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  1. Kenbex522

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    Here's another my lad didn't get. Going here to find work pre internet....
  2. Kenbex522

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    Imperial spanners. Try getting that one across to my 15 year old lad who wants to be a car mechanic..sorry technician.
  3. Kenbex522

    dont use car wash

    Maybe we're fortunate where I live. We have two very good ones nearby. I dont take my number one classic, but I do take number two classic occasionally, the paint is shite anyway. But even on the dailys they do cracking jobs. Both are often packed. For £5 not worth the bother of getting my own cleaning stuff out. Luck of the draw i guess as there are a couple of others in the area I wouldn't bother with for similar reasons the OP posted.
  4. Kenbex522

    Electric brake booster

    Car builder solutions sell real remote boosters/servos not sure if they have any stock of the smaller 5.5" one, they didn't when i needed one. Hence why I had to bite the bullet and get a rebuilt Girling unit. I'm really not sold on those Lockheed copies, and MG Hive do sell the copies, they're only a few miles from me.
  5. Kenbex522

    Door/window rubbers. Who from?

    Another vote for Works Escort though not for Escort stuff. Have used his screen rubbers and door rubbers on both my Corsairs. The only thing I would say with his door rubbers, they were slightly bigger in profile to the originals, but that was easily remedied by stretching them and gluing on with impact adhesive. Dont have any issues shutting the doors.
  6. Kenbex522

    Electric brake booster

    You can buy little motorised vac motors I'm sure. I thought I'd read about someone doing this recently but cant remember where I saw it. As all remote servos detect fluid pressure before reacting, is it possible there was still a bit of air trapped in the system. Was it a proper Lockheed or a chinese copy servo? dont think the copies are all that from what I've heard. I know some of the Anglia boys have mounted theirs in the wheel arch with suitable cover over it, another where the glove box sits. I know of another who has three in the boot. Two for brakes and one for clutch!
  7. Kenbex522

    Electric brake booster

    Wasn't aware Ford were fitting electric boosters to Sierra's and Grannies. Some had motorised ABS units but not brake boosters/servos I'm sure. I fitted a rebuilt remote Girling unit to my Corsair beginning of the year, certainly no delay with that. After the recent Lakes Tour i'm glad I did fit it!!
  8. Kenbex522

    Steel rims on a 105e

    If they're AP's then yes possibly you may have issues. Alloys do generally seem to have more clearance. I also have a set of genuine Cosmics which I sometimes use, they have loads more clearance than my steels.
  9. Kenbex522

    Steel rims on a 105e

    Well I'd guess it depends on what calipers you are running and if the wheels are the riveted type. What hubs are you using? if they're Classic/consul capri ones then you will need to use mk1/2/3 capri hubs or fit a spacer. I run the giant M18 mk2 Granada calipers on mk3 capri hubs with non riveted wheels and they clear...but only just and bit too close for comfort. So I used to run a thin 5mm spacer just to make sure. I've now changed to ali hubs which stick out an extra 10mm and no longer use a spacer. I dont know if you have rear discs and calipers, but I gather the same issues apply there too re riveted wheels.
  10. Kenbex522

    Mot, or not, wot to do....

    Read the rules its quite clear and what does and doesn't constitute substantially modified. Mot'd my non modified Corsair on Thursday. Initially failed on rear brake on the left side well below par and one H4 headlamp bulb out of focus. Turned out to be the oil seal had gone coating the shoes. I changed the seal plus the shoes, and put a new H4 bulb in and sailed straight through all within the hour. No problems at all. Rather be doing that then no MoT.
  11. Kenbex522

    Mot, or not, wot to do....

    Thats because they had a shedload of logbooks stolen, so they changed them. As i said I doubt they are changing log books as all this is VHI thing self declaration.
  12. Kenbex522

    Mot, or not, wot to do....

    Where you read that? I've seen nothing official that said new log books are being issued. Anyhow I doubt they will as that costs them money. It hinted in the original proposals that the scheme is to cost as little to implement as possible as there is no cash return. As far as I'm aware they were updating the V112 to cover it all. Its a simple declaration form for MoT exemption and a yes or no to is your car substantially modified.
  13. not if your car has dual circuit brakes no.
  14. Kenbex522

    Final Gear Ratio, Escort MkI

    "English" is certainly the most common description of the front loading type axle, but it is also known as the Timken or Banjo axle.
  15. Kenbex522

    Loose Escort Boot Lock

    Yes there should be a rubber gasket under the head so to speak. There was a seller of these on ebay sometime back but cant remember who it was now. I guess you can make your own from an old inner tube. Similar design to the Corsair one and hardly any access on them either.