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  1. Rich T

    Rollover jig wanted

    One just turned up on ebay thismorning. "Escort mk1 rotisserie"
  2. Rich T

    Tour of the moor

    Cool pix πŸ‘
  3. Rich T

    Rollover jig wanted

    Find oldskoolfordnutter on ebay. He makes em.
  4. Rich T

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Lots of pix of the weekend please ☺️
  5. Rich T

    newbie from worcestershire

    Same here. Always wanted one but always out of my price range.
  6. Rich T

    Dellorto Carbs

    Cheers guys. I'll see how they look saturday when i pick em up.
  7. I doubt its the servo from what youve sead. Id also look at the master cylinder situation 1st.
  8. Rich T

    Dellorto Carbs

    Are they any good? Just had a "RED MIST" moment on ebay and won a pair of twin 40s. Wont be starting on the engine till next year so probably should have left em for someone else to buy lol. Are they any good or should i wait a while and sell em on and wait for a pair of webbers? Rich
  9. Rich T

    Happy Birthday Vista

    Happy Birthday 😁
  10. Rich T

    It hinges on this....

    Evening. Sort of doing a rolling restoration and there will be challeges ahead. One of them is the door hinges. Well, the passenger door has hang due to loads of wear in the hinges. Are they unboltable or welded on? Trying to figure my options for when it comes to tackling it. Cheers Rich
  11. Rich T

    Capri Mk2 Stampede up for auction

    I like the paint job. Look like Jag wheels though
  12. Rich T

    OSFDC Round 3 - Retro Show - 16/17th June

    Sorry for not replying, i maybe there. Waiting to find out what my other half wants to do. She enjoyed Classic Ford at the pod so maybe up for it. Rich
  13. Rich T

    Brake pad question

    Yeh, thats what they're for. Never heard of them helping with heat dispursing.
  14. Rich T

    Brake pad question

    They probably serve as anti vibration/squeal pads. As sead ^^^ id try the originals 1st
  15. Rich T

    Just plain wrong!

    Yeh. Other than that , its a stunna!