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  1. Fozzy48

    Happy Birthday Vista

    Happy birthday mate. 🎂 Fozzy
  2. Fozzy48

    Starter repaired.....at last

    Thanks bud. I will have to give it a miss this time round unfortunately. We've not been in this house long and have loads to do ATM. Hope you all have a great time though and I will catch up with you some other time. Fozzy
  3. Well my part came today and after a bit of working out i put the new cog on the splined shaft. Dont know if you guys know but i had to put power to the spade connector and an earth to send the shaft out so i could put the brass collar on then the clip ring. Got the starter motor back on the car and it started. Out for a spin we went, then it rained. The wife wasn't too impressed when I did a power slide round the corner above our house. 😂 Fozzy
  4. Fozzy48

    Burton power are shite.

    Apparently they have a massive warehouse. When you call the guy on the phone he orders the parts on a computer which then get order picked with another guy in the warehouse. It only becomes apparent that they have run out when the picker tells them. That tells me the system has a flaw where parts are not refreshed when getting low. The computer is only as good as the guy who tells it what to do. That's one shite computer.😂 Fozzy
  5. Fozzy48

    Mary Grant, whoever you were, I salute you.

    Love it mate. 😂 Fozzy
  6. Fozzy48

    Burton power are shite.

    Don't know mate, but I will be very wary of using them again in the future where possible. Fozzy
  7. Fozzy48

    Burton power are shite.

    To be fair, i've not had problems before. Well they said I should have it today or tomorrow, but the part on site was still showing 1-3 days for ordering. So I can't see me getting it this week. Fozzy
  8. Fozzy48

    Burton power are shite.

    Never thought of that mate TBH. You got any ideas of one in lincolnshire bud.? Fozzy
  9. Fozzy48

    Burton power are shite.

    Yeah, might be an idea mate, but as much as I find it expensive, I think an engineering company might be more expensive. Fozzy
  10. Fozzy48

    Burton power are shite.

    This buddy. 10 toothed edge starter. Fozzy
  11. Fozzy48

    Burton power are shite.

    The chap did say he has discounted it as an apology. I thinks that's worth about £1.40. And he'll discount my next purchace. I know even with a discount it'll still be dearer than buying elsewhere. Trouble is I can't seem to find the part elsewhere so I'm a bit stuck. I'll look on motorsport tools. Fozzy
  12. Fozzy48

    Burton power are shite.

    As I have discussed last week, I rang to order an edge starter cog for my RS from Burton on Tuesday. The guy told they'd got them in stock so would get it posted out. Brilliant I thought, thinking it would be here on maybe Thursday/Friday. Nope, it didn't turn up and neither Saturday. Thinking they may have posted it out to my old address back in sheffield, (although i did tell them my new address) I thought I would ring on Saturday afternoon. I was informed that it was out of stock so I won't get it until the back end of this week now. It's only a good job I wasn't going to any meets. 😞 Anyone else had shite service like that. Fozzy
  13. Fozzy48

    Moved house

    I ordered a new edge starter tooth gear from burton and asked the question if they go often. They had sold 5 + mine in the last 12 months. I think they are weaker than the traditional type and being cast too won't help I suspect. Fozzy
  14. Fozzy48

    Moved house

    Looks like I've found the problem. The gear has smashed. Can these be bought seperately and fitted or is it a case of a new starter. Just looked, are they having a laugh, 38 quid . I know burton are expensive but surely that's taking the piss. Who else can I try before I have to get the wallet out for that. I wouldn't mind so much but the starter looks relatively new so don't want to replace it all if I can help it. Fozzy
  15. Fozzy48

    Moved house

    How much was that mate. Fozzy