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  1. Escort Mexico restoration

    Pirelli Corsas 225/45/13s on RS4 7.5 rims , awesome tyre ,road legal tread pattern although there more like track tyres ,grippy.
  2. Fuel tank fittings

    Hi I have a mk1 tank outlet fitting ,do you have a picture of what you need
  3. Escort Mexico restoration

    Well if it was easy it would be boring mate good luck with it
  4. Rear Bumper

    Have you tried fbay I’ve seen them on there mate
  5. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Hi I don’t know mate but good luck and get well soon
  6. Escort Mexico restoration

    Cheers mate how is yours going
  7. Escort Mexico restoration

    Quick update bit more done front and rear brakes nearly done now
  8. tyre size?

    Hi I don’t know whether this helps but I’ve got 185/60/13s on 8 inch jbws on my mk2 with Forest arches
  9. Mk2 More door

    Yeah I would give them a call because they don’t list everything
  10. Mk2 More door

    Welcome to OSF Magnum panels might have them
  11. Mk 1 project

    I found that to be one of the worst jobs ,to get them nice
  12. escort mk2 bonnet cable release clamp

    Have you tried stage one motorsport
  13. escort mk2 bonnet cable release clamp

    Sorry haven’t got one have you tried fbay
  14. Electric Fuel Pump Position

    Hi mike there is also a rear bolt into boot floor that’s not in yet as I haven’t finished it but you can see the hole in the bracket ready

    I’ve got 8s on my arched mk2 but there 13s though