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  1. Comments anyone?

    Unfortunately this is where we are being priced out of our hobby as people selling there cars/parts are now saying "well one sold on eBay for this much the other week"!!
  2. Comments anyone?

    I now prices are going through the roof but....really! https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/1973-FORD-ESCORT-MEXICO-MK1-IN-DAYTONA-/112612914372?
  3. Please read

    My biggest issue is you could have a rover v8 mk1 escort built and declared pre 88 which is mot and tax exempt and a fresh build of identical nature built recently which needs biva, mot and tax!
  4. Please read

    It's ok for you people....I've just whacked my bulkhead out to put an eight banger in!! 😂
  5. Please read

    There is a lot of discussions on other forums....let's have your say
  6. Please read

  7. Mk1 escort Ignition wiring

    Very nice!....engine bay pic?
  8. My friend needs a 6 clock dash loom and under dash wiring loom....has any body got anything? Don't mind if it needs a bit of work
  9. ford escort rs/mexico 5 1/2 j steels

    The wheels are worth: what someone is prepared to pay for them what you are prepared to sell them for GET HAGGLING!!!
  10. Do these fit these wheels

    Yes they do mate....I have them on mine.
  11. Mk1 escort Ignition wiring

    Let's see your v8 escort then!!....I'm building one myself
  12. Rear Seat Cross Member.

    It's difficult to give you an exact measurement as there are so many discrepancies with these shells. Have you put a new full floor pan in or are you just changing the seat crossmember? When I put my full floor pan and crossmember in I lined the crossmember up with the seam of the crossmember where it meets the floor just behind the oval shaped pressing in the floor....then I trial fitted the rear seat base to see how it fitted. Hope this helps.
  13. Mk1 escort steering rack wanted

    Steering rack now purchased thanks
  14. Mk1 escort steering rack wanted

    Can I have your contact no. ?
  15. No turning back now!!

    Pics as requested