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  1. Morning all. Trying to register my Imported car. Sent off the paperwork to the DVLA to get a V5 and plates and they refused saying they want proof of vehicle age. Anybody know who to use for this please? Last hurdle. Rich
  2. V5 and VIN SALES

    The problem i see is, how would it be policed? Its already illegal and unless caught red handed theyre going to get away with it. Other than coming down hard on "memrobelia" ads
  3. V5 and VIN SALES

  4. Nuts about wheels!

    Nice one
  5. Nuts about wheels!

    Bummer! Not really up for the tooing and frowing with postage so I'll check its standard 1st.
  6. Nuts about wheels!

    Will do. Im pretty sure its all standard but always worth checking. As for the 60° taper? Any ideas?
  7. Nuts about wheels!

    Afternoon all. Quick question. Got a standard MK1 Escort and putting a set of Mexico steelies on it. Discs up front and drums at the back. Ive been looking for a set of wheel nuts for when i finally get round to fitting them. Im looking for a capped set (ideally in black) What threads do i have? I see there are a few different types for sale but a lot of them are 7/16 thread with a 60 degree taper, Is that what im after? Anything else i need to know? Cheers Rich
  8. Secure Garage Door Recommendations?

    No idea on garage doors but id be sticking retracting posts up between the door and the car.
  9. Panhard Rods

    ok,good call. Any suppliers? Or is burtons price the going price? Not being tight but trying to spread my money widely.
  10. Panhard Rods

    Shock absorbers Ok the car is now MOTd and registration paperwork will be winging its way to the DVLA later today. I want the car mobile early summer so getting on with servicing work etc on the car. Who should i use fir shock absorbers? Want spax or bilstien. Any reccomendations? Also who should i use. Burton's seem rather expensive. Rich
  11. 15 inch 6 spoke alloys

    Actually, probably not. Maybe old aftermarket wheels with ford centres.
  12. 15 inch 6 spoke alloys

    Looks like a 4x4 wheel with a car tyre on. Ford Ranger?
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. My missus has baught me a set of tyres for the Mexico steelies im buying. Happy days lol
  14. Panhard Rods

    Yeh, it would be megga overkill. But was thinking that one day (maybe under someone elses ownership) it maybe would end up a quick car. I'll stick to tramp bars i think. Thanks all
  15. Panhard Rods

    Sooooo, 4 link set ups. The piece that is welded to the axle. How is it fitted? I would have thought it would come in 2 halves to weld it round the axle. Do the hub flanges need to be cut off to slide the brackets into place before welding? Rich