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  1. Made his eyes water

  2. My offer still stands. Have a word with your uncle and see what he seas. Im only free tomorrow and will be busy for the next few weeks. So if my offer isnt enough, ill move on and find another set at a later date. Cheers Rich
  3. Just plain wrong!

    Even got the sticky on bonnet vents haha
  4. New Member : Brighton

    Welcome. Im new myself and can say you've found a nice bunch here. Any youtube vids of the car in action?
  5. Unfortunately not. As nice as they are and as much as i want them, i only baught the car a few weeks ago and still recovering from that lol. But at that price i am a genuine buyer and can pick em up sunday.
  6. I put an offer in. Seems to have been deleted. £120 and ill collect
  7. Ok no worries. The offer stands for now if you change your mind.
  8. ???? is that the right price^^^?
  9. i offer £120 Can collect
  10. do you want classic ford parts

    Ok m8. Cheers for the swift reply
  11. do you want classic ford parts

    mk1 Escort rhd dash ?
  12. Going in dry

    ok,got a full set of rear bushes turn up. They look pretty good quality. And come with sachets of silicone Rich
  13. mk1 xflow/type2 clutch problem

    Faulty clutch cover? Is it a refurbed clutch or fresh, brand new manufactured jobby? Sometimes on cars the clutch pedal tightens as you describe and its usually always the cover springs/fingers tightening up. Rich
  14. How to Fit Wings Properly.....