    Rear discs

    Unless it was registered before 1st Jan 1968.
  4. Kenbex522


    Back on topic, A lot of the records were removed in the late 80's early 90's, ie untaxed reported scrap vehicles etc because their rubbish computer system of the time couldn't cope. So to free up space a lot of records were transferred to microfiche at central base Swansea. I know this because my missus worked in a DVLA local office until they closed. Sometimes it would take weeks to get info from them in these situations. I wouldn't imagine the process has speeded up any these days lol.
  5. Kenbex522


    In the words of the remaining Chuckle Brother...oh dear oh dear... 😀
  6. Kenbex522


    In the words of the remaining Chuckle Brother...oh dear oh dear... 😀
  7. Kenbex522

    RHD conversion rules n regs

    Insurance mainly if you stay with the same company. There is no reason to be notifying anyone else. Just make sure everything is done properly with the proper parts and any old redundant holes are welded and cleaned up
  8. Kenbex522

    Certificate of comformity

    I saw on an importers website couple of weeks back that if the car is eligible for no MoT ie 40 years old, it no longer needs an MoT for first registration.
  9. Kenbex522


    Yes I know all that but the company they use doesn't do them for free do they, thats my point. It costs DVLA for each visit they do. So they only do them where they need to or suspect when something aint right. They're not going to do thousands of visits on hunch of someone ticking box on a website, because even SGS dont have that amount of staff.
  10. Kenbex522


    I doubt DVLA have enough cash spare to pay for thousands of inspections just through people taxing cars. They don't need to. They just wait for the people to send in applications for log books for cars that have sat in barns for years and then ask for photo evidence, or wait for people to transfer cherished number plates. I'd imagine that keeps them plenty busy.
  11. Kenbex522


    Well i taxed my 64 Corsair the other week, as it already had an mot it didn't ask me nothing. Quite disappointed really lol You dont half spout some tosh.
  12. Kenbex522


    What did it ask before then?
  13. Kenbex522

    Capri leaf springs mk1 Tina help

    On my Corsair which is basically the same as cortina, i originally used a 2.8 spring. You can see in the first pic the pin is in the same place as the old spring. My axle used to sit forward in the arch. I changed them for a mk1 Escort single leaf which sits the axle further back. The pin is in a different position. I still used a 1" lowering block even though the springs were de cambered 2"(3" drop total) but had to change the locating pin diameter as it didn't fit in the lowering block. I also had to use Capri/Escort shackles as the rear bush is much bigger and as said can hit the chassis on full bump.
  14. Kenbex522

    Dying part

    Well its phases isn't it. Remember the 70's of customised cars? the jack up kits furry interiors etc bloody hideous if you ask me, but that was the rage. 80's was the era of fitting bodykits and wide wheels. 90's was hit by the recession so I don't recall a big scene as much of anything then as I do the previous periods. 2000 onwards has seen the era of 60's retro modifieds, zetecs pintos Vauxhalls red tops finding there way into everything. More recently has seen the transformation into putting huge modern wheels on old 60's cars which personally I think look gash, but its each to their own. Increasingly I'm now seeing high power Jap engines some with turbo's finding there way into 80/90's cars. I blame the Fast and Furious films for all that.
  15. Kenbex522

    Mk1 Cortina 2000e box

    Just told you the gearboxes are the same length. So it dont make any difference.