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  1. Xp197777

    RS2000 Stainless Exhaust

    I’ve got a stainless janspeed which ends up on the passenger side ,right to left
  2. Xp197777

    On me travels

    Nice Scott wonder what was under the bonnet ,V8 maybe
  3. Xp197777

    Remains of the Scrappage Scheme 2018

    There’s something very strange about that video
  4. I’ve had that and the vent holes to small and alignment issues
  5. I’ve been looking for three odd years now I’ve also fitted a couple of those fibreglass ones my experience is not good but maybe there’s one that I haven’t found that’s better ,has anyone got a good one
  6. That will be interesting Chris I haven’t found anyone that’s prepared to take it on yet ,let me know how you get on
  7. Xp197777

    new to here

    Welcome to OSF
  8. Xp197777

    1300E resto number 2

    All looking very nice Ray how far do you think you are from finishing her. james
  9. Cheers Ray I’ve seen that but I’d be better off with my one ,something will come up hopefully
  10. I was hoping you would have one in your collection of rare parts or know where there was a nice one Ray
  11. Considering how many were made it seems incredible there’s not some good ones kicking around might have to stick with my not so perfect one .
  12. Yes that’s a good point mate I’ll give him a ring
  13. I’ve got the original clocks in nice condition 140 mph speedo and 8000 rpm rev counter , all I need is the dash top vinyl bit for any six clock car like 1300 e ,sport, Gt ,Mexico RS etc , someone must have one please
  14. No luck buying that one has anybody got a nice one CASH waiting
  15. Xp197777

    MSN Ford Quiz

    15/15 for the novice that one