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  1. Panhard Rods

    I did wonder about fitting at the bottom of the axle but have seen it done. My plan was to fit mine when i buy them, near the top. Its all overkill for my car to be honest but now im older (had mk1s in the early 90s as a teen) and can afford to do it, i want all of the bits between me and the ground to be the best it can be. I should realy be concerning myself with getting it MOTd and registered 1st lol.
  2. Panhard Rods

    "Hands up, im not sure" but surely the tramp bar brackets need to be fitted on top or bottom of the axle to stop axle twist, spring load under acceleration? I would have thought if they were fitted on the front edge of the axle, theyd do very little? Rich P.S anyone recomend me a set or are they all of a muchness?
  3. Panhard Rods

    Ok, next question . Assuming ive got my anti roll bar fitted and a correctly fitted panhard rod aswell. Could i fit tramp bars also? If so, which ones? The ones that fit to the top or bottom of the axle? Cheers all!
  4. Seam Sealer

    upol grey stripe brushable seam sealer?? Ive just gone and had a look at the sealer i applied about 4 or 5 weeks ago. Its very firm but flexible if that makes sence. I can push my thumb nail into it (just).
  5. Seam Sealer

    Afternoon. My car is having a little bit of welding done at the moment. This is the stuff im using https://www.granvilleoil.com/prodInfo?pID=187 Nice finnish and goes on nicely. Its used in the trade also, so cant be bad. Rich
  6. Panhard Rods

    Nice one! Just had a look and as you say, a little cheaper Cheers
  7. Panhard Rods

    Morning all. Been looking at this. http://www.burtonpower.com/panhard-rod-kit-fixed-tower-ford-escort-mk1-mk2-mp213.html Got a Mk1 1974 Escort. Anyone know weather this fits or would foul on the (standard) rear anti-rollbar on my car? Cheers Rich
  8. Any idea if they would fit under standard MK1 arches?
  9. newbee

    If i had a Lotus twin cam sat kicking its heels, id do the same

    On minilites? Yellow wheel at the back and white at the front? Saying that, wheels can be changed. Could be the same car. Any pix? Yep was diagonal yellow.

    For me. There was a lad (would be in his late 40's now) from Hemel Hempstead. Had a mk2 in Yellow and White with Tarmac arches. Yellow rear half. Was pinto powered. Then a white Mk2 with Tiger stripes. Also pinto iirc Both of his cars were stunning, well built and quick as hell. That was enough for me. Went out and baught a 1100cc mk1 base model. This was the early 90s
  12. Pix please :)

    Theres plenty of sleeping policemen around my way and only want to tap it with the lowering stick. I remember using 2inch blocks in my teens. Bit older now lol. Will stick the parts on and go from there.
  13. Pix please :)

    Cool pix ^^^^ I wish i had a little more time to decide what blocks/springs to go for. Im off work this week, and went in after hours and put the car on the ramp and stripped the back end down. Hopefully what ive ordered turns up soon. Ramp needs to be clear by monday morning. Hoping my workmate does the welding in the inner arch before hand or it was all a waste of timeanyway.
  14. Pix please :)

    Looks good. Thinking maybe i should have gone lower. Have your wheels been modified? Looks like they have they have a lot of dish to em. Nice car by the way.
  15. Pix please :)

    Afternoon all. I snapped a U bolt yesterday whilst dropping a spring for some welding. So went on Burtons website to look for a new one (set). Rang them today and ordered new U bolts inc 1inch blocks and 1inch lowered front springs lol. Could you please put up your pix of your lowered Escorts, 1 and 2 inch? Standard bodied Cheers Rich