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  1. Rich T

    o dear

    Very nice! Whats in the back? Campervan?
  2. Rich T

    Fordfest 2018

    Its a day out 😉
  3. Rich T

    Fordfest 2018

    Ill just be in my daily in normal parking. Fingers crossed it stays dry.
  4. Rich T

    Fordfest 2018

    Anyone going? Hoping to go with a few mates if the weathers good and spend some time finding parts i need for my cars winter stripdown 👍 Rich .
  5. Rich T

    thinking selling my escort

    What RP sead. It is a beauty and id be proud to own it. In fact, want to swap? Lol. If youre keeping it and its not in the way just leave it till you get your mojo back. I hope my car one day is at the standard yours is. Rich
  6. Used to be a V8 one of those local to me that was a regular at santapod. A nice thing.
  7. Not. I dont know weather ive ever seen an estate,saloon,hatchback thats converted to pickup that looks ok.
  8. Rich T

    guess what this is taken in the mid to late 80's

    Double denim and a mullet.
  9. Rich T

    Anti-roll bar bushes

    You forgot NOS, barnfind and patina.
  10. Rich T

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    I tried to join the cult today but it asked for my password (that ive forgotten). Im going to address when i get the chance. Tomorrow evening hopefully.
  11. Rich T

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    Its no biggy at all. I can still get round the site ok 👍
  12. Rich T

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    Morning all. Im relatively new here. Ive been on another car forum for 10 years now from when i was into Classic VWs. Ive seen the ups n downs on there. Some come and go. Some stay. Its a lot quieter than it used to be but still ticking over nicely. Personally I think Retards Club has had a negative affect on car forums (maybe forums generally?). But it is what it is. I must admit, i could post more and will try to get a bit more involved. Rich. MK2 JO. I must admit i prefer as a website the format that Volkzone use. May just be that i find it easier to navigate.
  13. Rich T

    Lhd mk2 exhausts etc

    I looked at pintos a while back but went for 1600 xflow in the end. Thata do me.