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  1. New Guidance rules for VHI finally announced

    Well looking at it I doubt it made the min 8 points to keep its original identity. The bloke should have thought about that, as that is how many people have been getting caught out over the last few years. Remember the roof chopped Roller from a few years back as one high profile case?
  2. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/668274/vehicles-of-historical-interest-substantial-change-guidance.pdf
  3. Mk1 Tina accelerator pedal problems

    I did mine like this to give you an idea. I chopped the original end off. The photo is taken at mock up stage and was welded properly with a gussest
  4. Cant help with the measurements, but i do believe there are two sizes of Mk2 Cortina Screens. Series 1 and 2 are different.
  5. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    At the end of the day, from May 2018 you will be ticking one of two boxes. If you tick the modified box, this will ping the system for any potential future check. It may not be an issue until further down the line ie you want to take a reg plate off it, or an engine change, colour change etc, then it opens the door for one of those "please send us more details" letters as has already happened to a few owners under the system we have now.
  6. 1500 pre crossflow wont build oil pressure

    ford were still doing it on x flows as well. I've only ever come across two engines like this myself, but seen plenty of documented others.
  7. 1500 pre crossflow wont build oil pressure

    There was a classic schoolboy error on one FB group this week. He could only get about 5psi on the oil. Crank had been re ground correctly, correct bearings or so he thought, new this, new that etc. Took it all apart to discover the crank main bearings needed to oversized on the backing side as well, as it was one of those Fords reject blocks that had been lined bored oversize from factory. Fitted correct bearings and problem solved with no damage thankfully.
  8. Wheel nut thread

    Metric wheel studs for Ford are M12x1.5 so yes different pitch to a "normal" metric nut.
  9. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    The points system applies to any car regardless of age. The question is whether it is ever highlighted/caught/spotted or not. And in answer to your last question i do see quite a few modified moderns pulled over by the police, but I suspect they are limited to what they can do roadside. I dont know if the cars/owners get reported to dvla or not, or if it goes any further.
  10. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    Which forum is that ?? lol
  11. crossmember mounting zetec in mk1 cortina?

    Use a V4 Corsair x member if you can find one. You can then make the mounts up any way you want as the x member is almost flat. I did have cut and shut the front bowl sump because it sat way below the x member. They are quite deep the Zetec sumps.
  12. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    I think it was when the points system was introduced according to one well known prominent individual on various forums. Anyway as has been pointed out many times, the points system has been around for years unpoliced. The only thing I can see changing really is more random checks on the vehicles that are declared modified and possibly spot checks on those that are declared not modified. DVLA dont do their own checks anyway anymore they use a third party private company and DVSA are slowly closing all their vehicle test centres. It would take a long time to check every single vehicle out there. Time will tell.
  13. ford fiesta mk1 fornt caliper

    Yes they are 48mm dia, exactly as Col said you need to remove the piston right out. The crown is 38mm, the rest of piston is bigger. Used to use these calipers years ago for the Disc brake kit conversion on Anglias.