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  1. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    I think it was when the points system was introduced according to one well known prominent individual on various forums. Anyway as has been pointed out many times, the points system has been around for years unpoliced. The only thing I can see changing really is more random checks on the vehicles that are declared modified and possibly spot checks on those that are declared not modified. DVLA dont do their own checks anyway anymore they use a third party private company and DVSA are slowly closing all their vehicle test centres. It would take a long time to check every single vehicle out there. Time will tell.
  2. ford fiesta mk1 fornt caliper

    Yes they are 48mm dia, exactly as Col said you need to remove the piston right out. The crown is 38mm, the rest of piston is bigger. Used to use these calipers years ago for the Disc brake kit conversion on Anglias.
  3. Please read

    I think many of us will be ok, but as said will have to carry on getting an MoT in the normal way. Those who have completely altered their suspension set ups, again as mentioned leaf to 4/5link, and altered the front to tension struts or wishbone and bulkhead mods will without doubt get caught up in the IVA/BIVA scenario. I seem to recall one of the various classic motoring groups got clarification on the tunnel mods some years back. Cutting a new lever hole was acceptable, but a new tunnel or cutting large holes/altering the shape wasn't as I recall. Think it might have been the defunct ACE group. The 8 points definitions really does, need the wording altered/clarified to avoid any doubts misinterpretations.
  4. Capri rear leaf spring

    It depends on what shackles you are using. The spring itself (as from Gartrac) cames with a rear bush that has a 3/8" dia hole. My spring shackles are Capri ones that have a 11mm bolt. I think the original Corsair/cortina maybe also 3/8". Its enlarge not elongate by the way
  5. Cortina Nationals plus

    Yes going in the Pube.
  6. Capri rear leaf spring

    I just bought uprated Gartrac de cambered springs for mk1 Escort for my Corsair (Mk1 Cortina in drag). Just had to drill out the rear bush and they fitted straight on without moving pins or owt. Axle sits central in arch.
  7. 105 speed

    New website coming soon. As said exhaust manufacture is back up and running, not quite the full range there was as yet, but getting there. Office 01234 826827
  8. Corrective eye surgery

    As long as you're not a train driver or airline pilot. Don't think they're allowed to have this done. (there maybe other not allowed occupations too)
  9. Fitting carbs to a zetec

    Twin Webers need to be the 5 progression hole type to work properly on a Zetec. Otherwise you get flat spots on acceleration I'm told. You may want to check that out. http://www.webcon.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=15161
  10. 1500 & 997 pre crossflow similarities.

    I doubt the 997 head would work as the CR would be too high. I tried a 997 head on a 1340 block and I couldn't stop it pinking not matter what i did ie different dizzy's altering timing etc etc nothing worked. I even bought a gallon of 4 star and that didn't work neither. Resorted to the proper head in the end.
  11. This is never right???!!!!

    Same way as the mini and MG boys do I guess. Owners have to supply the invoice from the Heritage people that make them when rebuilding these cars if they want to retain their original number. BL doesn't exist anymore, so the current shells they supply cant be verified by them. DVLA dont count the last spotweld or check the holes are in the same places. I assume Higgins who supply/manufacture the Escort shells are a legitimate VAT registered company who give a sales invoice that will simply say one new Escort bodyshell. Unless the rules have changed for this in the last two years, that what the wife says. She worked for DVLA until they closed the local offices.
  12. This is never right???!!!!

    From DVLA's own website and their leaflet. You just need an invoice for a new bodyshell. Keep a vehicle’s original registration number A rebuilt vehicle can keep its original registration number if you can prove you’ve used: the original unmodified chassis or bodyshell (car or light van) a new chassis or monocoque bodyshell of the same specification as the original (car or light van) the original unmodified frame (motorbike) a new frame of the same specification as the original (motorbike) You must also have 2 other major components from the original vehicle from the following lists. For cars or light vans: suspension (front and back) steering assembly axles (both) transmission engine
  13. This is never right???!!!!

    The only reason there is a shortage of "proper" classics is because they pi55ed people off in the first place by allowing hoards of the plastic bumpered cars in. Then they tried to reverse that trend but by then the admission price had sky rocketed. I simply refuse to pay out that kind of entrance money where we ARE the show. So many of the Anglia gang dont bother now, and almost anyone else i speak too with 60's 70's classics are not interested in this event anymore. Agree with MG, its had its day and they've effectively turned it into another Ford Fair imo. Another event that has wee'd on it own chips is the Harpenden Classics on the Green. £12 entry or £17 early entry. Oh and the modern classics are allowed on the green first priority. Charity show fair enough, but come on.... honestly. Think I'll stick to doing tours and using it for my purposes. Apologies for ranting lol