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  1. meXEco

    Scammer onboard!!

    Jesus this is ridiculous lol-although they are usually easy to spot from their wording and grammar-bunch of cnuts!
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1968-Ford-Escort-mrk1/332852231205?hash=item4d7f89fc25:g:kdoAAOSweIlb0J13 Yuck-bad taste and not even a '68!
  3. meXEco

    MK 1 dash switches

    I'd be wary then if he's wiring the whole car....
  4. meXEco

    MK 1 dash switches

    Early switches are still neg earth unless they've been modded?
  5. meXEco

    Quick racks

    I doubt that...usually most expensive.
  6. Exactly its a Honda with a fancy dress on.
  7. Jesus Christ that's rank-"better looking than any £60k Escort" I think not...
  8. meXEco

    Value of a steering wheel needed please.

    If it was as good as that one in pic prob £100 plus but needing paint and the proper early centre cap i'd struggle to pay £50. Every one's different tho one mans £5 is another man's 50p.
  9. meXEco

    Oh Bother......need advice and a hug

    Sell the Mex-get rid of your debts its horrible to be in debt and keep the mk2. Sounds like that's what you want to do-and it'll be less stress owning a 'standard' escort.
  10. meXEco

    Fraud fords

    Thought they changed well earlier than that?
  11. meXEco

    Fraud fords

    Don't think so...Mex's started in '71 didn't they-shocks should be upright by then? Well as upright as they went lol...ie bolted to floor and not bracket.
  12. meXEco

    expensive memorabilia

    Or new id for a standard escort hey presto £10k more profit.
  13. meXEco

    Mk1 Escort 2000E.....?

    Was in CF a few years back homebrew jobbie.
  14. meXEco

    Bias pedal box

    But Col he wont be improving what he has already will he-the only improvement will be fitting bigger/better dicsc/calipers/pads etc.-servos don't improve the brakes as we all know and he has a servo setup already and the standard Ford gear has a lovely feel under foot-start changing things and it all goes to pot and you never get the feel back again and you will miss it. Don't know about mk2's but mk1 twinks/mexs had the reverse pedal box with masters inside and remote servos did the mk2's do this also or was it a servo on a tower?