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  1. Rich T

    Orange Is The New Black

    Very nice. I wish I'd baught a MK2 this time round.
  2. Rich T

    pls go back

    I quite like it. Bit bright but going to leave it as is for now. See how it goes.
  3. Its a cool looking car but must be photoshop or such like. Cant imagine it being able to keep its belly off of the ground.
  4. Rich T

    RS2000 Custom front seats.

    Nice one 🤙
  5. Rich T

    Just plain wrong!

    It was my plan B to buy one if i couldnt afford an Escort. Quirky and different 😎
  6. Rich T

    Just plain wrong!

    I like that. Id change the wheels and raise it a little but it looks a clean car. Then subaru or 2.0 VW flat 4 on twin carbs it.
  7. Rich T

    RS2000 Custom front seats.

    Where in the country is your trimmer? Ill be needing 2 recaros doing sometime next year and the trimmer i was going to use is stacked out till September!
  8. Just seen on ebay an old street machine mag for sale. This Escort is the cover car!
  9. Rich T

    Which modern engine fits best?

    Sacrilege maybe. But a jag bodied car needs more cylinders 😁. Maybe V8 Mustang. Worry about the cooling later lol
  10. Rich T

    Which modern engine fits best?

    E Type Jag body? Gotta be a V6 surely.
  11. Rich T

    MOT testing horrors

    Shocking 👹
  12. Rich T

    Street Outlaws ...

    Hes a lucky man. Would love to do Sema.
  13. Rich T

    Scammer onboard!!

    Well spotted.
  14. Happy days! Any info on what happened to it?