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  1. Single leaf spring centers

    Think I've sussed it. When I put the axle on for a dry run I attached the prop onto it then lifted the car as if at driving height. As you will know the diff is offset to the drivers side. As the diff on this capri axle is slightly longer than the escort I believe the prop is up to its limit in the gearbox. This means that the prop is pushing back in favour of the drivers side. Just a few more checks to do then I'm gonna try it tomorrow. Cheers. Fozzy
  2. Single leaf spring centers

    Yes mate, you are spot on. This is making me wonder IF the O/S spring has been put on wrong way. My mate has suggested it may be the bushes in the leaf springs that have play but the initial measurements that I am getting suggest about 1" out. I doubt very much that bushes would make 1" difference. Unless it's a build up of other bushes need replacing. Thanks buddy. Fozzy
  3. Single leaf spring centers

    Thanks mate. I would go and check on my car but it's kept at the outlaws so not convenient until tomorrow. I have since seen a pic of a pair but the distances would be greater than that for which my tramp brackets are angled at. If you know what I mean. You can see the difference in how the brackets will be angled if welded into this position. The o/s side of the axle seems to be about 1" further back than n/s. Fozzy
  4. Single leaf spring centers

    Is there a difference from one end of the spring centers to the other. The reason I ask is I am looking to get my tramp bar brackets welded on to the axle within the next day or 2. I did a dry run fitting the axle into the spring brackets. When I lifted the axle up and took the weight of the car, the tramp bar brackets were at different angle. Now as you will know there is very little movement (if any) once the axle is centered onto the center pin on the leaf spring. So this is why I ask, is it possible that one of the springs have been put on the wrong way round, therefore the axle when clamped up sits slightly further forwards or back. Cheers. Fozzy
  5. V5 and VIN SALES

    Signed. Fozzy
  6. Goblin Garage on Quest

    I watched it and enjoyed it and also wondered the same. It's not on ebay now, but looks just like the one that was. I wouldn't have paid 30k for it either, that's nearly restored mexico money and more desirable IMO. Fozzy
  7. Tramp bar brackets

    Found the answer guys. Sounds like the breather screws in and just needs relocating elsewhere out the way without dropping any swarfe into the shaft. Fozzy
  8. Tramp bar brackets

    So I've made the brackets for the tramp bar mounts onto my capri axle today. My initial measurements to where the brackets are going to go seem to fall right here where I have circled. Has anyone else come across this problem and how did you get round it. Does it need cutting off and placing elsewhere or cut off and welded up. The axle is at a better stage than this with the anti roll bar brackets and leaf spring brackets now cut off. Cheers. Fozzy
  9. Handbrake cable routing.

    Thanks for all the input guys, as usual you've been straight on it. I suppose there's no right or wrong way really as either direction will work equally well. Cheers. Fozzy
  10. Handbrake cable routing.

    Thanks Vista bud, some things to think about now. Fozzy
  11. Handbrake cable routing.

    Ta mate. This is what I was thinking which would take up quite a bit of slack I think. Cheers. Fozzy
  12. Handbrake cable routing.

    Cheers Colin mate. This is the way it's on at the moment as you might have seen last week but I have seen them fed from the back with the cable crossed over on the axle. Cheers. Fozzy
  13. Handbrake cable routing.

    Hi buddy, this is the one I've bought. http://www.burtonpower.com/handbrake-cable-ford-sierra-rear-disc-including-cosworth-bc2256.html Cheers. Fozzy
  14. Handbrake cable routing.

    So it's all coming together now. The cozzy calipers and discs are fitted onto my capri axle, (although not perminantly yet). I have the handbrake cable and the pipework sorted thanks to Colr6. So, which way do I put my calipers onto the brackets, with the handbrake cable feed from the back or the front of the axle?. Cheers. Fozzy
  15. What did you buy your ford for xmas

    Bought my RS a pair of halogen headlights which should be here tomorrow. Although every week seems to be Christmas day for mine with the parts I'm buying lately. Lol fozzy